Chapter 183: Shiki-sensei once again

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This is something i have thought in the White Sand Sea as well but, it seems this world still has a lot more mysterious places.

As expected of a fantasy world.

Being received by Io and Rona, we journeyed together with them for several days.

There would be a blizzard first thing in the morning, but a one-time per day cycle was normal. The attacks of mamonos were splendidly dealt with by the demons.

The mamonos that came out had the same lineup as the mamonos in Kaleneon, so I was contemplating taking them as reference to learn the methods of dealing with it.

What surprised me was the second day at noon.

It was still noon, and yet, when I thought it had become dark, the sky became black in one breath.

By the time we advanced for 1 short hour, it was already night.

The ground had changed into ice at several locations, and it felt as if we were brushing the surface. The blizzard had strengthened, and it made me think that this is a place that hyumans wouldn’t be able to live in at all.

But maybe in this place this was a common occurrence, the demon side didn’t show any panic, and created a barrier against cold just like they did at the first day as they continued their lively advance.

How fearsome is the northern country.

In the end, we advanced through a blizzard in what could be considered an everlasting darkness. A pretty rare to get experience.

At the third day…morning doesn’t come.

Since 5 in the afternoon of the second day, it has been night all the time.

Do places exist where the sun doesn’t come out? If that’s the case, no wonder it is so cold.

At this day, the demon race showed a slightly panicked state.

A type of mamono. If it were only that, it wouldn’t be that out of ordinary though. It seems that the level of the enemy was higher than they thought.

A big-framed lion with quite the intensity. Its body hair is pure white.

I have not heard reports of its sighting in Kaleneon, and this is also my first time seeing it.

Several lion males(or so I think) with imposing mane attacked us.

For males to do the hunting is pretty surprising.

When they jumped at us, I could clearly tell its size.

The demon soldiers that stepped forward served as a measuring tool.

As big as a large-sized one box van.

And it was fast.

The demon soldiers that were hurriedly trying to fix their formation were crunch to death in an instant. It seems there were people that survived, but the people that had come out to my front were no good.

They may be people which I have only exchanged light conversations, but it gives me a sad feeling.

I don’t know if this will serve as a memorial, but I will at least defeat these guys. When I thought about beginning, Shiki’s hand hit mine.

When I look at his face, he shook his head to the sides.

I don’t know why was that, but I decide to overlook the situation for a bit.

In the end, Io and Rona also participated in the fight, and the white lions were defeated.

After that, unexpected things happened multiple times.

Mamonos that were clearly stronger than the previous ones were appearing frequently, and the soldiers that were accompanying us ended up wounded or dead.

The barrier for cold has been maintained and the pace hasn’t changed, but this day made me feel as if I were wounded all over.

Looking back at it, I feel like it wasn’t normal.

Right now we have finally gotten time for a break, and we were resting at the tent that Shiki had prepared.

Rona had prepared a tent for us as well, but we turned down the offer.

We did tell them that we would be bringing the necessary ourselves, but they probably were unsure if we would be able to properly calculate the coldness in these areas. It seems they brought our share as well just in case.

“Shiki, did you foresee that it would be this cold? This tent seems to have an impressive protection against cold.” (Makoto)

“Yes. The demon race territory is a land of intense cold after all. I made this tent so that it can be spread out immediately, and be able to deal with any type of environment.” (Shiki)

“That’s a great help. But you know, it seems the demon race did prepare our share too but, was it okay to decline it?” (Makoto)

“Yeah. Even if it is of lower quality than this, we will be returning to Asora at night to rest anyways, so wouldn’t it be better to accept their good will?” (Mio)

Ah, so Mio also held the same opinion as me.

In that case, it means there’s some sort of problem in it huh.

I see.

Is there a chance that being lend things from the demon side will lead to spying on us?

“It is just that those things were prepared in anticipation that we would be unprepared, also, I don’t want to rely on the things that Rona has prepared.” (Shiki)

As I thought.

“Well, that talk about Rona was a joke, but thinking about each other’s position in this journey, she wouldn’t be able to do anything weird.” (Shiki)

As I thought, I’m glad I didn’t say anything.

Would it be okay to ask why?

It kinda makes me hesitate.

“Why-desu?” (Mio)

Naizu-desu Mio.

“Because we are guests they have invited, and Rona has taken the job of a guide by the orders of the Demon Lord. Even if she is like that, Rona is loyal to the Demon Lord, so she wouldn’t do something like abandoning the mission. That’s why, even if we use the tent they have prepared and go back to Asora, there wouldn’t be any problems. Checking the inside of the tent is something that she would definitely not do.” (Shiki)

“Isn’t it fine to just do it without getting caught?” (Mio)

“I am here. She understands that if she were to get caught by me, it would all turn detrimental. And there’s Waka’s power overwatching as well, so that also plays a part.” (Shiki)

Shiki really does know Rona well.

Instead of close friends, it feels more like a *dog and monkey* relationship though. <means bad relationship>

“Hah… what a pain.” (Mio)

Mio does one sigh.

For these last few days, she hasn’t been taking any satisfying meal at breakfast and lunch after all.

“Also, Waka-sama, I am sorry for stopping your hand a while ago.” (Shiki)

He lowered his head.

It is not really something that requires him to apologize.

I do want to hear the reason why though.

“You don’t need to apologize. But what was the reason? I just thought about helping out for a bit.” (Makoto)

“That’s the reason. That was Rona’s play, Waka-sama.” (Shiki)

“…Eh?” (Makoto)

“I don’t know if she anticipated the numbers as well, but that woman wanted to have Waka-sama cooperate by having a strong enemy attack.” (Shiki)

No no, isn’t that being oversuspecious?

Their allies also suffered quite the bad time there too, you know?

“No well, that’s…” (Makoto)

“As proof, they were properly able to deal with it even without us going out ourselves, right? Deal with everything.” (Shiki)

A white lion, snow guardian dog, and a Frost Dragon that had scales resembling ice; it is true that the demons were able to deal with it by themselves.

But would that give enough foundation?

“… I still have a bit more basis. Even in that situation, they didn’t cut off the barrier against cold, and even when the people decreased, they soon rearranged their formation. It could be evaluated as splendid discipline, but for me, it looked like they were reacting in a way as if they had already anticipated it beforehand.” (Shiki)

The barrier against cold was not dissolved even when in the middle of the battle.

They also quickly filled up the holes in their formation.

“Now that you mention it, there were several who were frequently keeping an eye on us while in battle. Rona was acting as normal though.” (Makoto)

I didn’t notice at all.

Within that blizzard in the darkness, I didn’t pay much attention to my surroundings.

I gotta reflect on that.

“Yeah. The demons won’t request for cooperation from their side. But if we are the ones stepping forward to provide it, it would be possible. They would be able to see at least a bit of our side’s power, and it would also create a sense of camaraderie.” (Shiki)

“So you are saying that they already expected the deaths of their subordinates?” (Makoto)

“They must have taken death into account. For the sake of knowing the whole picture, they were prepared to take sacrifices. To the point that even the demon race that hasn’t grasped us completely, is welcoming us as country-level guests.” (Shiki)

That in itself is pointless though.

“For a mere company representative, this degree of reception is too exaggerated as expected huh. There’s two demon generals after all.” (Makoto)

“Yeah. Also, Io’s self-introduction and Rona’s greeting, did you notice?” (Shiki)

That huh.

I also felt something slightly strange from that.

Even so, it is to the level that I wouldn’t pay it any mind unless pointed out though.

“Yeah, something was strange there. Io was acting as if this were our first time meeting, and Rona was frank like the time before the event with the Variants.” (Makoto)

“Exactly. Io wanted to null what happened at the kingdom’s capital, and Rona wanted to imply that her real self was the one before the Variant incident.” (Shiki)

What’s with that.

“A-Are they not feeling well?” (Makoto)

But if that’s the case… It was the right choice not to say: ‘Didn’t we meet at the Kingdom’s capital though?’.

If I said that, it would be like completely negating the expectations of Io.

“The Demon Lord will probably say something regarding that, but I think that it does have that kind of meaning. In other words…” (Shiki)

Shiki cuts his words for a second and narrows his eyes.

“‘We want to wash away the ‘unintentional bad things’ that happened and create a good relationship.’ It seems like the demon race really wants Waka-sama and the Kuzunoha Company. At this rate, when we reach the capital, they might even make a parade for us. Kufufufu.” (Shiki)

Don’t kufufu.

Aren’t you turning into Tomoe, Shiki?

If you enter the dark side, my internal oasis will disappear.

Please spare me from that.

“A parade. If it were a party, there would be worth in it.” (Mio)

“Mio-dono, having a parade without a party is basically impossible. In the ranks of welcoming, a banquet is a basic after all.” (Shiki)

“… Then that’s fine-desu ne.” (Mio)

Not good.

“If we talk about the characteristics of the demon race cuisine, it would be for example; a meat that they leave half frozen and make thin slices of it just like that to eat. Using different flavored ice, they make a variety of iced cuisine. The last time I went there, I only saw to that extent, but they are in such a prejudiced environment, so there should be a lot more than that.” (Shiki)

“Are we going to enter the capital by today?” (Mio)

“No, I heard that today we will be staying the night at a town. The capital will be tomorrow.” (Shiki)

“Eh, ah yeah, I am looking forward…to the frozen cooking.” (Makoto)

I answered unconsciously.

…Cold food in winter huh.

Eating ice cream in a kotatsu is ordinary, but I wonder if that’s the same case here.

I stand up and look at the state outside.

An ice ground where we can’t see what’s ahead anymore, even the stars can’t be seen. Complete darkness and violent blowing wind and snow.

Only the sound of the strong winds resounded.

Even if you tell me about frozen meat and ice cuisine in a place like this, I don’t feel any sort of appetite welling up from me.



The door silently closes.

“Root! You…what’s with suddenly sending an out of common sense along with the egg of Lancer to the Sand Sea and making a mess out of it, and Oba-san!!”

The young woman continued shouting words that had no coherence until she finally calmed down. Taking off her hood, she approaches the person that was at the end of the room.

Unbuttoning her tunic, she takes off her hooded robe and throws it away towards the sofa at the side.

“That’s quite the greeting-ja na, Sand Wave. It is our long time reunion and you suddenly come like this.”

“?!! Ah, sorry. I reflexively…” (Grount)

“As expected huh. Well, I believed that Makoto-kun would definitely be able to do it! The desert is an area that not even I can peek at, so in times like this, I truly regret not being able to see it!” (Root)

The woman thought that he was alone, but seeing the person standing, she soon apologized and turned speechless.

And the woman that was at the depths of the room, had a wide smile as she herself walked towards the place where Grount is.

“You, Shen?! Eh, but I feel like you are slightly different…” (Grount)

“I am Shen-ja yo. No, I was Shen would be a more appropriate way to put it. I have tied a ruling pact with a certain person you see. Right now I am faithfully serving him as a servant of his.” (Tomoe)

“Pact? A…ruling one?” (Grount)

Grount wasn’t thinking when talking, it was as if she were returning answers inorganically like a parrot.

“Yeah. That’s why, I go by the name Tomoe. I recently went to the Empire you know. Together with my master.” (Tomoe)

“Ara. If you had visited, I would have brought out tea. Don’t act so distant. But well, I was a bit busy myself so it can’t be helped huh. I am sorry for not offering any reception. Even though you went out of your way to walk out of the wasteland.” (Grount)

Experiencing an unexpected reunion with an old friend dragon, the woman -Superior Dragon Sand Wave, named Grount- greets Tomoe.

As one would expect, she still doesn’t understand the situation.

“Kuku, and so Grount, you had some business with me, right?” (Root)

Root sits at an opposite sofa from Tomoe and looks at the still standing Grount.

“!! That’s right, Root! What’s with that hyuman?! It was Lancer’s egg, the egg of a superior dragon, you know?! And to entrust it to something like a hyuman!!” (Grount)

“But he was strong, right?” (Root)

“W-Well that is…” (Grount)

“As expected, stronger than me?” (Root)

“At the very least, I felt more despair compared to the time when I was fighting you.” (Grount)

“Hah…so it was huh. That hurts. A fellow superior dragon is telling me in this way after all. Just what in the world is Makoto-kun trying to become?” (Root)

Root throws his back towards the sofa and looks at the ceiling.

Contrary to his words, he looked quite happy.

“Makoto? No, he said his name was Raidou though.” (Grount)

“Yeah, whichever is fine. Makoto-kun is Raidou after all. Well, you know, it is that; he has two names just like us. Don’t mind it.” (Root)

“Is that so…then… like hell I will swallow that answer! I will have you explain it properly! About that ultima weapon-like hyuman, the reason why Lancer has turned into an egg, and the reason why I have to look after Lancer!!” (Grount)

“… But you know Tomoe, it is incredible huh. There’s this many superior dragons gathered in one room of the Adventurer Guild. This is a little like a summit, don’t you think? Summit 5?” (Root)

Grount has an incredibly threatening attitude beside Tomoe. Sitting right in front of Root, she draws closer to him.

But Root cooly washed away that stern expression of hers and throws the conversation to Tomoe.

“There’s only the 3 of us in the room though.” (Tomoe)

“How sad. If Grount had brought Lancer, it would have been 6.” (Root)

“Even if you continue piling up words that are not getting through, there would be no point.” (Tomoe)

“For us who gather rarely, this is quite the event though…” (Root)

“Root!! Just what in the world are you saying!! I won’t be deceived!!” (Grount)

Grount’s threatening attitude didn’t stop.

“I know. You are talking about Lancer, right? I will be explaining it now geez. See, here.” (Root)

“… Hah?” (Grount)

Root takes out two eggs from who knows where and puts them on the table.

Grount’s eyes open wide.

Because she understood what those eggs were.

“This one is Night Clad, and this one here is Waterfall. And so, it is regretful. Aside from us, all the other superior dragons have been hunted down~!!” (Root)

“… Uhm, eh?” (Grount)

“At first it was the Famed Sword, Lancer. The next would be Waterfall, and the one after was Night Clad. Crimson Red was the last one. Went around killing them all you see.” (Root)

“I didn’t hear any of this you know?” (Grount)

“The superior dragons were being targeted, so don’t you think the person responsible had done the necessary to prevent it from getting out?” (Root)

“!!! Don’t tell me, that hyuman was the one who did it?!” (Grount)

“Heh. Ah, that’s wrong. He is the one who settled the problem. He defeated  the offender. And so they became eggs. About Lancer, he doesn’t have anyone to take care of it, so I thought of leaving him to you. That’s why I requested Makoto-kun to do the errand.” (Root)

“… Just who in the world was the one responsible?” (Grount)

“It is embarrassing to say but, the one responsible was a mixed breed of a hyuman and dragon that superbly inherited my blood. You see, it went absorbing the power of the defeated dragons and had become quite the crazy issue. Even the Empire’s hero-kun was at the verge of dying. Ah~, I’m truly sorry.” (Root)

“The Empire’s hero. Ah, the charm one. Because that thing was there, I returned to my younger self and was thinking of being absent from the Empire for a while.” (Grount)

Grount was showing a suffering expression as if holding in a headache.

“We are in this state of situation, so do spare me from doing that. After things have calmed down, you can do it. In your case, you are able to reincarnate with your memories intact after all. That technique, I would really like you to teach it to me.” (Root)

“It is unnecessary for you who can live by without reincarnating, right? And so?” (Grount)

“And so, what?” (Root)

“That hyuman, just how did he defeat a monster that had devoured the power of 4 superior dragons? You cooperated as well, right?” (Grount)

“Hm, it was a straight battle of power. Regarding me, it was like, I gave the last hit? Thanks to that, I ended up in a variety of circumstances with him though. Well, he is a boy that is fun to get involved with, so I don’t really mind.” (Root)

The eyes of Grount are wide open once again.

Her mouth was also wide open as if her jaw had dislocated.

Tomoe who was silent, was covering her mouth and trying to hold down her laughter.

“… Root, just how long are you going to keep joking around? From what point should I begin to seriously listen?” (Grount)

“How rude. The only joke I made was the message I gave to Makoto-kun, but everything else I spoke seriously.” (Root)


“Yeah. I told him that at the Empire there’s my Oba-san dragon by the name of Grount, so please bring the egg of Lancer to her.” (Root)

“So it really was your doiiiing!!!” (Grount)

With a speed akin to instant movement, Grount puts one leg on the table and grabs the collar of Root, lifts it, and shakes it violently back and forth.

It is the most movement they have had today.

“Wai-, ugah, calm…down!!” (Root)

“Like hell I can be calm!! This is the first time I have tasted such a despairing experience you know?! My blaze couldn’t even make his clothes flutter; when my spell hit him, it wouldn’t reach and would be cancelled! My nails and fangs as well, no matter how many times I hit him, he shook his head apologetically!!” (Grount)

“Acha~. That magic armor has that much strength huh. Moreover, it seems to have stabilized quite a bit. How scary.” (Root)

“It is not on the level of scary! At the end, my nails were cracked and hurt a lot you know?! See here!!” (Grount)

While hanging Root with one hand, Grount stretches her right hand before Root’s eyes.

Her fingers were beautiful, but just like she said, her nails were grandly cracked and were in a hurting state that people would frown when looking at it.

“You didn’t have them healed?” (Tomoe)

Tomoe asks Grount as she sips her tea.

“He did ask me if I wanted it healed. But… there’s no way I would just go: ‘Okay, please’, right?! Spreading blood lust, throwing out attacks, and when I was tired, I got artlessly grabbed and thrown away; he said that right after!!! It took me my whole to say: ‘Don’t look down on me, what’s your business?’, you know?!” (Grount)

“I see. For a crushed dragon like you, Waka was unable to say anymore huh.” (Tomoe)

“I also have my pride as a superior dragon… Waka?” (Grount)

Grount who has been responding to Tomoe without facing her, at this moment for the first time, she turned her face towards the back where Tomoe is.

“Yeah, I told you that I was at the Empire, right? Along with my master.” (Tomoe)

“Yeah.” (Grount)

“My master’s name is Raidou-ja.” (Tomoe)

The air in the area froze.

The one who was creating a noisy atmosphere was Grount, and the person herself had frozen in place.

“… What did you say?” (Grount)

“Didn’t I say it already? That I had made a ruling pact with a hyuman. That person was Raidou, or Makoto-sama to put it in another way. My master-ja.” (Tomoe)

“A ruling…pact. You did say it before… EEEEHH?! You made a ruling pact… with a HYUMAN?!” (Grount)

“Just how long do you take to get it? Are you aiming to become an actress or something?” (Tomoe)

“Eh, but Tomoe, a superior dragon and a hyuman… ruling; and that’s with that boy, Raidou?” (Grount)

“That’s right-ja. Oh, don’t put down Root. Keep him like that-ja.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe stops Grount who had lost the strength in her arm that was holding Root because of her absentminded state.

“Eh, why are you saying something like that, Tomoe? Wasn’t the talk heading to drinking all together after a long awaited reunion between superior dragons? If I remember correctly, you have a delicious Sake that you made.” (Root)

Root felt an air of turbulence stroking his cheek.

He timidly confirms with Tomoe.

“Of course, there’s no lie in that. But you see…” (Tomoe)

Tomoe faces Root who was across Grount, and continues speaking with eyes holding a sharp light different from any before.

“Before the drinking bout, I have something I want to ask. Well, I have already gotten a confession though. How dare you set up Waka to say the taboo word at Grount. Moreover, in a misunderstanding where he would most likely say it repeatedly.” (Tomoe)

“N-No well, that’s you see… I was 100% sure that Makoto-kun wouldn’t go for the kill, and I also knew that Grount wouldn’t be able to kill him, so… see? When thinking about it properly, don’t you think that the best way to understand Makoto-kun is after exchanging fists with him?” (Root)

“… Because of that, I suffered quite a wound in my heart though?” (Grount)

“G-Grount, let’s calm down. 1vs2 isn’t something a superior dragon should do. Don’t you think so?” (Root)

“Be at ease, Grount. At the drinking bout later, I will have you heal that wound with the best Sake. That’s why right now… you understand-ja na?” (Tomoe)

Root and Tomoe face Grount and speak to her.

“Understood. Right now your name is Tomoe, right? We have to talk for a bit to this idiot with bad taste, isn’t it?” (Grount)

“Umu. Of course, a talk with fists, that is.” (Tomoe)

“Yes, with fists. In good time. After this finishes, I will get treatment for my nails.” (Grount)

“Tomoe, from the beginning you came here with those intentions, weren’t you?!” (Root)

“You have went a bit out of boundaries, Root. It is still long till night. It is a nice time to take a break!!” (Tomoe)

“I will have you learn how scared I was!!” (Grount)

“Wai-?! Today I seriously have work piled u—- agaaaaaa” (Root)

That night, the two dragon princesses were moistening their throats to their heart’s content with the japanese Sake.

Excluding one of them who had his wounds sting.

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