[Not a Chapter]: New Project’s format

Hello there guys! Reigokai here!
As you can see from the chapters, they are pretty short.
Tsuki ga Michibiku was a special cookie in that regard. This is the actual length of normal web novels.

But I have a policy! Rather than bringing out constant small sized bites, I prefer cooking an actual meal!

That brings me to the format in the chapters. I have decided on making it as you see, 2-3 chapters in one link. This way it saves in the clicking, and it also gives more substance for comments.

Because, just as the meal of you guys are the chapters, my meals are the comments.

Okay! Now, onto the schedule!

Every 3 days, I will be releasing two links of 2-3 chapters. In other words, 4-6 chapters in total. I will be deciding how many to pack in the link, since I like chapters better when they have a decent closing.

Regarding the sponsored chapters, it will be as usual (every Sunday), but for obvious reasons, the threshold will be 1/4 less. Also, they will never come out individually. They will follow the same format as above.

Now, since this is a new project, it will obviously be subject to changes as time goes on!
If you have any opinions about any changes you want like: names (Infureshon for example, lol), format, addressing, etc; feel free to comment them.

One last thing! …….Be gentle plz, I’m a fragile potato.

85 thoughts on “[Not a Chapter]: New Project’s format

    1. I actually prefer this grey since if I am reading in the dark with total black text and white background, High contrast color makes me dizzy
      so if you are going to change the font color, make it interchangeable

      also thanks for translations oh hail Reigokai-sama!!!

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    2. you do realize that depending on your browser you have “reader” function in which it can do all the font and background color changes. It is the icon that resembles a book.

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  1. @Reigokai I’m not sure if this was mentioned before and I’m sorry if it has, but can you share the list of novels you went through/were recommended to translate along with the ones you bookmarked and would give as recommendations for others to read? Please and thank you.

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      1. a pet peeve is something that seems quite minor or insignificant, and yet still continues to bother you quite a bit anyway. something you would find quite annoying. each individual will have their own set of pet peeve’s. they are ultimately harmless but can trigger things out of proportion if you happen to also have OCD.

        like I get a little irate whenever I try to find a specific something only to release the original poster hasn’t properly categorized their stuff. making me have to work 3x as hard for half the payout.

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    1. What do you mean potato ??

      If you mean that you’re sensitive or are about to break down, it’s okay. I mean, who’s not? I’m broken too. Heck, I believe everyone in this site is somehow broken too. We all are. That’s why we’re here anyway, for companionship (the fellowship of H̶e̶n̶t̶.̶.̶ WN readersss…)

      We maybe tough outside, but inside we’re all potatoes. So be nice to each other.


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  2. Well im fine with both short chapter every day or long ones every 3 days. As long as it is interesting novels. I’ll read it. But if azumi san release new chapter of tsuki. I’ll be very happy if you prioritize them over the new ones.

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    1. I hope so, too. Honestly, we were left in quite a cliffhanger-ish chapter. The question is… if the WN will continue, or if the author will leave it in hiatus to focus on the LN…

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  3. Well yeah this new series really short like few other web novel i know, there are web novel with so much word like Mushoku tensei and tate no yuusha…. but it’s okay as long the story interesting. And one thing i’m relieved is, Reigo san upload it 2-3 chapter every 3 days T_T do you know how hard it feels when i’m reading Um.. sorry i’ve whatevernated on pumlated!?

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  4. Holy cow, I was wondering what was going on with the upload explosion. So that’s what’s going on.

    This is going to make discussion a bit disjointed, but it’s not like every chapter will be super eventful anyway. Looking forward to reading it all! D.E. Hero…I’m gonna have to set aside to catch up on my own time. @~@

    In any case, multiple chapters mean all the more opportunity to discuss different focuses. So you declare it food, and so we shall offer. Be ready to stuff yourself with our many comments!

    Plentiful enough to choke on! ^_^

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  5. lol….

    i never thought that reigokai would take project with HAREM in it… at first i thought Tsuki ga Michibiku have a harem romance… but not once even i felt no romance within makoto, what he thought only how to kicking goddess while managering the his workshop and private world he owned.

    and thats why i laughing when Reigokai take a story with HAREM ROM-COM, but THANKS so MUCH for your love to reader and your Consideration Reigokai-sama.

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  6. Thanks for picking-up this title. 😀

    2-3 chapters for every 3 days is good decision since the raws has 300+ chapters.
    Hopefully, we can catch-up with the raws in 3-4 months (maybe). XD

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      1. I don’t like you saying ‘country bumpkin’.

        The villagers are strong, you know. Like.. one of them reached Lvl 999 and another one can repel magic bullets like swatting flies.


  7. *opens phone while walking down the stairs*

    “News: Reigokai updates new chapters!”

    *splendidly falls down the stairs*

    Thank you Reigokai !
    As usual, saying my gratitude before I read the new story. Always.

    Alas, I haven’t read ANY of your update (except this announcement) yet. I’m working. Wait till I’m back home, then I’ll binge read it all and go on comment spree.
    What? Our comments are your food? Sorry for feeding you all those junk food in the past. I’ll give you real heavy food from now on. You can expect the bitter supplement pill too once in a while. I’ll make sure you’re ‘healthy’ at all time.

    It’s sounds like you’re translating 6-7 chapters a week. With short chapters, there’ll be no problem. But… looking at things in my perspective, this is like eating 7 pieces of cookie per week. That is not nearly enough to satiate my hunger. Urgh.. maybe I’ll try ‘fasting’. Hahaha.. (Kidding)

    You’re not a potato, man. Really.
    Me, on the other hand… a real mash potato in disguise of a truck. Nowadays I feel like shit. Like rotten potato… When you didn’t post for a while last week, I got to thinking about my life. About your work.. this community..
    I’m going to change myself! I already got up, went out, change my hair, took a new photo of myself. I even got myself on NoFap mission, to change the little things in my life. First.

    Wish me luck!

    (You are not potato)

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  8. Thank you for all you are doing young spud. Many wonderful things have started on the interwebs created by some select few spudlings that have decided to do things other than rotting in the ground hoping to cause another great famine to the incontinent Irishmen. I hope you continue to do what you do and if a comment such as mine can give you the nutrients to continue doing what you do than so be it you shall have it, and once again let me tell you thank you.
    ~Drunken Oni

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  9. IDEA:
    Infureshon (the Goddess of Light) should be replaced with Infuriation.
    Well, since the God of Darkness is named Entrophy, it seems appropriate.
    On that note, God of Earth can be called Mother (obviously) and the other gods can be named in a similar way.



    1. Oh, by the love of god.
      Please do away with that image!
      It’s… unsettling. Uncivilized!

      We’re supposed to peel the skin off before eating potatoes!

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  10. para copiar de pag que no dejan , guarda la pagina , despues lo habres con ONeNote 2013 o 2017 , asi lo hago con esas paginas que no puedo copiar..
    En English ( de google traslator)

    To copy, save the page, then you will have ONeNote 2013 or 2017, so I do with those pages that I can not copy


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