Chapter 153: Participation of the Devil ②

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“Fufu, it’s that huh. How valliant is the Empire’s hero-sama” (Sofia)

“Those are flashy attacks, but the firepower is also plenty good. It seems the information was correct that he gets quite stronger when night comes. Sofia, don’t underestimate him” (Lancer)

“There’s no way I would underestimate him right? I will think of this as practice for the time I kill the Devil. I am going to be doing this without holding back. That’s only if he is worthy of me doing so, that is” (Sofia)

“The Devil huh. That’s true. With this atmosphere, it wouldn’t be strange for that guy to appear. The current you might not get caught off guard, but no doubt he is still a formidable enemy” (Lancer)

“That’s how it is. Then, let’s do this!” (Sofia)

Sofia unsheathes the sword at her waist.

This is a different sword from the one she used to fight Makoto with.

The tinge and material properties of the sword blade share the same traits, but the great sword has been changed for a one handed sword, and a thin one at that.

Of course, Sofia was holding the sword with both hands.

Those eyes already seized the figure of the hero and his party that were flying around the battlefield faraway on their dragon.

“Good grief” (Lancer)

The superior dragon in the appearance of a boy, Lancer, cracks his fingers.

As if acting in concert to his nonchalant gesture, several shining swords appear in the sky.

It also appeared at the hero’s surroundings, and the movements of the flying dragon grow duller.

Even if it was far away, for Sofia, this is practically the same as saying there’s no distance at all.

A ferocious smile appears on Sofia’s face.

Lifting Lancer with her free hand, the two of them disappear.

“Ara, that kid noticed me” (Sofia)

“… He probably has a tool to search for enemies. I have heard that there’s ancient tools with outstanding perception power. More importantly, this one is still your partner even if provisionally, you know? Stop carrying me as if you were pinching a cat” (Lancer)

Slightly at the front of the flying dragon, the Dragon Slayer combi that appeared above ground were surprised that the Empire’s hero noticed their presence.

It may be sparse, but it is still a place where battle is unfolding.

To notice someone that has suddenly appeared in an instant, isn’t something ordinary.

The two that were able to perceive the hero’s state were also abnormal, but those girls didn’t seem to mind it.

The number of swords surrounding the flying dragon increased in a second.

It goes without saying, it is to confine them.

The confusion of the Empire’s hero, Iwahashi Tomoki, and his party; Sofia didn’t let it slip by.

With a spell that they couldn’t tell just how strong it was or who placed it, their mobility was killed temporarily.


“Good evening, Empire’s hero-sama” (Sofia)

“?! Who are you?!”

Sofia drops onto the back of the flying dragon.

Her movement was done by changing her position with a light sword, but for Tomoki who doesn’t know that power of hers, he could only see her as someone suddenly falling from the sky.

Tomoki is equipped throughout his whole body and, leaving aside his own moving ability, his appearance was one that left no doubts for his high defensive power.

“Sofia. Dragon Slayer Sofia. Have you not heard of me?” (Sofia)

“Dragon Slayer… Dragon Slayer you say?! That Sofia?!” (Tomoki)

“I am happy. For the hero-sama to know my name. You are the Empire’s hero, Iwahashi Tomoki, right?” (Sofia)

“Y-Yeah. What do you need so suddenly? Did you hear about the danger the Empire is facing and came to help me?” (Tomoki)

“This degree cannot be called danger for the Empire, right?” (Sofia)

After Sofia laughed away the words of Tomoki, she returns with a question herself.

“Well, even if Lily is not here, I am. This degree of attack from the demon race won’t defeat us” (Tomoki)

“How valliant. It seems I can expect something from this, maybe” (Sofia)

“But then, just why did you come to the Empire? I have heard that you wander here and there, and even if someone thinks about meeting you, they can’t find you” (Tomoki)

The name of Dragon Slayer Sofia is well known, but since she doesn’t show her face in the guild much, there were many times where people that want to meet Sofia, just can’t.

Not only that, she doesn’t cooperate much with the Guild’s calls, and there’s rumors saying that maybe her relationship with the Guild isn’t that good.

That’s why even the hero Tomoki hasn’t met her before.

A woman, and strong.

She fulfills these two requisites, so for Tomoki, it is a person he would like to meet once and ask for her cooperation.

Of course, that cooperation will be by using his charm powers, but since he possesses a method that makes them unable to betray him, there’s no reason to not use it.

“I was interested in you” (Sofia)

“In me? That… makes me happy. Then I invite you to the castle. Let’s talk plenty” (Tomoki)

“Fufu, I don’t care about your charm or anything like that. What I am interested in is…” (Sofia)

“Tomoki-sama!! Look out!!”

“Wa?!” (Tomoki)

The royal guard Ginebia, who was at the proximity of Tomoki, was paying attention to every action of Sofia, and places herself to the front of Tomoki.

A high-pitched sound of metal clashing reverberated on the back of the flying dragon.

“Quite the reaction there. Tomoki is a minus, but you knight lady, I give you a plus evaluation. That’s right, this scent. You have obtained the power of the dragon, right? The “Sand Wave Sazanami” huh” (Sofia)

“What are you playing here, Sofia? Pointing your sword at the hero Tomoki-sama. I don’t think you are a person that doesn’t understand the meaning of this action” (Ginebia)

Tomoki has his eyes wide open in surprise.

Aside from the two clashing their swords, Ginebia and Sofia, there’s also the dragon summoner, Mora; and the alchemist user Yukinatsu. Both of them had their body stiffened.

Because they have understood that the person that has appeared so close to them is an enemy.

“Of course I understand. Right, I forgot to mention this. Currently, I also have another title. Demon race vice-general Sofia Blue. Nice to meet you, hero-sama party” (Sofia)



“A demon race!”


“I heard about hero-sama’s reputation of being strong at night, so I thought I would like you to dance one song with us. How about it? The moon is beautiful this night, you know?” (Sofia)

Sofia jokingly does one bow.

Even though she is in a situation where she is technically surrounded by enemies, she doesn’t show any signs of tension.

“… No matter who you are!!”

Tomoki increases the strength of his charm power.

There’s only few people that this power hasn’t worked on.

On top of that, maybe because he has gotten used to utilizing it, its power has steadily increased.

Not only that.

He has been secretly training it himself for the sake of it working against the Kingdom’s hero and the Priestess. Right now, he would be able to even bring down an unprepared demon race with a glance.


“That’s not good, hero-sama. That doesn’t work on me. If you want to charm me, you have to be able to charm a Superior Dragon in an instant. But you know, hero-sama~, there’s a much simpler way” (Sofia)

“You… you know about the charm eyes?” (Tomoki)

“Such an outside tactic is useless. Hey, try winning against me. If you are able to do that, I will become yours. Even without those eyes, I will offer you my mind and body” (Sofia)

Turning the tables on Tomoki’s charm, Sofia emphasizes her breasts and thighs with a pose, and provokes him.

“Your level is still higher than mine, but I will teach you that a fight isn’t decided only by that!” (Tomoki)

“I am totally of the same opinion. Then first of all, this lizard is in the way” (Sofia)

At the same time as Sofia says this, her sword shines once again.

A scream leaks out from the flying dragon, Nagi, that was staying still in the sky.

“Nagi?! Y-Your wing! You, what have you done?!!” (Mora)

Mora’s words came fast. Nagi’s posture crumbles.

At that instance, the wing at the other side touched the light sword. A burning smell, and also another scream occurred.

The feet of Tomoki’s group was unstable, and yet, Sofia was firmly standing at the back of the dragon that was shaking violently as it drops.

“Well then, I will be waiting at the bottom. It is fine to come with your companions, and it is also fine to come alone. Just that, the moment you point a sword at me, no matter if you are a child, I won’t care. Come with the proper resolve” (Sofia)

Sofia jumps down from the back of Nagi which could only be seen as a suicidal action.

Confirming Lancer’s position with the light sword’s navigation line, she returns to her companion’s side.

“How was it? Was it a man worthy of being serious for?” (Lancer)

“There’s not even the need to use ‘that’. No matter how many come, no, it would be an opponent that would be easier if coming in groups. At that rate, I feel like he would be stronger alone” (Sofia)

“Hoh~ but I heard that he rarely fights alone though” (Lancer)

“That’s just my intuition. Also, that flying dragon, it was a bit good. If possible, I would want to make it mine” (Sofia)

“… It is better to have as much spoils as possible huh. Do as you wish. For a flying dragon, I think the “Crimson Light Akari” would be plenty enough though” (Lancer)

Lancer shows amazement at Sofia’s evaluation of the flying dragon.

At the same time, he mentions the name ‘Crimson Light’ which is a Superior Dragon just like himself, but because of his vagueness, the true meaning of those words were not understandable.

“That has other uses. Ara, they are here. The flying dragon is down huh. It would be troublesome to look for them later then” (Sofia)

While Sofia and Lancer were leisurely talking in the battlefield, Tomoki’s party showed themselves.

Nagi was nowhere to be seen.

‘It is probably resting at the landing point’ is the conclusion Sofia arrived at.

The place spoken of is in no way a safe place. It is in the middle of the battlefield after all.

Of course, the demon race won’t come attacking them.

But in the battlefield, there’s plenty of moments where your own allies make mistakes.

Hyumans and demons are desperate in defeating each other.

Sofia and Lancer were only talking together, but it wasn’t as if they weren’t receiving attacks from any side.

The attacks that were raining down and the attacks that were done by soldiers that have lost their mind, were all dealt with by freely controlling the several abundant light swords of Lancer.

In the midst of that spray of blood, those two were talking worry-free.

“No cares if it’s hyumans or demons? You guys are crazy”

“Ara, they are attacking us after all. That’s why I am just properly responding them. Well then, let’s begin. If you lose, the Kingdom and the Empire will be in a big pinch. Do your best, okay?” (Sofia)

“I am a hero that holds the divine protection of the Goddess. Don’t underestimate me just because you are a Dragon Slayer!” (Tomoki)

“Yeah, I won’t be sealing it. Let me test it, my current power!!” (Sofia)

Sofia approaches with sword in hand at the place Tomoki and Ginebia are preparing themselves in.

That assasin’s blade seizes the hero and the royal guard.


“You fell for it! Earth Doll’s restrain, Mad Rail!”

With a puzzled face, Sofia looks at the two that were cut down the moment they readied their stance.

As if answering her questions, a voice resounds from afar.

It was the voice of Yukinatsu who is adept in the use of Golems.

The figures of Tomoki, Ginebia, and also the other two that remain, crumbled, and then it coiled around Sofia as if they were tentacles.

“… Heh~ I couldn’t tell the difference. What an impressive spell” (Sofia)

“The consciousness is being sent directly from the person itself. Quite elaborate, right? Let me tell you something, it won’t be good to try getting out of it!” (Yukinatsu)

“Really? Is it made of a strong material or something–?!” (Sofia)

“I was just making noise until it finished transmuting, but it looks like it wasn’t needed” (Yukinatsu)

“It turned hard. Well thought out” (Sofia)

Sofia who confirms that the restrain changed into a black shining mineral, praises Yukinatsu.

“Is that composure? Or could it be, self-conceit? I wonder how long you can protect yourself from concentrated fire in that restraint state. Show her! Tomoki-sama!” (Yukinatsu)

“Well done, Yukinatsu! Ginebia, just in case, maintain defensive stance; Mora, match me. Let’s give some presents to Sofia! At a level that won’t kill her, okay?” (Tomoki)

“How dare you do that to Nagi! Unforgivable!” (Mora)

“It’s okay to not hold back. Come at me full force. That ojo-chan over there as well. You might not be able to meet that flying dragon ever again, so come at me with the intent to kill” (Sofia)

At Tomoki’s orders, the angered Mora shouts for her injured partner.

However, while completely restraint, Sofia, instead of saying hold back, provoked them to not hold back.

“… This woman is getting ahead of herself. In that case, I will do as you wish!” (Tomoki)

“Die!!!” (Mora)

The five types of weapons Tomoki possesses all activate at once.

Strong armaments that don’t depend on the divine protection of the Goddess, weapons that he himself possesses and were suited for him.

Dagger Gladius, Spear Artemis, Thin Sword Rapier, and the Small Arm Hand-Gun.

These are the weapons he currently possesses in his general firepower.

Right now he is treating the God-spear he considered a companion in his fight in Stella Fort, as a sub.

The strongest line-up for firepower.

In his left hand, a gun; at his right hand, the God-spear; the other three weapons were floating in mid-air and were around Tomoki.

This is the reason why he uses these three weapons.

Those three are weapons that can show their highest firepower even without being in one’s hands.

They possess powerful might, and they are able to endow elements in its attacks.

The gun in his hand is something that the Empire is strictly safekeeping in a certain town.

It possesses the light element and was given to Tomoki by the princess.

From its shape, Princess Lily thought that it would be useful for her development in guns, but this magic gun that is specialized in shooting magic power, was not that much useful when developing small arms that use gunpowder.

Because its inner structure couldn’t serve as reference.

Its outside shape was similar, but she judged that it was something different.

But well, as a powerful sacred treasure in the hands of the hero, it was fulfilling its role plenty well.

The five attacks Tomoki fired and the two attacks Mora released, rained onto Sofia.

A thunderous sound and an explosion.

If it were released onto troops, its firepower would easily kill at least a hundred.

Thinking about the after-effects in the military formation and the damage, it can be said that this is quite the strong attack.

And this attack was received at close range, concentrated in a single point.

If Ginebia’s defense wall wasn’t protecting Tomoki’s party, it might have injured them as well.

Even within the Superior Dragon’s, ‘Sand Wave’ is considered as having high defensive power, and it was because it was Ginebia herself who was given this power that made it possible to mitigate this attack.

“Heh… If she is alive, I wouldn’t mind adding her as one of my women” (Tomoki)

“Onii-chan! It is the woman that left Nagi in that state you know?! I am against it!” (Mora)

“Tomoki-sama, I am also against that idea. I felt like that person holds a dangerous ideology” (Ginebia)

“Even if you want to add her, it would be better to consult Lily-sama first” (Yukinatsu)

At Tomoki’s victorious words, his companions unanimously object.

Just Yukinatsu showed an ‘on hold’ mood, but her expression was unpleased.

“Oioi, you guys. Why are you being so carefree? You are fighting against Sofia, you know? Pile up more attacks and shower her” (Lancer)

The boy shows a behavior not fitting his appearance and reproaches the hero’s party.

His voice came from a place where their vision didn’t reach, at a faraway location.

The boy was at the back of Sofia a few moments ago.

Of course, he must have received a direct hit along with Sofia, or somewhere close to it.

There’s no way he would be okay.

At the very least, he wouldn’t be without injuries.

Tomoki looked at the cleared up place with eyes filled of disbelief.

Without obeying the words of ‘Continue piling up attacks’.


“No way”


“It was certainly a direct hit”

From each mouth came out a denial of reality.

“That was impressive. See? The restraining magic from just now was destroyed into pieces” (Sofia)

Sofia was standing.

“Also, even when you mixed that many elements, the firepower didn’t mutually intrude each other. What an artistic attack. Your coordination with that ojo-chan was also perfect. I was making fun of your charm, but it seems you are able to perform quite the good coordination” (Sofia)

While cracking her shoulders, she swings her sword.

As if doing warm-up exercises.

“But well, it wasn’t to the level that it would create a lake. I already have experience in that kind of out-of-norm attack. And we both were able to defend perfectly against it” (Sofia)

Sofia was showing those ferocious eyes she showed on the back of the flying dragon for a second.

The movements of the woman that looked as if she were doing stretches, were calm, and she slowly raised her right arm.

The thin sword points at Tomoki.

A smile steadily spreads at her whole face.

Conversely, Tomoki’s face showed slight agitation.

“I ended up reminiscing a bit. I was thinking about caressing you with about 5% of my power, but if you are able to do this much, I think it would be fine to increase it a bit, right?!” (Sofia)

Sofia’s figure disappears.

No, it didn’t disappear.

And as such, Ginebia showed a response.

It is just that an ordinary person wouldn’t be able to follow her moves.

As the strongest shield that protects Tomoki, she fulfilled that role.

“Now, Tomoki! Show me the power of a hero! Don’t finish with just a warm-up!” (Sofia)


“Well then, I have cleaned up the surroundings. Sofia is… fumu, done huh”

Lancer looks at the surroundings and nods. He confirms the state of Sofia who was rampaging at his front.

It was silent.

There’s already no one there.

It was the deed of Lancer.

At the back of Sofia who had begun seriously fighting the hero, he was killing everyone that entered his line of sight.

Reduce the amount of witnesses, is also one of the reasons he had, but it was mostly because he wanted to confirm his own power.

Being almost killed by Sofia once, his own power was quite weakened.

Even at the time when he was fighting the Devil, with Makoto, he was only able to use about half of his power.

After facing a painful experience because of him, for about half a year, Lancer was finally able to completely recover his power as a Superior Dragon.

‘It has finally returned to this point’, is what Lancer thought as he nods satisfied.

“Sofia! What are you going to do with them? If you kill the hero, you would be able to get the Demon Lord to owe you. I think it would be good to do it” (Lancer)

He talks to Sofia.

Right now she was looking at the 4 defeated ones.

Miraculously, no one was dead.

No, there’s no way something so convenient has occurred.

It is just that Sofia didn’t kill anyone.

“… That means not everyone is as out-of-norm like that guy huh. Lighting up my fire in such a half-baked manner. Hey, you are a hero right?! You have more cards to play right?! Stand up! Fight!” (Sofia)

“Yareyare, he can’t hear you anymore huh” (Lancer)

Without holding back, Sofia slices at Tomoki who can’t even react properly and can only moan.

Without caring that Tomoki was already prostrated on the ground.

His abdomen, chest, arm, leg, neck, head; each time he was cut, he convulses, but there was no other reaction from him bigger than that.

It regenerated immediately and returned to its beautiful state, but it wasn’t a sight to behold.

The Royal Guard Ginebia who is normally the one that should be protecting him, has received a fatal injury and is lying at a place faraway from him.

If there was a miracle or whatever, she would have immediately gone to help Tomoki, but the convulsing self that didn’t care if she is conscious or not, made it harsh for her.

Her wide open eyes had blood flowing out, but she wasn’t blinking.

While her whole body had few wounds, the hole that’s opened at her side was overflowing with blood.

She was in a dangerous state.

Mora and Yukinatsu were in a similar state, no, since they have low defensive power, those girls were in an even more precarious state.

Mora had both her legs severed from her knees, her right hand was chopped into pieces, and was in a crouching position as if doing a dogeza. Yukinatsu was crucified on the ground, her limbs were pierced by light swords and her whole body didn’t show a single movement.

The three of them were still breathing.

Considering the number and ability of healers in the Empire, their wounds were severe, but they were still saveable.

That is, if they are able to escape from this situation.

It’s quite the low chance.

Tomoki, knowing this or maybe not, he screamed several times before shouting and standing.

This is an astonishing action that can be done by Tomoki exactly because of his regeneration abilities limited at night.

Sofia didn’t pursuit and was motionlessly staring at Tomoki who is standing and moving his shoulders up and down.

His expression was filled with exhaustion.

Can’t be helped.

The night provides him with a body that won’t lose; it provides immortality.

But even if that’s the case, it doesn’t mean he won’t get stressed when cut.

It will be carved in his body, so there’s no way it won’t burden him.

The silver boots, that were bestowed by the Goddess, eliminated his exhaustion, but it won’t remove the burden in his heart.

Even Tomoki who doesn’t feel pain anymore, being sliced infinite amount of times by Sofia was something his mind couldn’t take.

A merciless instantaneous regeneration that anyone who sees it would think that it would be better to just die.

Even if his sense of pain is gone, if he were able to maintain a normal state of mind in this situation, he wouldn’t be an ordinary person.

If Tomoki is still sane, his heart would clearly make a change and would have obtained an abnormal level of tenacity.

“Ara, I’m glad. Do you still have something? Hey, Tomoki-kun?” (Sofia)

“You… monstrous lunatic. Against an unmoving opponent, you sliced again and again!” (Tomoki)

A voice that one can feel exhaustion from.

But the will in his eyes was not that different from the time he was on the back of Nagi.

Looking at the glaring Tomoki, Sofia was internally in admiration and opens her mouth.

“It’s because I thought you couldn’t move anymore. Different from those girls there, you were still able to move but were trying to let it pass by not moving, right? ‘Don’t you have something more~?’ is what I thought. Ah and also, to call a woman monster, that’s discourteous, you know?” (Sofia)

“… Even though you are a hyuman, you went and allied with the demon race. I don’t want to hear that from someone like you!” (Tomoki)

Learning that his thoughts were seen through, Tomoki internally clicks his tongue.

If Lily were in a place where she can grasp the situation there, she might have used better moves and would have carried the situation to a more favorable one, is how he thought.

He soon shakes his head to the sides.

Because he thought that she wasn’t an enemy they can defeat in any way.

Because he judged that their current selves wouldn’t be able to defeat her.

That’s why he confirmed the other three were still breathing and intended to let it pass by playing dead.

But Sofia persistently tormented Tomoki.

Knowing that the limit of those three was closing, Tomoki got impatient.

He held an item that let him know the current state of their party members.

That’s why he was waiting until now.

That’s right. Tomoki had a grasp of the state of his three companions.

They were still okay, but as long as their enemy doesn’t give up, the limit will reach in time.

And that critical point was now.

“Tomoki-kun, show me. The power of heroes. You are not in checkmate yet, right? Your eyes are not dead” (Sofia)

“Don’t mess around!!” (Tomoki)

Tomoki shouted abusive language.

Just like how Sofia said, he still had a trump card.

He has one, but it is something he can’t use right now.

That dilemma was making him hesitate even more.

Without preparing a weapon, or setting up a spell…

“Damn it… damn it, damn it!!” (Tomoki)

“… Hmph~ is there some sort of prerequisite? Ah, those girls being here are your shackles, right?” (Sofia)

At the abusive language Tomoki was repeating for unknown reasons, Sofia seems to have comprehended something and nodded.

She was sure her intuition was not wrong and does an inner laugh.

“What… did you say?” (Tomoki)

As if seen through, Tomoki gets surprised.

“It’s fine. So, should I kill those girls first? Or do you want to try saying: “Please save me”?” (Sofia)

Sofia laughs with amusement.

Lancer, who at some point had gotten close to her, sighs at the bad habit of Sofia.

“…  If they die… I won’t show you my trump card even if it kills me. You want to see it right? In that case, bring my companions back to the Empire first. You guys should be able to do that” (Tomoki)

“You are half correct. Right, it would be troublesome if you don’t show it to me. It’s sad that I didn’t hear a ‘Please save me’ but, can I ask you to do it?” (Sofia)

Sofia looks at Lancer.

“… Fine. It’s okay to just bring those close to death fools to the Empire, right?” (Lancer)

“In front of the castle” (Tomoki)

“So many requests. Is being shameless one of the powers of a hero?” (Lancer)

“Say whatever you want” (Tomoki)

When Lancer shows a smile filled with contempt at Tomoki’s maddened eyes, he disappears along with the three severely injured to the Empire, and to the castle gate to top it off.

“I have kept my promise. Now then, show it to me. The seriousness of the Goddess’ divine protection!” (Sofia)

“How regrettable” (Tomoki)

“… What?” (Sofia)

The peaceful voice of Tomoki made Sofia show a stern face for a second.

“What I am going to show you now is not the divine protection of the Goddess. It is a super rare power that only a few who have gone around the world and fulfilled the requirements, are able to use. Even Hibiki can’t use it” (Tomoki)

Tomoki returns the contempt Lancer threw at him, right back at Sofia.

“Hibiki… the Kingdom’s hero huh. Hmph~ I heard the heroes came from a parallel world, but within them there’s rank divisions. That’s surprising. But if it’s that, I don’t really mind. Go on!” (Sofia)

“… It’s fine, taste it. The humiliating light that burned my country in the past. I will reproduce it in this world! This was your own doing so, prepare yourself!” (Tomoki)

“How exaggerated. Are the otherworldlers devils, or are the devils from other worlds? If you are going to confirm it, I don’t really care” (Sofia)

Tomoki pushes both arms to the front.

Connecting an aria that she has never heard before, Sofia was looking at him.

But she had her sword prepared. She already deployed her strongest defense and was waiting for Tomoki’s attack.

In time, a light is born in front of the hands of Tomoki.

It shines dazzlingly, a light so strong that one can’t see it directly.

The expression of Sofia dyes in joy.

Because she is sure she would be able to endure ‘that attack’ that was almost able to kill her in the past.

Tomoki shouts what seems to be the name of the spell.

At that moment…

The ball explodes with them as the centre. Ripping up the night, a dome of light was born.


In a place slightly further away from the Empire, a giant crater was created.

Moreover, outside the diameter of the blast, a gruesome scenery of destruction was spread out.

It didn’t reach till the Empire.

Tomoki’s attack had created a scar a lot worse than the one attack Makoto did when he created a lake.

What was slightly different was the cast and the conclusion.

At the centre of the explosion, there’s one person who had lost consciousness and fallen to the ground.

And then…

The other one had its sword back at its sheath, and standing with blue light enveloping its body.

“Quite the brutal trump card he had” (Lancer)

“Mitsurugi. Yeah, it was more fiendish than the arrow of the devil at that time. If we received this attack at that time, I would have been dead” (Sofia)

“Hoh~ to make you say all this, as expected of a hero huh” (Lancer)

“Hero… no, I wonder about that. It might have been Tomoki-kun’s own willpower” (Sofia)

“Tomoki-kun, you say. You are completely friendly now. Did you get charmed as well?” (Lancer)

“No way. This spell… well, not sure if it’s actually a spell but, it had quite the powerful fire element” (Sofia)

“Fire huh” (Lancer)

“And it’s a strenuous skill that shaves off some of the life of its user. But you know, the scary part is not that” (Sofia)

“What then?” (Lancer)

“Counting you, everyone that received the attack, the people that luckily survived, and also the people that luckily weren’t around the scope as well; they have been endowed with a special poison or curse” (Sofia)


“Fufufu, a power that can’t be scolded. Maybe it is easier to call it a poisonous fire? Come here, I will cure you” (Sofia)

“I have also been endowed with it huh. Sorry, I am counting on you” (Lancer)

When Lancer finds Sofia at the center of the crater, he glances at the fallen hero and begins to talk with Sofia.

And then, after listening to the trump card of Tomoki from Sofia, he headed to where Sofia is while in shock.

An invisible poison, this curse isn’t something that Lancer knew about, but if Sofia says so, it should be believed, is what Lancer thought.

He obediently gets bathed by the blue light.

“Hm, so long. Was it so strong?” (Lancer)

“Yeah. I still haven’t completely removed mine either. When I checked my body just in case, I was already afflicted by it. He really got me there” (Sofia)

“By the looks, I can’t really tell though…” (Lancer)

“But it certainly eats into your life. It distorts the foundations of your body and alters it. A fiendish type. Without caring about allies or enemies. It seems he himself is excluded from this, but it is quite the lovely power. I think he said something like ‘Nuke’” (Sofia)

“No matter if ally or enemy huh. Certainly that’s to your taste huh, that so called ‘Nuke’ spell. And then, Tomoki, it was him huh. Having the flying dragon killed, I thought your mood would be bad, but it seems there was no need to worry about it” (Lancer)

“Flying dragon huh. It is regrettable, but I was able to see something nice so it is fine. Well then, connect the thought transmission that was cut off. Ah, Mitsurugi. Don’t touch the hero-sama that is lying there, okay? That boy seems to be interesting, so I won’t kill him yet” (Sofia)

“Not yet huh. Well, with that composure of yours, it doesn’t seem like it will become an hindrance in the future. This one doesn’t mind” (Lancer)

Sofia stretches widely at the centre of the explosion and closed her eyes as if feeling good.

(Rona, do you hear me?) (Sofia)

(I felt tremendous magic power! The thought transmission got cut off, so there’s no contact from the units. Just what is going on?!) (Rona)

While laughing at the demon general Rona that responded immediately at the thought transmission of Sofia, she explains the situation to Rona.

Of course, halfheartedly.

(I was fighting Tomoki-kun and he used his trump card you see~. Ah, looks like his regeneration ability at night was true. If I had to correct anything, it would be that he is close to immortal. And so, that tremendous magic power was from his attack. He really got me there~. I wasn’t in a position where I could mind the other units you see) (Sofia)

(Trump card?! What was it?) (Rona)

(It seemed to be a quite vast scope fire element magic. It had a wide area and high power. The range and power were standing at the same height, so it was difficult to deal with) (Sofia)

(A spell’s standard notion doesn’t matter to heroes. How irrational. And so, what happened to the hero? Did you finish him?) (Rona)

Rona asks the hero’s state to Sofia.

Sofia lowers her gaze and looks at Tomoki who is still unconscious.

His chest was systematically going up and down. It can be seen that his life is safe.

(It’s regrettable but, he escaped. Sorry) (Sofia)

(… I see. If you even brought out his trump card, it is enough. Good work) (Rona)

(About the details of the scope, you can just check the crater later. The outside has also received quite the damage, so you can probably estimate the effective range to a certain extent) (Sofia)

(Thanks. I will soon send subordinates there. Can you two return to Stella once?) (Rona)

(Yeah. We are quite tired. Can you please let us rest—) (Sofia)

(Sofia?) (Rona)

The thought transmission of Sofia suddenly stops.

It wasn’t jamming.

It felt like she just lost her words.

Thinking that it was strange, Rona calls Sofia, but there was no response.

“Mitsurugi, you saw that, right?” (Sofia)

(Mitsurugi, you saw that, right?) (Sofia)

After a while, Sofia’s thought transmission and words overlap.

Normally, she would have cut off the thought transmission before saying anything.

It was a rare mistake for someone like her.

Rona was about to respond to her voice, but refrained from doing so.

Because she noticed that she began talking while forgetting to cut off the thought transmission.

Concealing her breath, she waits for the next words of Sofia.

“Yeah, I saw it. Certainly… it’s that fellow” (Lancer)

Lancer looks at the same direction Sofia is looking at and mutters.

It wasn’t exactly the same as last time, but a moment ago, a light pillar shone and descended to Limia.

A bitter memory is recalled in both of their minds.

“Yeah, no doubt. If it’s in this current situation, it is definitely in the Limia capital. Your powers have already returned, so you should be able to fly right, Mitsurugi?” (Sofia)

(Yeah, no doubt. If it’s in this current situation, it is definitely in the Limia capital. Your powers have already returned, so you should be able to fly right, Mitsurugi?) (Sofia)

“Yeah, if it’s to Limia, it won’t even take 30 minutes. But it appeared again at the crisis of hyumans huh. As expected, he is actually the protector of hyumans?” (Lancer)

“Well, who knows. But… we will kill him, this is our longstanding desire. Isn’t this an unparalleled chance?” (Sofia)

(Well, who knows. But… we will kill him, this is our longstanding desire. Isn’t this an unparalleled chance?) (Sofia)

Just what are they talking about?

Rona still couldn’t understand the particulars.

The only thing she understood is that an uncalculated factor has occurred at the Limia capital.

“That’s right. Sofia, let’s go. We are bringing him down” (Lancer)

“Just you wait, Devil. Right now I am coming to eliminate you, to kill you” (Sofia)

(Just you wait, Devil. Right now I am coming to eliminate you, to kill you) (Sofia)

Rona was close to lifting her voice, but desperately held it back. She silently cut off the thought transmission.

What a dilemma.

To think that the greatest insecure factor would not appear in Rotsgard or the Empire, but in the Kingdom’s capital where they want to succeed the most.

There’s still no reports from the capital yet.

The thought transmission has already been restored.

The detailed information should soon be relayed.

Rona bites somethinh while waiting for that moment.

“If even those two monsters are going to fight the Devil, Hibiki should die without doubt. Also, I should soon be receiving contact from Io’s unit, that’s why…” (Rona)

Even if Io is weak at thought transmission, it doesn’t mean that no one in his unit can use it.

After not much lag of a time, she should be able to understand the situation at the capital.


It’s here.

With the highest concentration she has had as of today, Rona receives the transmission.

(Report) (Rona)

(Yes!! We are currently at the capital. The strategy of bringing down the hero is in progress. The battle between Io-sama and Hibiki has begun. Confirmed that we are in the advantage)


A good report.

If they are already in battle, Io won’t make mistakes, is what Rona thought.

She silently listens to the continuation of the report.

(While our losses are big, we are also fighting against the forces of the capital. But…)

The words of the subordinate stagnate.

(Continue) (Rona)

(Yes. We have confirmed a mysterious light piercing the royal castle. Based on the report of a close-aide of Io-sama, an intruder appeared after arriving from a golden light or a ball of darkness!)

(The numbers? Name? Is the standing indicated?) (Rona)

(A Lich with extraordinary magic power and a pure white humanoid being; two people. Anything else is completely unknown, is what the report said)

(A humanoid being? Not a hyuman?) (Rona)

Hearing the word Lich, she had a connection in mind, but more importantly, Rona was irritated by the vague report of a humanoid being.

If the words of Sofia were true, that is the Devil. The chances of it being the insecure factor is incredibly high, so it couldn’t helped.

(We don’t know. It would be good if we were able to assist as well, but the opposition is intense and we can’t break the balance)

(Kuh. Okay, good work. Please continue by supporting general Io) (Rona)

(Yes. I will be fulfilling my task with my life on the line!)

The thought transmission ends.

A Lich and a white humanoid being.

Is it the Devil or another person, no, more importantly, is it an enemy or an ally?

Rona stands up.

A face that says this is not the time to be fortifying Stella.

Giving orders to the small remaining troops, they finished the attack to the Empire. Rona, who was going to wait and see how the events at Io’s side would turn out, repeatedly teleports, the destination was the Kingdom’s capital.

This is not the time to be worrying about the fatigue of another rally.

For her, no, for the demon race, this is an incredibly important strategy.

Its failure and success are hanging on the line.

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