Chapter 269: Mummy Jin and Sweetheart Raidou

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“Ooh, a splendid mummy look you have there. How are you feeling, mummy Jin?”
I heard that his external wound treatment had been finished, but when we entered the room where he is resting, I saw Jin with his whole body wrapped in bandages.
Now then, because it was such a comical look, I unintentionally called him a mummy man before a wimp.
But if he is already recovered, there’s no need for bandages.
“…Sensei…  Shiki-san.” (Jin)
Then why is Jin currently being packaged to such an extent with bandages.
For keep him in check.
I decide to ignore the voice of the mummy that was groaning.
The bandages continue on at the ends of the bed, and even those are tightly wrapped. Also at the legs of the thick and strong-looking wooden legs.
In other words, someone physically restrained him with bandages so that he wouldn’t rampage in his agitation.
Fumu, splendid medical treatment.
From what I have seen of the patient, he looks somewhat calm.
But with this, I feel like the report of him being silent was because the restraining had finished.
“Okay, I see now. And so, the wimp-kun that got confused, went out of control, and was almost at the verge of death–I mean, Jin-kun, let’s hear your report.” (Makoto)
Now then, let’s act as a teacher and a superior.
Objective view.
“Uh, a report?” (Jin)
“That’s right, a report. You came here as training for the Kuzunoha Company after all. Isn’t that right, Shiki?” (Makoto)
“…Yeah. I would also like to hear the explanation of why it turned out this way from the person himself.” (Shiki)
While placing slight thorns in it, I urge him to give me a report with a smile.
On the other hand, Shiki looks down at him with quite the anger.
“That’s…uhm, how should I begin explaining…” (Jin)
It is unusual to see Jin in disarray.
It is a face I haven’t seen lately at the Academy.
“First of all, why did you chase the mamonos too far? From what I understood of your job this time, it was at most…like carrying luggage.” (Makoto)
“On top of that, I gave you a strict order, didn’t I, Jin? That you shouldn’t move on your own accord. That the strength of the mamonos deep in the snowy region are too much for the current you.” (Shiki)
“…That’s true, I was indeed told that. This time’s injury was not the fault of Shiki-san.” (Jin)
With his head hung down, Jin admits his own fault.
He muttered weakly that it wasn’t the fault of Shiki.
…Is he an idiot?
From the very beginning I didn’t think Shiki was at fault.
Also, injury?
It looks like he is misunderstanding what I am asking here.
“There’s no need to tell me something so obvious. Everything is your just desserts.” (Makoto)
“Shiki, what was the state of Jin when he encountered Sofia?” (Makoto)
When I spoke the name of Sofia, the body of Jin stiffened.
The main cause of his disarray huh.
But I think we first need to make him notice the misunderstanding he has.
It is fine to just ask about this thing of Miranda and Sofia later.
“He was already out cold and his whole body was covered in blood. It seems the surrounding snow was also dyed in red. From what we investigated when the treatment was underway, there was half a fistful of insects swarming in his body…and that he lost his consciousness most likely because of his external wounds made by the bitten off meat and his lost of blood. I also think there’s no mistake in it.” (Shiki)
“Any other thing?” (Makoto)
“At the same time, he was injected poison. It takes away the freedom of their prey, and serves to prolong the time its prey is alive…no, it is a resourceful poison that weakens the resistance and prolongs the freshness of the meat. But this time, that served as a saving. Thanks to that, Jin’s treatment made it in time after all.” (Shiki)
“On top of that, it was also thanks to that mysterious knight who swept away the insects.” (Makoto)
“Yes.” (Shiki)
“Jin, just now, you said ‘this time’s wound’, didn’t you? Are you seriously saying that?” (Makoto)
Hearing the report of Shiki again, I could tell that Jin’s life was saved by a heavy luck that would make anyone envious.
This time’s injury?
Don’t joke around.
In normal circumstances, it would have been almost certain that he would have died.
“The type of poison the insects used, the knight’s help; if even one of those were missing, you would be dead by now.” (Makoto)
The word dead made the eyes of Jin open wide.
This is why I can’t handle lucky people.
Makes me want to shout: ‘give me a bit of it!’.
“Yeah, no doubt about it. The words ‘injured’ and ‘seriously wounded’ are just too lukewarm. You were saved purely by luck. If this were based on ability, you would have long been the preserved food of those insects. What was its name again…Snow Dung Beetle, maybe?” (Makoto)
“Yes, around these parts, as long as you don’t chase them too far, they are not that dangerous creatures. However, if you chase them too far, the danger level increases in an instant though.” (Shiki)
Because they lure you in and are devour you with numbers in an instant.
It is a creature that’s exactly as Shiki explained.
It is an opponent that you can ignore its danger with certainty as long as you are careful.
Seriously, how pathetic.
“Your actions this time around, frankly speaking, there’s a lot to retort to, and regarding the training, we will obviously have you stay put for a while. Have this clear in your mind, Jin, in terms of ability, you have already died once.” (Makoto)
“!! That’s not it! It is true that I let my guard down a bit! I also admit that I wasn’t calm for a bit! But–!!” (Jin)
“…And forget that all those ‘bits’ are what link you to death? Can’t even make conversation with you. Like this, your life that was barely saved will only end up being layed down again in the near future. Shiki, whatever the case, have Jin return to the Academy. Having him here will only be an annoyance.” (Makoto)
“Yes, looks like there’s the need for quite the lecture.” (Shiki)
Shiki nods at my words.
At any rate, leaving Jin here on the pretext of training would only be a bother for the people of Kaleneon.
Also, leaving him with the reason of this -Sofia- doesn’t seem like it will be a plus for Jin at all.
“Please wait!! I want to do my best here for a bit more, just a bit more!!” (Jin)
“Rejected. As a teacher and as a superior, this decision won’t change. Hah…hey, Jin, the reason for that zeal of yours, is it as expected…the Dragon Slayer Sofia?” (Makoto)
How I should describe that younger Sofia.
For now, I decide to go with Dragon Slayer.
That’s right, I have to properly hear about this from that pervert.
Even though I have to go to Tsige regarding the matter with Aznoval-san…
“That person’s name…is not Sofia. She is my first sword mentor, close friend, and the first person I respected…” (Jin)
Hey hey.
A mentor, a close friend, and a person you respected, you say… They had quite the deep relationship?
But from what I see in the atmosphere of that Sofia, even if I were to imagine her past and present, I feel like it was all a one-way from Jin…
Please spare me from her being a past girlfriend.
Even if I met her after, it would make me feel bad.
“I wasn’t able to confess, but I think she was also my first love.” (Jin)
Are you an esper?
But she wasn’t his girlfriend.
No, if I had to choose between both, it is probably worse than being a past girlfriend?
“And so…she is probably the woman I hurt the most in my life. Sister Miranda. In the past, she looked a bit more mature, but there’s no way I would mistake that person. She is the person who I intended to search for life, apologize, and atone for!!” (Jin)
I killed her once.
S-Sorry about that, Jin.
Looks like she is somewhat alive now, so is it fine to say it doesn’t count?
Ah…I now have one more secret I will definitely carry to my grave.
Since he has stated it with such certainty, I don’t think he has the wrong person…so just in case, let’s investigate the past of Sofia.
It would be nice if Root tells us about it honestly, but for now, let’s investigate over here as well.
“…But the person herself is without doubt saying her name is Sofia. By the way, you who’s spreading trouble for the people around, haven’t given her a good impression. Not only did you ignore her direct warning about controlling yourself, you also acted in that way.” (Makoto)
“Hah?!” (Jin)
“Coming back another time would be the correct decision. We are not fiends, Jin. We will make it so that you understand her tendencies.” (Shiki)
Shiki is doing a follow-up.
Well, it is Sofia.
Even without Jin’s matter, I would have wanted information.
If it’s only that, there’s no problem.
“But I heard that this place is lacking personnel!” (Jin)
So he still intends to cling on huh.
Definitely no.
“About that, we will have Amelia and the other employees come here in shifts. At the very least, it will be better than you who only increased the workload.” (Makoto)
“Kugh… I…” (Jin)
“That’s how it is. Rest here for today. No need to work either. I will have Shiki come pick you up tomorrow. Jin, reflect upon the worth of the life you have been blessed with today.” (Makoto)
Oh, he grew obedient.
“Sensei…” (Jin)
Or not.
“What is it?” (Makoto)
“I am truly sorry…for troubling you with my own matters.” (Jin)
“Yeah, reflect plenty. Worrying is tiring. It would make me incredibly happy if you don’t do that often.” (Makoto)
“Totally agree.” (Shiki)
“Okay…” (Jin)
I get an agree from Shiki along with a big nod.
Jin also grew obedient this time for sure and returns a response while still tied to the bed.
I leave him as mummy Jin and depart from the room.
Okay, one task done!
Next is Tsige, to confirm if there’s information regarding Aznoval from Rembrandt-san or someone else.
Maybe I should also ask the adventurers to see if they have an idea. It seems he is like the pioneer of adventurers after all.
“Waka-sama, thank you for going through the trouble tod–” (Shiki)
“It’s fine. It is a boy that has high chances of working officially in our company, and also…” (Makoto)
“The matter of Sofia surfaced anyways. I will confirm with that pervert about what in the world is going on, and if possible, I want to wrap up the matter without having Jin hate me. Shiki, it might be troublesome, but I am counting on you for a while.” (Makoto)
“Yes, please leave it to me.” (Shiki)
“Well then, I will be heading to Tsige. After that, I will have to hurry and return to Rotsgard and Lorel. Is this kind of busy something to be happy about as a merchant?” (Makoto)
“Yeah, it must be.” (Shiki)
Waving at Shiki who is smiling gently and nodding, I cross through the mist gate that has the destination set to Tsige.
The location changes.
In an instant, hot and dry air circulates through my lungs.
It is the air of Tsige.
Until just a few moments ago, I was at a deep snowy northern region breathing out white air, so I got bewildered for a second.
Leaving the office room of the company, I greet everyone that’s working and depart.
As always, it is a town which sight changes every time I come, but this is not the time to enjoy it.
I hurriedly head to the Adventurer Guild.
On the way, the adventurers, merchants, and the residents turned to look at me again, but I didn’t respond to them.
How to say it…I have become quite the celebrity in this town.
It is fine when there’s nothing to do, but in times when I am in a hurry, I can’t just stop to chat each time.
“Hm? Isn’t that Raidou-kun? If I remember correctly, I heard you had gone to Lorel though?”
“Long time no see, Rembrandt-san. Because of business, I have returned for a bit. It looks like the town is operating as usual, but is the war the same?” (Makoto)
I promptly meet with Rembrandt-san and jump to the topic.
Looks like he is…a bit tired.
His exhaustion is showing more than normal. But contrary to that, his eyes are shining, and he seems to have higher motivation than before though.
Could it be the war has gotten worse, or it is about to get worse?
If that’s the case, I will have to tranquilize that one first.
It seems this is more of priorities first after all.
Seriously, things come one after the other.
“Umu. The war situation, or more like, the negotiations are going kind of…well. To the point that it is a bit eerie. There were stealth corps trying to infiltrate the town a number of times, but we have been able to intercept them without letting them get close.” (Rembrandt)
Oh, that’s unexpected.
Looks like it is actually going well.
“We have also made a secret agreement with the surrounding towns about maintaining the status quo when the matter of the independence was announced. If Raidou-kun brings corps that will serve as protection, Tsige can shift into the stage that’s as good as succeeded.” (Rembrandt)
“As expected of Rembrandt-san.” (Makoto)
“The people that caused a coup d’etat are beginning to calm down, so the ones that we have to be cautious about would be the royal family. Before that ‘something’, that was able to overturn the situation when the capital was about to fall, is turned towards us, as long as you return, we will be firm as a rock.” (Rembrandt)
Rembrandt-san nods at my words of ‘as expected’ as if saying ‘leave it to me’ and continues speaking.
As I thought, he did have a lot of influence in the political area as well.
In order to survive the world of commerce,  you will end up gaining those kind of things on the way.
Especially when you have surpassed a certain scale.
“Understood. We will also hurry as much as possible. We will try to succeed in a few days from now.” (Makoto)
“…You are the one that is truly dependable. And so, what’s this business? If it’s something I can be of help, I will lend you a hand.” (Rembrandt)
“I want information regarding a certain someone. It is a person by the name Aznoval. Do you know if he has some sort of connection with this town?” (Makoto)
“Aznoval… I do think I have heard of him before though. If I remember correctly, he is a legendary knight that appears in the fairy tales of Lorel.” (Rembrandt)
“Y-Yeah. So you knew.” (Makoto)
“The name at least. However, I can’t find any connection with Tsige and the name Aznoval. In the first place, I don’t remember hearing his name in anywhere but Lorel.” (Rembrandt)
“Is that so…” (Makoto)
I thought that maybe it wasn’t strange for him to come to the World’s Border, but at the very least, it seems like there’s no stories or records remaining that point to that.
“But well, it is a request from none other than you. I will try to investigate about it. If I learn of something, I will contact the Kuzunoha Company.” (Rembrandt)
“Thanks. By the way, Rembrandt-san…” (Makoto)
“The situation seems to have turned pretty well, and yet, it looks like you are quite exhausted. Did something happen?” (Makoto)
“Ah, so it showed in my face huh. Sorry to worry you. This is a different matter. There’s a few things I was thinking regarding the layout of the town, you see. I am stuck in a variety of things. In the near future, I will most likely need you to get involved as well.” (Rembrandt)
As if enjoying it from the bottom of his heart and as if he was a child finding a secret base, he gave a broad smile.
Looks like this really is a different matter from the independence.
He looks like he is having crazy fun.
This person is incredible as always.
In this situation of grave importance where they are trying to gain the independence of a town from a country, he is already aiming for something new,  even though he is a central part of it.
And he is gleeful about it.
His vitality is on the genius level.
It makes me sad that only one thing is already too much for me.
But even if I have those negative thoughts, it won’t increase my ability.
I have to treasure the fact that I am able to see the work of this person and his way of thinking from up close.
If I am able to take in even a bit of it, it would be most satisfactory.
“Please do so. If I am able to work with Rembrandt-san, I will definitely participate. Well then, I am slightly busy, so I will be excusing myself now.” (Makoto)
“Alright. I as well have earned a lot of ideas thanks to you. Come whenever you please.” (Rembrandt)
I am truly grateful.
I lower my head deeply and bid my farewells to Rembrandt-san.
At any rate, he has completely turned the Adventurer Guild into his work office.
I leave to the area where normal adventurers can’t enter and head to the hall, and in an instant, the amount of people increase.
The hall that’s enveloped in heat, is covered with hustle and bustle, and there’s a great amount of adventurers.
Must mean there are groups that are getting ready to go exploring or hunting.
Or more like, the current Tsige might be like this in all times of the day.
It looks like the wasteland related requests are being taken pretty actively as well.
Looks like the seed spread by Tomoe and Mio has properly sprouted.
But in this congestion, it will be pretty hard to ask about Aznoval-san.
Seems like I will have to leave that for later and prioritize asking that pervert about the matter of Sofia.
“Heh~. Then Vegan-san went through the trouble of coming all the way here from Rotsgard for the sake of your sweetheart? That’s incredibly passionate!”
“In long distance relationships, the emotions burn stronger for both sides than when they are close to each other. There’s no assurance that person is still here, but the rumors of Tsige have been amazing lately. Even if my sweetheart is not here, this can still serve as a conversation topic. After that, it was all about going with the momentum.” (Vegan)

I am hearing a familiar voice?
Moving my head as if a *‘gigigi’* sound was coming out of it, I direct my gaze at the source. <metallic sound>
“This town itself is practically a sightseeing location, so I think Vegan-san won’t regret it.”
“I was suddenly able to meet a member of the number one party of the town, Toa-san, so just the fact that I was able to become an acquaintance of yours is already enough for a conversation topic. Honestly speaking, I didn’t think you would be such a beautiful lady.” (Vegan)
“Don’t joke around now. And, about that sweetheart of yours, did you get to know her at Rotsgard?” (Toa)
I also thought this at the time with Sofia but, why the hell are you here?
Acting as if you are a harmless handsome man.
“Actually, it was late at night you see, at his room.” (Vegan)
“Eh? ‘His’?” (Toa)
Toa makes a puzzled expression.
Well, of course she would.
The person that she guided here is a…man after all.
“That’s right. At Raidou-kun’s—” (Vegan)
The moment I heard that name coming out from his mouth… the disgust and many other things that were born of Root’s dark sides I have heard from a variety of places, and the sides he hasn’t shown me, I could feel it flooding out from my body.
“Who…” (Makoto)
“To think we would actually meet—eh?”
Without making a sound, I closed the distance to the two and spoke.
Root instantly noticed me and was surprised, and was then surprised that my movements were not stopping.
“Is your damn sweetheart, idioooot!!!!” (Makoto)
Swinging widely, but properly sealing Root’s defense and evasion routes with the Magic Armor…
“Geh, you are kidding, right? R-Raidou-bugh!”
I smash a terrifying telegraphed punch.
Ah, I forgot to cancel the Magic Armor.
Not only was he send flying, my fist had caved in the face of the silver haired handsome boy as he stood up.
I have created quite the picturesque face.
“R-Raidou-san. Uhm, so you have returned.” (Toa)
“I will be saying this for future’s sake as well, I am not in a relationship with him, and I am a straight man that loves women!” (Makoto)
In the first place, your name is not Vegan.
Just how many false names do you have?!
Even though it saved me the trouble of going to Rotsgard, for some reason, this doesn’t make me happy at all!

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