Chapter 197: Like a Phoenix

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“Wa~, how splendid. So that’s the purple cloud that’s been doing no good.”

At a certain place of the wasteland, looking up at the sky, there’s a purple cumulonimbus cloud.

It had a magnificent size and height.

A purple cloud in the blue sky.

What a highlight.

“It has quite the scale. With this, counting the location, a lot of casualties might be brought about.”

The one who accompanied me when I said I wanted to see a purple cloud if there’s one out, was Tomoe.

Quickly investigating the area that it appeared in, she brought me here.

“Place? Around where is this in the wasteland?” (Makoto)

“At a considerably eastern part. The mountain range that can be seen at the front is dividing the lands other than the wasteland.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe points at the mountains rising perpendicularly.

Obviously, I can’t see the other side.

“When you say east, does that mean it doesn’t have anything to do with Tsige? There’s no base here so, where would the casualties come from?” (Makoto)

“Lorel Union. At the other side of this wasteland is the Lorel Union. If I remember correctly… there isn’t such an important place or a big town in the maps, but there should be a forest and a river, so those will be exposed to damage.” (Tomoe)

“The wasteland is really vast huh. It even makes contact with Lorel territory.” (Makoto)

There’s no accurate portrayal of the wasteland in maps, so I didn’t know.

“The mountain range continues on for quite a long way, so it doesn’t feel as if it is making contact with Lorel after all.” (Tomoe)

“If I remember correctly, Lime is curently there, right?” (Makoto)

Hibiki-senpai is in Lorel, and Lime is telling us her movements.

It seems like he is going together with them, and the detailed information reaches Tomoe’s place.

“Yeah. I am already thinking about having him return soon though.” (Tomoe)

“That means Hibiki-senpai and her group are about to return to Limia?” (Makoto)

“That’s what’s expected. I have been unable to make contact with him these last few days, so it is only a guess though.” (Tomoe)

“If it’s Lime, he should be fine. Senpai is also there after all.” (Makoto)

Tomoe makes a slight face of unamusement.

“Is Hibiki that much of a person? It is certainly true that her head works relatively well, but I honestly don’t think she is as high as Waka praises her to be.” (Tomoe)

“I think that Hibiki-senpai is a genius. To the point that I wouldn’t be able to believe that she is only one year apart from me. I do think that my bow skills can be considered a talent, but Senpai is really a person that can do anything.” (Makoto)

“Aren’t you over evaluating her?” (Tomoe)

“Really?” (Makoto)

“It is certainly true that she has excelling points, but I think that Waka is an even more excelling existence. That’s how I feel. It is hard to say this, but Waka’s evaluation of Hibiki might enter into the category of admiration.” (Tomoe)

“…Maybe. If Senpai were exactly as I had imagined her to be, she wouldn’t be in this parallel world in the first place. I wasn’t able to ask her about this the time I met her, but well, I admit that admiration is mixed in it.” (Makoto)

“Waka won’t grow dependant on Hibiki, but it looked like she had more talent in being a politician than being a warrior. It might be unnecessary, but just to give you a slight warning.” (Tomoe)

“Thanks, Tomoe. I will be careful.” (Makoto)

Well, even if she says that, I don’t think that Hibiki-senpai would set me up.

There’s no reason for that.

Leaving aside Tomoki, I think Senpai is okay.

I did give a warning to Tomoki after all.

“…And so, Waka, have you seen plenty enough of that purple cloud?” (Tomoe)

“Even when we call it, there’s no reaction. It seems like it is impossible to communicate. I think there’s a way, but…there’s no need to go that far.” (Makoto)

“Then you don’t mind heading back now, right? Later you have classes, and there’s also the contact of Limia. Shiki has gone to Rotsgard first, so Waka should also go soon.” (Tomoe)

“Yeah. It doesn’t seem like it can be used in my lectures after all. Next is…” (Makoto)

I call Azusa and set an arrow.

“Waka?” (Tomoe)

“If we leave it be, it will head to Lorel, right? That place is working as a receptacle for otherworldlers, so I was thinking about helping them a bit, you see.” (Makoto)

“In that case, the debt would be bigger when damage is caused, you know?” (Tomoe)

“Hahaha, how to say it, it is not like I want them to be indebted.” (Makoto)

“Compassion is not for others to see, or something like that?” (Tomoe)

“It is a bit different from that too.” (Makoto)

Preparing the arrow, and in a stance where my aim is plenty enough, I answer Tomoe.

The location I placed my aim at was a core-looking part that I found by using [Sakai].

At a point where it is especially thick in density within that gas formed cloud.

If I shoot there, it will probably show results.

What Tomoe said might be close to how I feel, but it is slightly different.

I look for a word that might serve to denote it.

“Ah, right. ‘Sending a favor’, might be closer.” (Makoto)

Releasing my arrow, I speak out the words that I felt were most appropriate.

“Sending a favor?” (Tomoe)

“They gave a home to the Japanese otherworldlers that fell into a parallel world. Leaving aside their motives, I think there were many who were saved because of that.” (Makoto)

“Well, that’s probably the case.” (Tomoe)

“That’s why I felt a debt towards that action of Lorel, and I am returning that debt. It is not a debt that I received though.” (Makoto)

“Is that something the preceding Japanese wished for? To return the favour of people you don’t even know of, it is a feeling I don’t understand well. I also don’t understand why you won’t look for a reward in this matter.” (Tomoe)

The place that the arrow pierced had a hole opened in it, and with that as the starting point, the purple cloud scatters.

The resistance was low.

It is true that it shot through the target, and yet, it felt like it was a fake.

It is the peculiar feeling of an archer that was telling me this.

But it is certain that I did shoot through their link, so it’s probably not gonna turn into a big disaster.  

Frankly speaking, the fact that the sensation of ‘killing’ it is not clear is making me have a bad feeling.

Even if I want to confirm it, I don’t have the time.

Well, if anything happens in Lorel, I have the reports of Lime.

It should be okay to deal with it when I learn of it.

“Why I did this, or anything further than that, even I don’t completely understand it myself. Just that, since they took care of my fellow Japanese, I thought of helping them out a bit. Sending a favour is just how I called it.” (Makoto)

“So my learning is still lacking huh. I have to devote myself more. No matter the case, it was splendid. With this, it will probably be unable to create any big evil.” (Tomoe)


Damn it!

“What’s wrong?” (Tomoe)

“Sample. Shiki said he was interested as well!” (Makoto)

“If it’s about that, I have already collected it and send it to Asora. If it’s only a small amount, it shouldn’t pose any danger, and it won’t pose any problems either.” (Tomoe)

“…I’m glad. Then, let’s go back.” (Makoto)

“Understood. About the people that are going to migrate to the sea, I am thinking about selecting them with the idea of Waka. It will probably take a whole day with Mio and I. If I think about the dried anchovies I will be able to grill, this cannot be called a pain though. Fufufufu~~” (Tomoe)

“Prepare a kotatsu and oranges.” (Makoto)

“Well well, I am looking forward to it.” (Tomoe)

Now then, I wonder how Jin and the others are doing.


[Now then, it has been a while since our last lecture.]

Shiki and I were at the outdoor field of the Academy, facing the students.

But what’s bothering me is not the serious expressions of my students, it’s the massive amount of gazes being poured at us.

[There’s a lot of spectators.]

[I want you to step back so that you don’t get injured though.]

The later half, I write it towards the students that are spectating.

But the response that came back was mostly about them not minding.

Even though most would leave after saying this in the past.

Well, if they say it is okay to get injured, it is fine then.

The contents of it are the same as what I applied at the office department after all.

[How enthusiastic. Well, okay. Just like always, we will be doing a combination of mock battle and reflection.]

Jin silently lifted his hand.

[What is it, Jin?]

“Who’s the opponent? We want to change our formation depending on it.” (Jin)

It seems like they have been thinking about it a lot and have prepared for the lesson.

Truly zealous.

Comparing it to when I was in senior high school, it makes me feel embarrassed.

But this time would trouble me.

Because I want to see their current skills after all.

[First of all, I will have everyone face a new opponent. The contemplation of it will come later as homework. The mock battle will be with a long distance and close combat. We will be doing a mock battle with the party that you have assigned for it, and do a contemplation and discussion of it. These are the plans for today.]

“A-A new enemy?” (Jin)

Without the need to wait for Jin’s words, tension runs within the group of students.

I wanted to see how much strength they have against an enemy they don’t have information or countermeasures of, and then, after carefully seeing it, I will decide how to train them.

…But the opponent is someone that, if I could take my time looking at the fight, they would already reach the approved line though.

“There’s no way…it could be Shiki-san or Sensei, right?” (Amelia)

Amelia asked nervously.

Eh? Did their heads get slow because they tasted being matchless in this End of the Century-turned Academy?

“There’s no way Waka-sama or I would be your opponents. If you get conceited like that, you will bring about unnecessary injuries you know, Amelia.” (Shiki)

“Sorry!!” (Amelia)

Shiki says it for me.

With how it looks, I will have to wring them a bit harder huh.

[Then, prepare.]

“Raidou-sensei! When you say ‘as always’, you mean…everything goes, right?” (Yuno)

Yuno asks for confirmation.

[Of course. Struggle with everything you have.]

“Understood!!” (Yuno)

It seems like she has a hidden card.

The students that were guided by Shiki take their positions, and then they make their formation.

…They are divided in a standard formation of vanguard protecting the rear guard.

They don’t know what will be coming, so they are going to face it with the standard first huh.

That they don’t have a clever scheme might be an indication of their self-confidence.

Now then, let’s call them then.

The two are busy, so let’s go with a time limit.

I confirm the situation with thought transmission, and then, I open a door for Asora.



The ones who appeared were two.

The two were looking at their surroundings and confirming their opponents, and after bowing once at me, they looked towards Jin and the others, and took their stances.

“Then, I am counting on you; Ema, Agarest.” (Makoto)

I whisper towards the two.

Confirming that both nod, I take distance from the place that will most likely turn into a battleground.

The opponents of Jin’s group this time are Highland Orcs.

Number one magician, Ema; and the number one warrior, Agarest.

The small height Ema and the giant Agarest that surpasses 2 meters. The difference in height is so big, that one would wonder if they are actually from the same race. But even if they look like this, Ema would win in a long ranged fight.

Now then, what will happen?

Or more like, how many minutes will they last, huh.

While at it, I exchanged looks with Shiki, and he understood what I wanted.

“Begin!” (Shiki)

At the same time as the signal comes, Jin and Daena go for the first move, and dash.

Daena is faster by one body length.

It is a power that he has been training since before the Academy festival.

Without any extra details, it is enhancement to all stats. Daena himself calls it Second Stage.

He is using it from the very beginning.

Compared to the instantaneous enhancement of Jin, its consumption is not good, but to get twice as strong is kinda…appealing.

At that rate, if Agarest doesn’t move, it feels like Daena will arrive first by several seconds.

The rear guard didn’t move, and while being cautious of the Orcs, they began their arias.

And there’s also the vanguard that serves as the role of shield, Misura, standing at the starting point, and it seems he is just waiting and watching.

It is not like they are being overawed or being negligent huh.

Agarest is a macho that looks like a mass of muscles, and in contrast, Ema has a harmless appearance like that of a plushie.

With the first look at them, one would normally get scared or underestimate them, but it seems they are not. That’s impressive.

“I will scatter them.” (Agarest)

“Yeah, that’s what I thought you would say.” (Ema)

Looking forward, the short words of Agarest were responded by Ema who is at his back.

Right after, the body of Agarest was wrapped in a dark red light, at its surface, patterns rose and it increased his intensity.

Daeno who saw this, decreased his speed; Jin also grabbed his sword with both hands and took a stance.

Too bad.

The correct answer was to continue running forward.


Pointing his shoulder guard to the front, he holds his halberd with the opposite hand.

Agarest who is heavily equipped, charges power into his body and breathes in. He makes a clear to understand expression.

‘I will be rushing now’, is what his stance was saying.

No, it’s exactly what he did.


“Daena, spread!” (Jin)

“Understood!” (Daena)

Being pressed by the pressure, the hesitant Jin and Daena moved.

Their judgment was fast.

Just like what Jin feared, Agarest rushed forward while still enveloped in light.

It was truly the dash of an Orc that left everything to power.

If it were a normal situation, Jin’s judgment would have made it with spare time, but there’s also the spell of Ema.

I heard that in Kaleneon, he used his whole power and had become stalwart in the fight of Kaleneon.

If Agarest comes flying, it would seriously be no joke.

Agarest passes through the middle of Jin and Daena who had gone to the left and right, and they were assaulted by the squall created by Agarest and the spell of Ema.


“A shock wave, and also, heat?! Guh! Damn it!!”

Even though they weren’t touched, the two students were fallen on the ground as if a car had crashed on them.

Jin seemed like he still had the ability to speak so, maybe he let himself be blown away without going against it?

It looks like he is not unscathed, but it doesn’t seem like he is completely out of the fight.

Daena looks like he is still okay. So his elevated powers saved him huh.

But how will the students that are in the crashing point fare?

Agarest’s attack has not even begun.

But this is strange.

His movements were slightly dull.

Did Jin and Daena do something?

“Mi-Misura…I am counting on you?”

Amelia deploys a barrier and takes distance from Misura.

She said it in doubt maybe because the barrier she made herself would serve for basically nothing, and she is unable to gauge the power of that attack.

Following, Izumo and Sif also create a barrier, and support Misura as they back away.

In a manner that she covers Sif, Yuno also backs away.

…Even if it’s his role, it looked like bullying.

All the magician members are already maintaining their magic ready to be activated.

It is impressive that they are able to challenge this when just a few seconds ago they were screaming.

So they will be activating those spells soon, facing Agarest.


“Scary. This is seriously scary. A giant mass of steel is charging towards me with enhancement magic. Even if I block him, the people at my back will be shooting the spells and hitting him along with me. Why did I choose to be the role of a wall?” (Misura)

“How pathetic to show fear in your face… Hm?”

“… But, this is a lot better than going against Tomoe-san!” (Misura)

He became serious again huh.

It is certainly true that Agarest is better than being trained by Tomoe.

It is unreasonable to choose between bad or worst though.


The shoulder guard of Agarest destroys the three barriers without showing much deceleration, and the greatsword of Misura made a dull and heavy sound as they collided.

Normally, because of the height difference, Misura would be send flying, but…as expected of Misura that is completely specialized in defense.

He is also able to shift the power of the attack well in practice.

There should be quite the shock and damage, but he was able to stop Agarest.

I also shared the simple surprise of him.

As expected of Tomoe’s favorite.

But in terms of follow-up actions, he is out.

“Splendid. I was surprised.” (Agarest)

Agarest indifferently mutters.

It may be at this late of a time, but is it okay to be speaking in common language?

Maybe I should have made them mute like the Lizardmen?

Oh, the halberd of Agarest approaches to the side of Misura.

Well, he is already unable to move, so evasion will be impossible.

While Sif and Izumo were preparing their spells, and Amelia her bow…

“Everyone, it still isn’t over!!” (Misura)

Misura commands the rear with unexpected words.

And then, as if he had no damage, he swings the great sword that was down, stopped the halberd, and then shifted it aside.

Hey hey.

He should have received enough damage to even reverse his organs.

At the Academy festival, Misura had a dangerous hidden card like ignoring damage, or more like, it was numbing the sense of pain and aiming for a simultaneous strike.

But even if he used it in this occasion, his body shouldn’t be able to respond to his call.

Just what did he use?

“Now!!” (Misura)

While I was surprised, Misura shouted this one word that resounded in the whole place.

“Hm?” (Agarest)

Agarest noticed an abnormality from his feet, but by that time, it was already too late.

The ground undulates, wraps around the body of Agarest, and on top of negating the support magic that Ema placed, it restrained his movements.

Sif huh.

Misura received that support, and with a light move, he retreated back.

While that happened, fire and wind raged towards Agarest and was attacked by a fire tornado.


A linked attack between Izumo and Sif.

With the upper half that Agarest barely managed to free, he swung his halberd and was trying to scatter the fire and wind.

And then, an arrow that had already finished targeting its objective flew into it.

It was stopped by the halberd.

As expected of Agarest.

He still has leeway with that toughness.

After that, a magic formation endowed to the arrow exploded as if stolen directly from Shiki’s forte.

In that part, Sif is also involved.

By giving firepower of her own to the attacks of others, she is able to make even stronger attacks.

Instead of synthesizing magic on her own, the power and consumption is better this way.

If I remember correctly, that arrow was the one they used to defeat Ilumgand.

Amelia has already completely added it into her repertoire.

They are fighting while thinking well, moreover, they are seriously trying to win.

Everyone has grown more than I thought.

“Just because you are a magician, doesn’t mean I will hold back.”

Jin and Daeno who I thought were still recovering, had targeted Ema and charged at her.

So that signal was also for Jin and Daena!

Daena was already at a distance where making an aria was impossible, and Jin stopped his feet at a slightly further away position.


Their foundation is good as well, but it seems like Jin and the others have seriously worked hard to win against the Mist Lizards.

That’s why they were able to prepare a plan like this even when their opponent changed.

Seriously impressive.

“I will seal her movements! Daena, finish it!!” (Jin)

I feel like Jin had activated a magic that was hard to see.

Its presence was strangely dim, so I can’t tell well though.

“Of course. Got her!!” (Daena)

The dagger of Daena approaches Ema, and then…it slashes air.


“An illusion?!”

As if the landscape had been rippled like a water surface, Ema’s figure disappears.

It was a good fight.

It was worth seeing.

Sif who won the Academy festival, was called the champion, but if the students that are spectating this spread rumors of this fight, Jin and the others, all of them will be the champions of this End of the Century Academy.

“Hyumans are also beings that can’t be underestimated huh. It has been a good learning experience. But student-san, in the field, what you first have to suspect is camouflaging moves, you know? Especially against opponents that are not moving.” (Ema)


The voice came from a place slightly further away from Agarest.

At that place, Ema was there.

In reality, Ema was clung onto Agarest and was together with him until the middle.

Because Jin and Daena were blown away, they were unable to catch the real body of Ema.

But even if you call it camouflage…it is quite hard to see through an illusion that has presence.

And when it is a camouflage that is enough to blend into a plain that has a good field of view, I feel like it is already something on another level of camouflage.

Unless it is cancelled, Jin’s group wouldn’t be able to notice.

She is the almighty magician of Asora, Ema-san, after all.

She is in perfect form.

In her surroundings, she has already deployed several magic formations.

Too late.

Jin was punched by several unknown things to the point that he was lifted up to mid-air; Daena was instantly turned into an ice pickle; the footing of Misura turned liquid, and when he was buried up to his neck, the ground turned hard again, restraining him; Izumo silently fell asleep on the ground.

The remaining were Amelia, Sif, and Yuno huh.

Eh? Now that I mention it, Yuno…

“Rocket Kiiick!!”


Aimed at Ema who was activating several spells, something was falling from the sky.

Ema who was aiming to defeat Amelia and Sif, quickly cancelled the two spells, and takes distance from the falling object.

It seems like it didn’t hit, but…

Ema was now behind Agarest.

And then, at the falling point…


Everyone was silent.

That’s an obvious state, as there’s a strange ‘something’ standing there after all.

“Why is that thing going to where Yuno is?” (Makoto)

My voice unconsciously came out.

As if being squeezed out.

For a moment, the image of the radical gravure version of Hibiki-senpai came to my mind.

But more than that, this deep crimson suit gave me a headache.

So when Yuno equips it, it is red huh.

No, that’s not it!!

Mio, didn’t you say that you only created one of those?!

A suit that tells about the preferences of someone completely.

Even though it fell from the sky at high speed, it is completely fine. Pointless endurance.

An attack power that was enough to gouge a hole in the ground, and a technique name that doesn’t match its power.

The thing that I equipped in Limia and pledged not to ever wear again in my life…was there.

“It is okay to utilize equipment from the Kuzunoha Company, right Sensei?! I have taken a liking to this! It is my main equipment! I need a lot of magic power at the time of equipping it though.” (Yuno)

Please spare me.

“Now then, here I come! This power that I obtained in exchange for the treasured book of mother. I have to create results, or I won’t have a tomorrow!” (Yuno)

Even if you get results, you are a goner.


At the same time as I sigh, I face towards the scene.

Agarest has already gotten out of the restrain and is completely fine, and Ema has already taken her stance.

It should be fine to leave it to them, but no, as expected, I will step in.

Shiki is also placing his hand on his head as if holding back his headache.

I can totally understand how he feels.

[Yuno, was that from Mio?]

“Yes, it is from Mio-sama. It was given to me through Beren-san! All-purpose full body armor, trial version, Excavator!” (Yuno)


Heavy equipment huh.

Or more like, that thing will actually be able to do a lot.

If Beren is also involved in it, I will have to believe that its capabilities have been limited!

But more than that, just looking at it makes me writhe!

I might die from embarrassment.

[What book did you take out from Oku-sama?]

I have to return it to her.

And I have to give a sermon to Mio.

“All four volumes of Lorel’s local dishes. It was already gathering dust anyways, so…” (Yuno)

It seems like the tension has calmed down a bit.

Maybe they were able to guess my actions from now on.

Even if you understand it, it doesn’t mean that I will be forgiving you, you know?


“Y-Yes?” (Yuno)

[Reflect on it!]

I hit the helmet.

Hit it.

Hit it.

Hit it.

“Kyaa!! Sensei, I am being buried! I will end up buried!!” (Yuno)

[Reflect on it in a dark place. Actually, be buried.]

I heard a ‘Kyaaa’, but I ignore it.

I bury her deeply.

No, I hit.

Yuno was safely sunk unto the ground without any regrets.


“Ema, sorry but, can you search for those books that Mio seems to have? I will go return them.” (Makoto)

“Ah, yes.” (Ema)

Ema who was completely out of combat mode, agreed to what I said.

I will acknowledge their efforts.

Jin and the others have grown stronger.

And there were several parts where I didn’t know what they were doing.

It is something that can be solved after asking them later though.

In terms of one talent, they are probably already not at student level anymore.

But more than that, I thought of something scary.

That series, could it be that a number of them have been leaked to this world?

Do they have Crane or Shovel?

If that’s the case, a scary contamination might occur.

I have to retrieve them at any cost.

I have to retrieve them all.

“Uhm, Waka-sama.” (Shiki)

“Shiki?” (Makoto)

“It seems like we have received a contact from Limia Kingdom. Please return to the company. I will do the reflection and discussion.” (Shiki)

“Limia…Limia huh. Honestly, I don’t feel like it is the time for that, but…understood.” (Makoto)

The spectating students that had stopped cheering at the middle of the mock battle and had only been looking in silence, noticed me and opened up a path.

Could it be that in Limia Kingdom as well…no way.

It should be okay, right?

While I was returning to the company, this uneasiness was attacking me.

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      Tanker, my condolences…

      — The thing that I equipped in Limia and pledged not to ever wear again in my life…was there.
      “It is okay to utilize equipment from the Kuzunoha Company, right Sensei?! I have taken a liking to this! It is my main equipment! I need a lot of magic power at the time of equipping it though.” (Yuno)
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        1. Immortals are more, I guess you could say detached? Yeah, let’s go with that. They’re more detached than us. In Tomoe’s chapters, I sometimes got the feeling that she was just an observer, not connected to the events around her. All the superior dragons are like that in some way or another, I’d guess.

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          So when she was told about being a hero, she was slightly attracted.

          One who overcomes difficulties and accomplishes a goal. To have a goal is nice.

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          It was most likely one of the triggers though. Having received the freedom to eat anything without minding about it, the girl gave the Goddess an affirmative response. And that’s how we are in the current situation.
          She have such a easy life that she wanted a challenge ”
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      1. Right, she acts the same as she did on Earth. Of course, that says a lot about appearances belying the truth. Although I do hesitate to judge harshly. She’s intelligent, and her instincts are sharp, but she’s planning to provoke someone she can’t afford to because of those instincts. On the other hand, nobody should be expected to be able to realize how in over her head she is with the amount of information she has. I would like to think that if Makoto had given Hibiki the same lesson he gave Tomoki, she’d be much more wary of provoking him and take the stance that the demons have decided on, unlike Tomoki.

        1. I think you’ve pretty much hit the crux of the problem with Makoto’s relationship to other factions. They vaguely know he’s powerful, but there’s truly too little information for them.

          Because of this, the most reasonable policy in any other scenario ends with most factions shooting themselves in the foot. In a sense, the demons lucked out because they got to see Makoto for what he truly was during their attack on Limia.

          1. Nobody knows who or what he is, because of that, they make assumptions. And when assumptions are made, more often than not, mistakes are soon to follow.

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    1. *sighs* I was happy with Makoto improving/maturing, but this ruined it. He had four visions of alternate Makotos and the second one talked about Hibiki had a ability similar to trashmoki’s charm. The fourth mentioned that she sees herself as some kind of messiah. I know this information doesn’t drop her to the level of trashmoki, but it should hint that she may not the person he think she is. He should at least doubt her a little and question her actions. Just thinking about how his pointless faith is only supported by the fact that they went to the same school is giving me a headache. I can only feel that whatever damage she’s going to cause him is well deserved.

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