Chapter 248: Wise gone wild

Outskirts of Kannaoi.

The surroundings of this land that is prominent in Lorel has a number of settlements that are enjoying the benefits of being in that place.

They are only situated close to a big city, but its significance is not something that can be called stupid.

There’s a lot of paths that people can go through and the circulation of goods is more active than in other areas.

The number of adventurers and mercenaries is many, and the requests are easy to do.

Of course, it is not like there’s no fitting demerit with it, but unless you are hard pressed for a method to protect yourself, this is simply a trivial problem.

That’s why there are times when places fall and others emerge.

Repeating this cycle, Kannaoi is already surrounded by a large amount of villages.

“This place really is peaceful.”

“The flow of people in the other villages was terrible and felt like they were on the verge of falling after all~. In terms of location, these villages are a bit more blessed so it is natural.”

“I don’t understand. Why do they decide to live in such a menial manner? Do they not think about proving their strength in Kannaoi? Being satisfied by simply gaining a bit of safety and circulation of goods is just…”

“…In order to make it in Kannaoi, you would have to be either an adventurer or a merchant. A craftsman has to create a stable standing after all. That’s something difficult to ask from people like peasants or hunters.”

“Based on Waka-sama’s knowledge, whether they are peasants or hunters, there have been people within those that have the diligence and skillfulness to create historical quality goods. I feel like craftsmen can do plenty well though.”

“That applies for the peasants in Japan. Even if in this place there’s that kind of knowledge going around, it is still Lorel Union.”

Crossing the mountains, there were fields spreading in their vision and livestock here and there.

Gazing at the villages that were more prosperous than average, two people were conversing.

The one with a slightly stiff tone and a reproaching view of the village’s way of living was a big man that surpasses 2 meters tall.

A monk’s stole, belled necklace, and gaiters. His attire was as if it was modeled after a mountain priest or a tengu.

In his right hand, he held a metal rod that seemed like the ones the Onis of hell from fantasy stories would use.

No matter who looked at him, it is not a substitute for a travelling stick, and it is not a khakkhara used for self-protection.

This metal rod was a clear blunt weapon.

At the shoulder of this big man, there’s a person sitting there.

A small brown skin girl.

Showing a childish behavior, she makes a fearless smile. Moreover, from her way of talking with the man, one can tell that the big man and her were of the same standing and that she is not a simple young girl.

Dressed in clothes that are similar to a hakama, strong spirited eyes, and a good-looking face, but contrary to that florid appearance, her clothes were brown and black, something plain and simple.

“The Wise-sama huh. Hearing the talk from Waka-sama, I actually had hopes though. But as expected, there’s not many people that have such interesting memories as him.”

“Our Waka is probably quite the special type. Also, we have found a lot of things to report back to Tomoe-sama and the others, like: the crops, food preparation, and their culture on festivals.”

“…The weapons and martial arts that are said to have come from the Wise-sama, and their special types of magics, it seems like they were not circulated much. Hah…when will I be able to use ninjutsu?”

“…This is only my intuition, but this time, with you being paired with me and Beren’s travel, I think you should give up on that line of thought.”

“Tch. Are you saying I can’t use ninjutsu?”

“Most likely. Tomoe-sama is training you in body techniques and thread techniques. If we are talking about shinobis, it would be more fitting for us Forest Onis and the Winged-kin after all~.”

The girl called Shii shrugged her shoulders and explains.

It is certainly true that the man admires shinobis and is aiming to be one, but 9 out of 10 that see him, would definitely say that he is a hand-to-hand fighter.

Even if he knows of the existence of ninjas, he is currently more of a wrestler.

It would be difficult to become a ninja.


“Ah, Hokuto-cchi, we got guests~.” (Shii)

The name of the big man is Hokuto.

This name is the one that he has received from the person he has recognized as his master, Makoto.

One’s an Arke and the other a Forest Oni, and they are also the people that have been allowed in this trip by the Kuzunoha company.

They were ordered by Makoto’s close aide, Tomoe, to gather information before grouping up with them, and have entered Lorel from a different direction.

The two were travelling in the surroundings of Kannaoi as they endeavoured in gathering information.

“Again huh. It seems like it is from the labyrinth but they are quite the lively bunch huh.” (Hokuto)

“Yeah. How many times is it now since coming to Lorel?” (Shii)

“I stopped counting by the twenties. The villages that have turned into ruins as well, I stopped counting around that number as well.” (Hokuto)

“Incredible. I stopped caring by the time it reached 3.” (Shii)

“In terms of result, it is the same anyways. We don’t have any obligations with this village, but well, this can be considered a spark that was brought by us.” (Hokuto)

“If that Picnic mercenary-san group were here with us, we would be able to take it easy though~.” (Shii)

“They can’t always be with us. Ah, the way of fighting of those people was remarkable. It was on a level that’s worthy of reporting.” (Hokuto)

Hokuto reminisces about the mercenary group that they met before.

They have been attacked by the mamonos of the labyrinth an innumerous number of times, but in one of those instances, they witnessed a mercenary group by the name Picnic Rose Garden fighting against mamonos.

“There’s also those mysterious adventurers.” (Shii)

“That huh. True. It was sublime.” (Hokuto)

“They most likely reside in different locations, but both of those groups live in the labyrinth. As expected, your environment is important~.” (Shii)

“That’s something we have experienced with our own bodies as well.” (Hokuto)

“…Yeah, that’s true.” (Shii)

On top of that, there was a time when they witnessed two adventurers defeating a mass of mamonos.

They only conversed with them in the place, but it seems like those two were also using the labyrinth as their headquarters.

In regards to the labyrinth, the two have a decent amount of things to report to Makoto and the others.

Shii and Hokuto had obtained a decent harvest.

Hokuto thought that he would definitely see the ancient martial arts and ninjutsus of Japan and was excited, that’s why he is now depressed.

In the middle of that tensionless conversation, just as the two had perceived, mamonos were coming from the mountain foothills and heading towards the village.

And in between the mountain foothill and the village, Shii and Hokuto were there.

“Now then, Mio-sama ordered us to enter Kannaoi first and decide on the lodging. We can’t take our time, Shii.” (Hokuto)

“Okay, I will help out~.” (Shii)

Shii gets down from the shoulder of Hokuto.

At the front of the two, there were wild boars with their bodies covered in spines like a porcupine, and ugly big monkeys holding clubs and spears which were fitting of being called baboons; all of them letting out bloodlust.

Without any hesitation, Shii headed directly to the mass of mamonos.

“You forgot something, Shii.” (Hokuto)

Hokuto tells her this promptly and throws her the metal rod that was in his hand.

That’s right. Shii had analyzed Hokuto’s battle style as body and thread techniques, it wasn’t physical combat with a metal rod.

As if natural, Shii grabs the metal rod that was thrown at her with one hand and with her back facing him.

That was the weapon of a small Forest Oni girl.

“Hngh~it really does feel comfortable. The Elder Dwarfs are the best!” (Shii)

“Rush to your heart’s content and rampage. Any that leak, I will cut them all down.” (Hokuto)

“Undeeerstood~~” (Shii)

It wasn’t an action that they were ordered to do nor was it for the sake of the village.

A single village was saved by them after a few minutes.


In one night, I heard a suspicious story.

After I separated from Shougetsu-san, Akashi-san, Yuduki-san, and the three servants, I returned to the inn.

Because I moved my body without a feeling of closure, I was training for a bit. Properly tiring my body.

Since we got a room with an open air bath, I enjoy a long bath by myself.

I enter my bed and tasted a pleasant sleep.

In the morning, we all enjoyed the breakfast of the costly inn.

Iroha-chan happily praised it, so it is most likely pretty good.

It was interesting to see vegetables similar to those I have seen in Japan with the seasoning style of Lorel, and Mio nodded several times while checking my reactions and the taste.

Tomoe was also greatly delighted, saying that it is nice.

Until this point, it was like the first act of a normal fun journey.

After that, we went shopping in Mizuha.

This was the seed of my headache.

I don’t really mind buying souvenirs. We can bring them to Asora after buying them, and it won’t turn into baggage.

There’s also no problem in walking while eating.

There’s a lot of places that we couldn’t finish checking out yesterday, and in Lorel, there’s a lot of delicious food that has stylized the Japanese taste and is interesting.

In one of the food carts, I saw something that looked like mitarashi dango, and when it had the taste that I was expecting, I was moved.

Then, what’s the bad part?

Clothes, and accessories, or should I say miscellaneous goods. Well, those kind of things.

You could clearly tell that the Wise-sama -the Japanese- went full throttle in their messing around.

They are in a position that has strong influence in the society and have seriously done something stupid, so that’s pretty ill-natured.

When I was introduced to a store that had many sorts of uniforms and entered, this is the first thing I thought: ‘Ah, this is a cosplay shop’.

The clothes had a vibrant color that’s different from the ones seen in the city.

Even though only the small details were different, there were many maid clothes that properly had different names for every variety and were officially approved by the public.

Sailor uniform, gym clothes; a variety of uniforms.

There’s also underwears for the enthusiasts and accessories that were beautifully displayed.

The combination of clothings was also detailedly explained.

Must be something that’s directed at sightseeing customers.

Of course, there are customers that come to buy uniforms, but it is probably also one of the famous tourist spots of this city.

Iroha-chan was also incredibly excited and was admiring some of the clothes that she yearned for.

It seems like the combination of white shirt and black corset is the number one most popular.

…Doesn’t that look like the clothes of a casino dealer? That’s what I thought.

I tried asking indirectly about the connection it has with gambling, and it seems like it is related to quite the formal business, so in order to wear it, you have to pass an exam first.

I thought that was way too much of a joke, period.

It seems like the nurse clothes are the uniforms of some shrines.

Sailor uniform and blazers, and there’s even school swimsuits…

The Wise really did whatever they wanted.

Where are the prudent Wise?

Every one of them were gentlemen that officially placed their favorite cosplay and enjoyed themselves -no, they were perverts under the guise of gentlemen.

“By the way, what look is more to your taste, Waka?” (Tomoe)


Of course, Tomoe asked me something like that.

Mio continued making gestures as if confirming the fabric of a black nurse uniform, and was putting her all to listen to our conversation.


Even though it is a nurse uniform, it is black.

Is that also the uniform of a temple somewhere?

Are the males wearing black clothes instead of white clothes too?

Or could it be…they all wear nurse clothes no matter the gender…

That’s impossible.

No, wait. The men of this world have high enough specs that even if they were to wear female clothes, they would without doubt look like beautiful girls.

If there’s a special kind of person that has an interest in this peculiar genre, then there’s plenty possibility that this could be used as the uniform for both genders…

“Even if you ask me about my tastes…I didn’t have much interest in cosplay.” (Makoto)

This is the truth.

I do think that moderate amounts of exposure is likeable, but in my case, I don’t really have any specific taste in this type of clothes.

If it is something that’s closely related to me, then school uniforms. In our school, they wore blazers, but I also like sailor uniforms too.

But I like mannish clothes like the office lady uniforms too.

Of course, whether it is normal, casual, or formal clothing, as long as it suits the person, I don’t really mind.

There’s no clothes here that I am unable to handle the level of exposure anyways.

In that sense, I would be mostly the type that’s more interested in what’s inside.

“What a shame. If you had one, I would definitely try it out though. I see. I think this one is pretty interesting. What do you think?” (Tomoe)

“Pfft!!” (Makoto)

Without any sort of embarrassment, what Tomoe took from the hung clothes was a bunny suit.

It is not the funny looking one that’s like a stuffed toy, it is the erotic one.

There’s even ears.

Seriously Tomoe?

Right now, your character inside my head is beginning to crumble.

“Oops, I got it wrong, it was this one.” (Tomoe)

Did she really make a mistake?

Or did she just corrected herself because of how shocked I was?

That will remain a mystery.

Tomoe takes the clothes that were next to the bunny suit.

A black suit.

It is the type that is pretty tight and shows quite a lot of the person’s figure.

It looks like it is aimed for female.

From what I see, it is exactly a suit, so I feel like it can be used by either gender though.

They said the uniform comes with the complete set, so…the necktie is probably also counted in the uniform.

And so, it is for female use huh.

Yeah, it is okay.

“A suit huh. If it’s Tomoe, it will most likely match you.” (Makoto)

But the color is black.

And it is the black that can be called pitch black.

At this level of black, I honestly think it would only be used for weddings or funerals.

I want to hear about its use, but I also don’t feel like asking and just let it go.

“…Fumu.” (Tomoe)


“Clerk, I will be buying this. I will also be buying a number of others, so I ask you to take my measurements.” (Tomoe)

“Are you an impulsive buyer?” (Makoto)

You didn’t check the price.

However, it was an enviable prompt decision.

Tomoe then said: ‘Well then, see you later’, and went with the clerk.

By the way, the price is…uwaaa, it is quite the good price.

…Ah, but different from Japan where they are mass produced by sizes like S and M, and mostly only resize the hems, in this place, they put samples of the clothes and make clothes matching the measurements of the specific customer.

They cut the cloth and literally make the clothes.

When thinking like that, this is actually a reasonable price.

As expected, they won’t have all the sizes here and cost several thousands.

It is not like it is armor, but even if it is not that much of a big deal, it is still an uniform that takes money to make.

Tomoe dressed in a suit would be a fresh sight, and it seems like she took a liking to it, so oh well, that’s fine.

“Seriously, that Tomoe. Ah, Mio.” (Makoto)

“Yes, Waka-sama?” (Mio)

“If you have any clothes you want, you can buy them, ok? The one’s here are not for protection, so it will be for Asora use, but if there’s any you like, tell me.” (Makoto)

“Then…this. I am interested in it, but…” (Mio)

I thought she would ask me what I thought about the black nurse outfit, but it seems like Mio had taken different clothes.

So it wasn’t what I thought.

It is red.

Rather than calling it a vivid red, it is more of a deep red. Is this what they call rouge color?

A kimono huh.



What Mio has in her hands is an outfit that’s really similar to a kimono.

It feels like Japanese clothes.

But on top of it, there’s an apron included as well.

In other words, the clothes of a housewife.

We are talking of Mio, so she was probably attracted by the apron.

Or maybe she thought those were Japanese clothes that came in a set.

Red housewife outfit huh.

Not bad.

There’s also blue, indigo, and green that seem to be good too.

Leaving aside a way too vivid red and a pure white one, there’s definitely a lot of hues here that calm me down just by looking at them.

There’s also patterned ones, like: polkadots, feathers, paint brushes, checked, and many others.

The apron itself is bright white, but there’s a lot of varieties in their size and the frills.

Yeah, I don’t get tired even when looking at them.

“That’s the outfit of a housewife. Won’t it be nice to wear them when you are cooking? Patterned kimonos would also look good on Mio after all.” (Makoto)

“Housewife? But here it says that this is an uniform for judges that verdict sins?” (Mio)

“Eh? Judge?” (Makoto)


“No, it must be my imagination. Ah, clerk. This, give me the ones from here until there. Where should I take the measurements?” (Mio)

“She casually acts like a celebrity?!” (Makoto)

Mio leaves the judging matter as her imagination and promptly purchases all the housewife outfit series.

She left in the same direction as Tomoe.


“Geh, it seriously is the uniform for judges, oi.” (Makoto)


The headache these Wise are giving me isn’t stopping.

“What Iroha-chan, is there any clothes you want? That dealer outfit, maybe?” (Makoto)

I can have Shougetsu-san return me the money later anyways, so I don’t mind buying her one at least, but it will probably take time before it is finished.

I am planning on getting the clothes of Tomoe and Mio in our way back, so what I should do about this?

Should I get her clothes as well at that time, and send them to her later? Or contact Shougetsu-san and leave it in his hands?

But, a child-sized dealer outfit…what an incredibly immoral feeling it gives.

“Raidou-sama is really rich-desu ne.” (Iroha)

“Thankfully, my business is doing well, but it is not like I am rich, my company is the one that’s rich.” (Makoto)

“The money of the company is the money of Raidou-sama who is the representative, isn’t it?” (Iroha)

“I wonder about that. There’s definitely my share in it, but there’s also the share of Tomoe, Mio, and all the employees that earned the money, so it isn’t all mine. About what happened a moment ago, those two are doing their best, so I was simply telling them that it was okay to buy it if they wanted.” (Makoto)

“…I feel like you are saying something outrageous as if it were natural.” (Iroha)

“Eh? What part?” (Makoto)

I don’t think I have said anything strange though.

“I don’t understand it well either.” (Iroha)

What’s with that?

This one matter with the store has already taken away quite a lot of my vitality, so please don’t go saying enigmatic things.

I was planning on leaving Mizuha in the afternoon and head towards Kannaoi, but Tomoe and Mio said they wanted to buy one more set of clothes, so that would be hard to achieve.

I would like to avoid that at all costs.

To think that shopping would be prolonged even with these two (and the additional member).

I have never taken more than 30 minutes in my shopping.

As expected, Tomoe and Mio are still women.

Good grief.

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