Chapter 47-49: Water Demon God

And then, that guy visibly changed the shape of his eyes.

His arms and legs stretched to abnormal lengths, scales surfaced from his whole body, and grew extraordinarily sticky.

From the spaces in between the overlapping scales, some sort of viscous liquid was leaking, and they fell onto the floor.

He was clearly not a human. If I had to describe it, it would be a merman. In other words, a monster.

“You…were the same as Nova huh.” (Haine)

I remembered the fire element monster, fire cow Phalaris, which was the reincarnation of Fire God Nova, so I said this.

“His decision was incredibly simple and crude. But the reason why I created this body was for a far more grand plan. Monsters are irregular living beings, so the passage of time is of no matter, and this body can change into a men or women of any age and have any appearance I want, you know?” (Coacervate)

Is what Coacervate says as he showcases his viscous and strange figure. Water Demon, Mephistopheles.

“Thanks to that, I have already lived around a hundred years in the surface world. It might have been even longer than that though?” (Coacervate)

Meaning that with this monster vessel of his, he doesn’t grow old and doesn’t die, he can live in whichever generation, and is able to get involved with the water hero from the shadows -and with the Water Church as well.

“That might mean that’s just how desperate Gods are now, don’t you think? Because you know, the scale of my church equals the amount of prayer energy I can absorb so, don’t you think it is just human nature to do the work yourself instead of simply leaving it to others?” (Coacervate)

Don’t go talking about human nature when you are a God.

“You really are desperate. To think you guys would get so attached to humans, I wouldn’t have been able to imagine it 1,600 years ago. What happened in the time I was sealed?” (Haine)

“Oh? You still don’t know?” (Coacervate)


“Well, that’s fine. To put it briefly, in this hundred years since the time ethereal was discovered, I got desperate in the shadows and came out, and then served my church. If it’s the kind Haine-san, you should understand my hardships, right?” (Coacervate)

“I don’t. This is something you are doing for your own convenience, right?” (Haine)

“How harsh. But, after saying this much, I wonder if the preparations are enough to finally enter the real topic of tonight?” (Coacervate)

Now that he mentions it, what did this guy come here to do?

Saying he came here to warm up an old friendship, talking about his own circumstances, and showing his monster vessel; those are definitely not the reasons why.

I will be repeating myself here but, when this God moves, it is definitely for the sake of some sort of plot that will be troubling like crazy other people.

“To tell you the truth, there’s something that I might want to ask of Haine-san?” (Coacervate)

“I refuse.” (Haine)

“For the sake of that, I might have one other thing I want to show you?” (Coacervate)

“I refuse.” (Haine)

“So we may have to move to another place. Can you come along?” (Coacervate)

“As I have been saying, I refuse!” (Haine)

But seriously, this God really doesn’t listen to others. He jumps out of the window.

He flies as if swimming in mid-air.

“Ah, seriously!!!” (Haine)

No matter what he says, it will never be anything good, but since I already know that, leaving him unsupervised will not bring anything good either, I had no choice but to jump out of the window as well.

“[Dark Matter, Set]!”

Aside from erasing all divine powers, my dark matter can also control gravity.

If I utilize that and reverse the gravity to my desires, I can glide here and there in places that have no footing.

But, just where does Coacervate plan on taking me?

We moved to a place outside of the Water capital, Hydra Ville. The lights of the town were already far. After leaving the port area, what’s next is the sea that reaches as far as the eye can see.

“Just what are you trying to show me bringing me all the way here? There’s only the sea here.” (Haine)

“Haine-san, don’t you think the sea is great? Big and deep. It is so grand that it might be able to keep a variety of things inside it, right?” (Coacervate)

“At least be decisive when saying that.” (Haine)

“See, can you please look at that? Look at what’s contained within this great sea at this moment…” (Coacervate)

Being incited to, I look at the sea that’s at my feet.

…What’s that? There’s something there. Moreover, it is pretty big. Is it a whale? Or something on the scale of that. It is hidden in the sea, so it is hard to get a clear look at it, but it is a living being that has a completely different shape from that of  a whale.

…An eel? A big eel that’s similar to a whale. And it is not only one, there’s two…three…no, there are even more.

……No, that’s wrong too. As I thought in the beginning, it is only one.

All of those are its heads and are connected to one body!

“This is the multi-headed monster that I have created. I named it Hydra Serpent…or Serpent Hydra? Whatever suits your taste. Anyways, it is a proud creation of mine, probably?” (Coacervate)

This Hydra Serpent seemed to be sleeping in the sea, it wasn’t moving at all. I felt as if I was looking at a machine that didn’t have its switch turned on yet. It is waiting for its moment of activation.

Anyways, it is big. Its size rivals that of the fire cow Phalaris.

Something like this is hiding in the sea and is close to the Water capital.

“I leave most of the monster production to the Mother Monster, but monster creation itself can be done by the Gods themselves, don’t you think? It is said that Mother Monsters were created by Gods after all.” (Coacervate)

You were the one who said that.

“But that’s exactly why most of the monsters created by Gods are strong. Maybe that’s how order-made things work? This Hydra Serpent, the fire cow Phalaris, and this body of mine; Haine-san, don’t you feel it too?” (Coacervate)

“And so? What do you intend to do by going through the trouble of inviting me all the way here where this sea monster is? Are you thinking about using this guy to defeat me?” (Haine)

“No way. You were easily able to defeat the gigantic monster that had the Fire God dwelling inside it. Even if it’s my proud creation, I don’t think it can do that much? Isn’t there a more fitting role for this little boy?” (Coacervate)

And then, Coacervate said something outrageous.

“In tomorrow’s live…” (Coacervate)

“What?” (Haine)

“…In the live where three heroes will be participating…how about having this Hydra Serpent attack that stage?” (Coacervate)

  • 48: Great Sea Dragon

“What…did you say?!” (Haine)

It was so much that I lost my words.

“Have it attack the live stage?!” (Haine)

“I thought that maybe that’s also a valid option?” (Coacervate)

“Don’t joke around! A live stage is a place where a lot of people gather, right?! Several hundreds to thousands! If you have a giant monster attack a place like that, just how many casualties will be created—!” (Haine)

“In that part, there’s no need to worry. For what reason do we have heroes?” (Coacervate)

“What you mean is!!” (Haine)

“That’s right, what I truly plan on doing is…having Celestis-san defeat this monster, maybe?” (Coacervate)

Defeat, he says?

Is he saying he plans on having this monster attack the live stage in order to have it be defeated?

“In the middle of those girls’ singing and dancing, and the audience that is enjoying this show, at the climax of it all, I will have them witness in the flesh the real duty of heroes, monster subjugation. And that will drive the excitement to the max! With this, there’s no doubt that more believers will appear from this! Is what I think will happen?” (Coacervate)

“There’s no way I would let you do that. Are you saying you would be going this far just to obtain popularity?” (Haine)

“Of course, it will be made as a coincidence that this monster appears in the middle of the live, maybe? The audience, the people related to the church, Celestis-san herself, would most likely think that way? There’s no other thinkable explanation after all.” (Coacervate)

The Water God talks as if it is an obvious thing.

This guy, could it be possible that…he has been orchestrating the monster subjugations like that until now?

Have monsters be defeated by heroes. By creating a scenario that fulfills this to its entirety, he utilizes this to increase the power of the church?

“In my opinion, it makes me wonder why the others don’t do the same. Don’t you think?” (Coacervate)

He says brazenly that there’s no better scenario than that.

“The objective of us creating monsters was exactly for that, wasn’t it? In that case, instead of just creating monsters like crazy and then having it ‘just do whatever they want’, it is better to knead it in a way that shows 10 to 20 times more results, don’t you think? I am simply putting the best of my efforts, you know? In order to have everyone happy, you see?” (Coacervate)

“What part of that is happiness?!” (Haine)

I was already on the verge of snapping, and yet, this water demon continues speaking.

“Won’t Celestis-san be happy as well? By defeating that Hydra Serpent tomorrow, she will obtain even more support from the fans. Becoming even more famous is something to be happy about, don’t you think?” (Coacervate)

“You bastard!!” (Haine)

“‘But, isn’t there a problem stemming from this?’ Is what I thought.” (Coacervate)

Saying this, Coacervate shrugs his shoulders.

This guy really is good at making every single gesture of his annoying.

“Don’t you have an idea about it, Haine-san? About you and the two heroes that you brought here…” (Coacervate)

“What?” (Haine)

“‘In this stage that I went through the trouble of creating for Celestis-san, isn’t there the possibility that hindrances might be stepping in the way?’, is what I mean.” (Coacervate)

I see.

I don’t know what kind of fate brought us to this, but Karen-san and Mirack have ended up being guests in tomorrow’s live.

If the Hydra Serpent were to attack that place just as the scenario of Coacervate states, what would happen?

It would obviously not be only be Celestis, those two will definitely participate in the fight as well.

Rather than the duty of a hero, Karen-san’s sense of justice would make her protect people no matter if it’s the territory of another church. And Mirack who is all ‘Karen-san love-love’ would no doubt follow without hesitation.

Of course, I will join the fray as well. With my darkness power, I might be of help to them after all.

“In that case—!!” (Haine)

If the Hydra Serpent were to be defeated favorably, the one who will be receiving praises for it would not only be Celestis.

Karen-san and Mirack would also be praised as brave ones.

This is a plan that he created himself in order to raise Celestis’ fame alone, and in that plan, someone has mixed in and the merit will end up being distributed, which is probably not amusing for him.

“I see. Such a big monster, it must have taken quite a lot of time and effort. That effort might not be rewarded, and that’s why you are flustered now.” (Haine)

“I will leave it to your imagination.” (Coacervate)

“Then, what are you going to do? Before this thing attacks the live performance…in other words, before the live begins, you will have Karen-san and Mirack leave?” (Haine)

“You are doing quite the ill-natured question there, aren’t you? If that happens, the live performance itself would sink. You already know that.” (Coacervate)

The expectations of the audience are still rising sky-high with the scheduled appearance of the three heroes after all.

“Then, I will give you an advice. Stop that scenario of yours and just let Celestis concentrate on her live. Have her sing and dance, have her converse with Karen-san and Mirack, and entertain the audience with this. Wouldn’t that be plenty enough to get the popularity?” (Haine)

And then, sink this giant sea dragon in the depths of the sea.

“No no, wouldn’t that make it way too safe? Don’t you think that, since ancient times, strategists are the types that change pinches into chances?” (Coacervate)

“I don’t know. Isn’t it okay to be safe? Safety is best.” (Haine)


“It is okay to just kill the light and fire hero.” (Coacervate)



The sudden words of Coacervate froze me.

What is the meaning of this?

“This is how the rearranged scenario will go like: ‘The live enters the final stage,a giant monster suddenly attacks, and the three heroes face it. In this fierce fight, two heroes die, and one survives -the water hero, Celestis. With the last bit of her strength, she defeats the monster…” (Coacervate)

Saying this much, Coacervate makes a vulgar laugh.

“Don’t you think that’s a splendid ending! Don’t you think this is even more thrilling of a scenario than the original one? With two heroes falling, the fearsomeness of my Hydra Serpent will be deeply etched in them, and Celestis who was able to defeat this fearsome monster will have her fame climb up nonstop! This is truly the definition of changing a pinch into chance! Don’t you think so as well, Haine-san?” (Coacervate)

“Don’t joke around!!” (Haine)

So he is just going to use Karen-san and Mirack as fodder to feed his own objective?!

I was once again shown the deviousness and slyness of this damn God.

For his own benefit and enjoyment, he would happily step on humans. Moreover, without dirtying his own hands. And then, he will watch from the shadows the people that are suffering, and chuckle without anyone knowing.

That’s the Water God, Coacervate.

“Don’t look down on them! There are three heroes, you know! They are the strongest divine power users that were chosen by the churches to go against the monsters. And there’s three of them. Yet, you plan on deftly avoiding one of them while defeating the other two. There’s no way you can do that!” (Haine)

“I think it is possible, you know? Didn’t I tell you? That this is my proud creation.” (Coacervate)

…It is true that this one might be trouble.

A special monster that was personally created by the Water God, Coacervate. It rivals the size of the fire cow Phalaris, and it probably has comparable power as well.

The fire cow Phalaris was an enemy that Karen-san and Mirack alone wouldn’t have been able to lift a finger against. Even if the numbers were to increase to three, I don’t know if that would fill up the difference in power against an enemy on the level of Phalaris.

“…..But, in that case, your hero Celestis would also be in danger.” (Haine)

“I don’t think that will be a problem? After erasing the two hindrances, it is okay to just lose on purpose after all.” (Coacervate)

So he is going for a completely fixed game huh. Just how rotten can he get?!

But, this is not over yet!

“……I am here.” (Haine)

“That’s right, you are here. The Dark God’s reincarnation, Haine-san. Within the group of visitors today, you are a special one. If it’s the dark matter that you create, even if it’s this proud creation of mine, it would probably disappear in an instant.” (Coacervate)

That’s right. The one who finished the fire cow Phalaris was me.

As long as I am here, I definitely won’t let him hurt Karen-san and the others.

“And so, we finally arrive at the main reason of my visit tonight. Can you hear me out?” (Coacervate)

“What is it?” (Haine)

I can’t hide the irritation in my voice.

“It is something simple. I have a favor to ask of you. In tomorrow’s live, in the fight of the cute heroes and the great sea dragon, can you please remain as an spectator?” (Coacervate)

  • 49: Scum of a God

“Spectate, you say?” (Haine)

“That’s right. Can you please remain as a spectator?” (Coacervate)

Coacervate continues speaking.

“If you just watch over without doing anything, my plan is as good as realized, don’t you think? Because in essence, you are the only one who can actually defeat my Hydra Serpent after all.” (Coacervate)

“Do you think I will comply to this?!” (Haine)

“Please do comply. It is a request from a God just like you after all.” (Coacervate)

“I refuse!! ……..There’s a better way.” (Haine)

Dark matter begins to gush out from both of my arms and swirl.

“Erasing this Great Sea Dragon, right here right now. Along with your disgusting self. That way, there’s no need to worry about you scheming in the shadows, and we can welcome tomorrow’s live in peace!” (Haine)

I knew from the beginning that it would end up like this. Since the moment Coacervate appeared before me, I understood that I would end up fighting him.

Even within the five Gods of Creation, this guy surpasses everyone by lengths and bounds in terms of cowardliness and unpleasantness. From the very beginning, it was impossible to get along peacefully with this guy.

“No no, please wait. You have been quick tempered since always. That’s why you ended up sealed 1,600 years ago, you know?” (Coacervate)

“Like hell I care! Are you prepared, you shit God?! I will erase that body of yours without leaving a single particle behind and return your soul to the God Realm!” (Haine)

This guy’s body seems to be that of a monster mimicking a human, but in this occasion, that’s favourable. Even if I kill him, I won’t have to be burdened by the sensation of being a murderer.

“Good grief. Well then, in order to have you regain your composure, I might have to say the magic words.” (Coacervate)

And then, Coacervate said.

“If you rampage here, humans will die, you know?” (Coacervate)


“Have you forgotten? This place is just right under the nose of the Water capital, Hydra Ville. And that city has the world’s most prominent trading harbor and sightseeing places. In terms of population density, it might be this world’s number one. If you were to fight in a place like this, I wonder what will happen?” (Coacervate)

Terrible damage will ensue.

If it turns into a fight, Coacervate will activate the sea monster below us and the two will definitely rampage at the same time. With the intentions of doing the thing I dislike the most. In other words, he would do it with the intentions of destroying Hydra Ville.

I have confidence that I would be able to suppress one before they are able to reach the city, but if it’s two at the same time, it is impossible.

On one hand, there’s a gigantic monster on the level of the fire cow Phalaris; on the other, the most shrewd God reincarnated as a monster.

Even if I try to keep it to the least amount of damage, there will definitely be casualties appearing.

“…….Kugh…” (Haine)

As if showing my decision, the swirl of darkness disappears into nothingness.

“As expected of the Dark God that loves humans more than anything else. It is worthy of admiration, maybe? Well then, I will say it once again. In tomorrow’s fight, you will be remaining as a spectator, right?” (Coacervate)

“Why… Why is there the need to kill those two? If it just defeating them, leaving them wounded would be enough, right?” (Haine)

Even I knew I was making a pathetic question.

But I had no room to go against him aside from that.

“It is simple. If those girls die, it might damage the light church and fire church. It is a present state where the five Churches are competing for the low amount of believers. Wouldn’t hurt weakening the rivals, right?” (Coacervate)

“You bastard… YOU BASTARD!!” (Haine)

My anger got so piled up that dark matter was leaking out from my hands.

As if telling me to erase that guy.

“Oho, do I need to say it one more time? That this is right under the nose of the Water capital, Hydra Ville.” (Coacervate)

With only that, my movements were sealed.

In other words, this guy was closing my choices.

Karen-san and Mirack, or the several thousands of people living in Hydra Ville.

In order to save one side, I would have to abandon the other.

“But, it is exactly because of this that I will firmly promise you this. If you are to accept my proposal, I will not kill the innocent people in tomorrow’s attack of the Hydra Serpent, and I will not destroy any buildings. In the live tomorrow, at the stage that will be floating on the sea, the battle stage will be at the sea, right? I have at least thought about that much, probably.” (Coacervate)

Is what Coacervate says as he bows reverently.

“Well, that’s how it is Haine-san. I would like you to please handle this carefully. There’s no need for you to answer. I am satisfied if you simply don’t make any moves. But, I would prefer it if you don’t have the two heroes leave before the live begins, okay? Just as you said before, the live performance itself will go down the drain, right?” (Coacervate)


“In the case something like that happens, I wonder who will be taking the responsibility? Please think about it thoroughly, okay? Don’t worry, the light hero and the fire hero will most likely accept as well. Their duty is to protect people from monsters. To cast away their lives for that sake can be said to be their raison d’etre.” (Coacervate)

*   *   *

And that’s how the private talk ended.

That guy…the Water God Coacervate’s reincarnated form, Mephistopheles, saw me off and remained at the place where the great sea dragon was. In normal circumstances, he would be keeping an eye on me, but it seems like he judged it was safer to be at the side of the great sea dragon.

The most troubling part for me is two monsters rampaging at the same time. If he leaves its side in poor timing, it might give me a winning opportunity.

In order to not leave that opening, he will most definitely be by its side all the time until the live starts.

What should I do?

The Great Sea Dragon and the Water Demon that has the Water God dwelling inside. I can only handle one at a time. If I were to go against them, in the time I am restraining one, the other will rampage at Hydra Ville and kill as many people as possible.

That guy would do something like that. For him, humans are mere toys, moreover, toys that he wouldn’t mind breaking.

If I participate in the fight, he would stop this fixed game of his and will have the Hydra Serpent rampage for real. Even if I manage to have Karen-san and the others retreat before the live, it would only rampage in retaliation.

In that point, it hurts that he nailed me down beforehand.

Is there nothing I can do?

A way to overcome this without sacrificing Karen-san, Mirack, and the several thousands of people.

A way to make that shitty human-ridiculing God suffer.


There’s that.

*   *   *

And so, I appeared before someone.

It was completely late at night, and by the time I arrived, that girl was already in the middle of dreaming.

She was on top of the bed, with a beautiful sleeping figure and letting out cute sounding breaths.

“Hey…wake up.” (Haine)

I mercilessly shook the shoulders of that girl.

“Uungh~~, uuuuh?!”

The moment she woke up, that girl…the Light Church’s founder, Yorishiro, got flustered.

“Wawawawawa, Haine-san?! What is it, so late in the night?! I-I-Is this a night raid?! If you were going to do that, you have to tell me beforehand. I also have to prepare myself—!!” (Yorishiro)

“Don’t go misunderstanding. I have something to ask of you.” (Haine)

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