Chapter 113: Kuzunoha is no sheep

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“So glad the temple isn’t all sparkly”

The impression I had of the Goddess was: the glittering room, her pride, and also her tiresomeness. We arrived at the church division that I didn’t even try to get close in the past, and not long after, I was able to catch a sight of our objective, a big construction which was strange in itself, but it wasn’t made of pure gold or anything like that which made me feel relief. If it really were like that, I would have wanted to leave as soon as possible.

“Raidou-sama? Is there something wrong?”

Shiki stops his feet and turns back in concern at me who is looking at the temple.

“No well, I was thinking that for a temple that reveres the Goddess it looks normal, no, pretty solemn” (Makoto)

“A thinking stemming from the exchange of words between Raidou-sama and the Goddess right? Because of that one exchange, you learned her personality. For me, the size may be different, but every one of them look the same to me” (Shiki)

Certainly. In Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, I haven’t thought if they were made in the image of the God. And I haven’t really thought of the method of construction either.

I see. This thought did come from me actually meeting the God itself huh. In the way, I glanced at the temples that revered the spirits (is it called that way? I don’t know if there’s another way of calling it) but all of them looked the same to me, and I didn’t put much mind into it.

“Personality huh. If I remember correctly, the Goddess is the only God, a sublime and honest one, affectionate over all hyumans, a pure mother; is how it goes right?” (Makoto)

“That’s how it is mostly interpreted. Other examples are: a gallant god of war, or things like a liberal guardian deity. She is thought as almighty, so I think that as long as it’s a compliment, they all fit the bill” (Shiki)

It sounds like a lie but… When I investigated about the Goddess at the library, her personality as a God, her characteristics, they were all like how Shiki said. And when she is narrated as a god of war, what’s normally used as the ones suffering are demi-humans or mamonos.

This truly is an almighty image of a God. It may be okay to give her an image of perfection, but if they see the real thing, there’s no doubt contradictions will appear.

In my mind, she is already completely contradictory. For me, she looks more like those black things. <Cockroach>

“If it’s the church that thinks of her as almighty and the unique God, it is certainly true that her image will turn into a majestic one. Now then, there are more people around, so I will return to written communication” (Makoto)

“If we stand still just looking, we will be thought of as suspicious, so let’s just enter” (Shiki)

Taking Shiki’s suggestion, we enter the temple. The pleasant air brushes my face gently. Maybe there’s air conditioning here, nicely played. There’s still lingering summer heat even though summer has already passed. Even so, in this world, the only thing you can do is use air conditioning magic. Use magic. In other words, hyuman power. Even if the entrance is completely open, this convenient magic lets you control the temperature in its scope. There’s the need for a certain amount of manpower, and it isn’t like they can set the temperature. In the end, they would have to rely on the magicians’ sense and the people around. In our house, the only men were me and my father, the women were three. I have memories of my living room not being refreshing at all. I also remember that the girls’ side was weak to the cold.
Even if the science air conditioning turns into magic air conditioning, the temperature will still be dictated by the ones with more power. If you want to change the temperature by yourself, you would need quite the power and effort. Well, if it’s for work, you wouldn’t be able to do that though.

“We are here for an appointment with the priest Shinai. We are from the Kuzunoha Company. I am Shiki and my master Raidou” (Shiki)

Shiki tells the church woman in duty that approached the reason we are here. She is wearing white clothes. However, it seems that in the temple this isn’t the only uniform they wear. With just a few glances, I can tell that it is indeed mostly white, but the designs have quite the varied patterns. That’s unexpected. I thought that there would be simple differences between male and female, and other things would be totally the same. I was imagining long sleeves and low exposure clothes that covered all the way to the ankle, but that also varies depending on the person. Maybe there’s no regulations aside from the color?

“With Shinai-sama? Yes, I have heard of it. Please follow me”

‘I will notify them’ it seems those words were not a lie. The young woman, who looks like a student doing part-time job as a shrine maiden, is guiding us. She is looking at our walking speed as she walks forward. From outside it looked big as well, but as expected, from inside it is quite wide. And yet, in the whole inner area, I can smell a unique scent. This is probability not the effects of magic. They probably scattered a large quantity of perfume. In the academy, there are places that resemble salons and use perfume, so I am familiar with it. It’s just that, the extent here is on a whole different level.
While we were walking, we passed a lot of white clothed people. Every time I look, the attire changes. Don’t tell me, all of them are different? There’s no way that’s true, right?

I beckon Shiki and whisper to his ear. Using thought transmission with a person that’s so close to me is just troublesome after all. Shiki seems to be asking the woman about what I told him.

“Excuse me. The people that are on service here are all very particular about their clothing huh. Everyone is wearing clothing with pretty individual designs. It surprised me” (Shiki)

“Ara, is that so? Ah, if I remember correctly, the Kuzunoha Company came from Tsige right? In that case, you would probably be surprised. In this lands, with the exception of formal dresses and uniforms, the everyday clothes have no specification aside from the color, so everyone is wearing clothes they want. Instead of using specified clothes to work, we think it is better to serve in clothing that fits us”

Why is it? It is certainly true that with the same uniform, the differences in the subject will become clearer, but the people here are not the type that minds those points. Also, that everyone is all disconnected feels out of place. Saying that it would be better to serve with clothes that fit them, it may not have any ulterior motive in it, but for some reason, I don’t like it. I was the one who asked, but Shiki nods to me and gives me a sign. Shiki probably understood how I felt. After that, he connects with some casual talk and ends the conversation.

Hm, the goal seems to be underground. So there’s an underground floor. Just imagining my underground facility at the store, I can’t help but have a bad image. <His underground facility is a torture room>

The type of scent also changed. At first I had my doubts, but it seems there’s no bad effect in the perfume. There might be different types depending on the floor and room.

“The priest is waiting here. Well then, with this, I will be excusing myself”

“Thank you very much” (Shiki)

[Thank you very much]

She told us to wait, and then, she whispers something at a relatively big door on the left side. There was a short conversation, after that, the door opens and the girl returns. And after telling us that Shinai-san is waiting for us there, she lowers her head and leaves. It may be because we are guests, but she was smiling all the way through. Even on our way here, I didn’t feel any strange gazes from the people inside. Is it because they are well trained? I was expecting to receive gazes harsher than any I have received before.

“It’s the Kuzunoha Company people. Pardon the intrusion”

“Come in”

Without saying anything, I follow after Shiki. I can’t talk after all.

Inside, there is Shinai-san and there’s around 5 others. The space is about 8 tatami mats, maybe a bit more. Might be because it is underground, it feels like it is especially dark here.

“I’m glad you came, Raidou-dono. Is that person your alchemist? Is his name Shiki?” (Shinai)

[Yes, Shinai-sama. He is the employee I rely on the most and also a close aide of mine. Name is Shiki. This time’s request-]

“I am grateful you accepted to exhibit your techniques with the church. I wanted to show my gratitude to you guys even if for a bit, so I notified my superior, and it seems that he will be exchanging some words with you. It hasn’t been long since he arrived here, but the Bishop-sama, who puts together all the lands’ believers, has come” (Shinai) <No gender specific denotation>

Bishop. Ah, the substitute for the one that has been assassinated huh. If we take into account the position Shinai-san is standing in, the other 4 seem to be underlings. In that case, is it that person there? His hair is long. His face is being hidden by something resembling a hood, so I can’t see it clearly, but is it a woman? I see, their religion is based on the Goddess, so it wouldn’t be strange for the people at the top to be women. Even if I try to check his body, he is wearing clothes with low exposure, so I actually don’t know if it’s just a male with long hair. If he talks, maybe I can tell.

Also, I wonder why Shinai-san interrupted my words. Could it be, he reported that I was the one who wanted to publicize it? It seemed like he came to our place because of the orders of someone else though…

[This is too much of an honor]

I don’t know if this is the correct gesture, but I get on my knees and lower my head. Shiki also follows. But in Shiki’s case, he is probably just imitating me. Later, I should ask him how I should behave in this cases.

“I have heard that while being a small business, you handle rare medicines, and you will be making clear how some of them are made. I thank you for that faith. I promise you that the church will brush away the rash remarks regarding your store”

Husky voice, moreover, the voice of a glossy woman. It gave me the impression of a person that is fond of tobacco and alcohol. It pleasantly resounds in my body. So the Bishop is a woman huh.

[I thank you for your consideration]

“I heard your words have been stolen by a curse disease. We will be providing our assistance in that regard as well. I don’t know how much help we can be of, so I can’t tell you to be relieved”

I didn’t even ask for it. Quite the kind one. Is it okay to take her words in face value? I really don’t know.

“Bishop-sama, the times is…”

“Hm, I see. Well then, Raidou, let’s meet again in the future. I will leave it to Shinai”

“Understood. Thank you for sparing important time of yours” (Shinai)

From the 4 at the back, one quietly approaches the Bishop-san and speaks to her. Well, she must be busy.

After saying a few words to me, the Bishop leaves. Shinai-san lowers his head 90º. Damn, I forgot to lower my head.

“That’s not good Raidou-dono. The Bishop-sama should be shown the greatest of respects. Even if it hasn’t been long since you have come here, it doesn’t mean disrespects towards that personage can be forgiven” (Shinai)

[I am from the country side after all. I apologize for being ill-mannered]

“… Well, it’s fine. And so, today, you guys were going to show us the medicine’s recipe. Obviously, you came prepared for that right?” (Shinai)

[Of course]

Shiki follows my signal and steps forward. He brought the ingredients for the medicine we will be making today and also the tools. The manufacturing method doesn’t use big tools, so it was possible.

“I see. So the magician there has everything prepared huh. In that case, this will be fast. Honestly speaking, I don’t have knowledge of medicine manufacturing, and I want to talk with Raidou-dono about several topics we have on our side as well. No worries, it’s like casual talk” (Shinai)

Otto, this is a bit out of expectations. I totally thought he wanted me to explain the process for him.

[Understood. If it’s okay with me, go ahead]

“Then, please use the seat here. Magician-dono, use the desk there to make the medicine while explaining to those people” (Shinai)

“Got it. Well then, everyone, over here please” (Shiki)

Shiki approaches a big desk with several medicine manufacturing tools on top, and he opens his luggage on it. It seems he is explaining the ingredients he prepared one by one in a thorough manner. At that rate, the medicine creation might take about 1 hour.

Glancing at my follower that is already explaining the manufacturing process, I sit facing Shinai-san. In the small desk between us, there’s nothing on top. It should be fine to at least bring out tea. I am – in outline – collaborating in good will you know?

“Well then, Raidou-dono. This would be the first time we can talk calmly huh. I have introduced myself before but, I am the priest Shinai. Pleasure to make your acquaintance” (Shinai)

[Affiliated to the merchant guild, Raidou from the Kuzunoha Company. I am happy to make acquaintance of someone from the church. I think that in the future we will be able to help out each other]

“Fufufu, I wonder just how much of that are your true feelings. But for a merchant and a servant of God, this is how first impressions are. You look quite young. How long has it been since you began your business?” (Shinai)

[Not even three years have passed. We are newcomers]

I haven’t told any lies. No matter if its three days or two years, it is true that it hasn’t been three years yet.

“Even so, you already have stores in two towns huh. Is it because you have strong luck, or maybe, you have a strong backing?” (Shinai)

[It can’t be called backing, but I do have a good relationship with the Rembrandt Company]

“Rembrandt… Hoh, that…” (Shinai)

Shinai-san seems to be thinking about something as he whispers the name of Rembrandt. It doesn’t seem like he is acquainted with Rembrandt, but he probably has prior information about him.

[Are you acquainted with him? He lend a place to me, who didn’t have connections, not too long ago, and he is also a benefactor that taught me the 101 of business]

“He did huh. It seems your and my impression of Rembrandt differ slightly. If he were a bit more cooperative, we would be able to propagate the religion to other lands, and even open up at deeper parts of the wasteland” (Shinai)

So it is that. After the events with his wife and daughters, Rembrandt has not been visiting the church at all.

He probably relied on the Goddess at first, but didn’t work. And so, he tried solving it himself, and when he met me, it felt like he was on the brink of giving up. It may be unreasonable to ask him to maintain his faith after that incident. Because the trigger to solve it was the request he himself petitioned in the guild after all.

[I came from the wasteland, so I don’t know much about the church’s teachings and the connection between them and Rembrandt. But at the very least, I know that Rembrandt-shi treated me with sincerity. Even now, my feelings of gratitude towards him are big]

“When the standings are different, that may be what happens. Even so, I have understood well. The reason why the daughters of Rembrandt-shi are under your care is because of that huh” (Shinai)

Uhm, did he investigate about me? It seems he knows that I am working as a temporary teacher at the academy, and also the students I am giving classes to.

He probably already knew that I am from the wasteland as well. If that weren’t the case, he would have shown a bit more of a reaction.

[Yes. Rembrandt-shi has indirectly asked me to take care of his daughters]

Even if he didn’t pursue the subject so poorly, he would have probably brought out the subject himself. With that thought in mind, I just touch in the topic that I am giving lessons to his daughters.

“He is a father that’s thoughtful of his daughters huh. I must change m impressions I had of him a little bit. From the reports of my subordinates, I only thought of Rembrandt as a miser with thin religious faith. Seriously, without talking to people of different standings, many misunderstandings will be born. It has become a good lesson”

‘I must reconsider’ is what Shinai-san’s face is saying. I can also see slight arrogance, but the root itself might be genuine. I can feel elite-like traits from it. This is what Eva-san said but, it seems that the church people in Academy town are mostly the ones that have climbed up the steps of promotion, so maybe he is indeed an elite.

After that, he asked me a few things here and there. While Shiki was finishing the second medicine manufacture performance, I explained him the personal history of the character called Raidou.


– After Makoto and Shiki left –

Two were cleaning up the tools and materials of the medicine manufacture, and the remaining two were with Shinai in the room next door.

The woman that urged the Bishop saying ‘time is…’ before, closes the door. Inside the room, there is the Bishop and several hyumans sitting there, waiting for them.

“Did they leave?”

The bishop opens her mouth. Her voice is the same seductive one she used when talking to Makoto.

“Just a while ago they left the church. Just in case, we are tracing them” (Shinai)

“I see. You did a pointless thing then” (Bishop)


“I said it was pointless. You may have intended to utilize the Kuzunoha Company, but it is probably quite the opponent. From now on, be more careful and move only when I have given the acknowledgement” (Bishop)

“… What do you mean? From the conversation, I thought there wouldn’t be any problems though” (Shinai)

Seeing the complicated expression of the bishop, Shinai is bewildered. From his view, taking into account the contents of today’s talk and the attitude of them, it seemed like they were good willed. He thought they would be able to form a friendly collaboration.

“Please tell him” (Bishop)

The red haired bishop does a sigh and listlessly nudges with her elbow. It is a gesture not fitting of a bishop. She is using the same seductive tone of voice, and yet, her behavior is completely different.

Urged by the voice of the bishop, one of the persons at the back opens his mouth.

“I have investigated their thoughts and magic power, as well as the people related to them. I was able to find a bit of information regarding the employee Shiki. However, regarding his master Raidou, I was unable to understand at all”

“What does that mean? Did the thought and magic power investigation fail?” (Shinai)

“… First, Shiki. I was able to confirm that he possesses, at the very least, magic power that surpasses several magicians of the imperial court. Maybe he had countermeasures for his thoughts, I was unable to read them. About Raidou, not only his thoughts, I was unable to measure his magic power either”

It was a report that was close to telling him they didn’t understand anything. Shinai thought that was just impossible and got confused. A magician that has the capacity to be appointed in any country if he wished, is working as an employee in a store that can be blown away with one puff, moreover, serving a kid. ‘Who would be able to imagine that?!’ Is what he wanted to shout out.

Also, for the thought reading which the church is proud of, to not work, and not only that, they are unable to measure their magic power either. He could only think of this as some sort of bad dream.

“Impossible. Are you saying Raidou has magic power that surpasses Shiki?” (Shinai)

“Who knows. Thinking about it in a normal way, since Raidou said he is a reliable close aide, he might be weaker than Shiki. But in reverse, it can also mean that Raidou is stronger. We at least know that Shiki is a close aide of the temporary teacher Raidou and that he is an extraordinary magician. Also, about Raidou’s magic power, we can’t understand it at all. It is not that we can’t measure it. It’s like all the magic power around him has been paint out, and we can’t feel magic power at all” (Bishop)

The person in charge of the investigation nods heavily at the words of the bishop. The continuous utterances of unbelievable things were making Shinai confused.

“In others words, his magic power and thoughts were being suppressed?” (Shinai)

“That’s how it could be taken. For people that can manage to pull such a deed, there’s no way subordinates would be able to tail them right? That’s why I said it was pointless. The medicine itself is also suspicious. Just how was it? Can I get a report?” (Bishop)

The Bishop talks across the head of Shinai, onto the 2 that saw the medicine manufacture from start to finish.

“… Honestly speaking, it was a splendid recipe. The process was systematic and the explanation was clear. Also, the ingredients used were not things that can’t be obtained”

“Heh~. How unexpected. Then you guys can also make it?” (Bishop)

“Probably. I think Shiki didn’t hide a single step of the process and showed us everything of it. But…”

The man looked like he had a hard time saying what came next. The Bishop doesn’t press him on and just waits for his mouth to open again.

“Regarding the price, I think it will be a lot higher than that of Kuzunoha Company”

“… The success rate?” (Bishop)

“That as well. It seems the Kuzunoha Company practically doesn’t fail, but with our ability, I say 5/10 is max. He said that they have brought two types of ingredients from the wasteland, but told us that there are plants here that can serve as substitute, and he actually showed us the process of that as well. The judgment result is: he was able to create a medicine that was practically identical to the one we obtained beforehand and there were no lies”

“How kind of them. And? If you said ‘that as well’, it must mean that there are other reasons right? Say it” (Bishop)

“The production cost”

“Production cost? You mean the expense for ingredients?” (Bishop)

“There’s that and the need to employ a magician that increases the success rate, but in that part, it isn’t that much of an issue. From the ingredients that Shiki told us and the price of those in the market, just with that, the price of our medicine would differ greatly from that of Kuzunoha Company. Even if we order them from the wasteland, or get the two types of medicines he proposed to us, we would have to place requests for the adventurers and that would include the danger compensation and raw materials cost, so just by trying to obtain the raw materials, we would already be surpassing 10 times the price of a completed product of the Kuzunoha Company. If the church creates it and sells it in other places, the price would have to be a 100 times more or we won’t be able to profit at all. In the future, if they were to open a store in the areas that we sell, it might affect the trust of the people towards the church”

“100 times more you say? No way. The Kuzunoha Company is selling them at a lower price right?” (Bishop)

“They gather all the ingredients by themselves, so they obtain it all without the need of using the market. He did say that he had confidence in his circulation of goods, and it may sound unbelievable but, as long as it’s treated as merchandise, they must be obtaining profit at that price”

“No way…” (Shinai)

Shinai cuts into the conversation. In that case, it wouldn’t be much different from the other high priced medicines. No matter the effect, it would turn into a price that would surprise anyone.

“As I thought. In other words, it is safe to assume Raidou is feigning to be a pure child. While we are casually using him, a cold sensation might cut into our throats. It’s good that we were here as well” (Bishop)

“Bishop-sama?” (Shinai)

“I don’t think Shinai’s eyes were wrong. However, don’t get involved with them for a while. And also don’t go spilling the information to other factions. Depending on how we play it, they may become a trump card that could help us in the future. An unusual hyuman that employs a lot of demi-humans huh. Tell everyone in an oblique way. That whenever they hear the name of Kuzunoha Company, they should tip their ears. For the meantime, at least until the other bishops and the people of Limia have left Academy town, I ask you to make sure they don’t perceive our interest for Kuzunoha. And also, for now, there’s no need to think about the price, so try making about a 100 wound medications. There’s no need to force ourselves in competing with them. Those goods are useful after all. If it’s in a different town where our comrades are, or in the frontlines of war; just by changing the location, there are many different ways of utilizing it” (Bishop)


Along the priest, everyone in the room nods silently at the words of the bishop.


I quietly clear my ears.

I hear a conversation that is not that reserved in volume. At this time, there aren’t many customers. It’s because at this time, most of our merchandise has been sold out already. The most we get are Onee-sans, who work late at night at the backstreets, buying energy drinks from us. Those girls have already become regulars at our store and now it is normal for the representative to come here and buy several dozens. The repairs of weapons have become more popular lately, but they normally come to receive their weapons at day time. I am sorry for the sudden customers, but when it is night time, we only have medications for cold and energy drinks. I hope you guys also get popular soon.

If you ask me what I am trying to say with this, is that at this time it is easier to idle.

When I returned to the store using the normal circulation route, I heard the usual small Forest Oni and the young chat-loving Eldwa talking with someone. Good grief, even if you are clerks talking with a customer, don’t go speaking in such loud voices. I can’t even see the R in reflect from that girl.

Akua, who was looking at that situation with a tired face, suddenly looked back from the account table she was in. In other words, she noticed Shiki and I arrived. For a moment, she opened her eyes wide, and after that, she seals her mouth with her hands. This time, Akua didn’t stop them, but she didn’t slack off either. Well, let’s consider her ‘not guilty’.

I beckon her to come.

“I am back. I see that you guys are having quite a lot of fun here” (Makoto)

“Is it always like this when we are not here Akua?” (Shiki)

Shiki’s tone is also lower than normal. Of course, it is not because he is speaking low.

“W-Welcome back…” (Akua)

“The customers are… tte, its Jin and the others huh. Those guys are also… pretty free huh” (Makoto)

“They are slacking. Maybe we should tighten them a bit. They might not be able to participate in the school festival though” (Shiki)

My assistant Shiki narrows his eyes. In those areas, he is strict. And the employees that got in it and have begun talking in the spur of the moment are the most problematic ones.

Akua does not participate in conversations normally? Or was it by chance that she didn’t participate? Seeing her eyes swimming like that, it is suspicious.

“That’s just pushing it too far. And so, Akua, since when were they like that?” (Makoto)

“E… Ehm… it hasn’t been long” (Akua)

“If you answer me honestly, I will reward you with a taste of the new banana menu though” (Makoto)

“For about two hours. Today the fruits were sold out early, and later after, the wound medications and counteraction medicines stock was finished as well, so our hands were free” (Akua)

So not much after we left huh. What a thing… And to think that the public is praising us for our customer service and technique. That makes their self-confidence inflate even more. If people saw this scene, the reputation of the store would go down. You stupid clerks and malignant regulars.

And also, what an effective confession. Your eyes are sparkling Akua.

Eris and the young Eldwa. Sorry to say but, there’s a need for punishment here. You haven’t even noticed I am already here.

I take along the doggy that’s waiting for her reward, I mean, Akua, to the kitchen. It is called kitchen in name only and only has simple equipment, but I am just going to do some orthodox cooking, so this is enough.

“Shiki, is it cooled down?” (Makoto)

“Yes, here” (Shiki)

Shiki takes out a bottle with a white substance in it and a single banana from the refrigerator. And also a small bottle with an amber color object in it. As expected of Shiki-san. It seems he understood what I wanted to make just by the mention of new menu. Tomoe, Mio, Shiki and Komoe-chan have already tasted it after all.

By the way, if we reverse the order of people mentioned, we would get the order of how much they liked it. As expected, the one who likes bananas the most is Komoe-chan.

Akua is looking at my movements with eyes that surpassed sparkles. They were blazing. I can feel a strong gaze focused onto my hands.

Well, I am not making anything significant here. I am just cutting the bananas, smashing them and mixing it all.

The amber object is nectar. It isn’t the nectar from Asora, but the ones you can normally obtain around these parts. Like maple syrup, it has a peculiar taste and instead of using it to add sweetness, its purpose for mixing it in is mostly to add flavor.

The white substance is milk. This one comes from Asora. It’s on the dense side. It should be cow milk, but it is excessively dense and delicious. When I drank it, I was a bit uneasy if my stomach would be fine, but it’s not like I will die. And since the day I drank, I haven’t felt any problems in my health. The others also seemed to accept it without any problems and it is already being consumed by the residents of Asora.

Done. What was made is banana milk.

I pour the big white liquid container that’s mixed with yolk to three glasses. Shiki is nodding. Akua is gulping her breath and looking at the liquid pouring down.

“Here, go ahead and drink it” (Makoto)

I gave Shiki and Akua the glasses. Confirming that both of them took theirs, I also bring mine to my mouth. One sip. The rich sweetness of the banana and the fragrance of the parallel world’s syrup spread in my mouth. At the end, the taste of milk that’s as dense as fresh cream is left. As a whole, this can be called a worthy dessert. I also drink it occasionally and I like it. I put away the glass for a moment. When Shiki confirmed I have drunk, he also brings it to his mouth, and after that, Akua, who was holding the glass dearly, brings it to her mouth as well.

Shiki has already drunk it before, so he smiled after confirming its taste. He made a really nice smile as he drank it in one go. This sweets-lover.

Akua drank one sip of it and her whole body trembled. As if she got hit by lightning. Well, it’s not like I have actually seen a person getting hit by one though.

After that, I thought she would drink it all in one go, but she did one sip and then another sip while trembling. She really does like it huh. I unconsciously did a bitter smile.

“Hah~, I want to drown in this forever~” (Akua)

After Akua finished drinking slowly and savoring it, she gives her thoughts with her mouth half opened and her cheeks blushed. Her words surpassed the boundary of delicious.

Is she imagining herself in a banana milk bathtub? If it’s me, I would definitely refuse that. Even if she asks me in an ecstatic face, I would not agree.

“It tasted nice” (Shiki)

“I am glad you liked it. Well then, let’s go for punishment time. N, what’s wrong Akua?” (Makoto)


What she is looking intently is… ah, the glass I only drank one sip of.

She wants to drink it huh. She is just looking at it and it is already telling me everything.

“Akua, I will be giving you that one as well, so for now, just come” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes!” (Akua)

The doggy that is biting her bone, I mean, Akua who is holding the glass in hand, heads to the store’s interior.

“Incredible! Then Eris-san can defeat blue lizard-kun?!”

“Of course. If I can’t do at least that, I wouldn’t be able to work here as a clerk. Even at night, this place is safe. I am here after all” (Eris)

“As expected! The other day, you also showed us how you did arias while moving right? How can you do arias while jumping around like a scout?”

“That’s also basic. I first choose the aria that is the most fitting for me of the magic exclusive ancient languages, then, while I am moving, I divide the spell’s aria and whisper it until I complete it” (Eris)

“As I thought, it is hard to use common language arias in more than half of the spell. That’s why, if I am able to master that aria, I will be able to turn it into a trump card, but…”

“Hide your trump cards. Waka taught me this. It is standard to use your trump cards only on opponents that you are going to kill. By the way, you won’t be able to kill Waka and Shiki, so it is fine to show them. They are special” (Eris)

“But I really do respect you. To be able to defeat that Blue Lizard-kun. Just where did you fight such a beautiful blue scaled lizardman?”

“Hmph, they lived in the inner parts of the wasteland. Now, Waka lets me fight with them when we are training” (Eris)

“At the inner parts of the wasteland. Heh~ is that so. Water and wind, to be able to use two elements, it must be quite the high leveled mamono right?”

“Of course. They are mist-?!” (Eris)



Eris is truly a big idiot. Just how much does she want to brag? Learn from Mondo who has already become completely diligent. At least try to stop the reception of weird things and reflect on yourself.

Getting carried by the flattery and divulging information. She didn’t leak out anything regarding Asora, but this is seriously dangerous. This children won’t even amount to a threat, but information can spread, so we have to be careful.

Akua and I were looking at the situation from the account table, and when Eris got engrossed in the conversation and was going to talk about something bad, Shiki intervened.

Just like when picking up a cat, he holds Eris up by grabbing the back part of her peculiar parka. She is as light as her height tells, but it isn’t like it is easy to hold her up with one arm. The students must have learned that Shiki possesses surprising strength. No, today is the day they learn that Shiki is scary when angered. The Eldwa was also talking to the students about weapons, but this one didn’t have any contents that would be problematic. But only in content. I will leave his punishment to the Eldwa craftsmen and the elder. Honestly speaking, they are way stricter than me, so he will probably come pleading me for mercy.

“Eris, you have become quite admirable huh? Since when did you become so conceited that you are now able to teach others your techniques? We need to talk about this, right?” (Shiki)

“Shi-Shiki-san?! Ah Ma-, Waka too?!” (Eris)

Ma-? Wait Eris. Were you about to say Makoto? Her behavior has become quite dubious now huh.

[Fuh~, the Eris that’s supposed to be doing her best, what is she doing?]

“Y-You set me up right, Akua… Ah?! What are you drinking?!” (Eris)

Set me up? You…

Also, she is being held up by Shiki and noticed my presence, and yet, her attention is turned to the drink of Akua?

“… Banana milk. It’s a reward” (Akua)

“I knew it! It gave out the smell of banana! Even though I thought of Akua as a close friend, to think that you would sell out your friendship for food, how vexing. From now on we will only be comrades huh” (Eris)

“… I will give you half later. If you get forgiven by Waka-sama that is” (Akua)

“Akua, as I thought, we really are buddies that have overcome life and death. Waka, Eris had a change of heart. It is okay now. My loyalty will not waver anymore, and I won’t get cocky either. That’s why, I want to plead for the magistrate-sama’s forgiveness” (Eris)

Shiki makes a heavy sigh. Seriously, I have the same sentiment. Is it even possible for this girl to have a change of heart? What an unreliable loyalty.

[It hasn’t been long since you said you would devote your loyalty to me till death though?]


[Let’s return her to the camp once more. Do you want to meet Komoe-chan again?]

“?!?!?!?!?!?! That’s no good. I have already received enough princess component. I will be fine even if I don’t meet her for a while. I am healthy. T-That’s right. I will promise loyalty even after death. Yeah, with this it should be fine” (Eris)

[After death? That’s quite the spontaneous decision. Do you intent to become an undead or something?]

“That’s right. I will provide cooling in the hot summer” (Eris)

Ah, I am losing neurons. Eris, what a fearsome one. I should have protection to status effects, and yet, she is able to tire me to this extent.

Should I call her master Mondo and have him reprimand her? For now, I will have the angered Shiki take care of her. I just don’t know how to get angry at her anymore.

[Shiki, I leave the rest to you. I’m leaving. And also, Jin, this includes the others as well, if you plan on cheating, you don’t need to come to my class anymore. It is truly stupid in a lot of meanings]


I already had the church give me weird gazes and throw me strange spells, and I even had Shinai-san sending tailers. Well, right now I am not using [Sakai] to grasp presences but to hide the magic power around me, so Shiki was the one who told me this when we returned to the store though.

Until then, I didn’t notice at all.

“Now then, Eris. And also everyone. It seems you have quite the amount of spare time, so let’s train a bit today” (Shiki)

Without waiting for the answer of anyone, several presences disappeared from the store. If the situation changes in an instant, my current self can understand the state of affairs.

Akua, it looks like you intended to share your banana milk <( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)>, but will she able to endure till Shiki ends wringing Eris out? Well, even if she ends up drinking it all up, I wouldn’t blame her. It looked like she liked it quite a lot after all.

Let’s return to Asora and introduce the banana milk to the other Forest Onis as well. I have to tell Mio, so we can prepare the ingredients.

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