Chapter 138: Guest’s rescue

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“Excuse me”

A clear voice resounds in the guest area that is being controlled by bewilderment.

There’s a carpet spread out and seats lined up. A room that divides it from the general seats.

So this is the guest seats huh.

Tomoe’s voice resounds well. It probably gathered the attention of all the countries’ big-shots onto her.

There were some gazes my way too though.

“Who are you guys?! Don’t you know that this area is off limits?!”

A face that I have seen in portraits shouts at us.

Ah, this guy is the academy’s principal.

I never know where he was, and of course, I have never met him before, so I couldn’t tell it was him immediately.

“Please do forgive us in this emergency situation. It seems you guests haven’t evacuated to a safe place, so it may be out of our way, but we thought we should lend our assistance” (Tomoe)

Tomoe didn’t show any sign of being angered and tells the academy principal her business.

At that moment, I noticed that there was a girl that send her gaze to Tomoe.

From what I can tell, she looks like a girl with social status.

She looks young, so maybe the next generation head of some noble family? Or maybe a princess of somewhere?

N, princess?

I feel like Tomoe might know something…

Could it be, this woman is the Gritonia Empire’s princess, Lily?

If it’s really, then she is quite the big-shot.

But it seems she is traveling with the hero, so it would be strange for her to be here.

There’s the chance that she is not her huh.

I felt like there was a familiar gaze on me and when I turned to check who it was, I see a silver haired young man leaning his back on a wall with arms crossed.

Don’t know what’s so fun, but he is smiling, and he unfastens his arms and waves his hand at me.

Its pervert Root.

Right, he was here as well.

Damn it.

Then there was no need to come here to help them?

If he comes talking to me about strange things, it would not be good for me or my company.

But it seems Root doesn’t intend to move into action. He crosses his arms again, his wide smile returns to a slight smile, and he silently looks at Tomoe again.

I don’t get him.

Is he not worried about the Adventurer Guild?

I do think that that place is also facing danger though?

“First of all, introduce yourself! I don’t know about you”

“Sorry for my lack of manners. I am Tomoe, one of Kuzunoha Company’s employees, Academy Principal. And this person here is my master Raidou. He has an impairment that doesn’t allow him to speak, so I, his follower, am the one who has to introduce him. Please do understand” (Tomoe)

“Tomoe and Raidou huh”

[Pleasure to meet you Academy Principal. I am a temporary teacher working here, Raidou. I considered this an emergency situation so I thought I would help out and so I have come here. Please forgive our rudeness]

“Written communication. I see, it is you. I do remember there’s a temporary teacher named Raidou”

It seems he at least knows that I use written communication, and I also show a plate which serves as a certificate that proves I am a temporary teacher.

Looking at me, the written communication, and the proof; the tone of the Academy Principal softened.

“I am glad you have understood” (Tomoe)

“You said assistance, but what kind of assistance do you intent to provide? In this situation where we only know that there are monsters in town, there’s no way you can guide us to a safe place you know?”

“Academy Principal, you know of several places that are safe right?” (Tomoe)

“Of course, we have already secured a place in times of emergencies. Relaying composed orders and sorting information in a dangerous place is something I would want to avoid”

“Then if you tell us of that place, I will use teleport magic to send everyone there” (Tomoe)

“… Teleport? Teleport you say?! This amount of people, in a place the magic user hasn’t gone to before?! Impossible. I have never heard of a spell like that!”

For a second, the Academy Principal lets out a dumbfounded voice, but he soon understood the content and splendidly rejected Tomoe’s plan.

There are times I do think we leisurely use thought transmission and teleportation too much.

The teleporting technique is originally an advanced spell and not something one can leisurely use, and in thought transmission there’s the thing about distance and tapping, and it is user-friendly, so it is used in the general populace, but the one we use is practically a completely different thing.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to compare the transmission quality to a bad-performance transceiver and a satellite telephone.

“But you know, it is actually possible. Well, it certainly can’t be helped that this is being suspected as a trap. Fumu…” (Tomoe)

That’s why it is troublesome to explain this complicated teleportation though.

Tomoe doesn’t really look like she is troubled.

Maybe she has a method to convince them.

The only thing I thought of is having one person test it to show it works.

Well, having that one person cooperate will be the troublesome part though.

They are all big-shots after all.

Is there anyone I know that can help out?

Uhm, excluding the pervert…

“Ahahaha! What an interesting person, Academy Principal. Truly interesting. It’s true that I have never heard of such an excelling magician with such a teleport spell” (Root)


“Person called Tomoe, how about trying it out on me first. Right, can you teleport me to the guest seats around that part there? It is fine if I just picture it in my mind right?” (Root)


Acting as if he has never met her before, he volunteered as a test subject.

Tomoe probably knew this would happen, she didn’t look shaken at all.

Well, even if he is like that, he is still the Adventurer Guild’s Master.

He must have a decent amount of trust.

“Your name is Falz-dono right? Then, please enter inside this mist” (Tomoe)

“Heh~, the other side also has mist appearing huh. Well then, let’s try it out and see if such a convenient spell actually exists” (Root)

In the place where Root pointed out with his finger, there’s also mist appearing. And while still playing the fool, he disappears into the mist, and at the next instant, he comes out from the place he pointed out.

He then turns his head towards the guest seats and waves his hand.

Tomoe glanced at the princess(?) who has her hands on her mouth and her eyes wide open.

Looks like she is quite surprised.

Root walks through the mist on that side and returned.

“Amazing, that’s quite a significant feat! This is the first time I have seen such a great spell! From what I see, that was a power created from the sword hanging at your waist, right?” (Root)

What kind of crazy thing is he saying?

What Tomoe used was teleportation.

It comes normally from herself.

He should also know about the application of our space teleportation.

I really don’t know what he is thinking.

“You got me. Falz-dono has quite the scary eyes there. That’s right, this is the special power of this sword. No need for aria and it allows for a point to point teleportation” (Tomoe)

… Hm?

Tomoe is following?

But unrelated to my confusion, Tomoe and Root were looking at each other and grinned slightly.


Of course, everyone’s gaze gathered at Tomoe’s sword simultaneously.

To the shorter katana that she pointed out.


I notice that there are other faces I know.

The priest and Lorel’s… Sairitz-san, was it?

So they also came to spectate the tournament.

There were several more important-looking people than priest-san at his side, so it took me some time to notice him.

The priest-san is one of the highest positions in the Rotsgard church, so that means, the people there are even higher than that. They might even be from the main church of Limia.

I took time to notice the Lorel people simple because they were at a corner.

Sairitz-san is there too, but there are also many others there as well.

Most of them have darkish skin.

Are the people there mostly of that skin color?

Maybe she noticed my gaze, Sairitz-san made a smile for a second.

She soon returned her interest to Tomoe’s sword though.

“I can’t believe it”

The Academy Principal was at a complete loss for words.

Teleportation in itself is an extremely advanced technique, and just the fact of being able to use it, you would be admired.

That’s why, in order to make this advanced technique as easy to do as possible, they recreate the teleport formation accurately, and there’s also support formations that reduce the burden.

And to be told that this action can be done with the power of a sword, moreover, allowing you to teleport to a specific location; there’s no surprise that they wouldn’t believe it.

Well, for the common sense of this academy, it is something they wouldn’t even think it exists.

And this is also proof that this is not something common.

The influential people that come from several countries are all concentrating their eyes on that sword.

Hope this doesn’t become a new spark.

“How is it, everyone? Since they went through the trouble of coming to help us, how about relying on them?” (Root)

Root looks at everyone and proposes this idea.

It seems he will incite them for us.

I don’t know if this guy is an enemy or an ally, but it seems that in this moment at least, he will act as our ally.

“… Right. It is just as Falz-dono said. Raidou-dono, I thank you for your courageous action, and I promise I will definitely repay you for it. On the name of Gritonia Empire’s Lily. What about the others?” (Lily)

Gritonia’s Lily.

So she really is the princess.

She even came for the school festival, impressive.

Maybe she also attended this academy?

I feel like she glanced at Tomoe for an instant, but I don’t know her intentions.

From what I have heard of Tomoe, they don’t have that deep of a connection and just parted at that point in time.

With Lily’s words as the impetus, several ‘me too’ ‘me too’ were raised and more people decide take our helping hand.

People are willing to.

The people related to the Church, the Lorel Union, and also the nobles that seem to be from Aion. The Academy principal, who is being shouldered by a woman that looks like his secretary, also agreed with it.

Or more like, old man, why did your legs weaken to the point of needing someone to lend you a shoulder?

Isn’t that sexual harassment?

“The people there as well, please decide quickly” (Tomoe)

Tomoe hurries the remaining 5, but they didn’t show signs of moving.

What’s going on?

I don’t think there’s significance for a guest to be staying here though.

“… This one is fine here. I have the duty to overlook this”

This one? <余. A super formal way of saying ‘I’>

Is he a king?

Duty to overlook he says. He is looking at the stage.

The fight between the students and the monster huh.

“Father, that is…”

“You all, return”

“King, we can’t do that. The one standing on that stage is my child after all”

… That’s the Limia group.

Ilumgand’s father, the Limia King, and he said ‘father’ so maybe the prince?

Judging from the bearings of the remaining 2, they are probably knights.

So they are a totally related party huh.

What to do?

I think the best choice would be to shelter the other people first.

“Waka, I will be bringing the people here to the safe place that the Academy Principal is thinking of” (Tomoe)

I was about to give the orders to Tomoe and looked at her, but she was one step ahead of me.

Of course, that’s what I wanted her to do, so I nod.

A mist a lot bigger than the one Root crossed appears.

It looks like haze, but it has a thickness that makes you unable to see the other side.

It does make one think that this is a product of magic.

“Well then, I will place this katana under Waka’s care. I leave the matters here to you” (Tomoe)



What do you plan by leaving me the short katana?

I instinctively take the short sword that was given to me and look at Tomoe.

With a suggestive smile, she disappears into the mist.

Damn it.

Uhm, so I should convince the others from Limia?

But I don’t know the etiquette when talking to a king.

… Should I apologize first before going for the persuasion?

[This is the first time I have met with a person as great as you king, so I might come off as rude. Please do forgive me if that happens]

“You said your name was Raidou, right? Your written communication is skillful. And your magic should be as well” (King)

[Yes. I can’t speak common language, so I am using written communication in this way. Once again, I am the one in charge of Kuzunoha Company, Raidou]

“I know” (King)

[Hm? Do you mean, you know about my store as well?]

Why does someone like the Limia King have information of a small store in Rotsgard like mine?

“Right, Hopelace?” (King)


“If I remember correctly, the company that you were investigating about was the Kuzunoha Company, and about a temporary teacher named Raidou, right?” (King)

“This is a fact we have already confirmed, Hopelace-dono” (Prince)


It seems there’s a completely different development going on now.

The thin person that’s probably the prince complements the words of the king and shoots them at Hopelace.

I see, Hopelace.

That means the various things Ilumgand did have already been exposed huh.

“I want an explanation Hopelace. Regarding your second son, Ilumgand, that has transformed, and about the calamity that’s occurring in the whole Academy Town” (King)

“… King, it is true that I listened to my son’s request and investigated about this teacher. I have also used money to bend the rules in this tournament. However, this situation was definitely not carried out by me. Ilumgand is my son, and he is an important son that might become the head of the family in this warring times. To turn him into that kind of… that kind of monster to plot something, I would never do it!!”

“… Then, why did Ilumgand take an interest in Raidou?” (King)

“… I don’t know. I really don’t know anything!”

I actually wanted to know that too.

Why was I hated so much to the point of being investigated and being declared war?

I only covered for Ruria. Is that something he would get so tenacious about?

Or was he the type that can’t tolerate disgrace?

I am not a noble, so it is hard for me to completely understand their thought patterns.

The Hopelace head repeats his apology to the king over and over again.

“I will hear about it in detail after we have gotten through this situation and return to our country. But the shame you have made us bear on the many nations, won’t come cheap” (King)


“And so, Raidou, you are a merchant right? And a temporary teacher in this academy that teaches practical skills. Are the students fighting there your students?” (King)

[Yes, there’s no mistake. Those are the students taking my class. Just that, they haven’t been attending it for that long of a time]

“Hoh~. How long has it been?” (King)

[Less than half a year]

“Half a year… were those kids that strong since then?” (King)

[No. I began my business in Tsige, so I have seen the fighting style of the adventurers there. I taught them a part of it, and it seems it fit them well, they have been increasing their skills]

So the Limia King has also taken an interest in them huh.

Still facing the stage, he continues our conversation.

“Tsige huh. Certainly. The adventurers hero-dono brought from there had a fighting style similar to this one. It seems it is not a lie” (King)

Adventurers from Tsige in Limia?


In that case, the current Limia has quite the high leveled adventurers there.

If the people that the hero recruited were people with the skills to enter and leave the wasteland at will, they will become quite the war potential for Limia.


I didn’t enquire any specifics, but she came to a remote place like Tsige huh.

Thinking about it in a logical manner, the reason she went there would be for training, maybe?

[King-sama, please come with me to a safe place. There’s no assurance that this place won’t be attacked by other enemies]

“If I have the teacher of those splendid students at my side, I don’t have much to worry about. By the way, Raidou, you can use that sword?” (King)

The Limia King looks at the short katana I hold.

The made-up story about being able to use teleportation with it huh.

Tomoe, it is turning into something troublesome you know?

[Yes, I can. If it’s me or Tomoe who was here a while ago, it can be used]

“Then can you bring me to that place? If Ilumgand sees me and his father, he might return to his senses” (King)

“King, that’s not good. It’s way too dangerous” (Prince)

“A noble of Limia is causing damage to the Academy. I have to provide my assistance to control this situation as well, or I won’t be able to stand upright. Isn’t that right, Hopelace?” (King)

Rejecting the words of the prince, the King looks at Hopelace.

He reacts with a jolt, and makes a small nod.

He probably doesn’t want to face his transformed son.

“Of course, placing oneself in danger is not assistance, but showing that you are willing to is necessary sometimes. If the ones who have to do so are me and Hopelace, then it can’t be helped. A quite blunt and unnatural thing to do, if I do say so myself” (King)

“… Raidou-dono, can you teleport us over there?” (Prince)

It seems the prince folded.

Well, I don’t really mind though.

Then, I will be acting as the bodyguard of this people for a while?

[It is possible. Well then, all five, is it okay to teleport you around that seat over there?]

Saying so, I point to an estimated area.

The prince nods.

The knights stay silent.

Probably means that they will just silently obey. It must be tough for them as well.

Well, if they carry this out safely, they should gain big points for it.

At that place there’s Shiki and Mio.

I put up the short katana.

Gotta show the act at the very least.

I create mist that is not that different from the one Tomoe made.

Mist is created at the pointed out place as well.

Preparations complete.

“I will definitely repay you, Raidou” (King)

The Limia King talks to me.

It would be weird to part from my katana at this moment, so I just lower my head.

In my left hand I have the scabbard and in my right the katana. It was pretty unshapely.

Knight, Hopelace, Prince, and then the King; in order, they disappear inside the mist.

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      3. Also, the gates used for climate don’t have to be open, they just can’t be sealed. If the gate is closed it will still affect the climate but most people will not be able to sense it. Mist Gates have 3 phases, open, closed and sealed.

      4. @IamMe
        Aren’t the 3 phases more like active, inactive(remnants that can be reactivated), and fades away unless they deliberately leave remnants.

      5. Active (open), Inactive (closed), Faded out (sealed). It’s just another name for the phases. There is only visible mist for the Active gates, the other 2 phases don’t leave anything visible to the average person. The used to leave inactive gates here and there since it was easier to reopen an inactive gate then to make a new one. Tomoe then figured out that the inactive gates were the cause of the climate instability. Since then they don’t leave as many inactive gates around.

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      Also, that is where Root came in using Tomoe’s short Katana as the “tool” or source.

      Actually, it’d be beneficial for them if Tomoe would read their minds in addition when they enter her mist gate.

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        He obviously had a plan when he headed over to the guests seats, but he can’t speak common so he had Tomoe get their attention. Then while he was, probably, getting his thoughts together to form into the letters to explain what he was planning, Tomoe did what she has done many times before, made some assumtions and procceeded to impliment her ideas before Makoto could stop her.

        The inability to speak when you understand the conversation is a HUGE detriment is a lot of ways. The fact that Tomoe has such a strong presence that everyone focuses on her instead doesn’t help matters either, before Makoto can put any kind of plan into action he has to get their attention and take the time to form the letters for them to read. Meanwhile Tomoe just needs a couple seconds to explain what her idea is, and since all the attention was on her anyways..

        Beautiful woman with a strong presence from level and magic power VS ugly male with no detectable magic power. Which one is likely to be able to implement their ideas first when dealing with royalty.

      3. @IamMe
        Oh right, the Arke was saved after that. Anyway.

        You say that it is a “huge detriment” that Makoto was unable to converse verbaly and thus will have to wait for him to write. Correct?

        You know. That is precisely what I am pointing at. He brought Tomoe along not as an escort but as the “speaker” in his stead. Now, you may argue that it wasn’t stated that it was her assigned role per se, but, thinking about it, Makoto most likely intended Tomoe to be the one to engage in negotiation simply because he knew he lacked the ability. I mean, he wouldn’t bring her along for the sole purpose of performing the mist gate or brag her prowess, right?

        What I don’t understand is why the both of them could not discuss it before hand, I mean, they had to walk a few minutes in order to reach the VIP room right? if they will reveal they themselves can use tp magic, or to pretend it’s from a tool.

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        Ah but this time I said “Hibiki” told Mio, so I’m probably wrong there.

      4. Hibiki intentionally hid the fact that she was the Hero. The adventurers that followed her did not need to have any particular connection to Kuzunoha, the city had a fair number of high level adventurers that had learned under Tomoes leadership. All Hibiki really had to tell them that she is going to join the war effort and they would follow her because they want to help in the fight against the demons and because of Hibiki’s augmented charisma. They would have learned that she was the Hero when they reached Limia though.

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        Tsige is also a city that is closest to the wasteland, anyone that wants to gain level in the wasteland would probably pass through it. This would lead to people from all over making it a base and finding people with unusual knowledge would not be too hard.

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      1. Who is comparing to who… Sheesh.

        In case you didn’t understand clearly, which apparently you didn’t.

        It was only about the — how they will play out the “good-will” act they will extend to the VIP guests. In which, Makoto was left confused of how it was handled by Tomoe and Root, leaving him confused and beffudled early inthe game. When it was his idea to begin with.

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      1. It wasn’t about Illumgand.

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        They could treat it as a one of a kind heirloom, or a unique drop/loot from a treasure chest in a labyrith or ruin somewhere deep in the wasteland, since it is basically unexplored anyway. Even if it gets stolen and unsheated, they could simply go with an excuse of, “you have no authority to ativate it’s effect.”, or something. It is a “one of a kind!” so it eliminates the prospect of it having others. Atleastthat’s how i’d play it if inquired by the King.

      2. yes they can do that but still can get dirty, I think root make it that way because it is entertaining, how they will overcome the people who after their artifact. If it is only them can use, it doesn’t mean that they can’t crack it so it is still give hope for them to get their hand on the katana..
        The ilmugand is clearly the kuzunoha fault, they prevent ilmugand to make contact with rukia that make it like this. They did not even tell makoto about ilmugand attempt to contact rukia (ruka?) hence the merchant guild issue and also the rules bend in the tournament.

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        4. ability to move troops and material at will
        And on top of that, having trained to champions of the tournament (solo and team), the smarter ones will ask the question of “how good will any personal troops he has be?”

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        So with some deft legwork, Makoto can simply keep the sword by not giving anyone preferential treatment because trying to get it is risky (see #1 & #2).

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        Makoto is an idiot, he can only confront those infront of him. Those 2 (Tomoe and mio) is not 24/7 beside him, and shiki also no beside him all the time.
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    1. Makoto has no real goal (apart from learning about his parents past), no real skills (apart from basic math and combat, great for a combat accountant, not so great for a leader), and he lacks the drive and cold heartedness to truly capitalize on his advantages.

      The reason he waffles about is not about stupidity (though naivity is a big problem), but simply that he does not know what he wants.
      Once he commits himself to a course, then we might actually see some growth and ability.
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    1. Merchants already suspected teleportation.
      Now he has revealed that, yes, he has teleportation, while also keeping the actual source and method a secret.
      And sword being usable only by Tomoe (as princess learned earlier) and Makoto (as shown here), makes it less likely to anyone try outright theft (even if they had the guts to try anything with Tomoe).

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