Announcement! New Project, hot and steaming!

Hi there guys, Reigokai here!

So, what you have been waiting…hopefully. The announcement of the new project! —But first! I would like to get some points cleared out before that.

Let me be honest here, I read A LOT of stories before deciding. I read the suggestions and swam on my own at syosetsu.

Let me talk about the latter first. The amount of trash was beyond belief. I am sorry about saying this of others’ creations, but that’s how I felt while I was wasting away reading them all. I felt like this was a futile expedition, and at the same time, felt renewed respect towards the translators that find gems. And I once again understood just how lucky I was when I blind-picked Tsuki ga Michibiku.
Now, I might have missed some gems there, since if I were given only 10 chapters of Tsuki and had to decide if to translate it, let me be honest, I wouldn’t have. So some of them might have become a lot deeper than I expected.

Now, onto the first one, and most likely, the one you cared about the most. Your suggestions.

There were an incredible amount of suggestions, and of that, I am truly grateful. I checked them out and bookmarked some even. But these are the points that made most of them hard to pick:
1. Only source is light novel. I want to steer clear from that area, mainly because of legal issues.
2. The web novel raw had at least 1 year of hiatus. Ironic, I know.
3. Some were already being translated? Uhmm…thanks for adding to my bookmarks.
4. Alphapolis changing their policies. Apparently, alphapolis has now implemented the ‘pay to read’. First few chapters are free, but the next ones, you have to pay. Also, you can’t copy+paste there anymore (and I don’t know how to get around that).
5. And the most important, personal preference 🙂

Now, with all that out of the way, I will announce the new project! *drum roll*


World Reformation activities of the Dark God — Loving humans so much, I reincarnated in one —



At the genesis of the world, the ‘Dark God Entropy’ was defeated in the fight between the five other Gods, and was sealed.
And then, after 1,600 years, the seal of the God of Darkness was released and he is liberated. The God that was now free didn’t really have any special intent for revenge and didn’t have anything to do, so he decided to reincarnate as a human and enjoy the life of a human being.
The human that had obtained the soul of the Dark God and was born was ‘Kuromiya Haine’, a human that -while being human- possesses the powers and memories of the God of Darkness. The strongest existence.

While saving the heroes that fight monsters, and fighting against the other Gods that are trying to rule the humans, he acts in order to make the world a better place.


Yes, this is the new project! I have read 110 chapters of it, and I gotta say, the story has a lot of action, and the interactions between characters is one of my favorite parts of it.

Some may ask, ‘But Reigokai! He is not a Japanese person, and there’s no summoning or that kind of stuff! Aren’t you an Isekai translator? And what about Truck-sama?!’.
Yeah, there’s no Japanese person, and no summoning, but what I am looking for is not a transported MC to an Isekai, it is to transport you to an Isekai.
And whenever we read an Isekai story, Truck-sama runs over us and sends us to an Isekai. He is always by your side, waiting.

Also, special thanks to Raizu for recommending this and many other titles!

A close second was Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei.
But this fell in the points 4 and 5. Maybe in the future, when the point 4 is solved! (No, time machine is just a temporary one, and not one that actually solves it)

Estimated time of post will be starting next week.

I hope you guys stick along in this new journey to a new Isekai.

Isekai e Youkoso!




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0 thoughts on “Announcement! New Project, hot and steaming!

      1. Truck-kun remember to always look both ways when crossing a road in order to find a fresh protagonist.

          1. I miss the one and only, original “Truck”
            There’s a bunch of impostors these days, truck-kun, truck-sama, truck-dono, truck-san, truck-chan, truck-tan, truck-niichan, truck-neechan, so on and so on, sigh….
            ” O Truck, Truck, wherefore art thou Truck?”

          2. Ehehe… actually, I’m the one using all of these names, simultaneously in different site. One time, I use different Truck names in the same comment page.
            It’s came with a price. I had to put pieces of my soul in different horcrux.

          3. Oh! Philosophical question for the multi-Horcruxer!

            The horcrux is supposed to split your soul, correct? How do the proportions work in that scenario?
            And does repeated creation of them mean your soul’s proportion will eventually be highest in the first horcrux you make?
            Most importantly, if so, does having less of your soul than something else have any side effects at all?

          4. One key point that you must remember first (before I go through the horcrux thingamajig) is that the ‘soul’ isn’t something tangible with physical form that we can distinguish. You cannot see or count it or measure it in normal unit measurement (like 1, 2, 3 souls or 100g of soul or 1/3 of a soul). Which is why, you don’t get less amount of soul for each part that you divide.

            Now I’ll give you the truth about the universe, or not.
            *whisper*Our soul is made of ‘light’, or should I say it originates from it.*whisper*

            Light is a form of electromagnetic energy that travels through space as a wave. Like microwaves and x-rays, those waves have a wavelength and a frequency. The difference is that humans possess receptors able to sense energy with wavelengths between 400 and 700 nm and turn it into images. Our soul that originates from the ‘light’ is presumably at the wavelengths that we cannot perceive. Yes, we can measure light by lumens per square meter (lux) but that is only for wavelengths that we have discovered, humans have yet to discover the wavelength of the light that preceed soul.

            Now on to the next topic. Can you harness light? Yes. Because light is ultimately the varying wavelengths that come from different surface temperature. In other word, you harness heat and convert to energy. Can you divide it? Yes and No. You cannot divide it in physical form but you can split the wavelengths, like prism. The theory goes, you can split the light that originates soul, find the exact wavelength that gives birth to life and capture/absorb the energy in a suitable container. As long you have it in your posession and tune it with your unique wavelength, you can reproduce the same wavelength over and over again (a.k.a rebirth or immortality).

            I’m not an expert in this either. A friend who had no nose figures it out himself and give me a sample. I still use the sample product till this day.

          5. That’s all well and good, but I’m still not quite convinced.

            Mainly, even if it’s not in the same tangible way as mass, energy is still finite. A fire on a torch can only emit a finite amount of joules before it burns out. You can spread this same fire to something else like a candle or a fireplace, but that means adding in wax or wood as fuel sources that weren’t part of the original body of energy.

            You can copy your signature and patterns over to other things as much as you want, but unless you fuel these data storages with a source of energy that this pattern can specifically use in a way that matches the soul portions, the “quantity” of your soul stays the same.

            …Oh shit. Doesn’t this actually bring up a Theseus’s Paradox phenomenon when you have a soul that’s using the precise signature and wavelength of a soul, but 100% of a new source of energy? At that point, is that even the original soul?
            Or, from another perspective, if you unraveled the patterns of an existing soul and rearranged it to match that of another soul, whose soul is it? If the former and latter scenarios existed simultaneously involving the same pattern, which one would be the genuine soul?

          6. The one weird thing about energy is that it is actually near infinite, if we look at it from a larger perspective. When you burn a torch, the flame fades out when it’s fuel source is depleted, correct? But that doesn’t mean that the energy is gone! It changes form to a different kind of energy/matter. This is how physics explain it. For example, the energy that was dormant in the firewood you used changed to flame that produces heat and lumination. The heat in turn gives energy for cells of living creatures near the flame to produce substances that the body need. It is later used as energy to live and move. It’s a huge cycle of transformation! Which is why you can say that every living thing on earth actually originates and benefit from the energy produced by the sun! WE originated from the sunlight ! (Of course, water played a vital role in giving birth to physical lifeform)

          7. … (continue from previous post)
            So, you understand now that energy is near immortal. It just changes shape (without the sunlight we are nothing in the first place).

            Next, remember also that light travels in all direction. But only the portion of the light that reaches our world/planet changes into living form (you, me, my cat, your lunch, everything on earth). When the light’s wavelength (that becomes the component of our soul) got distrupted/cut off from the source, the wavelength changes into another wave or form. In other word, our soul changed. Ascended (a.k.a we die). We never truly die, because our soul just changes form…

            Now, to be truly immortal one would need to keep the wavelength inside their physical vessel at all times uninterupted.. or just make sure it doen’t stop. Scientifically, that is impossible to do due to external factors. Unless…

            … you use the occult (ancient) knowledge and apply it like Voldemo.. I mean, my noseless friend did. The act of killing another people; you actually forcefully remove the person’s wavelength from the physical vessel. The force that occured when you forcefully remove another person’s wavelength from the light of life is like a bomb. The perpetrator will also be caught in the blowback with the same amount of force. This force is not enough to kill you but enough to temporarily connect/send your wavelength across space and dimension; to a different place, the direction where the light never reached Earth and gave form to life. But the light there is the same component as in our world too, where you will find the wavelength that is the same as yours (but one which never evolves to become the human you).
            Volder… I mean my friend, found one similar to his and brought it back, keep it in a container that is most related to his memories (the ones with most similar wavelength with himself). THAT is the horcrux.

            You know, the way the occult/magic explained it is that the act of killing will torn/shreds the killer’s soul. It’s not true. Our soul is already dispersed in all direction, never in one place. Never a singular form. We are many but we are also one with each other in the prism of light. Which is why we cannot count the soul. Only a part of the wavelength becomes our human body. The rest? They are in other direction. In space! Or in other dimension! Believe me. Science, my brother, is more similar to the occult, just the explanation are a bit different.

            While Volderm.. , I mean my noseless friend, found the explanation through magic, I find the explanation with science. He found the way to temporarily reach other locations of the rest of light wavelength (the ether where no life form emerge) through murder and use the dispersed wavelength to reach faux immortality.
            I , on the other hand, use a more scientific method to reach other dimensions (where the same light wavelength found suitable world and gave birth to other life forms. That. Is. The multiverse. My brother).

          8. I…what? Sorry, you’ve slightly lost me. Something about your explanation kept making my brain disconnect while reading, textbook style.

            From what I gather though, you’re saying that all souls are radiating their wavelengths constantly, and by “breaking” this wavelength’s presence in another person’s body you gain the energy needed to imprint your own signature in something else.

            Is that from detonating the other soul’s wavelengths in a general omnidirectional wave of force, or simply unraveling it to wring out the energy? This is pretty important since the former implies that multiple people could perform a horcrux of a single person if the conditions are right, and the latter implies that alternative sources of energy can theoretically be used as long as they’re released in the correct form.

            I was under the assumption that every soul has a unique, though only in minute details, signature that defines “who” that soul is. Is that not the case? Because my question is when you overwrite the wavelength of one soul with one of another, where the amount of energy stays the same but the arrangement is changed.

            And speaking of the amount of energy, while energy is eternal as far as we know, that doesn’t mean souls can be as a result. The whole problem with the transfer of energy is that there will always be some lost in the process of changing forms. When you burn fuel in a fire, the total energy doesn’t change, but it’s divided up into heat, light, and possibly radiation or electricity-and all of these are themselves scattered in hard-to-control ways.
            This is exactly the issue described by the Second Law of Thermodynamics(MY NEMESIS!!! ༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨) .

            This isn’t exactly a point to refute yours since it only makes sense you’d need to tap into a whole other soul’s potential energy-if anything, it only makes using just one soul a pretty impressive feat. I just wanted to add that point to yours about energy being virtually infinite.

          9. “Because my question is when you overwrite the wavelength of one soul with one of another, where the amount of energy stays the same but the arrangement is changed.”
            Yes. Overwriting doesn’t produce energy, it would change the property instead. It would become something else. Our identities or life memories are just minute details that can be added. Like a small patch update. The main thing will likely be unchanged.

            You have to unravel them to harnes the… Uh… (this is where I act like I’m innocent).
            I don’t know what you’re talking about. Well, if you’re referring to the possible use of this method to harness near infinite energy, then I must disagree with you. DON’T ever think if using the methodology or even anything related to soul to harness energy. Whether it is for a good or a bad cause, the end result will always be a tragedy.
            Remember Full Metal Alchemist ?
            We don’t want genocide in the name of ‘science’ for a fake philosopher stone.

          10. Now I can answer your last questions.
            The soul rewritten with new wavelength will become new soul? Is it the the same or completely different?

            No. You silly. If different wavelength, it’s already not soul. It could be x-ray.. lol
            One wavelength only. But you can tune it to fit your identity or memories. Like writing on a blank slate. Voldermo.. I mean my friend, tune it with his chosen items that contains pieces of his memories. The horcrux.
            Pieces of memories only. Not whole memory like our brain. That is why the reincarnated ones was… less humanlike. But make no mistake. It IS the same soul. All soul are the same, this it is no different than the original. It is the original.

            No more than one can exist in the same place at one time. If you try, it will cancel each other. Reincarnation will mot happen.

          11. I was reading your intellectual discussion, but alas it was to intellectual so i skimmed through the discussion, and I have come to a simple to understand conclusion, a truck has no soul(main reason it runs over people,)therefore the laws of the soul don’t apply to it, just keep running people over so we can have more light novels and web novels to read ,’:^)

          12. I know that I don’t have a heart.
            … but I still have a soul !
            It’s here in the horcrux.
            Wait, where did I put it just now…
            Eh? Where??

            Where is my horcrux !?
            Where is my soul !?

            NOOOOOOO…. !!!

          13. Hmm…since the Theseus Paradox is already out there, we might as well bring it up again.

            If Truck-kun has parts replaces over time, changing out piece by piece as it goes through the wear and tear of ramming into people at full speed time driving until every single part has been replaced, then is it still the same Truck-kun as before?
            Or is it just an excellent replacement that neither incarnation is any wiser of?
            Conversely, if someone took all the old parts and built up a whole Truck from them, which one is the genuine article?

          14. Well, if the engine is still intact, I’m still Truck-kun. Change the engine and you won’t see me anymore. It’s another guy already replacing me.

          15. Tune in next time as we discuss the existential philosophy of doors!

            Is a door’s fundamental purpose to open, or to stay closed?!

      2. Why not* both?

        … damn it, I typed too quickly and hit post comment without checking if I had made a typo… lel
        (I would really like to be able to edit my comments…)

  1. Ty, 1 question harem? And herbivore mc or normal/not dense as a brick wall. That’s what I’m most interested in

    1. Not dense at all. He is definitely pretty direct about things.
      Harem. 2 people as of now, so I don’t know if that enters in your harem category.

      1. Thanks for the fast reply, also thank goodness honestly I can’t wait until Makato finally makes his harem of Tomoe and Mio

  2. lol bypassing the copypasta block is annoyingly simple…

    most typical methods of blocking copy paste is either javascript or css3. if you use a script-blocker plugin on your browser that may be enough to stop the block working, not sure about the css3 method as far as details go but that’s also a solvable issue, just means a bunch of prep work ahead of time.

    that said, looking forward to your next project, sounds special 😉

    1. The easiest solution to any HTML blocking text is: right click > view page source > copy raw text from the source

      1. believe it or not, but viewing page source can also be disabled. and an easy solution to that is to have the text held within a protected sector that doesn’t just load text, apply a font and then position it on the screen.

        for example displaying it as an image in a java applet. then you have to use your own hands to re-type it all, or use an image parser to rip text from the image.

        heck, if the whole site is put up in a coded form, there would only be limited html at all and all the content would be within the software that’s used to display it.

  3. Really wanted Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei but this seems to be interesting. With 110 chapters that is gonna be a good long journey. (hopefully)

      1. Welp. Four days?
        Even the author is as consistent as Reigokai ?

        I have a feeling that I’m going to waste a big part of my life here.
        Please let it be good.

    1. It’s not there *yet* because novel updates is a fan made site that compiles novels that are being translated/have been translated, not those that have yet to be translated.

      1. I have a question. Does Novel Updates also compile original non-japanese stories written by random light/web novel fans? Obviously, I’m talking about stories that have this Japanese feeling.

  4. I look forward to reading the new project. It looks like fun!

    Thanks for wading through so many other novels to find a particularly promising one!

  5. Thank u always for ur great work…

    — And what about Truck-sama?!’. —
    Sorry Truck-san, ur turn didn’t come this time…

    This one seems good, another twist start to enjoy the story…

  6. Copy/paste restriction can be bypassed with blocking Javascript.
    But this option will be annoying for some websites (doesn’t always work), but seems to work on Alphapolis (For the time being…)

    1. Yeah, I heard about that one when I was researching how to block the Patreon scammers from copy+pasting my content. But I decided against doing any countermeasures cause it would only cause more harm than good.

      Anyways, there’s also the part about paying.
      I would have to go through 50+ chapters minimum before deciding. That’s a gamble I don’t want to take when I already had a good candidate.

    2. No, you don’t need to bypass Javascript.

      I have test on my PC and it is simple. The principle is “copy directly from source code, not from rendered page”. In chrome, open the page you want to copy, then press ctrl+u to open the source code. You can easily find what you want there. It may contain some word/symbol that not relate to the text you need (mostly html code), but it easy to delete that.

      By the way, thank you for the new project, it seem promising.

  7. Waaaaaai~!

    It’s here! Looks fucking good! I’m psyched to see where a synopsis like this goes, and apparently character interactions are good, which is all I can ask of a novel meant to fill the gaping hole Tsukiga is gonna leave in my heart.
    Although the Isekai point needs a perspective shift, it seems like both novels still have a theme of “gods challenging gods” though.

    And holy cow, I totally forgot to comment on that part. Reigokai managed to land this great gem of a story from an admittedly large mine of mostly dirt(trash) and lapis lazuli ore(trash that’s only potentially useful).
    That’s some Makoto-grade luck right there. Or is it Iroha-grade? Hard to say…

    1. I’m also really “psyched” to read this one. (I see what did there, “psychcronia”).
      By the way, I like how the God of Darkness looks Lovecraftian in the picture.^^ Let’s say he’s an Elder God(since it doesn’t seem like he’s against humans).

  8. So… I no longer exist, Reigo-senpai?

    Meh, Raizu has more of a pull than I ever did. Still, I’m sad that it’s not Janitor-san, that is one damn good novel. And it’s a web novel too. Then again… I’ve been having the strangest luck lately.

    Now to everyone else, Spoiler-san won’t be around to give spoilers!!! This is a reminder, but Spoiler-san was born from my impatience with wanting to read ahead and the patience it did take to read Tsuki ga Michibiku through Google Translate. I’m not gonna read ahead on this one, especially since the site with the raws is going on a payment model soon. So sorry, the only time you all will be seeing Spoiler-san is when he’s being an anti-Nepu.

    1. That’s not true.
      I did check it and decided after. It is definitely not because of the individuals that suggested but because of my own personal preferences.

      1. For the record, I was kidding about Raizu’s pull. Still, I am looking forward to this next novel. And yeah… I actually liked Sayonara Ryuusei as well, though I mainly read the manga. All I can say is good luck.

    2. Eehh… since you guys mention Raizu and Nepu, I’ll tell you that I accidentally hit them on the way here.

      They’re fine. Don’t worry.


    1. The m.c is already a (dark) god.
      Soooo OP.
      Will there be a cult worshipping him?
      Some shady cult, trying to shadily recruit new cult members. Like certain Aqua cult. You know…

      1. Looks like it’s not your the one is by our hearts…
        It’s Truck-“sama”….
        Sad…SO SAD… T-T
        Better Luck next time, Truck~kun~

      2. Yeah, I just saw him the other day,
        Truck-sama came out of no way and just randomly hit people, either its Spoiler-san or not.
        But luckily, I let him seduce Reigokai-san so that he won’t go on rampage any longer~
        All is well and happy~
        And that’s how he came btw.

      3. Is that why Reigokai is now steering truck-sama’s wheels, ready to hit us all into this new translation’s world?

  9. “Truck-sama runs over us and sends us to an Isekai. He is always by your side, waiting.”

    I don’t know whether to be glad or be horrified on what Truck-sama will do to us.

    1. Don’t worry, Reigokai already said that I will have no role this time.
      … just the occasional passing by, that’s all.

      (Btw, I hate Kaibaman. Suddenly summoning Blue Eyes at no cost, ruining my strategies. I will get you one day.)

  10. Uguu… you mention me twice, but it seems that I will have no role in this Isekai. Well, my aim is only to find Spoiler-san, whom I believe will pop up again… or someone else taking up the devil’s mantle.

    Anyhow, thank you Reigokai !
    I will enjoy the new serie to the last and you have my full support (I don’t have monies but .. you know.. spiritual support).

    I wish you good luck in your new undertakings and take care.


  11. The cover art looks nice and the premise sounds nice too. This is the first time I ever heard about this web novel and I haven’t even read it yet but I’m already giving 10/10. Awesome work! Can’t wait to start reading it.

  12. Looking forward to the new story, it seems interesting. It kind of reminds me of the death mage doesn’t want a fourth time, which is pretty good btw. The same theme of a character choosing to live his life well instead of pursuing revenge.

  13. This really looks promising~
    I’m so gonna follow you, my bruther~
    I can’t WAIT to read this~ /slur

    …..This is gonna be DIAMOND!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!~*cough cough*…Erk…

  14. “Yeah, there’s no Japanese person, and no summoning, but what I am looking for is not a transported MC to an Isekai, it is to transport you to an Isekai.”

    me: Smooth Reigokai strikes again! x’D

    “And whenever we read an Isekai story, Truck-sama runs over us and sends us to an Isekai. He is always by your side, waiting.”

    me: Truck-sama~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :´D

  15. I gotta say, this look pretty promising from what I’ve read you say in the comments, but I still gotta ask you this: When are you gonna start releasing chapters for it? I’m fairly certain this doesn’t have a NovelUpdates page either, at least one I could find easily.

    A non-dense harem MC? The Strongest God screwing the other Gods over? Oh man! THIS IS GONNA BE GLORIOUS!

      1. Vacation ! Where to Reigokai ?
        Not that I’m going to where you are, just want to know.
        So, which country? What state? City? Travel route?

        *check map*

    1. 28th00, it’s normal that it isn’t on Novel Updates *yet* since that’s a fan made site that compiles novels that are being/have been translated, not those that have yet to be translated.

  16. Oh! glad you picked one that seemed so interesting!
    guess I also have to thanks Raizu for finding such a gem!
    looking forward to your translations!!

  17. Seems interesting.
    BTW, the post title made me think you had mass produced meat buns.

    Where is our local talking meat bun?

    1. He was eaten by our one and only ohmariowv.
      He was hunting nepus, but coincidentally encounter meatbun-san, by the road side, and ate him only to resume search nepus again.
      Poor meatbun-san, may he be by our side to deliver more meatbun on our way~
      I was wondering, was it delicious?

    2. meat buns? you’re lucky to think about that from the title.
      when I make something “hot and steaming”, I flush it away…

  18. “And what about Truck-sama?!”

    The important question right there …they’re always lurking in the comment waiting to strike!

    (Theory: Reikogai is the real boss of Truck-sama.)

    1. Shhh! Don’t bring too much attention to yourself! And don’t say that theory aloud!

      (They might hear you)

  19. This looks rad, and I’m excited for it but my first thought was –
    ” Oh god, why would you hold your sword like that? “

      1. She’s holding it too close to the guard and the overly decorated guard would interfere when she swings. On a normal sword, it won’t matter much, but with that sword, the wing like guard will obstruct her hand.

      2. She also has her arm rotated so far outward that the blade’s pommel is resting on her opposite hip joint. A hit to the side of the blade facing you would wrench the blade out of her hand. It also means her ONE piece of wacky fantasy armor is restricting her already limited potential range of movement. The ergonomics of the sword itself are pretty bad too, as reaper pointed out. The way the hilt’s shaped more or less forces you to choke up on the overly elaborate guard.

        1. Hmm. I have to wonder. Is there any fantasy fiction sword design that isn’t overshadowed by historical designs?

          In fact, what sort of magic effects would have to be applied to a sword for incredibly impractical designs like these to work?

          1. Well, for fantasy swords, if the problem is weight/size it can be accounted for to some extent(though it still wouldn’t moved as efficient as a smaller blade since the area is covers in the air makes it slower due to physics).
            On the other hand, if the problem is the one seen in the sword from this picture, then no, magic won’t make it viable either.

          2. I mean, I guess it could be usable if the sword shot flames or other magic, but at that point, you might as well make it a wand.

            What about a healing effect? Doesn’t seem like it’ll do much good if the sword is so unwieldy you’re realistically killed quickly or get the sword knocked out of your hands.

            Physical spec reinforcement, perhaps? But to what degree?

          3. Well, even physical reinforcement effects fro the user wouldn’t matter much since the issue partly lies with the structure of a humanoid arm/hand. In such a manner, it is almost guaranteed for the weapon to be knocked out of the user’s hand, and it is also almost guaranteed for the wrist to be broken. For the wrist being broken thing, that’s what would happen IRL, but even in fantasy setting it would still happen since it’s not just endurance, but rather strength(of both the user and the enemy) that matters more. Even if the endurance is high enough, it would still be dislocated at the very least, and that would be fatal in mid-combat. The cause for that, in short, is due to both your own strength and momentum added to those of the enemy that all focus on the wrist, breaking it and throwing the weapon out of hand.

    1. I would say because she isn’t fighting?
      she isn’t taking a stance, she is just standing with her sword.
      I agree that the 2 wings hinder her movements
      the right hand is supposed to grap under the hilt, like she does. maybe the thumb is off, would be better to have it on the grip or blade.
      the pommel doesn’t look like it’s “resting on her opposite joint”, but more in face of her body, and look like it would be easy to grap with the left hand to take a battle stance
      I don’t think the hilt is that much wrong, it feel like a waisted grip (or a tapered grip? don’t know)

  20. way to copy raw japanese text from alphapolis on google chrome press f12 select sources select novel/(some number) scroll down to around like 110-120 look for this “div class=”text ” id=”novelBoby”” copy all text until “user/login?url=(some number)” copy to something like wordpress new post html format and it will just show the text needed

  21. dont really care what u pick tbh regio sama, i just want to read ur translation tbh hahahahaha.. please take care of us in the future too 🙂

  22. Eh, Sayonara Ryussei was good? I remember going like 2-3 chapters in and I just couldn’t take the horrible writing anymore…

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      1. oh and people still attempted to replicate his ability, even though it couldn’t be done via magic, like his power was doing. he literally made a nuclear bomb blast with no fallout. The USA equivalent of mahouka koukou no rettousei’s world tried, thinking it was a black hole type phenomena, and technically blew a hole in reality creating bodyless souls, it seems, which those took control of some of their magicians who were apparently high ranking. This is why you don’t fuck with things you don’t understand to put it simply lol.

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