Chapter 00: Prologue

After 1,600 years, the God of Darkness had been released.

“…Hey there.”

“Long time no see.”

The one who first met him was the Light Goddess.

She is none other than one of the five Gods who defeated him in the battle 1,600 years ago and sealed him.

“So you were the one who released the seal huh. Moreover, you alone. That must mean quite a long time has passed already.”

“Yeah. The seal we -five Gods- placed on you, in normal circumstances, there would be the need of all five of us in order to undo it, just like in the time of the sealing. But it has already deteriorated. It had loosened enough for me to undo it on my own……I will say it once again…”

The Light Goddess continues,

“It has been 1,600 years long, Dark God Entropy. My loved one.”

“…1,600 years. One thousand six hundred years?!” (Entropy)

Digesting those words, the Dark God trembled.

“With that much time passed, the humans must have changed quite a lot. How are they doing? Have they evolved properly? You Gods have not interfered unnecessarily, right?” (Entropy)

“Good grief, you haven’t changed at all even after 1,600 years. Always going about humans, humans. You don’t care about me at all.”

The Light Goddess gave out a displeased atmosphere, but the Dark God didn’t loosen his words.

“In the battle at the world’s creation, you guys won. You wouldn’t understand just how anxious I got. Because you only saw humans as trash after all.” (Entropy)

“You were the weird one for being excessively attached to humans. That’s why, in the fight 1,600 years ago, there were no allies on your side.”

“And because of it, I lost. I have no grudge on that part. However, if in the time I was sealed, you guys have treated them inappropriately, and have hindered their natural evolution…” (Entropy)

“You will begin it again? The battle…of Gods.”

Light and Darkness; the gaze of the two Gods clash.

“…Also, after a glance at the current world -maybe because of it being 1,600 years already- my heart is dancing to see how it has changed.” (Entropy)

“Fine. Then let’s look at it from above right now—”

“No…” (Entropy)

He stops the Light Goddess that was about to open the window to look below.

“Even if I were to look down at it from such a high place, I will only be able to understand the surface of it. In order to understand humans more, it would be nice to do it alongside them, standing on the same viewpoint.” (Entropy)

“What are you going to do?”

At the question of the Light Goddess, the Dark God answers with a smile on his face.

“I am going to reincarnate as a human.”

*   *   *

On that day, a new life was born at a certain house.

An unusually energetic boy. This married couple that was blessed with a child for the first time, named him ‘Haine’ and raised him with care.

And this child is the very person that had the soul of the God of Darkness who had fought with the five Gods at the world’s creation 1,600 years ago.

The story begins by the time Haine has turned 18 years old.

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      Other than that, there how she actually went and undid the seal. Yes, it was going to be undid by itself at some point, but she still did it before that point. From my point of view, she wasn’t able to unseal him before because she would have needed the help of the other 4 gods, and she now unsealed him as soon as it was possible for her to do it alone, for she loves him and apparently didn’t want him to stay sealed.

      Also, we don’t know yet for sure, but it looks like she just doesn’t care about humans much and that she joined the other four gods out of jealousy that the mc was interested in them all the time. This Yandere nature is the reason why I personally dislike her. She’s most likely going to interfere in bad ways in the story because of that jealousy. In a way, she’s like Hera who is always jealous of the human women that Zeus charms and sleep with.(Hera also punishes them all incredibly harshly even when those women were actually just raped by Zeus.)

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      1. yep, something that explains the cycle of day and night (I actually read it in the story that I can’t remember… but I didn’t bother to look up at that time that it was inspired by our myths

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