Chapter 229: Settling down, but jumping around

An incredibly tense time passed that was incomparable from the usual gatherings of merchants.

It wasn’t a discussion with a clear answer yet, so the conversations were varied, and…to put it simply, the more I heard, the more blank I was.

Right, I felt like the time there was even more tiring than any of the battles I have experienced.

Looking at the memo I desperately wrote in a practically absent-minded state, there was the information of everyone’s conversation properly written in it.

“As expected…of the people that have made a name in Tsige. That was impressive.” (Makoto)

Well, there was also Sairitz-san and a number of outsiders as well.

At the very least, I have written down their features and the contents of their self-introduction.

There were also a lot of people I met for the first time, so it is better if I get those things inside my head as soon as possible.

Even so…Aion’s revolution and Tsige’s independence huh.

I am impressed that so many things are happening one after the other.

Moreover, the events I have been involved with lately have been so big in scale.

“Well, it doesn’t change the fact that it is something reckless, but I could understand that they do have a chance for success. For today, let’s leave it at that. I am back~~.” (Makoto)

“Waka! Welcome back!”

I return to the Kuzunoha company’s first store inside Rembrandt-san’s store.

It makes me happy to see that they are doing well as always.

I receive greetings from the four clerks that are stationed in the store.

Everyone called out ‘Waka’ in a loud voice, so I was received by the intense gazes of the customers, and after showing a smile to them, I head to the counter.

When I reach the back where the office is in, I could see the Forest Oni and the Gorgon working energetically.

The scale of the store is small, but that doesn’t mean the office is small as well.

And in reality, the two of them look busy.

“Waka-sama, welcome back!”

“I am back. You don’t have to mind me. Continue with your work.” (Makoto)

Seeing me, they stopped their work to greet me, but I didn’t want to get in their way, so I had them return to their work.

Even so, when I arrived at the seat I don’t use that much, the Gorgon brought me a drink.

In the end, just by being here, I am having them mind me.

I want to make it clear there’s no need to, but I just can’t.

“Thanks.” (Makoto)

“No need to. We were also thinking about drinking tea after all.”

“Anyways, this place really is prospering. I have received reports that since the time Tsige made a sudden growth, the number of customers and the sales have increased continuously, but from the view of you guys who are in the actual place, what do you think?” (Makoto)

“Well, obviously, aside from being able to report the numbers, it is also a job that’s worth doing everyday. Other than the customers buying in the store, there’s also a lot who make appointments and orders, so we are in a situation where we have to request for the inventory to be expanded and an increase in craftsmen.”

Inventory number and increase in craftsmen huh.

It is certainly true that it is a matter that has been brought a number of times.

No matter how many times I respond to it, there would always be another request for it, so lately, I have been putting it on hold to check the situation.

It is been a long while since I walked around Tsige, and my thoughts have changed a bit.

It is not that Kuzunoha Company is the only one that has been getting an increase in sales and profiting, the whole town is growing at an unbelievable pace.

Every time I visit, the town changes -no exaggeration. The current Tsige is overflowing in liveliness.

Also…she said: ‘it is a job worth doing everyday’ huh.

From what I see in her expression, those are not words said sarcastically or with malice.

This makes me more happy than being told that they are busy.

“…Is it enough to just increase the amount of craftsmen? Is the work inside the store okay with your current numbers?” (Makoto)

“In the days where there’s a lot more customers than normal, we are also helping out in the store, so there’s not that much need to increase the personnel for now, but…could it be…”

“Yeah, I will think about it.” (Makoto)

“Thank you very much!”

At the store in Rotsgard, there’s customers frequenting it, but I have been leaving Tsige to the others.

I have to reflect on that.

“I want to see how much I should be increasing it though. I also want to hear about the present condition and do some catching up, so…can you have someone gather the report documents and have that person come to my place after dinner?” (Makoto)


I have consulted with Shiki and used Rotsgard’s daily reports as a reference, so it is probably best if I don’t decide on the details at this moment.

Thinking about how I have to participate in the meetings that Rembrandt-san organizes, I think it is a good time to increase the sales by one step higher.

Even though we are not a restaurant, we are receiving ordinary people and adventurers night and day which is actually rare for a store.

Kuzunoha Company has been able to advance this far while maintaining that kind of position until now.

Even if we have the advantage of receiving customers that come to the Rembrandt company, this is still pretty impressive.

“Now then, please continue working hard. I just dropped in for a bit, so I will be returning now. I am counting on you regarding the report.” (Makoto)

“Have a good day!”

From what I saw in my short glimpse, there was no despising atmosphere inside the store just because the clerks were demi-humans.

But Rembrandt-san has advised me that it is already time for me to think about employing hyumans.

I thought about doing that in case any distress occurred, but if we were to employ hyumans in Tsige…

If it is simply for some sort of countermeasure, I can have Rembrandt-san transfer someone from his place.

If it is fine as long as it is a hyuman, I can just have that person stand like a scarecrow without doing anything. Honestly speaking, that would be ideal.

There’s no need for the hyuman to be capable, and there’s no need for that person to become capable either.

If we go by the usual policy, we can have people from Asora trained to a reasonable level and station them in the stores, so I don’t think there’s the need of hiring hyumans from zero and raise them.

There’s nothing similar to an employment agency in this world, so it makes it difficult in that part.

The temporary employment of students that we are doing in Rotsgard -in other words, part-time job- seems to be viewed as something pretty strange.

Their side is currently in the middle of reconstruction, and they are quite tolerant in those kind of things, so it is great that there wasn’t as much opposition as I thought.

Because I used a part of the students that I actually know and am teaching, introducing them to the part-time job went smoothly.

As I thought. When I think of one thing, my thoughts begin to disperse here and there, and it steadily becomes more complicated in my head.

I have been told to think about it in a more simple manner, and this is a bad habit of mine.

For now, I have to sort out the information that I was given, so let’s return to Asora.


Finishing dinner, the four followers of mine had gathered in my room.

“Milliono Company and Eleor Company huh. It is certainly true that they are both companies that have been gaining momentum in Tsige. Both of them were part of the backbone of Tsige since before Kuzunoha Company was created, and I do remember them growing abruptly along with Tsige.” (Shiki)

“Hmph, I see. It was my first time meeting them, but as expected, they are incredible people huh. Both representatives were pretty amicable, so they gave a good impression. Milliono company is a wholesale store of raw materials in the wasteland, and Eleor company specializes in selling land and buildings. It is great that they are not competing in the same trade as us. I feel like we can have a genuine friendly relationship.” (Makoto)

In terms of raw materials, Tomoe and Mio are not unrelated.

And in truth, the representative-san of Milliono company had given his thanks to Tomoe, Mio, and I, regarding the circulation of raw materials in the wasteland.

But Milliono company buys from the places that buy raw materials, so there’s probably no direct connection with us.

My impression was that he is a person with integrity.

Regarding Eleor company, if I remember correctly, the lands for stores are provided with the referral of the Merchant Guild.

As expected of Shiki.

He knows about both companies.

“Hm…Eleor company. If I remember correctly…” (Tomoe)

Tomoe seems to be searching in her memories.

Ah, now that I think about it, I had Tomoe herself buy the land.

“Is it a company you know?” (Makoto)

“…Ah, yes. The landowner I bought the land from before and was being intimate with someone, was most likely from a company with that name.” (Tomoe)

“The landowner being intimate with someone, you say. That has nothing to do with us.” (Makoto)

“…Right. Well, even if they have land, no real problem has occurred, and there has been no time where we have had to aid them in anything.” (Tomoe)

“Is that all?” (Makoto)

I feel like there’s more to it, so I try asking.

“Probably. Right now I can only remember this much.” (Tomoe)

But the answer was a vague denial.

“I was advised to buy a land from Eleor company. The land that we possess is adjacent to the land I was recommended. He said that: ‘Since your company is doing so well, you will be making a store in a near future, so check the place out as reference’.” (Makoto)

He is truly good in his trade.

It is true that renting a room from Rembrandt-san all the time will just cause him trouble, and I already have land for that purpose anyways.

If the land was in a distanced place from ours, I would have refused immediately, but if it is adjacent to the land we already own, we would be able to increase the scale of our store.

Maybe he thought I didn’t make a store yet because I probably would be buying the land in the surroundings as well?

It is hard to believe that he coincidentally had a free plot of land right beside ours.

In the past, there was a store in that place, and since the time the owner was gone, the land there has been empty, which is strange.

I feel like he is aiming at my wallet.

I give Tomoe the information of the plot of land I received from the representative.

Buying land in Tsige is expensive.

I understand if it were simply expensive, but I don’t have a standard to know just how expensive it is considered.

I just know of it vaguely.

I only know about concepts like: the spots close to the stations are expensive, and in the rural areas, it is cheap. That kind of perception.

That’s why I have Tomoe and Shiki check it out first and hear their opinions before deciding.

Because, leaving aside if a percent of what has transcurred today will be actually implemented, Eleor company is thinking about expanding the outer walls of the town; in other words, he is thinking about increasing the land of Tsige.

And that’s why he needs the necessary amount of money to buy the land that will be increasing.

Maybe he was actually the one who provided for the cost of this movement -or so to say, bribe- and also took part in the cost for the construction work of the outer wall.

In that case, there’s plenty chance that the land I am being presented with, is priced incredible high.

“This is…” (Shiki)

“Fumu.” (Tomoe)

The two that had checked the paper, widened their eyes for a moment.


In that case…it is pretty expensive, or on the contrary, pretty cheap?

“Compared to Rotsgard and thinking about the area, I feel like the price is strangely high but, what do you two think?” (Makoto)

I know the price of one town cannot be compared with another.

But with that same price, I would be able to buy a plot of land in Rotsgard ten times the size.

It seems like Tsige has a higher price in land compared to other towns, but honestly, I wonder if the difference is really this high.

Even though the land I possess has practically the same size, it is five times more expensive than the time when we bought it.

I suspect I am being robbed here.

No matter if the first impressions were good, there’s no way I would be able to trust everything the merchants say.

“This is abnormal.” (Shiki)

“Umu. Looking at this, the other party isn’t even doing a trade anymore.” (Tomoe)


Tomoe and Shiki returned an unexpected response.

“You mean, the price is cheap?” (Makoto)

“Yeah. To the point that it is hard to believe that this estimation was provided by the Eleor company to us.” (Tomoe)

“Tsige is a town that is growing at a fast pace. It may depend on the time when Eleor company bought the land, but with this price, their side isn’t gaining any profit from it. A plot of land requires managing and tax expenses as well after all.” (Shiki)

“Well then…it is true that I thought it is time to have a store, so we should consider it a benefit for us?” (Makoto)

Should we buy it?

I did use a bit of money for matters regarding Kaleneon, but currently, we have more than enough.

“…But this is… Tomoe-dono.” (Shiki)

“Hmm. It is true that this is slightly strange-ja na. Waka, let’s not decide immediately and have a business discussion with the other party first. As soon as possible, in a day when Shiki or I are available. There’s something I want to confirm.” (Tomoe)

“…Understood.” (Makoto)

“Waka-sama, I have seen the place called Milliono company a good numbers of times in the requests of the Adventurer Guild. Obtaining rare raw materials, requests regarding the gathering of a fixed amount of raw materials; those kind of requests. This is a guess from the amount of requests and their rewards, but it seemed like they were quite the influential company.” (Mio)

“If Mio remembers them, they most likely have placed quite a good amount of requests. The representative did send his thanks to Tomoe and Mio. He said that it was thanks to you two that the circulation of raw materials in the wasteland had increased.” (Makoto)

Eleor company’s representative and the Millionor company’s representative are both good with their words.

They go for the praises.

It is certainly true that Tomoe and Mio have contributed with the raw materials in the wasteland, but the ones that are actually bringing the materials back are people like Toa and the others.

And yet, he said that it was thanks to those two.

Praising is free huh.

“I haven’t been looking after the adventurers lately, but…if Tamaki is going to be giving her undivided attention to Asora, we will gain some spare time as well so, would you want me to show my face there again?” (Mio)

Mio doesn’t look like she is kidding.

It seems like the praise actually worked.

“Spare time will be something we won’t have for a while though. We can’t just have her suddenly taking care of everything regarding Asora after all.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe also seems to be thinking positively about taking care of the adventurers.

You too?

Well, I was also happy hearing Tomoe and Mio being praised.

The shrine maiden that has recently become my follower, Tamaki. If she were to learn her job fast, the one who will be having it easier would be Shiki, but it would also reduce a part of the burden in Tomoe and Mio, so the two will probably be looking after the adventurers in Tsige.

“In order for you two to have that spare time, I will do my best.” (Tamaki)

And Tamaki responded to our gazes with a smile.

“Right. It seems like there’s no problems with the gates that connect the Shinto shrine with the town but, how many people will you need to manage the place from now on? That place is pretty big, and there’s no people who know about Shinto shrines so…” (Makoto)

“Being able to come and go from this town to the Shinto shrine is the very definition of comfortable. We plan on beginning the discussion about the construction work with the people living in the town at the sea. Regarding the people that will be helping in the work at the Shinto shrine…” (Tamaki)

The report of Tamaki had begun.

I nod as I listen.

To begin with, even if there’s no Gods in this space, the Shinto shrine is a place that reveres Gods, so instead of workers, she wants capable people that will formally serve as Shinto priests.

I can understand.

I accept this.

Next, regarding the knowledge of Shinto shrines, it seems like she wants to use a part of the books with my memories that Tomoe has put together.

Well, this is also acceptable.

When she was guided to the book storage, she was pretty surprised. Tamaki, who has a hard to read expression, had a rare easy to read face, one that I could clearly see her interest as she spoke with Tomoe.

To obtain knowledge of my world, books are the fastest method, and just in case, Tomoe and I will be confirming the contents of the books first, so there shouldn’t be any problems occurring.

Recently in Asora, there have been people that wanted to be cooks, and lately, specialized jobs that didn’t exist before in the variety of races had begun appearing in Asora.

It is kind of heartwarming.

“Thanks to Makoto-sama holding the cherry blossom viewing party, the impression they have is quite good, and a religion isn’t something to be forced on someone anyways.” (Tamaki)

It seems like there was no negative feelings regarding the sudden appearance of temples.

I don’t really plan on educating them in it.

It is great that no problems occurred.

Beginning with Shiki, she will also be relieving the work of Tomoe and Mio. We will watch the ability of Tamaki, but it seems like she plans on learning at once.

Learning how to do your job as fast as possible is great.

Of course, we will watch and see how much work she can do at the same time.

If we pile too much on her, it is natural that it would end in failure.

I have experienced it many times already.

“That’s what I have to say. Also, after I grow able to properly do my job, I can help with the company by assisting in the work of Shiki-san—” (Tamaki)

“There’s no need for that. Shiki is doing plenty good after all. Tamaki will be centered in the matters of Asora. I want you to exchange opinions between the many races no matter if land or sea.” (Makoto)

Currently, in terms of my followers, I have Tomoe and Shiki checking the first town; for the town that’s being made at the seashore, I have mainly Mio and Shiki.

I will have Tamaki look after both of them and reduce the weight of Shiki.

“Understood. I got ahead of myself there. Sorry.” (Tamaki)

“No, I am happy to receive your opinion. Please continue voicing it out. And so, about the matter I told you before…Shiki. I am thinking about increasing the daily inventory of Tsige’s store. Looking at the liveliness of the current Tsige, I don’t think the quantity itself is the problem, but…how much do you think is best?” (Makoto)

Shifting my gaze from Tamaki to Shiki, I change the topic.

But then, before Shiki could speak, someone knocked the door.

“Pardon the intrusion.”

Admitting the entrance of the person, a young Eldwa that was visibly nervous entered the room as he speaks with a trembling voice.

…He is walking by moving both his left arm and left leg at the same time and vice versa.

I haven’t seen this kind of walking since my time in the primary school’s parade practice.

This might be the first time I see someone do this out of nervousness.

“Thanks for the hard work. I have a few things I want to ask you. Please stay here for a bit.” (Tomoe)


Tomoe received the report documents and speaks to him.

I have already told everyone that one of the employees in the Tsige store would be coming here, so there’s no problem.

“…Don’t get so worked up. If you want to, how about moistening your throat with some Sake? It will make it easier to speak.” (Tomoe)

“I am fine!!”

But the Eldwa doesn’t seem to be fine at all.

When I checked on Tomoe and the others, I could see that everyone was thinking the same.

Was it a bad idea to tell them to bring an employee?

Did they push the job around and turned it into some sort of punishment game to decide who would come?

It seems like Beren-san shows up pretty often in the store, so maybe it would have been better if I had him nominate someone to do it.

However…is this really something to be so nervous about?

It seems like Tomoe felt doubts about being able to hear anything from him at this rate, so she chose one of the drinks that have a bit of alcohol in it.

A brilliant emerald green liquid was poured by Tomoe, and the Eldwa received it with both of his trembling arms, and drank it all at once.

By the standards of dwarfs, it is weak alcohol that has a scent at most, so even if he drinks it all at once, he won’t drop down. It wasn’t enough to calm him completely, but he was still able to relax a bit, or at least it looks that way.

“Now then…I will be e-e-e-explaining the contents of the d-d-d-documents.”

No good.

Doesn’t seem like it will work.

“No, wait. The documents are truly well made. We will be the ones asking, so you can just answer.” (Tomoe)

…Tomoe sends a lifesaver.

Oh, I can learn from that.

“It is true that it is well made. This was probably written by the Gorgon Yumemi. She does her office work well after all.” (Shiki)

“Just as you say, Shiki-sama!”


Yeah, there was indeed one in the office.


I was able to remember her in detail now that I heard her name.

She is the third girl that went to Tsige.

She seemed to be more lively now, but…she does resemble the Gorgon in my memories.

Women can change in any way by changing their make-up, clothes, and bearing.

I check the report documents that were passed to me.

By the way, I was the last one checking it.

Heh~, these documents are written in beautiful handwriting and is easy to read.

I can understand why they praise it.

There’s a lot of number comparisons, so I can understand the current situation and see the motive of this time’s request.

…This…I should save it as a role model.

“Then, regarding the current clientele of the Kuzunoha Company…” (Tomoe)

Tomoe begins the questioning, and at times, Shiki also asks. The Eldwa answers them.

By the time 15 minutes passed…

The Eldwa that had finished his task, showed fatigue he couldn’t hide, and left the room.

He looked as if his very soul was exhausted.

After that, we settled on the specific numbers, and decided that the store would be going with those numbers the day after tomorrow.

With this, we can finally enter the main issue.

“Yeah, with this, I think the store in Tsige will progress. Fuh…well then, regarding the Aion kingdom’s revolution and the move of Tsige…” (Makoto)

“If Rembrandt says it will occur, there’s no doubt that a revolution will occur in Aion.” (Tomoe)

“I agree.” (Shiki)

“I think so as well.” (Mio)


Aside from Tamaki, everyone else agreed with Tomoe.

Tamaki doesn’t understand the situation and the circumstances, so it is natural that she would maintain silence.

“Then, what do you think of Tsige’s independence? As long as we have Kuzunoha company there, there’s no way we can stay unrelated after all.” (Makoto)

“As long as that man, Rembrandt, is the one trying to do it, it will be stormy, but I think things will just go its course.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe seems to be thinking the same as I.

Honestly, since Rembrandt-san is the one doing it, I think there’s a pretty good chance of success.

“Until now, instead of being the Tsige of Aion kingdom, it was more like Tsige was the entrance of the wasteland anyways. If Aion is not of any help to the town, I think it is not strange at all that they are thinking about independence.” (Mio)

Mio pointed out Tsige’s impression as a town.

But I think that’s how it is recognized as.

Tsige may not be considered a base, but it is a town that is filled with the spirit of a frontier.

Since the time I arrived at Tsige, the connection the residents had with the Aion kingdom was already faint.

“If they can maintain their self-defense, there’s only merits in independence. But…” (Shiki)

“What?” (Makoto)

“Regarding the self-defense of that town, as expected, the protection provided by being related to one of the major powers plays a big role. Even so, whether it is Rotsgard or Tsige, the towns that Waka-sama places a store in really become lively.” (Shiki)

T-That’s just a coincidence.

“…I think the revolution will be a good timing for independence. But Tsige is a town that produces fear. Aion Kingdom and Lorel Union; I don’t think these two major powers, would tolerate the self-government of a small sized nation in their vicinities.” (Tamaki)

Tamaki speaks about the difficulty of independence based on the situation in their location and the economy.

In the first place, Aion kingdom wouldn’t let go of the benefits so easily.

“It seems like the groundwork for that is already being done by Rembrandt-san and the influential people in the surroundings though.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, since the merchant called Rembrandt has skills that even Tomoe-san recognizes, he probably won’t slip up in those points. That’s why I think independence is possible, but when I think about how they could maintain it, there’s not much good scenarios. The hyumans are in the middle of fighting the demon race, and having an inside fight at such a time is evidently not something good. Who knows if Limia kingdom and Gritonia empire will silently watch this.” (Tamaki)

“Yeah.” (Makoto)

It is true that the demon race might utilize the confusion that the revolution in Aion and the declaration of independence of Tsige will cause.

If their opponent will show an opening on their own in the middle of a war, not doing anything would be a loss.

In that case, Tsige will be showered with criticism from every nation.

How would that work?

I feel like that would become quite the demerit.

“In the first place, even if it’s in secret, why is the Lorel Union assisting in the independence of Tsige? I don’t understand their reason for it. If things go wrong, wouldn’t it just end in changing affiliations from Aion kingdom to Lorel Union?” (Tamaki)

“The reason Sairitz-san spoke of was that Tsige had helped them out quite a lot recently.” (Makoto)

In the past, there was an incident with a purple cloud that was thought came from the wasteland, and it created heavy damage to Lorel.

This was solved with the contact of Lime and I also helped in it, or more like, I was the one who dealt with the cloud though. In public, it is known as the result of Hibiki-senpai’s help, somehow managing to stop it.

At that time, the Lorel Union had requested the help of Aion which in turn ended with the assistance of Tsige. Rembrandt-san was the one who directly worked in the countermeasures, and helped out a lot, or so she said.

That’s why this is their way of saying thanks.

Now that I think about it, I feel like the cooperation of Lorel in this holds more risks than benefits.

Anyways, Tamaki considered the case that Lorel was aiming for Tsige.

That’s possible, but…

“Even if it’s the order of the Lorel empress, I think it is an incredibly strange reason for a major power to act.” (Tamaki)

“Tamaki, even though you haven’t gone to the outside once, you speak as if you know the ways of the world very well-ja na.” (Tomoe)

“I have not received permission to go outside, but to compensate, I have properly read the records until now. Of course, I haven’t stepped into the specifics of this world, so if there’s any part I am wrong about, I would be happy if you point them out.” (Tamaki)

“Hoh~, you are passionate in your studies-ja no.” (Tomoe)

“I want to be of help for Makoto-sama even if for a day faster.” (Tamaki)

…Strange sparks are flying again.

The two of them have a dangerous smile and that’s a bit scary.

But just by checking the report documents and records, she is able to speak this much. That’s impressive.

Right. Tamaki is speaking without knowing about Tsige, Aion, Lorel, and Rotsgard.

Keeping that in mind, I have to point out the parts where she has strange misunderstandings.

“Okay okay. Tomoe and Tamaki, stop that. The detailed plan of the independence has not been disclosed in that meeting. I will try asking a few things and see. At the times when I want you guys to come with me, it would be great if you make enough spare time beforehand.” (Makoto)

Counting the matter of how we are going to cooperate in this, this is a period where I still have to grasp more information.


Self-defense huh.

The present condition is that Aion is not providing any sort of fighting force for Tsige’s defenses.

That’s why I wasn’t that worried about this part.

I thought it wouldn’t change that much from the present condition so it should be okay.

But the name ‘Aion kingdom’ creates an intangible defense for Tsige that I didn’t take much into account.

A prosperous town in a major power, compared to a prosperous town that is being self-governed.

If an outside force wanted to meddle, the latter one would be the easier target.

Tsige provides raw materials that are indispensable for the outside, and it possesses the most in depth information of the wasteland, but that doesn’t serve as a deterrent.

Rather, it would be more natural for other influential forces to think about obtaining those benefits.

Instead of cooperating or allying, if possible, there’s no doubt that taking them in would be the option that brings the most benefit.

“Please ask us whenever you want.” (Tomoe)

The other three nod at the words of Tomoe.


I felt like straight words of gratitude were coming out of me, but because it felt embarrassing, I simply whispered in my mind.

The thoughts of Rembrandt-san, and the plans of Sairitz-san.

I wonder just how much those two are wishing for in this matter.

Thinking about those kind of things might serve as a lesson too.

The declaration of independence from Tsige. I am interested in how the Aion kingdom will deal with it.

Also, the act of a town trying to gain independence from a major power; this is without doubt a dispute between hyumans.

The Goddess probably won’t have her turn in this matter, and even if she wanted to, thinking about her situation, I doubt she can do anything.

We won’t need to worry about Bug.

I have gone around the world a lot lately, but it will probably be on hold for a while.

Right, settle down and…


Even if I settle down from these matters about independence and revolution…I still have my work as a teacher in Rotsgard and I can’t just leave the store at that place either, and I also have to go to Kaleneon every now and then.

That means…I will be jumping around as always.

“At any rate, Waka, in the end, we weren’t able to visit Lorel Union. So *conquering* the four major powers will have to be postponed until the next pleasure trip huh. That’s a pity. But when the time comes, please let me accompany you.” (Tomoe) <Not sure what she meant with ‘conquering’. Probably meant the achievement of visiting all the four major powers?>

“Wait! Wait Tomoe-san, what are you saying all of a sudden?! That’s called skipping the line, you know?! Leaving aside the newcomer that’s banned from going outside and the favoured Shiki, we should properly talk about this and let me go!” (Mio)

…I don’t think I’m favoring him though.

Also, banned from going outside, she says. As if Tamaki were a kid.

Mio is throwing poison at me without any intentions.

“I don’t mind talking about it, but the one who will be going is me-ja. I heard that Lorel is a place where the culture of Waka has been inherited and taken form. It is obvious that Waka and I should be the ones going around that kind of place!” (Tomoe)


Saying that they should have a talk, but then saying that ‘I will be the one going’. Isn’t that strange?

There’s no conversation in that.

However, Tomoe is not backing off either.

I didn’t know that she had such attachment to Lorel.

Well, it is certainly true that I have gone around a number of large countries, so I won’t say I didn’t feel like I was in a trip.

But calling it a pleasure trip, that hurts you know.

I was relatively serious in those visits, and I was also nervous!

“Okay then. Let’s have a through TALK!” (Mio)

“That’s what I wanted!” (Tomoe)

Just do whatever you want.

When these two talk, the chances that sparks fly to my direction are high, but I just don’t have the energy to stop them.

Shiki and Tamaki don’t seem to have any intentions of joining it either and are just watching.

Even if the number of followers increase, even if the chances of Tsige gaining independence increases, Asora is still the same as always.

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