Chapter 263: Gift from the departed Dragon Slayer

“Are you talking about those girls?”

I hold my head.

The problem that Rokuya-san was talking about was heavily involved with me.

It was something that happened not that long ago.

At the time when I had my first proper talk with Shougetsu-san and his group, I was attacked by what looked like spies of the Empire.

And to my surprise, the three were girls I knew of before.

At the time when I visited Gritonia, those were the girls Tomoki offered me for Tomoe. They were all already at the brim with his charm power. They didn’t oppose at all the fact that they were being treated as objects.

I heard from Tomoki that their levels were decent.

Even if I recently learned that their class was actually assassin, there was one thing I could tell, after looking at those eyes, I knew……it was already too late.

That’s why I eliminated them.

There were a number of people there aside from me, and leaving aside the moves they showed at the initial stage, looking at the sharp movements those three showed when they attacked me, they might have become a threat to Shougetsu-san and his group.

Even now, I still think that it was the correct choice to quickly kill them.

That’s what I think, but…who would have known that one of those girls was a close friend of someone at the lower floors here.

That really got me, and it is problematic.

In other words, the first impression the mercenary group has towards me is the worst.

“Must be. I heard you crushed her head?”

“…Did I? If I remember correctly, I snapped the neck of one…ah, I did crush the head of one too. The last one, I flashily opened holes in her chest.” (Makoto)

Don’t remember that well, but it was probably like that.

I restrained them with my Magic Armor and popped both of them, then finished it with Brid.

Yeah, that’s right.

Relying on the memories I recalled, I respond to the question of Rokuya-san.

Now that I think about it, thanks to being used to this kind of things already, I have become able to respond to this kind of conversations even when I am in the middle of a meal.

“You were attacked by a group of high leveled Shadowless, so I don’t think your way of handling the situation was to be blamed though. But that part, it seems like the concerned party is…unable to accept it. Fumu, it’s been awhile since I have eaten such good food. Where did you get it?” (Rokuya)

Rokuya-san covers for my actions.

In this matter, I think anyone with the perspective of an adventurer would be able to understand me.

The person killed was a close friend, and on top of that, she went through the pains of separating that friend of hers from her companions and drag her all the way to get treatment, but in a second of negligence, that friend managed to escape, and right after, this incident happened.

It is not like I don’t understand her for not wanting to accept it.

“I’m grateful to hear that. Ah, today’s bento was made by us at the kitchen of the hotel, Rokuya-san.” (Makoto)

“It’s a handmade of the Kuzunoha huh…” (Rokuya)

Rokuya-san suddenly fell silent and looks at the others beside me.

“And so, who was it specifically?” (Rokuya)

He asks me with a smile.

Looks like he liked it.

There’s no person aside from the residents of Asora that have tasted the menu of Japanese-styled food made with things like soy sauce and dashi.  

That’s why I was a bit uneasy, but it seems it was an unnecessary.

Because of the Wise of Lorel, the Japanese culture is thicker here than in other countries, and yet, for some reason, the food is drowned in chinese style.

There’s a seasoning here that’s similar to soy sauce, but if I had to talk about it, I would say they are not the same.

In those points, Asora’s ability to replicate is high.

This is not preferential view, I really think that’s how it is.

“Most of it was done by Mio. Shii also helped out well.” (Makoto)

“Hoh, Mio-dono. Excuse me for a bit.” (Rokuya)

Rokuya-san who was at my left side, moves to the right side where Mio was sitting, and when he places his face at around her shoulder, he suddenly began smelling her.

I could tell his nose was twitching.

“Truly a nice smell. Nostalgic even.” (Rokuya)

On the other hand, the emotionless face of Mio instantly changed into an absolute zero smile and was going to stand up.

I hurriedly place a hand on her shoulder and stopped her.

With a bit of strength, I had her sit back.

It would be another issue if it were in a conversation, but violence in the middle of a meal would be troublesome.

“Rokuya-san, what are you doing so suddenly?” (Makoto)

I ask his intentions.

It is not like he suddenly wants a wife that’s good at cooking.

“No well, it was such splendid dashi, I ended doing this unintentionally. Just as I thought, you are an excellent cook. You have that characteristic fragrance of many ingredients which good cooks possess. Truly splendid.” (Rokuya)

“Fragrance, is it.” (Makoto)

Did Mio have that kind of scent?

Sadly to say, I didn’t sense that much.

But calling it fragrance piques my interest. Must be a nice scent.


“Ara. Leaving aside that you are a rude fellow, it seems like you are a knowledgeable one. If that was an action to confirm my cooking skills, I can turn a blind eye once.” (Mio)

The anger of Mio was extinguished in an instant.

Maybe because there haven’t been much chances for her cooking to be praised by people from the outside.

And in truth, her skills have increased quite a lot, and if she were to be blessed by chances to show them out, the number of times she will be praised in this way will most likely increase.

At any rate, she looks happy.

It felt like, the moment she lets her guard down, her expression would loosen.

“No, I was impolite there. I am relieved that you have forgiven me. So Raidou-kun prefers it slightly strong, instead of kombu, you are more of the katsuobushi type huh. Having someone like her who would cook the things you like. You are truly a lucky man.” (Rokuya)

Rokuya-san directed those incredibly kind eyes, he sometimes shows, towards me.

He was saying this while looking straight at me.

That’s true, but…

“Yeah, I am truly grateful.” (Makoto)

Now that I think about it, Rokuya-san called himself an assassin.

He greeted us with something dangerous like a bladed weapon last night, and yet, why is it that he gives such a calming feeling?

Is it a trait of people that have surpassed their occupation?

“We don’t have anyone in our comrades that’s main job is cooking, you see. We do make our own food with individual quirks, but the basics are really important after all…” (Rokuya)


It is probably a topic that I shouldn’t touch much.

In cooking, basics should come before individual quirks.

If not, terrifying things might occur.

It is like in Nabes <hot pots>.

Nabe is delicious, sweet things are delicious, cream is delicious; even so, that doesn’t mean combining the three of them will make it better.

That’s not how it works.

That is in no way an improvement.

“Oops, let’s put my matters aside for now. Anyways, sad to say but, the girl that had her close friend killed by you -her name’s Pione by the way-she is planning on having revenge on you. And so, the designer of this labyrinth, the Marikosan, and on top of that, the Picnic Rosegarden members from all sides are gathering in order to mediate this.” (Rokuya)

“…I see.” (Makoto)

A number of adventurers on the level of Rokuya-san, the designer of the dungeon, and the Marikosan…let’s leave those aside for now. Since we have come here with an objective, we can’t kill the mercenary group.

…But the chances it will end up in an unavoidable fight are high.

Hah…Isn’t the difficulty way too high? In a lot of meanings.

Pione-san, why did you have to be inside such an important place? Seriously.

“…The girl called Pione has been a real help when this place lost Doma and a lot of things happened. Raidou-kun, you have been born under an unlucky star.” (Rokuya)

Lost Doma and a lot of things happened?

That means…it is her, Sofia is the root of all this.

Gunununu, she really only does unnecessary things.

“That damn Sofia.” (Makoto)

“That was a woman whose presence felt somewhat like Root’s. Are you acquainted with her?” (Rokuya)

“She picked a fight with me, twice. There…won’t be a next time though.” (Makoto)

“I see. By the time she devoured Doma, she already had the power of several Superior Dragons though… Raidou-kun defeated her huh.” (Rokuya)

“Just like in the matter with the Shadowless, she was the one picking a fight, so I had no choice.” (Makoto)

“She was in part, a pitiful woman. If she has already died, I will at least pray for her happiness in the otherworld.” (Rokuya)

“You are kind, Rokuya-san.” (Makoto)

Whether it was Doma being killed or devoured, it still created a lot of problems here, and yet, he still mourns over Sofia’s death?

“Wait.” (Tomoe)

“Hm? Is something the matter, Tomoe-dono?” (Rokuya)

“Why is it that you know the name Root, and why is it you are saying it as if it were natural? Is it okay to question you about that?” (Tomoe)

“Fumu, it isn’t really something that needs to be hidden anyways. I don’t mind. I am an acquaintance of that girl, Root.” (Rokuya)

“Girl?” (Makoto)

I unintentionally cut into their conversation.

Root is currently a man mainly.

He did tell me that if I undress, he will become a woman anytime I want. By the way, I have no intentions of doing that in my lifetime.

But…Root has been a man ‘for a short while’ which is in the time sense of a Superior Dragon.

In other words…

“Looks like your relationship with the Myriad Colors Root dates pretty far in the past-ja na. In that case, I wonder how much of the legends about the Adventurers of Origin is actually true. I kind of want to hear it now.” (Tomoe)

“…What that Shougetsu boy told you guys, is…well, the truth. Fufu, I wonder why, when you guys arrive at the 20th floor, we will probably clash blades, it will most likely be a disadvantageous fight for you guys, and it doesn’t seem like our relationship will last for long. That’s how I think, but…a part of my heart currently is confident about something: ‘we will continue our relationship with Raidou-kun, now and in the future’. How mysterious.” (Rokuya)

“We don’t intend to lose either. No matter the situation, we plan on bringing it to a negotiation.” (Makoto)

“Even that recklessness, there’s a part of me that is looking forward to it, and that’s surprising. In that case, I will answer in kind as well. Of course, I will also answer to the question of Tomoe-dono just now.” (Rokuya)

And then, Rokuya-san sips on his after-meal tea.

The story of the Adventurers of Origin.

The origin.

Just what in the world are they really, just who this Rokuya-san in front of us actually is.

For a tea time, this was tackling quite the topic of conversation.

I decided to obediently listen to what Rokuya-san had to say.

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