Chapter 185: The Lapis Lazuli Volcano

“And so, it is now free time. We have easily received permission to go outside so, what should we do?” (Makoto)

Finishing the extremely tiring audience with the Demon Lord, we return to the room prepared for us and take a break.

I look at Mio and Shiki.

Well~ that was impressive.

It was truly the Demon Lord-sama.

The four children of his had a smiling atmosphere and were throwing me conversation topics, but I felt like they were looking at more than just my answers.

But it wasn’t as if we were faced with a one-sided barrage of questions, they also readily answered our questions, so I managed to get the permission to walk outdoors without having any bodyguards or surveillance.

“For me, I was thinking about having a small talk with Rona.” (Shiki)

“With Rona? Ah, right. Rona is an old acquaintance of yours, right Shiki?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, but well, it is not like I am going to warm up my old friendship though. It seems like she is being overly cautious of us you see. There’s still time for the banquet, so I will be going to solve that ‘misunderstanding’. She most likely already knows about the contents of our audience from the Demon Lord himself, but if that’s the case, it is better to act fast.” (Shiki)


Hm, did Rona do something to make him cautious?

I don’t think she did anything special though.

Maybe it is just that she has the eyes of someone that might do something.

“… I see. Then you won’t be leaving the city, right?” (Makoto)

“Yes. That, I will do later.” (Shiki)

“And Mio?” (Makoto)

“I will immediately head to check the city. There were a number of places that looks interesting after all.” (Mio)

The bouncy words of Mio.

I thought that she had an unconcerned expression at the parade, but she was casually checking the surroundings. That’s impressive.

It makes me remember the words used to calm the nervousness of actors: ‘Think of the audience as if they are potatoes’, or something like that.

To Mio, the gazes and cheers of all those demons and demi-humans were akin to potatoes.

…No, potatoes are food, so maybe she considers them even lower than that?

No matter which, it is a bold spirit I would like to learn from.

At our visit to the Empire, Mio was looking after Asora in place of Tomoe, but this time, she was stubborn about going together with us.

‘Tomoe went last time, so this time you are staying’, is the logic she was using.

‘Is she a child?’, is what I thought.

Since returning from the Empire, Tomoe has been in a good mood, and without a single objection to Mio’s words, she readily consented to house-sitting.

Well, she did say that she had something to do, so she probably didn’t have any intentions of accompanying us anyways.

For me, Shiki is actually the one that pains me to have him accompany me two times in a row.

But he is the one that I can be the most at ease with when coming with me, so I unconsciously end up relying on him.

If I had only left Shiki behind, I think that it would have been possible to continue the classes in Rotsgard without having to cancel it.

I will have to reflect on this.

“An eating trip huh. At night we will be having a banquet, so try not eating too much, okay? Also, I didn’t hear anything about their side putting out bodyguards, but even if someone is following you, try to refrain from doing anything unreasonable.” (Makoto)

“Yes, I know. I will just give them a light tap, Waka-sama. But if you are worried, how about accompanying me?” (Mio)

“Me? I want to go, but since I have the chance, I will be finishing the errand of Root first.” (Makoto)

“Root’s… ah, the egg, was it?” (Mio)

Mio made a slight pondering gesture at the mention of Root, and it seems she remembered something, she clapped her hands together.

Yep, she is correct.

“Yeah, Crimson Red’s egg.” (Makoto)

“Right-desu wa. In that case, I will go together with you–” (Mio)

“Ah, can’t do. It seems like it is close to a place that your past self has done something a long time ago. It wouldn’t be good if anything were to happen.” (Makoto)

“My past self?” (Mio)

“Well, I will go quickly and finish. From what I heard in the audience, it is a place that only takes a few hours to reach.” (Makoto)

“Indeed. They did say that it’s a few days to the north. Looking at it in the same way as the White Sand Sea, Waka-sama would be able to arrive in a few hours, and in the return, it would be enough to just use mist.” (Shiki)

Shiki complements my words.

Maybe the demon side didn’t expect me to make a question about that place, they made a surprised face at my question.

If I mention the name of a place in the demon race territory, it would definitely be strange.

Root’s groundwork this time seems to be with the people that are directly related to the errand, and the demons weren’t really in the know of this.

Different from last time, there’s people who will take the guardian job, so as long as I arrive there, the mission will be completed.

“Then there’s no helping it. It is regrettable, but I will be doing my best in obtaining new recipes-desu wa. Later, I will try searching for souvenirs to gift the residents of Asora.” (Mio)

“That would be nice. Tell me about the nice stores later. About the things that might serve as souvenirs as well.” (Makoto)

“Yes! I will do the eating tour.” (Mio)

“Well then, I am going.” (Makoto)

I open the window of the room and leave to the veranda.

The garden that can be seen below was emitting light making it look illusory, and it was really beautiful.

But I look moderately above.

At the pitch black sky.

“Have a safe trip. Come back soon.” (Shiki)

“Don’t catch a cold, okay?” (Mio)

While receiving the words of the two with my back, I jump from the veranda that was as big as a balcony.

I harden magic power in mid-air and use it as footholds to jump again.

Just like that, I soar up into the sky.

I leave the barrier that envelops the capital, and arrive at the outskirts where wind and snow rule over. Confirming the direction of my objective, I set up a marker at the distance.

I can’t see it with my eyes, but I can feel it.

With this, I won’t lose my way even in this blizzard.

In the room there’s already a mist gate to use for the return.

I just have to dispose of it when I return.

Now then, my objective is the snow field volcano.

It is without doubt a secluded region.

“Lapiz Lazuli Volcano huh. Will it be blue just like its name suggests? It sounds like a beautiful place so it might be worth going to see.” (Makoto)

While holding slight expectations, I jumped into the blizzard.


If I didn’t have magic, I would have definitely gotten lost. I think this while I’m in this darkness filled snow storm.

The lights of the capital are already too far to be seen.

It must be as hellish of an environment as the White Desert.

There’s differences in hot and cold, and the hot one was filled with traps while this one is more about the fury of nature though.

But Crimson Red is supposed to be the dragon that reigns over fire, and yet, why is it in such a cold place?

No well, it is a volcano, so maybe the place itself won’t be cold though.

The outside is like this.

Thinking about Sofia’s abilities, Crimson Red was probably a dragon that soared the sky and breathed out fire.

But the place I am in doesn’t fit the image.

A dragon that shoots a heat ray like a laser. A dragon that could be considered the symbol of fantasy, moreover, a dragon that seemed to walk the path of the right.

Even if a laser is out of bounds, it is truly a Red Dragon.

I kinda want to see its figure when it was in all its splendor now.

I glance at the bag. Right now it is an egg.

Even if the growth of a dragon is quick, I will probably not be able to see it in the time I am alive.

That damn Sofia, she did something so wasteful.

“Oh, it is that huh. Going by the distance… it should be that, right? But it’s bright red though?” (Makoto)

I thought I saw something dim pink at the distance.

After jumping a number of times more in the sky, I saw a bright red light that didn’t fit this snow field.

It had the shape of a mountain, and when I got closer, I could see that it was shining like a ruby. A mountain remarkably high was there.

“With this, it feels more appropriate to call it Ruby Volcano though. Hmph?” (Makoto)

I don’t think it is an unnamed place.

It stands out, and it gives out a feeling that’s not normal.

For now, I will land.

The ground at my feet is glittery and red.

If this is ruby, it would be amazing.

The billionaire kind of amazing.

If it’s colored glass…no, even that would be amazing.

Yeah, the Lapis Lazuli Volcano(probably), its worth in seeing is plenty.

I should do some harvesting later.

This might be how it feels to go to the south beaches and get an urge of collecting seashells.

I haven’t experienced that though.

It is a thinking that is slightly stemming from greed.

“If this is the place, someone should be living here.” (Makoto)

I change [Sakai] to search and spread it to the whole mountain.

I had to shrink the magic armor slightly, so it can’t be helped that some of my magic power leaks out. Because I still cannot fix the consumption to a point that utilizes the magic power to a 100%.

If I was able to do it, it would be able to stay infinitely after all.

It might serve as a goal.

It works for offensive and defensive, so even if this power is exposed, the demerits are low. If I had to put out a problem, it would be that if I have it deployed in visible mode, the people will probably not get close to me.

If I walked with it visible, I don’t know how many times I would be told every day: ‘You are being haunted’.

Being visible is a pain. I definitely don’t want that.

“There it is. There’s a cave over there huh. I see.” (Makoto)

Around halfway up the mountain, there’s a cave that can be entered.

Inside it, there’s the reaction of less than a hundred life signs.

They are demi-humans, or maybe mamonos.

Okay, let’s go.

There doesn’t seem to be any trap, and mamonos are not coming out.

Comparing this to what it has been until now, I would say this is actually on the safe side.

The only thing that happened was that I encountered a big Frost Dragon because of my carelessness, and I slapped it away. There wasn’t anything that could be called a real fight, and I was able to arrive at the objective practically without obstructions.

But the encounter rate was actually relatively high.

If I dealt with all of them, the amount would be enough to serve as tracks to know exactly what route I took.

Even so, I felt like this place was safe.

The people living here are probably doing their regular patrols and securing safety.

“Oh, heh~” (Makoto)

I arrive at the cave.

Without much hesitation I enter, and the situation changed a bit.

I see.

My voice unconsciously leaked. I stop my feet and look at my surroundings.

“I see, Lapis Lazuli. For the inside to be deep blue…” (Makoto)

The outside is red, and inside is blue.

…Sadly, counting the environment, I wouldn’t want to live in this place.

It may be beautiful, but I would limit it to touring.

“Ah, are they coming to receive me?” (Makoto)

After advancing for a while, I perceive a presence heading this way. I stop my feet.

It’s one person.

It doesn’t seem to be forming any magic, and doesn’t seem to be taking any attack stance.

But it is really blue.

I remember hearing that blue light helps you get a quiet sleep, but with this, I might actually doubt its reliability.

It might have been nonsense.

I can’t calm down.

“…Please tell me your name.”

The one that appeared looks at me and showed slight agitation.

But it spoke out and asked for a self-introduction.

Surprisingly, it was in common language.

“Name is Raidou. I accepted the request of Root, and have brought the egg of the superior dragon Crimson Red…-sama.” (Makoto)

That was close.

I almost forgot to say -sama.

Even though I had resolved myself to be more careful after the incident with Grount, the person that had come out was a bit mysterious and made me almost slip.


Well, that half-solid body that seemed to be made up of a blue jell-like substance, has the shape of a hyuman. It seems that it does have a ruggedness resembling that of a face, but how to say it…

Ah, it is a woman.

There’s a portion that seems to be her breast.

She is not wearing clothes, so I am speaking with a naked person.

And it seems like it is a woman.

To my regret, she is totally transparent and I don’t feel any sexual attraction to her.

In an incredibly rude way, I can maintain a gentleman demeanor.

Being sexually attracted to this level of special would take a really special man too.

Even Tomoki might not…no, that guy might actually go for it without any discrimination.

No but…

Wait, what am I even thinking?

Anyways, I am sorry.

And while at it, if Root’s information is correct, the past Mio seems to have cornered them to the brink of extinction; I am sorry for that as well.

I won’t put it in words, but I will at least apologize.

“Is that Azuma-sama?”


I felt like my palpitation jumped up in an instant.

A really nostalgic name.

But for this slime-kin(temporary) to use that name, I don’t think that she is using it while knowing the meaning for me.

I calm down my heart.

Ah, she is looking at the egg.

Could it be…

“…Excuse my rudeness but, is that Crimson Red-sama?”

As I thought, the name of the dragon.

So its name is Azuma.

It gives me a sense of familiarity.

Because it is the same name as a close friend of mine.

Not only is it not Japanese, reacting this much just because of the name is no good.

In the first place, even if the name is Azuma, I heard that the one in this world is male.

I see, so there’s 4 superior dragons that are male, and 3 that are female huh.

…No wait, Root was originally a woman, so there are more female?

But right now he is male, right?

It might not be good for my mental health to think about this, but he spoke about having my child or whatever, so he should be able to turn into a woman as well. In that case…

Yeah, let’s put a middle.

There’s 3 male superior dragons, 3 female, and 1 other.

“Uhm, Raidou-sama?”

“Ah! Yes, this is Crimson Red-sama! Sorry, I was a bit spaced out.” (Makoto)

“You must be tired. It can’t be helped. The journey to this place is rigorous no matter the route taken after all. Later I will bring you to a place where you can rest your body, but first the egg… is that okay?”

I open the bag in a way that the woman can see, and take out the egg.

The moment she saw it, an emotion of awe was visible in the slime-kin.

She can tell even if it’s an egg huh.

As expected of the guardian.

“I have certainly confirmed it. Please forgive me for holding suspicions. Go ahead, I will guide you to the dwelling of the Crimson Red-sama’s guardians, Raidou-sama.”

I’m glad.

It seems like this time will end without anything weird happening.

Ah, right.

This place that is red on the outside and blue on the inside; I will ask these people if I can take a bit of it.

Also, I should ask what Root has told them.

…I won’t dance at the tune of that pervert’s words after all.

I don’t want to end in a pointless fight like the time with Grount.

At the end, Grount-san seemed to have grown timid after all…

Also…right. I have to make it back in time to the capital.

Being in this place feels like my sense of time will go weird.

It might be carefree of me, but I advance slowly.

Safely finishing the second egg’s errand, I felt slight relief while enjoying the scenery of this secluded region.

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        Where normal MC’s are like MP batteries with an MP collector to recharge. Makoto is like a Fusion reactor. He outclasses anyone in terms of output and the fact that the output is constant, but it’s difficult for him to adjust his output, again because it’s constant. All he can hope for is to attach as many “useless” gadgets to himself as he can, to hopefully use it all up, so it doesn’t radiate away from him. Otherwise, he’s like a very bright beacon to anyone who can perceive MP. Well, at those levels of output, it even has a visible effect, even if you can’t sense MP.

        “If I was able to do it, it would be able to stay infinitely after all.” <— That part is a little vague, in terms of what exactly he's referring to. It could refer to his magic armor having some sort of time limit. Maybe if it said "stay ON indefinitely", that would make it much clearer.

        Though I still find that odd. The way the magic armor was explained before, the only important variable was its constant MP consumption. As long as that is satisfied, it should be able to remain active indefinitely, and Makoto does not have a problem in that department.

        He could be referring to the size of the magic armor. The fact he had to decrease its size, means something of a size that can use up his MP output is inconvenient for general use, so when he's not in a situation that requires his MPA, he has to resort to other methods to mask his MP output.

        "It might serve as a goal."
        His goal could then be to create an MPA that is very thin, but still just as power hungry, so it would be convenient to keep it up 24/7.

        So what's inconvenient about it then? Maybe the fact that an MPA that can cover his MP output is very much visible to everyone around him, and is so thick, it's actually like a suit of armor, which is fine in battle, but not so much when you go shopping.

      6. “If I was able to do it, it would be able to stay infinitely after all.”

        I think we have opposite interpretations: this part, which you call vague, is clear as day to me. If there is no mana leaking out, that is, going to waste, he’ll be using MPA at 100% capacity/eficiency! If there is no fuel leaking, the car goes further away right? It’s the same principle. That’s why Makoto says “stay infinitely” if he was able to do it. He wants to improve the normal mana => solid mana convertion rate!

      7. Also: in other to hide his power, he already has sakai and his equipment.

        Remember, Makoto’s goal is to UTILIZE his full mana capacity, not WASTE it. He wants to balance the power/cost relationship of the MPA.

      8. @Setsuyume Edenfault

        It seems we understood the story differently, because to me Makoto’s main problem was always how to conceal his massive MP, rather than how to use it most efficiently. If there is one thing he does not need to worry about, it is the efficiency in terms of MP cost of whatever he is using/doing.

        Yes, he has Sakai and the specially made items.

        But, the items always had the problem of limited storage capacity. They’re essentially batteries that suck his MP, but they quickly fill up, so he has to change them frequently, which is not convenient. Not to mention the difficulty in creating items that can consume ever increasing amounts MP per second, to keep up with Makoto’s constantly increasing MP output.

        Also, there’s the issue of storing them. They’re like spent radioactive fuel. To Makoto they’re no big deal, but to the inhabitants of Asora (and everyone else), they’re very dangerous items that must be stored and handled with care. He’s trying to find an alternative that will allow him to stop relying on magic items.

        He did take a break from working on his MP output by stopping the special archery technique practice (which meant the magic item development could catch up a little with his needs), since it was a request from Tomoe and Mio, but he started it up again in earnest after the 3 gods paid him a visit and strongly encouraged it.

        As for Sakai, the problem is that he can only do one thing at a time with Sakai. If he’s using it to suppress his magic power, he can’t use it for other things, like sensing his surroundings, healing, defensive barrier, etc.

        Let me repeat. Sakai can only do one thing at a time, and he’d rather not have it tied up to suppressing his magic power.

        The magic armor is his greatest hope to do away with the magic items and Sakai as a means of concealing his MP output from others, but he can’t use the magic armor for that in its current state, because in order for it to completely cover his MP output, he needs to make it very big/thick, which also makes it very much visible, and it probably also gets in the way of doing simple things. That’s why he can’t use the magic armor all the time. It’s inconvenient, and therefore also incomplete.

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