Chapter 120: The mini-storm before the storm

We are standing out.
Tomoe and Mio wearing kimonos, and also the beautiful youth Root wearing a pure white suit. No well, in public he is calling himself Falz it seems. Oh well, no problems if I just call him Guild Master.
Anyways, being with three people like that, even I stand out more than necessary.
I am aware that people are not thinking about a double date when looking at this composition of two men and two women. First of all, Root is perfectly beside me, so the composition is slightly strange. And because of it, Mio, who is walking a bit further behind, is quite angered.
It seems she lately, not only screams or tries to attack, but has learned to also get angry in silence and watch with cold eyes. I don’t really need a growth in the variations of anger though.
The four of us are heading to the event that is grabbing the attention of everyone, the raffle of the martial arts tournament.
Right now it is not the main part of the event today, and yet, the number of people is incredible. The path I normally thought of as wide, right now, it is taking me my all just to walk.
The tournament is actually beginning tomorrow. Thinking that way, I can tell that the number of people will increase even more compared to today, which is only to debut the students participating in the tournament.
Quite the ability to attract customers. I can understand why placing a selling cart here costs a lot more than in other roads.
Looking at this amount of people, I honestly thought that it was great the Kuzunoha Company didn’t put a selling cart as well. Seems like I still need that resolve as a merchant huh.

“This is quite nice. Walking alongside the person you like, like this”

“Please lay down the pervert remarks, Master-dono” (Makoto)

“How cold~. I was sincerely confessing my feeling though” (Root)

“Also, the eyes in the surrounding hurt, so can you please stay further away?” (Makoto)

“This is a due privilege. I don’t have any intentions to give it away or withdrawing it. Today I have all morning free, so it is fine to look around with whoever I want” (Root)

Yareyare. Maybe Root has been accumulating stress for being called here and there every day by guests.
Last night, when I returned, the three of them were splendidly drunk. I was wondering this at that time in Gotetsu but, why is it that every single one of them gets drunk in the school festival? Root should be immune to alcohol as well, but he had a slightly red face and was laughing. They were practically drinking till morning, and it seems that they were having a match on who would be beside me.
It would be quite the problem if they fought upfront, so even if I say match, they decided on a peaceful way. At first, I thought about deciding it with a *rock, paper, scissors – hit and put on -*, but the part about hitting worried me, so I changed it to ‘look that way’. What a great choice of me. And so, the winner was Root. It is certainly true that his privilege is justifiable. The two that loss are walking behind us, alongside each other.

Rock, paper, scissors – hit and put on –

And yet, for some reason, when I clear my ears to listen to the surroundings, I can hear people saying that Root is bringing along two girls to watch the participants, and that he was forced to have me accompany him. What false accusations. Totally false accusations. Are you telling me the difference in appearance is so big that they are ignoring the fact that he is walking alongside me? Fuh~, I can’t handle the hyuman’s messed up sense of value. They should look at the situation more honestly.


“So, Lorel really has learned kanji? In that case, maybe they know Japanese to a certain extent” (Root)

“They call it ‘the writing of the wise’. It seems they have some part of Japanese inherited, but it has changed quite a bit and can already be called something different” (Makoto)

“A change on the level of a dialect?” (Root)

“Not on that level. Ehm, a right, there’s a good example. Like the Latin language we have in Earth” (Makoto)

“… What is that?” (Root)

“It means that it works for a certain part of people, but it is normally considered the language of scholars. When writing it in a document, there’s the chance a part of the people will understand it” (Makoto)

“… That’s a word I totally don’t know of. You, just what kind of Japanese did you make contact with?” (Root)

“Well, I am always told I am normal, including you” (Makoto)

Uh, I am really supposed to be in the normal category though. About Latin language, I only know of the name. That should be normal.

“And in conclusion, is there the chance that they understand Japanese if it’s spoken to them?” (Makoto)

“So you decided to stop thinking about it again huh. You better fix that habit of yours. Think about the questions properly and find your own kind of answers. Leaving aside if it’s correct, the regrets are few. About the Japanese you are worrying about, there’s no problem. As long as the heroes don’t teach it, there’s no chance for this world to learn Japanese. Lorel is using a special thought transmission to talk with guests of another world after all. Also, in most cases and in a short amount of time, they are able to use common language with the blessing of a spirit” (Root)

“A special thought transmission huh” (Makoto)

Have they been living with Japanese to the point that they have developed a technique of it? If you are thrown into an unknown world, you won’t know left from right. Having a place that welcomes you is a good thing that’s for sure but…

“By the way, the knowledge of Lorel’s magic is being used as a basis for the highly efficient thought transmission of the demon race. Since you made contact with a demon general, as expected, you are interested” (Root)

“Y-Yeah” (Makoto)

Is that so? I was thinking about something totally different though.
But well, it seems he really does know quite a few things. And he hasn’t told the hyumans about it. He is probably leaking a bit of information, but as always, he is one person I don’t understand his objective.
He said he treasured the world, so he made the adventurer guild. But he said he ‘treasured it’ in past tense. Might just be how he phrased it though, however, strangely, it still remains in my mind. The question of, what is Root treasuring now? If I asked him, I feel like he would answer with a: “It’s you”, so I don’t have much expectations though.

“Talking about something in my mind…” (Makoto)

“Waka-sama! This, I just picked it up, but it is delicious. If it’s okay with you, please try it”

Mio. She was walking and eating as if she had 8 hands to hold everything, but if she selected a specific one out of all, I am interested. Well, she did go through the trouble of bringing it to me, so let’s accept it.

“Thank you Mio. Your recommendations are always jackpots, so I am happy” (Makoto)

“Yes!” (Mio)

She happily gives me a stick-shaped wrapping. In the reverse triangle container, there were a lot of orange colored things the size of a thumb. There’s a fragrant scent of oil. Deep-fried huh. I bring one that has a toothpick to my mouth.
In the crisp outside coating, there’s meat inside. The light fleshiness is close to that of white meat. A good tasting meat juice and a characteristic meat sensation. Maybe they minced several meats together? From the coating, I can smell several spices, and it complemented the taste of the meat. And then, the exquisite balance in the salt sprinkled over.
This is delicious.
For me, I thought it would be better if they put lemon juice, or some kind of juice to accent the taste. The taste is good as it is, good enough to call it one of my favorites though.

“Heh~, looks tasty. Mio-chan, where’s my share?” (Root)

“No way I have it, you pervert. I don’t remember giving you permission to call me with –chan. AAAhh?!” (Mio)

“Ah, Raidou-dono, I borrowed your toothpick. Fumu, heh~, this is… the meat is common, but this is the first time I have tasted this method of cooking. Yeah, it’s delicious” (Root)

“… Do you want to die this instant? Or do you want to die this instant?” (Mio)

Mio, you are saying the same thing. The toothpick I had was taken by Root in one breath and he stole one of the meats that was inside the container. What quick work.

“It has such a nice smell, so forgive him for taking only one, Mio. Thanks to you I have been able to find another food I like so much after all” (Makoto)

“You like! Then, next time, I will be lining it up in the dining table as well. I will show you that I can-desu wa!” (Mio)

“I will be looking forward to it. Ah, at that time-“ (Makoto)

“I will try using lemon salt or juice to put on scent to it. That’s how you like it right?” (Mio)

“… Yeah” (Makoto)

How did she know? Did it show in my expression? I’m a bit embarrassed.


“Master-dono, what are you staying silent for?” (Tomoe)

Tomoe, who was munching all this time, voices out. Is it because Root is unusually silent? Tomoe has been 20% eating and 80% drinking. Today again, she is already drunk. Her time here has been drinking in the morning and finishing the day with more drinking after all.
Great to see she is enjoying it.
The composition of two in the front, two at the back has now changed into Mio, me, Root and Tomoe.

“I was just remembering something. A long time ago, my lover told me that he wanted to eat fried white meat. There was a time I used this meat to painstakingly cook. He praised me saying that the taste was really similar… It pained me” (Root)

“He praised you right? Then, weren’t you happy?” (Tomoe)

“I was aiming for the same taste. I was unable to fulfill his wish. It pained me. You also wouldn’t want to be called ‘samurai-looking’ or ‘samurai-like’, but ‘a samurai’ right?” (Root)

“… I see” (Tomoe)

“Ah, Waka-sama. That cart, want to check it-“ (Mio)

“Okay, that’s as far as you go. The losers shouldn’t steal the march on the winner, Mio-chan. Tomoe also, step back. Today, I am the one beside him. Even in the venue, you two should understand your standing” (Root)



We already arrived at the venue huh. Shiki is supposed to be here already. When I am together with this three, the time passes fast.
I was also able to see a fun combination play of Tomoe and Mio. Last night and today, Root hasn’t made a pass on me yet. I pray that he doesn’t do it because he thinks about the place and the members Tomoe and Mio.
In the venue, there might be people that know of Root as the Guild Master. Today he isn’t coming because of his standing, but for private matters. Even if they ask, he can just introduce me as a friend or something.
I am interested in how my cute students are doing. I don’t think they are being too hyped up in just the raffle of the tournament.
Well, if on the contrary they were un-hyped, I can meet with them for the sake of hyping them up.

And so, we enter the venue.

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