Chapter 90: Gossip – Mio, Cooking and Hero (2)


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“Then, Hibiki and the others were looking for weapons and were in the middle of heading to Tsige?”

“Yes. Our original plan was to use the gold highway and teleport until reaching Tsige, but we had some circumstances and have used ships and inconspicuous routes to transport until here”

In the highway with people, 5 persons were walking.

The sun is still high up and with the sparse number of people in this highway, one can tell that it isn’t used that often.

It’s the shortest route that connects Koran to Tsige. At both sides there are a number of mountains, forests, lakes. To fulfill requests and train their skills, the adventurers that live in Tsige head to those places.

It has been 2 days since Mio and Hibiki met.

Mio while still not knowing that Hibiki’s an otherworldler, she is being taught various knowledge about how to cook marine products by Hibiki. And Mio also visited numerous restaurants and passed her days eating things she has tasted for the first time. Right now she is accompanying Hibiki to her objective Tsige by Hibiki’s suggestion and so they are now walking along in the highway like this.

Hibiki has not revealed Mio her birthplace and that she is a hero. Hitting it off with Mio who wants to recreate food, she talks about the knowledge she has of food in her previous world.

The group of the Limia hero is travelling incognito while vigilant of their surroundings just in case, but because of the death of one of their comrades, they are fatigued in spirit so noticing that the conversations with Mio were a good diversion, all except the person herself, silently consented Mio accompanying them.

“I am sorry to interrupt in the middle of your conversation but, can you please give me a bit of your time?”

When Mio and Hibiki had begun conversing about cooking, the magician who was silently walking, Wudi, cuts into the conversation. Because from the few days accompanying them, he knows that when the two of them begin talking about cooking, they don’t finish for a long time. He thought that it was better to first digest the things that must be asked and the questions they had. His decision was the correct one.

“What is it Wudi?” (Hibiki)

“Make it short. Today I want to ask about drop-lid simmering-desu kara” (Mio)

“Of course, Mio-dono. This may be a late question but, just what in the world are you? A cook, an adventurer or a merchant? Even though you did quite the shopping in Koran, you are not holding anything. You also didn’t have a carriage. I haven’t heard of a spell that one person can use to store that many goods” (Wudi)

Mio isn’t that used to be called a cook. That also goes for being treated as a merchant and an adventurer. It’s like when throws away the world and lives long years of retirement, like a rich daughter secluded in her room. She gave off this aura that she is not used to this world yet.

Even so, she is traveling alone like this and has travelled from Tsige to Koran and she is accompanying them on the way back. For Wudi there’s something that doesn’t fit. He had some bad feeling.

“… I am a person who is currently interested in cooking and I have registered as an adventurer. Also, I am part of a company. If you ask me what am I, that is my only answer” (Mio)

“… What a jumbled personal history. You say you are an adventurer but, you are not forming a party with anyone?”

It was Bredda. While he consented travelling together with Mio, he is cautious of her. He didn’t go as far as thinking that the demon race has expanded their influence up to this point, but even so, as long as he is traveling while protecting the hero, his approach isn’t wrong.

“Yeah, because the levels don’t match or something like that. I actually wanted to party with Waka-sama, but since there’s too much difference and because he is right now far away. The person who is closest to my level is someone called Tomoe-san who is in the same company as me, but it is not on the level where we can form a party so… Ah, that’s right. I was originally a bodyguard of Waka-sama, so I am probably a bodyguard as well” (Mio)

With no malice or anything of the like, Mio answers Bredda’s question disinterested. Depending on the points of view, this could also be taken as feigning ignorance.

In truth, she really is not partying with anyone. The person she wants to party with, Makoto, is in level 1, and even the one who is the closest, Tomoe, is over level 1,300. Mio who is in level 1,500, isn’t able to party with anyone, so it can’t be helped.

“This may be rude but, what is the level of Mio-dono?”

“Sorry. Waka-sama has nailed onto me that I can’t tell other people my level without a reason, so I can’t answer. In exchange, I won’t ask for your levels, so please do forgive me” (Mio)

“Hey, Wudi, and also Bredda! This is not an interrogation, so let’s go with a more fun mood! We are doing a fast pace in the shortest route, but even so, she is still a person travelling with us!” (Hibiki)

Hating the fact that the mood was getting bad, Hibiki scolds her two companions.

The two of them apologize and obediently step back. It was not their intention to make the mood bad.

In the route from Tsige to Koran that Tomoe and Mio planned to advance through has a number of hyuman and demi-human settlements, a roundabout route that takes several days. In contrast, the one that the five of them are walking in right now is a slightly steep and certainly the shortest route, where the adults could use magic to assist them to get through it in a single day. On top of not being able to pass with a carriage, there are chances to encounter mamonos, but if you are an adventurer, this route is a choice. Taking into account the girl Chiya who has a questionable amount of stamina, this route would take them at least 2 days to reach Tsige.

“Hibiki, thank you. By the way, this is something I thought after the talk of level, but Hibiki and the others are reasonably strong-desu yo ne?” (Mio)

“… Well, I think we are able to put good fight” (Hibiki)

Bredda holds in his growing anger and Hibiki answers Mio’s question. That reply had emotion mixed and the faces of Hibiki’s party get slightly clouded.

“I see… I normally don’t do this, but I am accompanying you guys while being cautious of the surroundings. And it seems that something unusual is heading towards us-desu. Is it fine to leave it to you guys? Or do you want me to help you?” (Mio)

“Don’t joke around. I don’t feel anything” (Wudi)

“Yeah, I also don’t feel anything around…” (Chiya)

Wudi and Chiya refuted Mio’s words. The two magicians had a hostile perception spell they were expanding in shifts. Saying something like that, Chiya who was resting, expands the spell again but in the effective range there was no reaction.

“It is being expanded a bit wide so I can see why. Ah, there wasn’t the need to try perceiving it. See, there it is” (Mio)

Mio points out at the far mountain range.

“What… is that?”

“The wind is raging about?”

There, many trees were dancing in the sky. And the forest was visibly shaking.

The sound had not yet reached, but it was clear that something abnormal was occurring. And the abnormality was increasing its speed as it headed towards Hibiki and the others.

“Now do you understand-desu ka? And so, what will you do?” (Mio)

“Mio-san, do you know what that is?!” (Hibiki)

“You were able to perceive that… from this distance? Isn’t that impossible…” (Wudi)

“I am not really sure but… it is probably a bug type mamono that has mutated in the wasteland and has crossed the mountains. It happens from time to time-desu” (Mio)

Mio ignores Wudi and answers Hibiki’s question.

“A mamono from the wasteland?!”

Bredda was clearly agitated. Even though they were thinking about trying out the wasteland after preparing their equipment in Tsige, they didn’t expect that they would encounter a mamono before reaching the town.

In the time they were talking, from the forest, the mamono doesn’t change its direction and continues charging at them.

It will soon come in contact with the perception spell of the hero party.

“This is?!”

“Incredibly strong! And also big!”

“What are we going to do Hibiki?!”

“… Mio-san. The thing that is heading here… is it stronger than the black calamity spider?” (Hibiki)

“Eh, spider?” (Mio)

“Yes, a hungry spider monster. Don’t you know about it?” (Hibiki)

“I do know about it but… Well, if you ask me which one is stronger, I have to say the spider is stronger-desu ne. But, is there a need to compare them?” (Mio)

For Mio, the spider or in other words herself, hasn’t fought anyone seriously until meeting Makoto. That is to say, what’s the point of comparing strength when it wasn’t even clear?

Even so, there’s no doubt that if she compares herself before her pact (taking out the hunger) and fought with her original strength, there’s no doubt she would win against that thing charging at them. That’s why she answered Hibiki like that.

It isn’t wrong. But the difference between the spider Mio is taking into account and the one Hibiki uses as measure, is what will make Hibiki do an incorrect decision.

“That means we are enough. Everyone, we will be fighting so, prepare!” (Hibiki)

Hibiki unsheathes her sword. Matching this, the other three prepare their fighting stances.

(Ara, they are really doing it? Even though it is clearly stronger. This people, are they the type who die an early death when entering the wasteland? That’s troubling-wa ne. Well, if Hibiki seems to be in danger, I just have to save her so there no real problem-desu wa ne) (Mio)

“I see. Then I wish you good luck. If you think it gets bad, say so okay?” (Mio)

Practically at the same time as Mio says so, a strong wind is raised in the surroundings. She jumps gently and sits down on a tree branch a bit faraway while resting her chin on one hand.

There, something that had 4 legs extending from its abdomen, supporting its body and from its upper half there were two giant characteristic scythes in the place of its arms.

“A praying… mantis?” (Hibiki)

That’s right. Just like how Hibiki said, there was a giant monster there which was probably based on a praying mantis. Its height is over 3 meters.

Without even a single instant…

It did an action that clearly told that the objective of the praying mantis was not the hero party. It does a swipe with its giant scythes that scatters the obstacles and heads onto the hero party.


Seeing the horizontal swipe of those scythes that cut off the surrounding leafs in an instant, Mio notices something.

(I see. It’s a variation that was weakened and got possessed by a wind spirit. From its size, it most likely ate a lot after that. And so, because it was troubled by food, it crossed the mountains. It would normally be a case where an emergency request is made in Tsige and gets noisy) (Mio)

Mio is in a place outside the range of its attack and observes the praying mantis calmly.

She has done requests in the wasteland and has experience protecting adventurers she accompanies so she knows how to act in this situations.

Honestly speaking, taking into account the boost that Tsige has received because of Tomoe and Mio, Hibiki’s group is about third place in Mio’s eyes. She doesn’t know about their level, but considering their survival abilities and instant decision making, they are just one of those parties that has some skills and has somehow not been buried.

“Bredda!” (Hibiki)

“Roger!” (Bredda)

With Hibiki’s voice, Bredda takes a step forward and stops the scythe attack with a wide width sword and deviates it.

(Heh~, it is quite the well done defense. But well I have seen their weapons and I have to say, they have quite the poor equipment… Eh?!) (Mio)

Mio’s surprise.

That reason was Bredda. Mio instantly understood that his sword was already not in a state where it could be used properly, but maybe because Bredda still didn’t understand that, he was preparing himself to receive the other incoming scythe with his sword.

Moreover, it looked like he didn’t notice the difference in nature of the attack at all.

Seeing how low their observation ability is, Mio clicks her tongue. It seems like she was overestimating Hibiki and the others and has been left disappointed.

“Idiot! Evade it!” (Mio)

Without any other choice, Mio warns him.


From Bredda’s look, it seems like he didn’t take heed of Mio’s words. The reason he let those words slip was because Hibiki was aiming for a counter.


Bredda takes on the second attack of the praying mantis.

But the result will not be the same as last time.

The right scythe had passed through.

Bredda’s sword gets torn in two and without stopping, it cut through his left shoulder that was protected by metal like it was paper.

The heavy armor young man coughs fresh blood and falls face up.

His eyes were not filled with despair, but surprise. How pitiful that sight was.

But he is still not dead. The healing light of Chiya who is in charge of recovery envelops Bredda. Wudi’s aria doesn’t stop and the battle is just begin, or at least that’s how it was supposed to go.

“Bredda!! No… M-Mio-san, I am sorry but please!” (Hibiki)

Just like that.

Unrest runs through Wudi and Chiya.

Mio also gets surprised by the unexpected words. It’s true that Bredda suffered severe injuries, but he is still able to continue fighting. Or more like, if he doesn’t get up somehow, it is certain that everyone will die.

For her to change her thinking to running because of this, is way too fast.

Of course, there is no way for Mio to know this, but it was because Naval’s death had become a heavy trauma in Hibiki. Outside it looks like she had already gotten over it, but in reality it was far from that.

Actually, the slight escapism of Hibiki to her previous world had something to do with the cooking discussion she had with Mio.

The normal Hibiki, after seeing the ability of Mio in the beach, she would have answered her questions while asking her to have a bout with her. And yet, she answered all of Mio’s questions and just conversed about cooking. Because of the peaceful conversations, she must have unconsciously felt peace of mind.

For the mamono, the people’s circumstances are totally not its business.

Mio, while thinking about the unexpected request of reinforcement this early, moves at high speed to the vicinity of where Bredda is fallen.

“Hibiki, you have disappointed me. How pathetic. If you are weak, understand that you are weak and evade the danger. It’s a bother-desu. Those two over there, I leave the treatment of that knight to you” (Mio)

Hibiki’s shoulders make a big tremble.

“Geez. For a mere insect to think he is allowed to devastate the forest. How will you compensate if with this the number of mushrooms and fruits lower?” (Mio)

Beating its fang and making an obnoxious sound, the mamono didn’t show any signs of answering Mio’s question.

She stopped the swung scythe with her folding fan, no, not only that, she repelled it.



“Die” (Mio)

She swipes her folding fan horizontally. She didn’t even pay attention to whose voice it was.

Mio easily cuts the praying mantis in two along with the forest behind it.

The mamono that had the upper half imitating that of a hyuman and the lower that was of an insect had separated.

“Done. With this you can even get raw materials from it right?” (Mio)


To not have words must refer to this kind of situations. That praying mantis was without doubt a strong one with clear presence and she defeated it like if she were taking care of a hoodlum in the road.

Even though she hasn’t sweated at all in the battle, Mio fans her face with her opened folding fan.

“Is the knight fine?” (Mio)

“Ah, ehm, yes. I think we will somehow be able to close the wound”

“I see. Then there won’t be any need to assist right? Hibiki, help in dismantling” (Mio)

“Mio-san!!” (Hibiki)

The distressed words of Hibiki didn’t reach in time.

Without any time to turn back, Mio’s back was slashed.

Losing her posture, Mio steps forward several times. There was no scream.

Flapping its wings at a speed that eyes couldn’t catch properly, it made its body hover.

“Mio…san?” (Hibiki)

“… Hey, Hibiki” (Mio)

The tone that was being directed at Hibiki was clearly low. Remotely different compared to the time at the beach.

If Makoto saw this he would raise his hands in surrender. That’s how dangerous the current anger of Mio is.

The praying mantis that had its body bisected, had gone mad and continued to slash at Mio’s back. But Mio was showing no signs of being affected. Of course, there was no blood and unlike the viciousness of the attacks, it was quite peaceful.

“Is my kimono loosening?” (Mio)

“… Uhm”

“It’s ragged, Mio-oneechan”

“… I see” (Mio)

Taking the place of Hibiki who was having troubles saying it, Chiya explains her the situation. Mio puts her folding fan in her bosom. She breathed deeply and exhales.

And then she turns and faces the praying mantis. There, a domain of two giant scythes were raging.

And yet…

Mio thrusts both of her arms without hesitation.

“You… inseeect!!” (Mio)

Grabbing the left scythe with one hand, she ties its other scythe whole with the darkness that was gushing out of her right palm.

Thinking that the darkness had gone into the praying mantis’ arm, the arm that was wrapped up in tight muscles had been instantly sliced into thousand pieces and fallen to the ground. Hibiki and the others gulp their breaths. The mamono makes a painful shriek.

But Mio doesn’t stop at just that.

With her open right hand, she firmly grabs the remaining scythe that was grabbed with her left.

And then, with Chiya’s scream in the background…

She cuts it into thousand pieces.

With the slender arms of a girl.

She does that to a mamono that is praised for its strong build.

To the prided arm that had a scythe.

Once again, an inhuman shriek reverberates around the surroundings.

Losing its lower body and its two arms…

The mamono had already noticed its own demise. But even so, it still tried to cling to life and with its flying ability that was still left, it tried to escape from the fight.

However, even that was not possible.

Mio’s right hand was still holding the mamono’s arm. Its left arm’s scythe was cut in thousand pieces and thrown away, but her right hand was still holding its arm.

Increasing the strength of its flapping, the praying mantis that had already lost its original form, created a gale while trying to escape.

“Shut up!” (Mio)

The giant body is send flying in the air in a form that it didn’t wish to. Mio had raised it with one hand. And just like that, she smashed it to the ground. The ground that had received the body of the mamono, showed a fissure.

“How dare you do that to the kimono Waka-sama praised!!” (Mio)

The lower body that was lying powerless and the upper body that was being smashed, were wrapped by darkness at the same time.

Even though it was darkness created by magic, a part of it makes you think it’s a living being. The wriggling darkness begins to expand and envelops that giant body, and after that, it slowly gets smaller.

In time, the darkness disappears in midair. There was nothing left.

“… Ah… Because I continue letting my guard down. Can the kimono be fixed?” (Mio)

Changing into a troubled face that one would even think it’s not the same person, Mio looks at the state of her back. However, Hibiki and the others had no words, and were only overwhelmed by the being that was on a whole different level.

“No good. As expected, this is not the time to be leisurely returning” (Mio)

Mio seems to be pondering about something.

(Mu, thought transmission? Is she talking to someone?)

Wudi who had left Bredda’s treatment to Chiya, goes to where Hibiki is and while confirming her state, he notices that Mio’s pondering look was because she was talking to someone and he had taken an interest in it.

In time, Mio faces in the direction of the three.

“I have decided to hurry and return to Tsige. I can’t just leave you behind so, please do forgive me” (Mio)

Darkness envelops the three.

A sound of powerless falling reverberates.

Mio who had taken away the consciousness of Hibiki and the others, confirms their state and once again connects the thought transmission.

(Tomoe, I have taken down everyone. I am counting on you to get us to Tsige-desu wa) (Mio)

(I am not a taxi-ja ga na) (Tomoe)

(Taxi? A word I still don’t know of huh. Didn’t I tell you that this has to do with my learning of Japanese food?) (Mio)

(Ah, that you did-ja na. Well, if it’s about that, I will cooperate. Is the gate of Tsige fine?) (Tomoe)

(Yeah) (Mio)

In the place where an intense fight had taken place, a number of presences disappeared.

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