Chapter 160: Realizing he is the Devil, late night of autumn

At the center of the spacious room, there’s an extravagant bed with canopy attached.

In the interior of this room that is fit for late nights, at times it would turn silent, and at others it was filled with a rattling sounds of hitting something and a high-pitched laugh.

“Fufufufu…. Incredible, this is incredible!! So this is an otherworlder. This is a human! It easily does things that I wouldn’t be able to imagine!”

If the people who knew the usual him that is never perturbed by anything and always makes a gentle smile, and saw this scene of him flailing his legs and rolling his body left and right, they would be left speechless.

This place is his own room.

A boundary that he ordered no one to get close to.

The bedroom has soundproof applied, so this disgraceful behavior won’t be heard on the outside.

He was like a kid.

The adventurer guild’s master, Falz, real name Root. He was frolicking.

Before his very eyes, there’s a faint glittering quadrilateral frame. It can be clearly seen that Root’s excitement was coming from that.

“Makoto-kun should be in essence not human but hyuman though. Do all the people that live in the original world like the humans end up like this?! Ah~, I want to try this out no matter what. His child, his possibilities, I want to bear it with this body of mine!!” (Root)

The square wasn’t material, but an image.

An image floating in mid-air.

There, a bewildering scene changed continuously.

It’s a terrible image that one can clearly affirm that it is the worst camera work ever.

Up, down, left, right; at a glance, it is something that can even be seen as a disorder.

It isn’t something that one can properly watch at all.

Just one thing, no matter how crazily the image moves, a practically bluish hyuman figure can be seen at the center.

With that as the focus, it is the field of vision of something moving at high speed. That’s how it felt.

But Root didn’t make any complains about the image. He is just following it with his eyes as if having fun.

If he is actually able to understand the situation from this, he has terrifying dynamic vision.

For Makoto, what Root said would be quite unnerving, and the extend of the power is something to watch out for.

“I thought she was a boring irregular, but Sofia is also doing a good job. If she is able to somehow get through this situation, it would be fine to meet her at least once as a reward. Thanks to her I was able to see Makoto’s power after all” (Root)

While concluding that it would be impossible for that to happen, Root says this.

The stage of that image is Limia Kingdom, the capital.

Well, even if it is, it has already lost its functionality as a town.

It is a terrible spectacle that would make the majority of people who see this, think in that way.

“This is it for the capital huh. But because of the interference of the Goddess, the life of the hero was saved, and the demon generals quickly left the stage. Because of the jumbled power, I am unable to tell where Tomoe and Mio are, but being able to see Makoto-kun, and while at it, Shiki as well, is sufficient. At the raise of the curtains, he rampaged with a hilarious armor, and after getting a good laugh out of it, he activated his real power! Not only do I not get bored, looking at you day by day is so fun I can’t help it. Just in what way did you reach to such a power?” (Root)

Root asks the hyuman shape cladded Makoto who is at the center of the image.

Bluish hyuman shape.

That is a magic power mass.

But it isn’t just magic power.

It is an application method of magic power that’s not magic, enabling it to do physical interference.

The demon race gave up and the hyumans gave up as well; a dead research.

When Root was clear about the power of Makoto, for a moment, his face turned expressionless, and then, as if eating it, he looked at that appearance.

Then, taking off his bathrobe and ending up naked, he began making a big uproar without caring about the time.

“One of alchemy’s special techniques, the formation of the philosopher’s stone. A easy to use catalyst that can even be called almighty. If it’s without any impurities, it would truly be the ‘Replenishing Drug Elixir’” (Root)

Root remembers something.

The philosopher’s stone.

A secret high class catalyst that even among alchemists, only a few who have advanced their research by a considerable amount are able to understand.

If it’s in a complete state, it possesses a different effect aside from being a catalyst and a medicine.

But well, there have been no stories of any hyuman creating a perfected philosopher’s stone though.

Then why did Root reach that conclusion?

Because what Makoto did was sublimely disconnected from the normal path, and at the same time, it was showing incredible results.

And Root has connected this result with the term alchemy.

“For an alchemist, reaching the philosopher’s stone is the most supreme objective of all. That’s why researchers which are not limited only to alchemist, use this word to make comparisons with their own objectives. But well…” (Root)

Makoto revealed this to Root once.

That he wanted to increase the amount of magic power he had.

That he wants an appropriate way to release the magic power he retains.

Of course, Root who holds good will towards Makoto, introduced several methods to him.


Frankly speaking, Makoto didn’t have the qualities to do them.

That’s why, even if he did the most efficient and harsh training that Root denoted, Root didn’t expect more than 1/10 of the result a hyuman would show.

Repetition is power, but with that, one can’t expect an immediate effect.

And then, at the summer vacation of the Academy, Makoto secluded himself in a place Root didn’t know and continued his training.

It is a pity but, it isn’t a task that can be accomplished in just a month, is what Root thought.

Putting effort doesn’t turn into waste, and having Makoto reflecting and training was actually something desirable for Root, so he didn’t really give any comments regarding this.

In this time, the task of Makoto was to increase the amount of magic power that can be seen in his spell.

“This is crazy. Personificating magic power to the outside and use it depending on the needs. The magic power that that hyuman shape is composed of, it is being maintained one step close to critical point of when a spell is being activated. It is true that at that exact moment, magic power is the closest to being physical, but the consumption is so bad that it isn’t even worth the discussion. Even I wouldn’t be able to maintain it for that long” (Root)

A really inefficient method of resolution.

Just how much magic power Makoto possesses?

Root once again evaluates that he has no upper limit.

—No way he doesn’t have.

But even if he tries to calculate it into numbers, he thought that just by writing the zeros, he would get tired.

If it’s only a small dose of materialization, Root thinks that he would be able to maintain it for several minutes, but he doesn’t think that he would be able to do it like Makoto in practical use against Sofia, and with that amount nonetheless.

If you are going to use that amount of magic power, it would be easier to just gather it from the surroundings and create a crater with it.

It is without doubt, an ability only Makoto would be able to use.

“Magic power at the verge of critical point and alters diversely. He gave concrete form to it and is actually using it for offense and defense, huh. When aiming to create the philosopher’s stone, it is something that creates a genuinely disarrayed chaos. But you were able to do exactly that. I can’t say which one is more amazing, but it is certain that it is totally crazy” (Root)

The image dyes in black.

In the second he turned his eyes away, it seems like Sofia had fallen to the ground.

The image that was coming out from her own field of vision, of course would black out the moment hers blacks out as well.

To think that the Myriad Colors dragon who Sofia is looking for, is actually using her as a substitute for a camera, there’s no way she would be able to imagine it.

This image is her field of vision.

But it shakes and jolts.

The sensation is close to that of a small sized camera fixed at one’s face.

He was unable to tell what was done to Sofia, but Root didn’t seem that regretful about it.

No, Root didn’t even hold any expectations that Sofia would put up a good fight.

For Sofia who only obtained the power of a few superior dragons, he knew that it wasn’t an opponent she could match. The moment Root saw that materialization of magic power, he was sure of it.

At the same time, Root felt pity towards the adventurer that holds the alias Dragon Slayer.

If she were to know her place, if she didn’t go scheming with Lancer and hunted the superior dragons, if she didn’t try to challenge Root, if she only continued doing her activities as an adventurer, she would have lived her life as a winner and finish her life that way.

Well, now that it has come to this point, it is pointless talk already.

“Magic power edition ‘Number One Origin, Materia Prima’, is maybe how I should call it? If there’s still no name yet, I should try proposing it. You will probably not understand those words and its meaning though. The creation theory you left for later and decided to run away from… right now, this boy was able to put it to practical use and even utilize it for physical labour. Even though you didn’t even reach the general principle. Makoto-kun, you are truly the ideal hyuman I have depicted. The person I have imagined, tried to realize, and craved for, is already right in front of me. The core of my body is throbbing, melting… I feel like I will go crazy”

Root places a name to the power of Makoto which can be considered the pseudonym of chaos.

Without saying the true meaning of those words, just the heat of those words remained inside the room.

The image once again turns into the view from the sky.

Several red lights were shot towards the hyuman shape.

Even though they were being shot from different locations, they were all landing at the same sport of the hyuman shape.

Like a high-angle fire, she changes her trajectory and concentrates on one point of the hyuman shape as it is shot.

It is a deed that shows quite the high technique and concentration ability.

Even so, what Root was looking with his feverish eyes, was only Makoto who was enveloped by that hyuman shape.

In the middle of it, he changed his body to that of a woman and her body trembled.

Even though it is already reaching its resolution, it was as if he had completely forgotten about the variant strife that was occurring at Rotsgard.

Root passed a sleepless night.

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160 thoughts on “Chapter 160: Realizing he is the Devil, late night of autumn

  1. All this prose about looking at a magical TV with shitty reception just to tell us Root has “terrifying dynamic vision.” Are you kidding me? Cool story, bro; remind me again when someone’s actually trying to kick Root’s arse. And people tell me that the author can’t afford to explain everything.

    Later, the fucking camera again: “But it shakes and jolts. The sensation is close to that of a small sized camera fixed at one’s face.” No1curr.

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  2. I’ve been wondering this but hyumans are naturally beautiful, that is like one of their basic traits along with needing the goddess’ blessing to help them survive, so since Makoto is missing the beautiful trait, I don’t think he was a full hyuman, I think he evolved into a human/ hyuman hybrid or some god character messed with his dna before he was born, plus is he is just hyuman he can’t have children with Mio, Tomoe or Root so there is that

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well the reason hyumans can’t have superior dragon babies are because they’re too weak as a species.

      But humans can because they’re strong enough. It’s not certain which category will apply to Makoto.


    2. As far as I understand, bug goddess built her ‘hyumans’ to be as close to ‘human’ as possible. Minus the personality traits she didn’t like and plus buckets o’beauty of course. Considering her personality I wouldn’t be surprised to find out she just stole a few real ‘humans’ and made minor modifications. In fact, like psychronia said there may not actually be any difference between them, and it’s just be a strength thing.

      That said, despite them all being born on ‘hardmode’ earth, wasn’t Makoto the only one of his siblings that was frail? It’s possible that just being born on “HMEarth” makes one a ‘human’. Both his parents were ‘hyuman’ originally, but his sisters almost certainly classify as ‘human’, so I feel like Makoto might be a ‘human’ who was born with ‘hyuman’ base stats. I remember somewhere it said that he almost died a couple times growing up, but he was a relatively normal guy when he got brought over.
      Actually, if Makoto’s body was originally built to run on a gods blessing, and was then trained by a lifetime without one, it might partly explain why he seems to be getting stronger physically too. He’s been basking in Tsukiyomi’s blessing the whole series after all.

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    3. you can’t say ”he is just hyuman he can’t have children with Mio, Tomoe or Root so there is that” did you read this novel from the start ?
      did you didn’t know the concept of adapt ability or evolution ??
      makoto is no longer “ordianary hyuman” just re-read if you forgot about it,

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  3. Re: Makoto, a Hyuman, being not that attractive: Epigenetic are a thing. Also, consider this: Take a sapling from, say, a pine tree, then grow it in an area without enough nutrients, warmth or water, and you end up with, well… Bonsai.

    Depictions of Makoto show him being a bit short, a bit scrawny (which could be changed with specific diet and exercise), and with sharp, yet perfectly symmetrical features, perhaps showing a lack of facial fat.

    Alternate theory is, that his parents were pregnant when they crossed over, which, we’ve been told, can be very traumatic, and not always survivable for Hyumans.


  4. That was a great chapter, still waiting for more, but RL takes priority. THANKS REIGOKAI-SAN
    BTW, to those who know Arifureta, which is the worse perverted Dragon, Tio or Root?

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    1. Tío. Root isn’t so open with it in the presence of Makoto as always, but Tío goes absolutely crazy, even going so far as to ask for anal play in front of a whole group

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      1. He is only using that form for appearance sake since he is known as Falz of guildmaster , even if he wanted to take the female form to flirt with Makoto he can’t cause it would cause a huge uproar in the whole world if the guildmaster which is his male form suddenly disappeared

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  5. I know it is late to say this but to this day, the Uchiha clan was born having eyes that can have abilites and even going on for an outer body for the sake of offensive and defensive. Well enough with bs hahaha 😀
    Well anyway, thank you for this chapter! 🙂


  6. And, yes, for this type of things is that I don’t really know if in some point Root will become part of the harem.

    The name Materia Prima is one I really like because in my languague have sense and is literally like that.


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