Chapter 155: Participation of the Devil ④

Is that really senpai?

I do want to confirm it, but that will be for later.

If it were the usual me and that is actually my senpai, it wouldn’t be strange to wave my hand and talk to her in this type of reunion.

It is like coincidentally meeting with an acquaintance while travelling abroad.

Even so, I was able to arrange my thoughts because of the atmosphere in this place.

I once again look at the place I have descended to.

We are probably at the audience room of the king or something like that.

It has a space that fits the bill, and in the place that seemed to be the highest spot in this location and most likely where the throne was in, there’s a wreckage.

There’s signs of destruction here and there pointing out at an intense battle. Most of the people here are injured.

The only ones who look fine at glance are the small girl in the hero party and… the Giant who exudes personality.

Looks like the Goddess has thrown me right in the middle of the battlefield, as per usual.

“Waka-sama, the hero is probably that person there. Should we begin by safeguarding her? “ (Shiki)

With a small voice, Shiki asks me.

… This is bad. If he calls me by Raidou or by Waka, I feel like my identity could be guessed.

Even so, as long as ‘that person’ is here, Makoto is also no good.

Should I increase my names?

There’s a limit to how troublesome that would be.

Moreover, in this white attired state, I don’t think I will be using that name in the future at all anyways, so maybe it is fine.

“Shiki, when talking to me, there’s no need to call my name, just state your business. No matter what you call me, my identity might be exposed after all” (Makoto)

“That’s true. Understood… Then, just in this occasion, I will call you master. About me… please call me Larva. If you call me Shiki, it might be exposed after all” (Shiki)

“Larva is a name Rona knew. Is that okay?” (Makoto)

“That woman doesn’t think that I am actually serving under Waka-sama. In that case, I am thinking about using that misunderstanding. For those kind of people, instead of a far off lie, it is more effective to use this” (Shiki)

“I leave it to you. For now, I want to test if I can actually use common language, so I will step forward and go to where the hero is. The demon general… well, from what I see, it looks okay” (Makoto)

“… Is that so. Understood” (Shiki)

“I will probably have Shiki move A LOT later, so for now, just wait” (Makoto)

“I appreciate the consideration” (Shiki)

My head is still a bit heavy.

If with this I am still unable to speak common language, I won’t be able to bear it.

Looking at the skeleton that is slightly hanging down his head as if disappointed, I implicitly tell him that he will have his turn later.

Because in truth, it felt like that’s how it would turn out to be.

In this embarrassing attire, the magic power is being confined inside, so I don’t need to use [Sakai] to conceal it.

That’s why I am able to use [Sakai] for perception and area understanding after a long time.

If we put aside the part about looking like a special effects hero cosplay, this is equipment that would fit me the most in my everyday life.

But that one bad point is the biggest reason why I can’t use it for everyday life, so there’s no point though.



I begin to walk towards the place where the hero and the giant are confronting each other with about 10 meters of distance between them.

When I began moving, tension ran through them. And they mutually, no, they were both staring at me.

The distance between them and me is around 50 meters.

Of course, I was taking into consideration their movements as well.

While keeping my perception [Sakai] to a level where I don’t lack in details, I expand the domain of my [Sakai].

From the castle to the town, I watch the battles that appear in my mind and are occurring in several locations while I grasp the topography.

Looks like I can do it now.

The composition of the demon race forces are, as expected, demi-humans, mamonos, and also demons.

There’s no real inclination, but the demons are slightly fewer.

The equipment is quite good and it really does feel like a soldier.

Also, the points of battle are really easy to tell.

It looks like the invasion points are all aiming at the castle.

Is it to secure the entry paths or are the battles concentrating in a long and narrow isosceles triangle area with the castle at its summit?

I have mostly understood the information in the vicinity.

I will decrease the precision and increase the scope.

To the point that I can’t tell the races of the people here, I was able to reach until the outer walls of the capital.

I see… the demon race even destroyed the walls huh.

Looks like they have some incredible weapon or magic.

It seems that’s the base for the triangle area.

The number in the demon’s side is… it is probably because it is a surprise attack but, it looks like there’s several thousands.

In terms of numbers, the ones protecting the Kingdom are many more.

Just that, this isn’t a fight in a plain or with military formations, so if there isn’t a difference of 10 or 20 times, it might not be a decisive difference.

It is out of the question to have less people at the attacking side, but the demon race that has invaded into the town have already taken relatively solid mobilization, so for the Kingdom side that is dispersed like crazy, they are probably being faced with an attack as if piercing their stomach.

Looking at the fires occurring around the locations that are not in the march’s course, a cooperator of the demon race or a spy might have been infiltrated.

In Rotsgard, the incident occurred from the inside after all.

“Looks like Limia intends to abandon the capital temporarily. Units are gathering at the outsides, so maybe they are going to encircle the capital?” (Makoto)

“… For the hard-headed Limia Kingdom, that’s quite the flexible choice. Is this the influence of the hero?” (Shiki)

Again, I talk with Shiki in a small voice that can’t be heard on the other side.

I have already reduced the precision to the point that I can only tell how many people are gathered and expanded the scope in a breath.

I could tell that a mass of people are coming from the several towns in the vicinity and were heading towards the capital.

I felt that, in contrary, the people in at the capital were trying to leave, so I thought that maybe they are aiming for encirclement.

Shiki looked like he was slightly surprised, but I could tell that a battle aura was coming out from his whole body.

It has an overpowering sensation that would make anyone who has a weak heart to faint.

Also, everytime he talks, his dark red light for eyes flicker, so the intensity doubles.

Fortunately, my expression can’t be seen. I turn my face forward while making a wry smile.

“I don’t know who you are but, stop”

The giant gives me a warning.

A voice filled with dignity fitting his appearance.

Also, as expected, he is big.

Even with only one finger of his, it would make an arm of mine.

But I didn’t stop.

Because I can’t protect the hero from here.


The hero’s side is still silent.

If I could hear her voice, I would be able to tell if it’s senpai or not though.

If it’s really senpai, I will have to change my plan into a slightly gentler one for the hero.

No matter what, doing terrible things to my senpai is a bit, you know.

The giant, seeing that I showed no reaction and continued walking, send a glance towards his surroundings.

They were still lying in ambush. The soldiers that were hidden appeared from the pillars at the sides and charged towards us.

If the person ignores the warning, it is immediate elimination.

As expected.

I can tell that the hero is gulping her breath.

So she didn’t know about this huh.

For me, they were enemies I already perceived with [Sakai].

This wasn’t a surprise attack or anything of the sorts.

From up, down, and the sides; from each direction, 4 attacks were directed at us.

It wasn’t at the same time, but those movements show coordination.

I can tell they have been trained.


As if holding me back from doing something, Shiki silently moves.

In his hand, there’s a pitch black staff.

It isn’t the one he uses at the Academy.

Because there’s no gem that is said to be completely necessary for a magician’s staff. That’s why I told him not to use this one at the Academy.

In terms of appearance, instead of a staff, it is more like… a rod.

I am not used to moving in this suit so, well, it can’t be helped. I will let Shiki have this one.

“I finally have the chance to be of use in battle. I will give you my thanks, weaklings. Depart painlessly” (Shiki)

A cold voice.

At the same time Shiki says this, he lightly taps the lower end of his staff to the floor.

Shiki really does like activating his spells like this huh.

Immediately following, the two winged people that were coming at us from above, both explode at the same time.

Just like that, he soundlessly moves towards my right side where a black clothed demon is.

Taking out a blade from the designless staff, Shiki cuts off his neck.

It isn’t the spear-shaped blade he normally uses, but a giant curved blade.

A giant scythe huh.

Since his appearance is that of a skeleton, it is totally a death reaper.

The last one changed his aim from Shiki to me, he changed the stance of his sword to a stabbing one and lunged at me.

Will Shiki make it in time?

It was an unnecessary worry.

In front of my face that was facing the side, the back of Shiki was reflected.

Even though he is good at this kind of short range instantaneous movement, I wonder why it gets harder the longer the distance?

I thought he would be more fit for this kind of thing than even Mio, but it seems Shiki is not good at teleporting in long distances.

Well then, the last one…

The one who is being held by the skeletic hand at her head and being lifted up is… a black skinned Elf-looking person.

She has a hood, so I can’t really tell.

Is this what they call a dark elf?

The sword she held struck around the sternum of Shiki and broke.

Her figure while still holding her broken sword that couldn’t accomplish its task, was tragic.


Those were her last words.

The important portion that molded life was sucked by Shiki. In an instant, she was bleached white and died.

Wiped out without doubt.

I nodded once and resume my steps silently.

Shiki lightly brushes off the dust and follows after me.

The hero side and the demon race side.

In time, we arrive.

“You won’t mind… considering you an enemy, right?”

The words of the giant.

It seems he is asking me, but he is already filled with hostility.

“… Are you an ally?”

The words of the hero.

… As I thought, she is really senpai huh.

In the voice I have heard before, I make a small sigh.

Why is she in this kind of place?

With no discomfort, she would have been able to live her life stably in a practically tranquil manner.

Thanks to Mio’s strangely detailed work, my voice is changed.

In this kind of appearance, it is practically impossible to recognize me, but if I ask her: ‘why did you come to this world?’ she will most likely grow suspicious.

Right now I am an enigmatic character, and there’s merit in having my identity unknown.

It isn’t something I want to ask at the risk of exposing myself.

I was indeed interested, but I didn’t voice it out.

“Through an agreement with the Goddess, I will safeguard the hero. Also, the demon race should abandon Stella Fort at once and take shelter. If it’s with your side’s thought transmission skills, you should be able to communicate with them” (Makoto)

“So you really are an enemy huh. I have never seen that appearance before. Is that ancient equipment, or could it be, judging from your voice, are you some type of golem? So the Goddess still had more pawns”

The giant has regarded me as an enemy and takes his stance.

The glossy black skin of his that looks like obsidian, shows flexible movement. He takes the stance of a martial artist.

Is his style hand-to-hand combat?

At his four arms he has equipped gauntlets, no, it reaches close to his shoulders, so it is probably more accurate to call it an order-made arm gauntlet.

“That’s a misunderstanding, giant. I don’t hold the will to be hostile towards the demon race. If you guys leave this place and abandon Stella Fort, I promise you that I won’t let the hyumans pursue you” (Makoto)

“Can’t do that. I will eliminate the hero here. My subordinates fighting in this capital and I have come here for that purpose. We also have no reason to abandon Stella Fort”

“Even the orcs are not pillaging and violating women. Leaving aside their skills, if you have a force that is this well trained, it would be a big loss for the demon race if you were to lose them, right?” (Makoto)

“It’s strange to be praised by the enemy, but for now, I will say thank you. But between losing my forces and abandoning our objective, the level is just totally different. The two conditions you have mentioned are not things I can accept in no way”

He isn’t attacking me in my no-stance state.

Instead of calling it the spirit of a military man, it is most likely that he is trying to measure me.

This person is a military man and a soldier as well.

And for some reason, I knew what he is currently by instinct.

“That’s regrettable. The demon race’s army has demi-humans and mamonos without any discrimination. Honestly, I think your thinking is a lot more advanced than that of hyumans. You have a disciplined army. I feel like you are worthy of respect” (Makoto)

“… It’s regrettable for me too. The fact that someone who has that kind of thoughts is a vanguard of the Goddess, that is. No matter how many races we include, we are the sword of Demon Lord-sama. The sword that our Lord swings must be filled with dignity and awe. Vulgar behavior will only dirty that sword and will only deduct the worth of that Lord and its country”

He probably still has spare energy to resume battle.

The giant looks like he doesn’t wants to speak anymore.

“So you are trying to finish it in one swing?” (Makoto)

“That’s right. Our Lord says that it will shoulder all our actions. In that case, no matter if we end up breaking in fragments after one swing… we will certainly destroy our enemy. If we can’t do that, we won’t be able to answer its trust. Your proposal is rejected. Move aside. If you are going to cover the hero, I will have to destroy you as well. If you are able to think that much, you should have noticed the darkness under the rule of the Goddess as well”

“I have received my payment in advance. I think this is a villainous role, but in this occasion, I will be standing at the hero’s side. Even if it’s a promise with a person that I don’t feel any speck of trust, I don’t want to break it” (Makoto)

“That’s regrettable. In that case, I will be bringing down both you and the hero. My name is Io. Demon General Io” (Io)


“You won’t name yourself huh. Fuh… but to think that I would be interfered twice in killing Hibiki by a white person. Is this what they call the destiny of the hero?” (Io)

As I thought, it is settled, she is senpai.

I don’t remember the name of the Empire hero either, but he had a japanese-like name and Japan is super popular in parallel worlds.

Maybe he is doing this as substitute for a greeting, Io pushes out his fist.

Placing a small quantity of strength in my lower half, I stop it with my left hand.

“You stopped it?!” (Hibiki)

The surprised voice of senpai resonates from my back.

If we consider the difference in heights, it would certainly look abnormal.

“Limia’s hero-san. Along with her companions, Larva, place them by your side and take them away” (Makoto)

“From what you have said, it felt like you weren’t an ally but… is it okay to believe in you?” (Hibiki)

“Of course. I won’t let them put a finger on you. Larva” (Makoto)

“Yes” (Shiki)

“Io is crazy strong. Don’t try fighting him in strength, not even by error. This is advice from a defeated person that couldn’t compare in technique” (Hibiki)

“I will take it as reference” (Makoto)

I will probably be competing in strength though.

I stop the other attack of the giant with my right hand.

“How can you do that with that body?! But!” (Io)

“I see, I don’t have enough arms” (Makoto)

“That’s how it is!!” (Io)

I can feel a dull and distant impact from my flank.

And while at it, another attack hit my chin in between the space of the thick arm.

How skillful.

But that’s not enough.

His strength that is.


“Your reaction is fast, but you see…” (Makoto)

Noticing that his attack isn’t showing the desired amount of power, Io immediately jumps back.

As if matching him, I chase after him.

If it’s the agitated Io, I might be able to hit him at least once.


Entering to his bosom, I turn my back from him.

Just like that, I make a turn and do a backhand chop.

It was perfectly guarded by the four arms.

But it looks like there was some damage.

“… The backhand chop of a Dragon Slayer” (Makoto)

“It is scary that you don’t sound like you are joking. There’s no way you are a Rose Sign as well but… you might be more fun than Hibiki” (Io)

I am half serious you know.

Releasing his guard, Io looks at me with cold eyes as if raging.

Now then, enhanced attack power, lowered defensive power; in this kind of state, will it bring good fortune or will it bring bad fortune?

Even when I am in a battlefield, my thoughts are simple, but can stay composed.

How mysterious.

Just by having a change of motivation, it feels this different.

I might even be more relaxed than in my time I was teaching at the Academy.

I once again place myself in front of Io who is looking for an opportunity.

My battle in the Limia capital has begun.

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