Chapter 178: Tomoki Appears

I have been betrayed by the Empire.

A snow country metropolis in a fantasy world.

I was actually really looking forward to the imperial capital’s appearance. Wondering what kind of illusory-like land it might be.

Like for example; a steampunk-looking place with steam coming out here and there.

Seriously, there’s nothing like that here.

It may be splendid, but well, it gives the impression of a fortress.

If it is like this, the first town I arrived to called Robin gave more of a snowy country than this.

A teleportation facility that can overlook the imperial capital of Ruinas.

There’s still one more teleport formation to arrive inside Ruinas, but the guides that followed us from Robin told us to please look at the imperial capital and gave us time here.

From what seems to be a mountainous area of tall mountains, what can be seen from below is a big city.

Even though its circumference is bright white with snow, the inside of the city looks normal like the one of Rotsgard.

There’s no snow piled up.

In those points, I think magic is involved.

It is heavily different from what I was expecting…

The imperial capital has a circular shape with three outer walls that demarcate the central and outside circumference.

At the very center there’s a castle I can see even from here, so that must be where the emperor is.

It seems like they place social classes to the people living in the imperial capital, so those outer walls are probably the representation of the difference between the people that live there.

A society reigned by social position huh.

An obvious difference is seen in the standings between hyumans and demons, so it isn’t strange to see differences within hyumans.

It might be a good chance to feel it with my own skin at least once.

“What do you think of the imperial capital, Waka?” (Shiki)

“I had an image that it would be more like… filled with snow or icy.” (Makoto)

“Me too. How to say it, it is a city with no elegance.” (Tomoe)

“That’s different from expectation huh. This time it will be a stay of about 2 days. There’s not much time to look around, so I am happy that they are showing us its entirety in this way. To investigate the atmosphere of the city, maybe I should leave that job to Shiki?” (Makoto)

“Understood. I will look around the state of the city when there’s free time.” (Shiki)

“I’m counting on you. I have to deliver this after all.” (Makoto)

I look at the bag I am carrying.

It seems to be the egg of Lancer. I have to bring this egg to a superior dragon named Grount.

The one guiding us has already been settled by Root to Princess Lily.

Root, he really does have mysterious connections.

He is a pervert without doubts, but his heartfelt consideration, I honestly appreciate it.

“Oh right, it would be bad to leave the guide waiting too much. Well then, let’s go.” (Makoto)



I call Tomoe and Shiki, and confirm that both of them nod.

I wave my hand at the guide that is looking at us from afar and return.

Later, we will be doing a teleportation once more, and then, after receiving several inspections, we will head to the place of the princess. There, we will meet the hero and the princess.

The Empire’s hero, Iwahashi Tomoki.

It seems he is 2 years younger than me, but as a hero, he has been playing quite the big role.

I wonder if the crater that can be seen slightly further away from the imperial capital was his doing.

If I am able to ask him about it, let’s try asking.

I am half looking forward to it and half uneasy.

While thinking hopefully about the second hero I will be meeting, I step onto the teleport formation.


“Well then Raidou-sama, please wait in this room here. The two there, I ask you to follow us.”

“…Understood. Tomoe, Shiki, see you later.” (Makoto)

The two are guided into the castle and disappear into its depths.

Being the only one left now, I open the door and wait. I follow the instructions of the guide that was here moments ago and enter the room at the left side.

It seems to be the norm to have the representative and the other party wait in different places when doing their greetings, and it is not like this is just a custom done only in negotiations.

Even if they isolate me in a business relationship, I have already decided that there will be no other conclusion than demanding to leave, so there’s not much point in doing so though.

If not, there would be no point in having Tomoe and Shiki accompanying me.

But I thought that the one isolated would be Tomoe. This is a bit unexpected.

I look at my given room as I wait.

As expected of the castle of a large country and the place where the emperor is in.

Leaving aside mine, this reception room is a lot more extravagant than the one from Zara-san and Rembrandt-san.

It isn’t like it is all shiny. There’s a calm and settled atmosphere that makes me feel its elegance and extravagance. What I am trying to say is that, I can’t calm down.

Drinking the given tea while sinking deeply into the sofa, the part at my lower back feels fluffy.

Hm, the presence of people..

2 of them. Slightly behind, there’s 3 more.


That’s quite a lot.

Even when there’s already 2 standing guard outside the door and a maid-san inside the room that is serving me tea.

Well, it would be better to wait for them standing.

Because I moved, the maid-san lifted her head, and while that happened, the door opens and the 5 enter the room. Seeing them, she does one step back and returns to her original position.

“Glad that you have come, Raidou-dono. You were a great help at Rotsgard.Let me please give you my thanks once again.”

Princess Lily was the first one to speak.

From the people here, she is the only familiar face.

“Thank you for inviting me in this occasion, Princess Lily. It’s embarrassing to say but, I have personally seen with my own eyes such a big city within this thick snow; witnessing the power of the empire, I thought that maybe we are out-of-place. That I am now able to meet with someone who I knew when in Rotsgard, I am slightly relieved.” (Makoto)

“I am happy that you praise our imperial capital. It is sad that it will be a short stay, and here I thought about escorting you and make sure you would have fun. However, when I saw your face, a desire of having you make a store at our country in your return has been borned. Please do consider it.” (Lily)


Her atmosphere is softer in its entirety compared to the time I met her in Rotsgard.

Is it because it is her own country?

But I was told that there would be no negotiation, yet, it already feels as if the odds and ends of the words have already deviated from mere casual talk.

More so because her mouth looks gentle, but the depths of her eyes were not smiling.

As I thought, I am no good with her.

And, the one at her side is probably the hero. He is standing right beside the princess, so there’s no mistake, right?

He is supposed to be Japanese, but maybe it is called *odd-eye*, the color of his eyes are different and the color of his hair is a natural silver.

Did he tamper with his appearance?

Or was he originally a half or a quarter?

I heard that he was two years younger from senpai, but his height is definitely over 180cm. A handsome man that wouldn’t look out of place in this world of hyumans.

I see. This type of people is what that Goddess prefers huh.

“Right. I can’t just be happy about our reunion. Raidou-dono, I will introduce you. The person here is the one providing support to our country, hero Tomoki-sama.” (Lily)

As I thought.

“You are the hero-sama huh. Nice to meet you, I am the representative of the Kuzunoha Company, name is Raidou. I am honored to meet you.” (Makoto)

“Iwahashi Tomoki.” (Tomoki)

While doing his greeting, he looks at me seriously.

“What is it?” (Makoto)

“Don’t ‘what is it?’ me. You are a Japanese, right? Your face is not that of a hyuman, and it doesn’t seem like you are a demi-human either. Also, you are using an obvious fake name like Raidou.” (Tomoki)

I was exposed in an instant.


Well, it is true that I don’t have a nice face. And the name Raidou is also one that can be easily pointed out by people that know of it.

Hm… but is it something that can be instantly pointed out?

Is he quite the gamer?

Senpai didn’t react much to the name Raidou after all.

“Ahahaha. Well, a lot happened and I am doing business here.” (Makoto)

“Your real name is?” (Tomoko)

“To-Tomoki-sama? What is all this about?” (Lily)

After Princess Lily glanced at me, she turns towards Tomoki and asks.

Understanding that Tomoki and I have some sort of connection seems to have shaken her quite a bit.

“This guy, he calls himself Raidou, but he is the same as me, an otherworldler. With his face features, it is practically certain that he is Japanese. In other words, a human from the same country as me.” (Tomoki)

“The same as Tomoki-sama… A hero?!” (Lily)

“I don’t know if he is. I have not heard about a third hero from the Goddess. Also, he is faking his own name and doing business. Hey, you. Please tell me your name.” (Tomoki)

“Misumi Makoto. I came here when I was in second year of senior high school. That would be two years higher than you, right?” (Makoto)

“Why do you know my age?” (Tomoki)

“I heard it from Hibiki-senpai. Before coming here, senpai was in Rotsgard you see.” (Makoto)

What’s with him?

I am telling him that I am older than him, and yet, how long does he intend to speak with me in that manner?

Maybe he is the type that doesn’t care about seniority?

“Senpai… then, you were a student from the same Nakatsuhara School as Hibiki?” (Tomoki)


He is even calling senpai without honorifics?!

Incredible. There’s an existence here that I can’t understand at all.

I want to say a few words about that usage of words of his, but the princess is here as well, and there’s also the three behind that are probably acquaintances of the hero or his companions.

I feel like it might be a bit bad to say this here.

“Yeah, that would be the case.” (Makoto)

“… Hmph. That’s not really interesting.” (Tomoki)


Leaving aside what he was implying, is that something you should be saying aloud?!

What do you mean by not interesting?!

“Uhm, Tomoki-sama. This occasion is only for greetings, so after introducing the others, we can leave other matters for later.” (Lily)

Maybe the princess felt like my conversation with Tomoki-kun would take long, so she cut into the talk.

But well, this Tomoki-kun was the type of junior that would go thinking that he can just go talking to anyone equivalently?


Perhaps I am the old fashioned one for being concerned about ages here.

For me, it was natural to use formal speech when it is towards someone even if it was only a one year difference though.

It was that way in the archery club.

“No, Lily. If he is Japanese, please let me speak with him for a little longer. I think that this way will be faster.” (Tomoki)

“…But that is… this person is a guest that I invited, and there’s also the point that he was called here for another matter.” (Lily)

“Sorry, please leave that for later. Two of his subordinates have come with him, so it should be fine to leave them a verbal message.” (Tomoki)

Hey hey!

That’s not something for you to decide.

What’s with this boy that’s acting all high-and-mighty?

What Princess Lily is talking about regarding that other matter is the guiding to the place of Grount and the permission to use the teleport formation, so it is something that is directly related to me though?!

Ah, geez.

Since this is happening, should I take this opportunity to give him a sermon?

“… Raidou-dono.” (Lily)

“Yes?” (Makoto)

The princess called me Raidou.

She didn’t call me Makoto or Misumi.

“It is about the matter that Falz-dono has entrusted you with. Is it one of those two that are actually going? I am thinking about going myself to tell them the particulars though.” (Lily)


Is this supposed to be the point where the princess yields?

The maids at the surroundings and the three at the back seem to be affected by the charm power of Tomoki-kun. The atmosphere around them is pinkish and doesn’t feel like there will be any point in trying to speak with them. The only one I could rely on was the princess who seems like she is not under his control, and yet…

Anyways, the charm power gives a more displeasing feeling than I expected.

It feels like being inside an elevator with a bunch of people that have thick perfume.

“Ah… about that, I was planning on going myself, so I will be the one doing the speaking.” (Makoto)

“… Raidou-dono will? I am sorry but, the domain of Grount is not a place where ordinary methods… ah, right. Since you are from another world like Tomoki-sama, it might not be that impossible. Understood. We will be leaving our seats for a while then.” (Lily)

“Lily, if you are going to be leaving, do so yourself please. I want the other girls to be here.” (Tomoki)

“Well then, I will be leaving for a bit. I also have something to speak with your companions, so I will be heading there.” (Lily)

“Got it.” (Tomoki)

“Ah, okay?.” (Makoto)

Uwaaa, the princess really left.

Tomoki-kun, how much authority do you have by being the hero of the Empire?

Is a hero such an absolute existence?

“Now then.” (Tomoki)

Tomoki-kun tosses himself grandly onto the sofa opposite of me and sat in a relaxed posture.

Just as he said, the three girls that are wearing the same dress design as the maids were still inside the room.

The three at the back of Tomoki-kun had a specially dazed expression.

Everyone is sexy, but just like what I said before, because of the charm power, it felt like something was stuck in my nose and it was nauseating.

“I didn’t think I would encounter a Japanese male. Ah, take a sit.” (Tomoki)

“……” (Makoto)

Being urged on, I sit.

How to say this; is he like this with anyone?

“Now then, let’s open our chests and speak to our heart’s content. For the time being, there’s something I definitely have to firmly request from you guys in this occasion. Is it okay to say this first?” (Tomoki)

“Fine but, I am two years older than you, Tomoki-kun. Don’t you use formal speech with your senpais?” (Makoto)

“Hah? Why would I do that for a stranger just because he was born earlier? I am the type of person that feels like changing one’s behavior depending on the person are the ones who are rude.” (Tomoki)

Being born earlier, and the fact that I am a stranger…. For me, this is plenty reason to be using formal speech though.

Hibiki-senpai, if you knew he was this kind of person, please tell me beforehand.

If you had done that, I would have been able to come here with my expectations low.


“…… I see.” (Makoto)

“In the first place, if you are talking about being formal, you who are a mere merchant should be the one being formal since I am the hero. You who changed your behavior because we are the same Japanese and have an age difference, shouldn’t be speaking about others, right? Our social standpoints hold precedence over seniority after all.” (Tomoki)


…… Is this guy serious?

I see. I can kind of understand why Tomoe hates him.

Leaving aside every single word he says, I can tell that he is trying to interpret everything in a way that fits him better.

Not only double standards, he feels like the type that would easily place triple to quadruple standards.

“Well, I won’t pursue that topic anymore. Let’s talk at ease. And then, ah right, about the request I had of you guys.” (Tomoki)

Eh? It was made as if I was the one in the wrong.

What’s with this flow?

There’s 4 people aside from me, and yet, it is strange that not a single one is saying anything.

“… Let’s hear it.” (Makoto)

I somehow collect myself and say only that.

“Give me Tomoe.” (Tomoki)


What is this idiot saying?

For only these few words, there was a need of a rather lengthy silence.

Because my head had gone completely blank.

I was seriously about to forget about everything that happened before it.

So it is really possible to blow away one’s thoughts.

“Hah?” (Makoto)

By the time I asked again, quite a lot of time had passed.

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