Chapter 224: A dangerous custom

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No, this isn’t an april fool’s joke!


“Thanks.” (Makoto)

“I appreciate the long journey you made to come here. I…have longed for this day to come since long ago.”

Being invited inside the shrine, we were led to a place that seems to be the guest room, and the white skinned shrine maiden-san poured tea for us.

Now that I think about it, there’s not much opportunities to enter a shrine.

Moreover, it is not to the place where we give prayers, but in a space where the shrine maiden-san is living in.

In modern days, the people in that line of work normally lived in other places, and most of them had to go back and forth between their home and the shrine.

I have obtained an experience I didn’t expect I would get.

“I want to confirm this first but, did someone tell you to serve me?” (Makoto)

“Shiva -Daikuten-sama. This Shinto shrine, the Buddhist temple inside this grounds, and the temple; all of those three are joint presents from Daikokuten-sama, Susanoo-sama, and Athena-sama respectively.”

The shrine maiden-san speaks out the same names of the Gods of my previous world.

Only a restricted few know of my contact with those personages.

Then there’s low chances that this is a trap huh.

…How to say it, the vigilance that Tomoe, Mio and Shiki are showing towards the shrine maiden-san is quite the thing, so even I end up getting nervous and cautious.

There has been no instance where the Goddess has made contact with Asora, and she has been surprisingly docile lately.

This may be what they call: ‘the calm before the storm’, so I can’t be relieved though. Trying to set me up by using the names of the Gods that were one of the reasons she has turned docile would be too big of a risk for her.

That thing is not an impressive God that would be able to intervene in Asora without us being able to notice.

I exchange glances with Tomoe and the others and tell them with my eyes to calm down the slight hostility they are showing.

However, Tomoe looks like she is actually interested in the shrine maiden-san and wants to ask her a lot of things though, and yet, she is showing hostility as well.

I currently don’t see this person as someone that dangerous.

It is certainly true that I am feeling something by being face to face with her, but even I myself don’t know what that ‘something’ is.

I had a truly small lingering discomfort inside my heart.

That’s how I felt.

I don’t feel danger from her, and I don’t see her as a threat either, so being stubborn because of a vague feeling based on my instincts would just be wrong.

“Athena-sama, is it. So that’s why there’s also a white Parthenon-looking temple as well.” (Makoto)

The shrine maiden-san made a slight sad expression.

“Goshujin-sama, please stop with the formal speech. I am a servant of yours. Please, treat me…like those three personages there.”

“Hah…” (Makoto)

Even if you tell me that…treating you the same way as Tomoe and the others that have been living with me for a considerable amount of time would be a hard request for me.

Because of that, I ended up giving a vague response.

I am still not used to this sudden master and servant relationship.

I did have a similar experience with Sari, but I think I won’t be treating her in the same way as Tomoe and the others in my lifetime.

If I had bought slaves in moderation and had gotten used to their treatment, would it have been any different?

…Those things are not in my nature though.

“That’s quite the demand even though you suddenly popped up-desu wa ne.” (Mio)

“Exactly-ja. In the first place, to treat you in the same way as us when you haven’t even introduced yourself, isn’t that way too lacking in manners?” (Tomoe)


Slightly after my vague response, Tomoe and Mio gave complains to the shrine maiden-san.

Shiki didn’t really say anything.

But he doesn’t seem to be in a good mood.

It is different from exhaustion, he is giving off a dangerous atmosphere.

“Asking for equal treatment? I wouldn’t dare. Tomoe-san, I simply want to be added to the lowest seat of your group, that’s all. Regarding my name…I was about to talk about that. There’s some slight circumstances you see.”


Why does this shrine maiden-san know the name of Tomoe?

Leaving aside my name, did I even tell the Gods about the name of Tomoe?

“…This doesn’t feel that good. I don’t remember telling you my name.” (Tomoe)

“I have been informed of the minimum required information beforehand. Also, I apologize for my discourtesy. Sorry for that.”


“Ah then, can you please tell me the circumstances of your name?” (Makoto)

It would be troublesome if this becomes too stormy.

I somehow cut into it and asked for an explanation from the shrine maiden-san.

That Tomoe, she was angered by the fact that the shrine maiden-san didn’t introduce herself?

“It seems like Goshujin-sama is knowledgeable about Shinto shrines, so you probably already know. There’s a few sides to being a shrine maiden.”

She send me a meaningful gaze.

Well, I do have a bit of knowledge.

“The shrine maidens of modern times do things like Shinto ritual service and priesthood assistance, but if we go back a little, there were a lot of shrine maidens that did things like: divinations, prayers, and spiritualism.” (Makoto)

“In my case, I am an existence that is higher than the latter, but I currently also do the former ones as well.”

“Is it like the *Itako* and the *Azusa shrine maidens* that are not that many compared to the past?” (Makoto)

“That’s how it is. Goshujin-sama doesn’t seem to be in need of any of those, so I will leave the complementary explanation for a later time, and will prioritize the main issue. I had several names in the past. But they were all directed at me by the being I was related with.”


Is she saying that she has been a spirit medium since forever?

Does that mean she is specialized in spiritualism?

“I am a shrine maiden that serves the Gods, and am also one of them. That’s why I have abandoned those names, and since I have gotten a new master, I don’t have a name to give. If I had to put an example, it would be like a relationship between the sun and moon, the puppet of the God I am employed with.”

“…I don’t really understand it well.” (Makoto)

It was my honest impression.

It seems like she is trying to say that she is an existence that changes names frequently and her existence resets every time she does it, but…

Can that be called living?

“It isn’t something that Goshujin-sama who has been living a mortal life would be able to understand immediately. Think of me as a tool that has a life, please.”

The shrine maiden calls herself a tool with a smile on her face.

That appearance of hers looked somewhat like Sari…or not.

Sari did that by her own volition.

But this shrine maiden-san gives me the impression that she is here because she was told to.

“So you are literally a gift huh.” (Makoto)

They send a person as a gift.

As expected of Gods, they are incredible in a lot of meanings.

No, if I think of her as a manager of these buildings, it is probably more normal than a sea huh.

Because no matter what kind of celebrity they are, someone wouldn’t normally be able to create a sea.

“Yes, that’s why Makoto-sama who will be my master from now on, and the followers that are already serving under Goshujin-sama: Tomoe-sama, Mio-sama, and…”

The shrine maiden-san shifts her gaze towards Shiki.

As if matching the movements of her eyes, Shiki, who was slightly further at my back, fell.

For a second, I thought that the shrine maiden-san did something, but once I looked at the posture of Shiki, I could tell the reason.

He has fallen to the side while still in his seiza position.

There’s no need to force yourself into doing seiza you know.

Tomoe and Mio are also doing seiza.

When I entered the room, I sat down in seiza by nature, and seeing that, it seems like the three of them did the same.

From the glimpse I caught, I could tell that the other two are still okay.

“I-I am sorry.” (Shiki)

“Don’t go showing openings.” (Mio)


Along with those words, Mio brings out her folding fan from her bosom and hit the back of Shiki’s legs.


That’s harsh.


Without saying any comprehensible words, Shiki gives a reaction that was akin to fainting in agony.

His hands were wriggling in pain.

I can understand that feeling.

But opening, she says.

It is not enemy territory.

“Fufu, I don’t mind you taking a posture that’s more comfortable for you.”

“Sorry, thank you.” (Makoto)

I apologize and thank her in place of the agonizing Shiki.

“There’s no need to say that. It seems like the conversation has dragged on. I am the one that should be apologizing. Please just have in mind that I have already heard a considerable amount of things about all of you beforehand.”

After she finished saying that, she takes a sip of her tea.

The shrine maiden-san doesn’t change that gentle smile.

There’s no awkwardness in it, she is skilfull.

Ah, so that’s what it was.

She resembles people like: Rembrandt-san, Sairitz-san, and Zef.

People that are difficult to read their true feelings.

Rembrandt-san gets incredibly friendly when it concerns his family, so he doesn’t fall completely in that category.

The type that even when laughing, you can’t feel relieved, and even if they are angry, you can’t tell if they are serious.

There’s currently a lot of people like that in my surroundings, but that doesn’t mean I am good at handling them.

Honestly speaking, leaving aside a distanced relationship, if I get involved with them directly, I get tired.

…Gods tend to like things like trials, so is this a personnel selection by those three after seeing through that weak side of me?

I am beginning to feel this is an incredible harassment.

With that alignment, I feel like this person is an incredibly capable person.

“I understand that you know about us. But I feel like the problem of not having a name has not been resolved yet.” (Makoto)

“I have heard that Goshujin-sama gives a name to the people that you have formed a ruling pact with. It would be a blessing if I were to receive a name from you after the pact. If there’s no other shrine maiden, I don’t mind if you call me shrine maiden though.”

It is true that there’s no shrine maidens in Asora aside from her.

But to have her go with no name would be cruel.

I have to think of a name again.

Well, she was a referral from the Gods, so I don’t mind making a pact with this person.

In the first place, there’s no demerits for me in doing a ruling pact.

That’s only if the pact is possible, that is.

The only thing I am bothered about is that she seems to give the air of being secretive, but with a pact made, that won’t be much of a problem.


“Is it possible to do a pact with me now?” (Makoto)

“There’s probably no problem. If Goshujin-sama holds his power back a bit and makes a pact with me, I think I will be able to somehow manage.”

It is like in the time with Shiki huh.

After that, Shiki got a pretty special ability he called the 13th steps.

That’s probably…not a demerit.

“Then I will have to return to my home and prepare for it. Or is it necessary for the pact to be here? Do you have any sort of circumstances?” (Makoto)

The distribution of work is currently heavily leaned towards Shiki.

I think she at least can do work better than me, so I don’t think it is bad to have more followers.

It is fine to accept—

“Wait.” (Tomoe)

“…Tomoe? What?” (Makoto)

“Even if it’s the gift of those Gods from a different world, I think it is a problem to accept this woman so fast.” (Tomoe)

It is a gift from the Gods in Tsukuyomi-sama’s side, so there shouldn’t be any problems.

It would be one thing if she were a gift of the hyumans or the Goddess, but it is from the Gods of that side, you know?

I don’t think there’s the need to get your breathing rough.

“But Tomoe, isn’t that fine? She doesn’t seem to have infiltrated from the outside, and we already know that she suddenly appeared in Asora. There’s no chance it is a trap from the hyumans or the Goddess.” (Makoto)

The only ones that have been able to invade Asora without my or Tomoe’s permission are this shrine maiden, and the Gods that gave us this imposing Shinto shrine and the many other things.

“From what I hear, this shrine maiden has been serving the Gods until now. Is that right?” (Tomoe)

“Yes. I have been serving Tsukuyomi-sama until the modern times, and have been doing routine tasks.”

Tomoe directs her questions at the shrine maiden-san, and she responded with her unchanging smile.

She doesn’t seem to be agitated.

“How are you going to proof that?” (Tomoe)

“Sadly to say, I don’t have the evidence to proof that claim.”

“Then that means we can’t erase the possibility that you were send by someone with a hidden agenda in mind-ja na?” (Tomoe)

“Yes. But if it is something that I can do, I will cooperate in any manner to earn your trust.”

“Then let me read your memories. You say that you want to become a member of ours-ja. You won’t mind, right? Of course, I will protect your secrets and will not reveal them.” (Tomoe)

“Ah right, Tomoe-san has the power of reading memories. But to read the memories of an object like me…are you able to read the memories of a thing like that?”

An object huh.

Why is it I am feeling slightly pissed by that?

It is close to what I felt with Sari.

“I don’t really find it pleasant to have Waka-sama get a follower that calls herself an object though.” (Mio)

Mio also gave an objection towards having the shrine maiden-san as a follower.

If it is the instinct of Mio, there’s a pretty high chance that it is dangerous.

No no.

If it’s those Gods, there’s no way.

“I am simply telling you to show that you don’t have any evil intent or are a threat first, you know? I am telling you to expose all the memories you are hiding there.” (Tomoe)

“That’s a problem. I have not been hiding them to begin with. Excuse me for saying this but, maybe Tomoe-san’s power doesn’t work on objects?”

“Hoh…you are saying that you are not hiding them? That’s what you claim?” (Tomoe)

“And in reality, there’s nothing I need to hide from my senpai and the personage that I will be serving with my life on the line. Mio-san, regarding my behavior, I will fix that as fast as possible as I serve Goshujin-sama, so please, give me a bit of time for that.”



I feel like there’s invisible sparks flying around.

No, there’s no doubt there are sparks.

If Tomoe and Mio are against it, it is fine to just let her manage the Shinto shrine with no pact involved.

It is not like she has told me we must have a ruling pact anyways.

“…I heard that Goshujin-sama is thinking about clashing blades with a God one day. Leaving aside the present time, it depends on the degree of the opponent, but when it comes to an existence in the plane of Gods, I would only be an hindrance with my current power. Forming a ruling pact would be useful for me, and on top of that, I think it is of importance. Goshujin-sama, please.”


It is not like I have forgotten about it, but if I am thinking about fighting the Goddess once, the more the better.

There’s no resident in Asora that can participate directly in the fight with the Goddess.

The most would be Tomoe, Mio and Shiki.

If one more were to join those numbers, it would definitely reduce the burden of Tomoe and the others.

How stupid of me.

There’s still time. That means there’s time for the shrine maiden-san to get along with everyone.

If this will increase the safety of everyone, not only will this strange worry be useless, it would actually become detrimental.

This is just like the shrine maiden-san said.

“It is certainly true that having more fighting power wouldn’t be a problem. If possible, I want to make that Goddess -that Bug- yield without having to lose anyone.” (Makoto)

As if confirming my own wish, I voice it out.

“Oh my, what a sturdy spirit. Fighting a God, and not killing but making it yield, moreover, without a single casualty. Being able to say something like that when possessing the body of a mortal, as expected of the person that the Gods have taken an interest in.”

Hearing another person explain it, I am beginning to feel that what I said is completely crazy.

Well, it doesn’t simply feel crazy, it is actually crazy huh.

Now that I think about it, the world that I was thrown into was weird in the first place, so I didn’t think that my own thoughts were strange.

“Shrine maiden-san, if I were to say that I will be fighting the Goddess, you will obviously follow us, right?” (Makoto)

“Of course. To begin with, as long as I am in a ruling pact, it is impossible to go against Goshujin-sama. I promise that something like that will not happen, but if there’s a time when you are not able to believe in me and you won’t allow me to join the fight, the ruling pact will become an assurance that I won’t turn a traitor.”

To tell the truth, I am currently slightly troubled in how I should be treating her.

But having a ruling pact will eliminate the danger of being stabbed in the back, and in the first place, there’s the possibility this person will move around as she wishes in Asora and create trouble.

As I thought, it would be best to make a pact.

Okay, I have decided!!

“Yeah, I will do a pact with shrine maid—” (Makoto)

“Waka-sama, can I speak as well?” (Shiki)


This time it is Shiki huh.

What to do. I said I have already decided, but if even he were against it, my feelings will waver.

“What is it, Shiki?” (Makoto)

“Since the time we began our conversation in this room, I feel like that shrine maiden-dono there has been directing gazes at me for some reason.” (Shiki)


I involuntarily let out a dumbfounded voice.

“Of course, I am not acquainted with her. Shrine maiden-dono, can I please hear why?” (Shiki)

“Shiki, the continuous teleportation must have gotten you hard-ja na. Sorry, forgive us.” (Tomoe)

“…Hah…” (Mio)

Tomoe and Mio were looking at Shiki with strange eyes.

That’s what I thought when Tomoe suddenly spoke out rare words of worry towards Shiki, and Mio placed a hand on her forehead and sighed.

I actually wanted to say something as well, you know?

But Shiki is pretty popular in Asora, at the Academy, and in the villages as well.

It is not like he is being overly self-conscious.

I didn’t notice it, but maybe the shrine maiden-san has actually been sending gazes to Shiki.

“I tried not to make it conspicuous though. To think that you actually noticed, I have shown a shameful sight.”


“What a woman of bad taste-ja na. To think that this is what you like.” (Tomoe)

“Tomoe-san, likes differ between people-desu wa. There will obviously be women that like even a pitiful person like Shiki.” (Mio)

“Intellectual types attract me. And it seems like he has cute sides like having his legs go numb. He is truly likeable. Ah of course, I feel the same amount of cuteness from Goshujin-sama.”


“I retract my statement. I can’t just overlook this as having bad taste in food.” (Mio)

What’s with this?

I wanted to retort by telling Mio that she is the last person that should be saying that.

In the first place, her first statement was supposed to be a supportive one towards the shrine maiden-san.

I remember that there have been a lot of people that have mistaken the name of Shiki with mine in the academy.

By a lot of people too.

“…Being told that, I can’t pursue the topic much. I don’t know your taste in men after all. Just that…I don’t feel like having a close relationship with a woman like you.” (Shiki)

Shiki firmly rejects her.


If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to know if she is a woman I don’t want to be close with in such a short amount of time.

“That’s a pity. Then I at least hope we will be able to have a good relationship as colleagues and as friends.”

This one is impressive too.

The two of them are laughing.

Now that I look again, Tomoe and Mio are also smiling coldly.

Shrine maiden-san has a gentle smile, Shiki had a confrontational smile.

I have a bitter smile.

I did the best I could and somehow managed to bring out a bitter smile.

“…Ah, uhm…in my case, I would like more fighting force. As long as we don’t know how strong is the other side, I would like to do the most I can to face her. That’s why I think I want to make a pact with this shrine maiden-san. I am also thinking this with the safety of Asora in mind.” (Makoto)


I was somehow able to put in words in this atmosphere.

The three and the shrine maiden-san were silent.

“…How about it?” (Makoto)

No one was saying their approval or their opposition, so I got slightly uneasy and requested for a reaction.

“Even if you ask us what we think, if Waka has decided it, we will just obey.” (Tomoe)

“Yes, I will obey your decision-desu wa.” (Mio)

“I as well, if it is something that Waka-sama has decided, I have no objections.” (Shiki)

Hoh, that’s great.

“Just that…” (Tomoe)

Uh, it is Tomoe.

She intends to bring out some sort of condition?

“What?” (Makoto)

“If possible, I want Waka to ask questions about Waka’s world…questions that are related to the modern times. I can’t read the memories of this woman at all. Maybe because of this power of mine, I have grown unable to easily believe in people I can’t read. I might be laughed at for being a cowardly follower, but please.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe looks at me with a stiff expression.

Well, if that will let the three have peace of mind, I don’t mind.

If this girl has knowledge of modern Japan, I would be able to trust her more than now.


What should I ask?

“Shrine maiden-san obviously knows about modern Japan, right?” (Makoto)

I will confirm just in case.

“Yes. I seldom move around, but if it’s a bit, I do.”

She truly has an expression I can’t read emotions from.

If I just take it simply as a smile, it would look good willed.

This is also simple, but when a beauty does it in such a natural manner, the effectiveness is also high.

If it were in my time in Japan, I would have definitely been frivolous with no trace of doubts.

“Then it is fine if I question you now, right?” (Makoto)

“If this will reduce your doubts towards me, it is welcoming. Please go ahead.”

“Understood.” (Makoto)

“Since we have the chance, if you are to ask me anything related to Goshujin-sama, I think I will be able to answer most of it. It is impossible for someone like me to hold all the knowledge of one world, but if it is Japan, moreover, related to Goshujin-sama, I have studied.”

Is she leading me?

But…if she has knowledge of my past as well as my surroundings, it is certainly true that the suspicions will decrease a lot.

I don’t think the Goddess would be that knowledgeable after all.

But on the contrary, if it were Tsukuyomi-sama, he seems like the type that would be knowledgeable about those things.

In that case, first…

“Then what’s the day of the sale for the magazine, Dusk, that I buy monthly?” (Makoto)

It is a question that’s closely related to my livelihood.

Probably even Tomoe and the others don’t know this one.

Dusk has a concentration of maestros in period dramas and rising stars. It is probably one of the most thickest and heaviest monthly publications in Japan.

At times, there would be diorama designs and castle designs, and that makes it even bigger.

Even so, the price is low and it is such a sublime service that wouldn’t be strange if they were to suspend publication anytime.

They have been doing something so reckless since the times before I was born, and their rise and fall has not been affected at all. Its other name is the Immortal Magazine.

And yet, the popularity it has with the people is low for some reason.

“Dusk magazine huh. At the 22nd.”

I-Instant answer.

“…Correct.” (Makoto)

“As expected of a huge company that does this magazine as a hobby, it is a magazine that has tremendous stability.”

Actually, she even knows things I don’t.

That’s something a huge company was publishing?

Where’s that splendid company?

“Tomoe, I think this person is fine.” (Makoto)

“Waka, please don’t grin over a single question. Try other random questions as well.” (Tomoe)

She knows Dusk, you know.

The magazine that I love reading and only few in my class knew about.

She even gave an instant answer for the date it comes out for sale, you know?

She is a good person.

At the very least, I am beginning to think she is not a bad person.

After that, I continued the questions without a choice, but the shrine maiden-san answered them all almost instantly.

There’s just no space for doubt, she knows modern Japan.

I tried in areas that have low connection with me just in case, but the result didn’t change.

“Tomoe, there’s no doubt that this person is from my previous world.” (Makoto)

“On the contrary, I don’t like that she has answered practically all of them correctly, but I at least have accepted it now.” (Tomoe)

“Mio, it seems like this shrine maiden-san is good at cooking. Won’t it help you in increasing your menu?” (Makoto)

“I will decide if I will let her inside the kitchen, but I have understood that she does have knowledge about your world-desu wa.” (Mio)

“Shiki, wouldn’t it help you in your research if you had someone with the magic knowledge of Gods?” (Makoto)

“If it’s just purely listening to opinions, I think it will be beneficial. I didn’t find any space for doubts in those clear answers of hers.” (Shiki)

“Thank you very much, everyone. I may be a newcomer, but please, take care of me.”

…Why is it…my stomach is feeling slightly itchy.

“You are jumping the gun a bit there.” (Tomoe)



“To become the follower of Waka, there’s a customary event that has to be done. Of course, I will have you do it as well.” (Tomoe)

Even I don’t know about that custom though?

Yeah, I have no memories of deciding something like that.

And yet, Mio and Shiki seem to have an idea about it, they show joy in their face as they nod at the words of Tomoe.


Why is there an unknown custom in making a pact with me?

A custom is something that is established after repeatedly doing it and becomes a settled thing to do, right?

The only thing that I have definitely done with Tomoe and the others when making a pact, is only that, a pact—ah.

Don’t tell me…

“I didn’t know about that. I will happily do it. What would that custom entail?”

Wait, could it be…

“Don’t worry, it is nothing complicated. We will only have you fight Waka with all you have-ja.” (Tomoe)


So it really was that!!!

“And with the intend to kill.” (Tomoe)

The shrine maiden-san now has her eyes wide opened!!

“Like hell there’s such a dangerous custom!” (Makoto)

“Now now Waka. The result is obvious, but it is a form of welcoming you know? Mio, Shiki and I; all of us have fought with our all against Waka before making a pact.” (Tomoe)

“Well, that’s true but…” (Makoto)

“It is logical that we would want the new follower to show us her power at the very least. Because you can mix falsehood in your words as much as you want after all.” (Tomoe)

It is certainly true that I don’t know the strength and type of power this shrine maiden-san has.

I simply felt like she wouldn’t fall behind Tomoe and the others, so I thought that she was definitely strong.

Also, that she doesn’t have the required amount of strength to accompany me.

Mio and Shiki were nodding over and over again as if it is a matter of course, and were riding on the words of Tomoe.

“But to go with the intend to kill is just…” (Makoto)

“Everyone did that too. Also, if you are to form a pact, you won’t be able to fight seriously against each other. It is something you can only do now.” (Tomoe)

“Hm…” (Makoto)

“What a blunder. To think that I would ask to be a member of your group without even showing my power. It is certainly true that I have done something discourteous. If Goshujin-sama consents, I will happily do it.”

Uh, the shrine maiden-san is quite the fighting type huh.

Not only did she not flinch, she was positive about it.

Tomoe and the others have narrowed their eyes slightly and accepted her words.

Well, if I don’t go with the intend to kill, I don’t think it will turn into anything serious.

In terms of killing intent, I didn’t have any of those with Tomoe and the others either after all.

Well, in the case of Mio, that might be questionable though.

“Then, let’s move to a more spacious place. I wouldn’t want to fight within Shinto shrine grounds after all.” (Makoto)

Even if the shrine maiden-san doesn’t mind, I don’t want to do it.

I press the others to go outside.

“Right.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe doesn’t seem to mind that and consented in leaving.

Leaving aside the shrine maiden-san, Tomoe likes the Shinto shrine itself, so it is probably the obvious response huh.

“Thanks for the consideration, Goshujin-sama. The only ability I can be proud of compared to the others is probably only my speed, but I will do my best. Please do take care of me.”

“Ah, same here.” (Makoto)


That’s the weapon of this shrine maiden-san huh.

I thought she would do things like using yin-yang spells or use a naginata.

No well, speed can coexist with both possibilities.

Actually, isn’t it strange to reveal that herself?

…Hah…I can’t help but feel like I am already falling in the trap of my opponent by thinking about this.

As I thought, there’s no doubt she is the type I have difficulty in dealing with.

I can’t let her stir up my mind and lose.

That would be way too pathetic.

I will fight with my own fighting style.

On top of that, I will make her show the cards she has so that the three have a peace of mind, and I will win.

The things that I have to do, and the things that Tomoe expects me to do; if it’s my current self, I can somewhat grasp what those are.

We temporarily leave the grounds of the Shinto shrine and head to a plain we saw while we were on our way here.

“This is a good place.”

“Will you be able to show your power to your heart’s content?” (Tomoe)


“Waka, are you prepared too?” (Tomoe)

“Anytime you want.” (Makoto)

“Then I will be stepping back.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe bows towards me and heads to where Mio and Shiki are.

That place doesn’t have anything delineating the area, but if it’s those three, they will be able to defend against the attacks that come flying and the waves, so there’s no need to worry.

I just have to concentrate on the white-skinned shrine maiden-san in front of me.

“I am completely prepared. Goshujin-sama, when you have finished your preparations, please let me know.”


At her waist, she has a matching pair of long and short swords, and in her hands, a naginata huh.

Also, she has something hidden in her bosom.

So she is completely prepared.

Being equipped with weapons is quite the human-like way of fighting.


Towards a person that I will be forming a pact with, moreover, someone that I will be fight with the intend to kill even if it’s for argument’s sake; it would be strange for me to always be speaking formally to someone like that huh.

She did ask me to stop the formal speech.

“Anytime you want. Just like I told you before, they did tell you to fight with the intend to kill, so there’s no need for you to be considerate.” (Makoto)


…An extreme bloodlust was suddenly emitted.

This isn’t something that can be immediately aimed at someone that she had been calling Goshujin-sama not that long ago.

That smile and her gaze that had been gentle from beginning to end, for the first time, I felt like emotions had been lit in them.


Even though I hadn’t taken my eyes off the shrine maiden-san, her figure disappeared.

If this is something caused by speed, this is an incredible degree.

Immediately following that, I felt an impact from the Magic Armor that I had expanded narrowly and concentrated.

The grass sparsely growing in the area shook with a slight delay.

There’s unreasonable spells like teleportation, and I have already gotten used to this parallel world, so I won’t get surprised just because she disappeared though.

So this is truly the speed she can bring out without any visible motion?

“Even if it was just in place of a greeting, it is surprising that you are unscathed. As expected. By the way…I am only a shrine maiden with no name yet, but it wouldn’t be suitable to call me No Name or shrine maiden here.”

Her voice was coming from a place I don’t know.

I can’t see her, and her presence is here and there and I am unable to catch it at all.

Like a strong flickering light, she is clearly lowering and increasing her presence and bloodlust in order to confuse me.

I take one deep breath and let it out.

There’s no need to get agitated.

It will be a long fight anyways.

It is fine to just converse.

“And?” (Makoto)

“That’s why, I will be telling you an alias of mine. A name I have been called with a long time ago.”

“That would help a lot. Honestly speaking, I didn’t felt good calling you shrine maiden-san all the time.” (Makoto)

In the middle of the conversation, I could feel attacks being dealt several times.

And there were also impacts from magic.

I couldn’t see either of those.

I honestly think that this is impressive.

I can understand why she is proud of it.

From the front, sides, back; they are not reaching me, but I am one-sidedly receiving attacks.

“Fufu. Touda, there was a time in the past when I was called that way. It was truly a short time though.” (Touda)

“Touda huh. Understood.” (Makoto)

I feel I have heard it before.

Even so, from what I heard in the conversation before, there’s no assurance it will be of help right now.

Instead of trying to remember, it would be better to concentrate on the girl I am fighting with.

She said she had many names, and that she has been associated with many existences; if I were to be bothered by every single thing like that, there would be no end.

That’s fine.

Because in terms of her power…I will make her show it from now on after all.

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