Chapter 88: Gossip – Tomoe, Royalty and Hero

Tomoe went to the lake bank. It was wide, deep, and so clear that even in Asora you wouldn’t be able to find one like this. It isn’t marked in maps, but it is certainly something that exists in this world.

Wearing Japanese clothing that can’t be found locally, she looked at the water surface in front of her with a simple pleased expression.

This girl who came here after her master Makoto returned to Academy Town, headed further north from there and arrives at the place where her master had fought. The girl, seeing that lake and thinking what in the world happened, finds some sort of thing that was in a hollowed space and it explains everything.

She does a single breath. Tomoe, who had heard the story from her master and left, couldn’t help but laugh. Holding her stomach, she literally rolled on the floor laughing.

The nonchalant words of her master, the words that one would even ignore, seeing the difference in realities was just too funny. ‘My last attack was probably on the level of pestering’ is what her master said, but to think that one attack created a lake. She couldn’t help being happy.

When she finally managed to calm herself to the bare minimum, she returned to the lakeshore and looks at the lake with a different impression from the first time she saw it.

“To create a lake from pestering. Really, Waka is truly a person who doesn’t bore me. I would have wanted, not to see it from memories, but to experience it personally”

The person that explained her the situation was a hyuman man who was a former soldier. When Tomoe took a peek at his memories, she saw that he was dragged into that attack while he was retreating. Losing one leg and somehow managing to survive, he stopped working as a soldier and is now living his life at the lake shore that is prohibited entry for now. He, who was in his midlife, had high experience as a soldier and there were many times when he had life threatening experiences. However, after he met with that attack, he has completely deteriorated. It was like if he was carried away by religion, he left the money with his family and began living his life here.

“What did he think and how he felt. Those kind of feelings became like a diffused light and, sadly, couldn’t see anything properly”

Moreover, he didn’t look at the fired attack. Thinking about the circumstances, there’s no doubt it was her master, but the only thing he knew is that her master had appeared suddenly in the battlefield. And the being that appeared from that golden light wasn’t a hero that appeared to save the people, but a being that had come to bring judgment in stead of God. They called him “Devil” by their own convenience. No one knows who began calling him that way, but maybe because that man liked the name, he began calling it over and over. Tomoe didn’t really blame him for that. Maybe because she thought of something after hearing the words of the broken man.

“Being a person and at the same time a demon. Because he executed both equally, he was called a devil huh. I see. Certainly, for Waka no matter if it is a person, a demon, a dragon or a god; if he considers you an obstacle, he will eliminate you. He is no agent of the Goddess nor an executioner, but that name certainly defines Waka well”

After doing a monologue with an expression filled with deep emotions, she followed the orders of her master and started investigating. Just like how she spoke with that man first thing in the morning, she searched for people that live at the lake shore and hear their story, and at night gather information from people that are not hyuman. The lake was close to Limia, but Tomoe didn’t step in there, and that day she lodged at the inn of the closest village. From what she heard in the inn, they said that, even if the lake was made not too long ago, powerful mamono don’t get close for some reason and moreover, maybe because it linked up with a number of rivers, fishes have begun to move there and it has heavily assisted in the daily life of the village.

(It’s probably because of the remnants of Waka’s magic power. It may be slight-ja, but what’s left is keeping the mamonos away. Also, if there are demon beasts that were present that day, even if the magic power disappears, they wouldn’t get close. More like, for hyumans to live so close when it hasn’t been even 1 month is strange-no ja. Now then, what should I do tomorrow? I will continue what I was doing and check out the other half that I haven’t checked yet, and I still can’t get a clear idea of how to stop the Goddess power and the interference of thought transmission. This one will probably take quite a bit of time)

The next day.

The prediction of Tomoe hit in the blank. There were a number of settlements, but there was no visible progress in the investigation.

Just, this lake is inside the Limia Kingdom and it is in a place close to its capital, and yet, even if it’s in an inconspicuous lake shore, Tomoe was surprised that demons were living there. For an enemy nation to live right in enemy territory is normally something impossible. Moreover, in that place lived demons and hyumans.

They don’t seem like spies. It seems that the demons who survived that day left the army and returned to live hidden here. When she checked their memories, there was the attack of Makoto, and Tomoe was surprised. The soldiers said that war is pointless and after being entranced by the destruction light and receiving injuries, no matter if they were hyumans or demons, they began feeling something that surpasses shared awareness and began living together. It was truly a strange scene.

Also, in terms of gatherings, there’s also the appearance of the devil.

This also left Tomoe dumbfounded.

A tall beautiful woman that even with a blue coat wrapped around her body, she still exuded the sexiness of a woman. No, it was a big red coat she dragged around.

A never before seen demi-human that emitted a golden light from its whole body. Its left was blue and its right it wore a red vestment. A young man who held an unworldly beauty when naked.

There were quite a lot of testimonies. Moreover, all of them were perfectly wrong. Just with what she remembered, there were at least ten different statements on the devil’s appearance. It was to the point one would question if it was a monster with different forms.

Since she was already in Limia, she thought she might as well go see the face of the hero, but from the information she gathered, it seems that the Limia hero is currently not in the region and it was a credible source so that day Tomoe decided to return to Asora.

Just in case she used the testimony that it was a man as base and that night Tomoe made a number of questions to Makoto.

“You, what did you say I was?” (Makoto)

Is the answer that was returned. Moreover, for some reason Makoto said “it will be light” with a scary smile and Tomoe was forced to accompany him in his bow training. She felt like she was walking in hell while alive.

While dragging her body, she was somehow able to arrive at her bed. She did feel like it was unreasonable, but this was her fault.

Because the questions were like this after all.

“Did Waka shine in the battlefield, like, literally?”

“Do you like to wear a coat with half blue half red?”

“Have you been naked in the middle of a battle?”

Those were the kind of questions. So Makoto had the right to get angry.

And so, at the third day.

This day, Tomoe went to the east bank of the lake in the morning, at a place with low number of people.

“Fumu, in this place, aside from the magic power of Waka, there’s no other thing that stands out-ja na. In the end, there was no information about the ring Waka said sealed the power of the Goddess. That it doesn’t even leave remnants might be because it really just functions for a short amount of time. A disposable tool-jaro. Because last night Waka was so intense, the joints in my body still hurt, so maybe I should leave the investigation of the lake’s interior for a later time. Hmph, Waka showed no maturity. I admit that I didn’t choose my words properly, but there was no need to chase me around with his certain hit arrows. Let’s just rest in Asora for today… Hn?”

Tomoe mutters words of complain while walking into the forest of the lake bank, but she suddenly stops her muttering.

Hyuman presence. Moreover, numerous.

Tomoe changes her senses. Even if she didn’t go to the point of taking combat stance, she is now in a state where she is slightly vigilant. To meet hyumans isn’t really that much to be conscious of, but it’s because she felt a number of dangerous presences in that group.

Instead of encountering inside the many trees, it is better to…, is what Tomoe thought and returns to an open space in the lake shore. There was a nice stump there to sit on. She sits with her body and gaze facing the lake. Of course, her senses were directed at the back where she still felt the numerous presences.

(It seems that… they are wearing quite the extravagant equipment. It looks like they even have attack methods that are effective against dragons-ja. It’s hard to believe that they came here aiming for me, but let’s not lower the guard. 3 persons huh)

Tomoe silently analyzes the other party. If they don’t make contact with her, then that’s fine. However, in the case that they make some sort of contact, she was thinking of what kind of façade she will take.

The presences get closer. It doesn’t seem like they noticed her, but it was a distance where they could see her. The three presences have advanced till the end of the forest.

(Is their objective this lake? It’s impossible that they came to sightsee, but if they are here to investigate like me, I could understand. In that case, it is fine to act like an adventurer or a company employer)

After deciding how she would act, from Tomoe’s back, a somewhat high-pitched voice of a man was heard.



It was a word she was used to, but it was the first time someone called her that way in this world. Tomoe reflexively turned with a smile.


<Translator note: This part is confusing. There’s a man and women and Japanese doesn’t have words to determine gender in some parts>

“I see, you are a merchant’s bodyguard” (Man)

“Umu, it’s called Kuzunoha Company. It’s still a small place though. I serve my master in that place. I work as a guard, as a merchant; well, I do anything” (Tomoe)

Tomoe, who had introduced herself as a merchant’s follower, had the eyes of the woman turned at her as if researching her. But she didn’t mind it and just says the name of her company.

“… You are using *Washi*? From what I see, you are only in your 20’s though?” (Man) <Washi is an old way of saying I>

“Uh? Ah, well, that’s just how it is-ja. But to ask for the age of a woman you just met is quite rude you know, brat” (Tomoe)

“B-Brat?!” (Man)

Tomoe who had judged that he was clearly younger than her and called him brat, the boy clearly shows anger and his voice gets rough.

“For a merchant, you don’t choose your words” (Woman)

The woman that had her eyes as if researching Tomoe, launched words that were mixed with criticism. The small girl that was at the woman’s side probably didn’t like Tomoe’s comment and lightly inflated her cheeks and glared at her.

From Tomoe’s back, the group that appeared was one man and two women. One of the women was at the latter half of her teens, the other was at an age one could call child. The man had a young face and make’s one think that he is probably in his middle teens. Their way of moving their bodies was quite good and the personal appearance of the three was neat. Also, instead of calling Tomoe an adventurer, her appearance gave more of an impression of white knight.

“I don’t have any name to call you anyways. I saw you in the age to call you brat, but was I wrong? From what I see, you guys give me the impression of being a group of knights or nobles, but what business do you have in this kind of place-ja?” (Tomoe)

“I’m not a brat! I have a proper name, Tomoki!” (Tomoki)

“To-Tomoki-sama. Today we are travelling incognito so…”

“… Onii-chan”

“Ah, without thinking I…” (Tomoki)

“Hoh~, Tomoki-dono huh. If calling you brat displeased you, I apologize. Sorry. And so, the remaining two, who are you guys?” (Tomoe)

When Tomoe turns her gaze away from the silver<?> haired young man, Tomoki, she looks at the two girls and urges them with her words. <Maybe a typo for blond, don’t remember him having silver hair>

“… I am Lily. A person serving Tomoki-sama” (Lily)

“I am Mora. A companion of Onii-chan” (Mora)

After slight hesitation, the woman who was older, responded to Tomoe with a clear voice. And maybe because she was pushed, the girl that was hiding behind Lily’s clothes names herself.

(Lily, and also Tomoki huh. Thinking about the attributes of their weapons… It should be proper to see him as the hero of Gritonia huh. An otherworldler just like Waka. It stirs great interest but…)

On the other hand, Tomoe nods at the two’s introduction while guessing their identity. From their names and equipment, she had a general idea, but her interest was mostly concentrated in Tomoki.

“Lily-dono and Mora huh. Then once again, my name is Tomoe from Kuzunoha Company. Now then. Returning to the previous question, what are you guys doing here? I’m sightseeing this just-made lake, but from what I see in your heavy equipment, I can only think that you have a different objective” (Tomoe)


Maybe they were astonished by the fact that she mentioned their equipment, Tomoki and the others show surprise. They have a number of strong weapons in possession, but they are mostly stowed away or deactivated and in a concealed state. They didn’t think she would point them out.

“If there’s a need to move in secret from Limia it must be…” (Tomoe)

“A-Anyways! That thing you are holding there, could it be a katana? Can I look at it for a bit?” (Tomoki)

Tomoki suddenly changes the topic to the two katanas that were hanging at Tomoe’s waist.

“Hm? Do you have an interest in my katanas? Now that I think about it, you said something about samurai, right? I don’t mind you looking. There you go” (Tomoe)

Tomoe takes the short one from the two katanas and gives it to Tomoki. Receiving the katana, Tomoki’s eyes shone and quickly takes the handle into his hands.

(What. He doesn’t have any interest in the workmanship of the scabbard and the guard’s design huh. How boring. The heroes came from another world just like Waka, but it seems that even if it’s an otherworldler it doesn’t mean it will be a person I can look forward to-ja na. Like this, the one at Limia is also doubtful)

Tomoe was disappointed in Tomoki’s conduct. Since before giving him the katana, she has been feeling discomfort from the gaze this thin silver haired man was giving her. Even so, she prioritized observation and didn’t let her expression show a single clue of the impression she has on him.

His way of moving, magic power, speech and conduct.

Tomoe, who has a master called Makoto, had a bit of interest in the heroes who came from the same world as him. Not only that, from the information she has obtained before her eyes, she couldn’t help but despair at the Gritonia Hero Tomoki.

Comparing his way of moving to the adventurers in Tsige, he is pretty decent. He probably would be inferior to the girl Toa, who had accompanied Makoto once.

His magic power, not only was it lower than Makoto, it was even lower than Tomoe herself. Comparing him to her self before the pact, he would be one turn higher.

His speech and conduct are out of question. In that area, he doesn’t have any difference from the idiotic adventurers you find anywhere. That’s how Tomoe judged him.

“Eh? Why? I can’t take it out from its scabbard” (Tomoki)

Obviously. If anyone could unsheathe it, no matter how low rank it is, she wouldn’t give her weapon. It’s a katana that, though imperfect, was given to her by the eldwas. It’s on a different level from the prototypes. To unsheathe the two katanas on Tomoe’s waist, you must be the owner Tomoe or Makoto or the craftsmen that maintain it. That’s how it was made.

Also, the most important part…

Was his attitude of not even asking permission from the owner to unsheathe the weapon. This left Tomoe astonished.

“Hm? Could it be, you want to see its blade? Sorry, that is something I have made so only I can draw it” (Tomoe)

Saying that, Tomoe stretches her hand as if telling him to return the katana. However, Tomoki didn’t show any signs of returning it.

“No, there is no way! I can use any kind of weapon. That’s why, this one as well…” (Tomoki)

He hasn’t even taken out the inner part of the sword and there’s not even a slight sight of the short sword, but the boy still tried to desperately draw it.


Amazed from the bottom of her heart, Tomoe takes the katana from the boy who was holding it with both hands as if it were the most natural thing.

“Wa?!” (Tomoki)

Not understanding how the katana was stolen from him, Tomoki’s surprise was in vain.

On the other hand, seeing Tomoe’s movements, Lily strengthens her vigilance. Even she didn’t understand what Tomoe did, but Tomoki and her, and also Mora who was beside her, were surprised by the movement she used to take the katana which they couldn’t perceive. Right now, Lily regretted the fact that they didn’t have the knight Ginebia accompany them.

“Please don’t treat it so violently. It’s an important partner after all. If you want to see its blade, here, is this fine?” (Tomoe)

Tomoe, in front of the eyes of the three, at the same time as she recovers her katana from Tomoki, takes off the sheath and unsheathes it in an instant.


“What is that”


From the three of them, breaths of admiration and words of wonder leaked out.

The beauty of the sword. The peculiarity of that sword’s blade which one wouldn’t be able to find in other swords. The three of them were almost entranced by that sensation.

No matter where you look: the handle coil, guard, scabbard; there’s no doubt they were fascinated by the craftsmanship that was performed in them.

The sword blade that has not touched the water and yet looked like it was wet. That wasn’t because of the forged metal, it proved that this was a rare article that had been endowed with high skills.

Not only that. The moment it was unsheathed, the surroundings grew cold and the temperature began to lower. This increased the freezing impression it gave off, but at the same time, the three who were overwhelmed by the katana didn’t notice the spell she casted at the moment she drew her sword.

“Tto. Even though it is noon, this part is cold. Staying here too long might affect the body’s health” (Tomoe)

With a natural gesture, Tomoe sheathed her katana.

“Are you satisfied? Then, I have other things I have to do in a hurry, so with this I excuse myself” (Tomoe)

(Geez. To think the hero would only be at this level, what a waste of time-jatta na. He is like a kid who got an edged weapon that can cut well)

“W-Wait please!” (Tomoki)

“… I did say, I was in a hurry though?” (Tomoe)

Tomoe turns as if it was a pain.

Confirming that she stopped, Tomoki whispers something to Lily’s ear. Hearing what he said, the girl nods.

“You said your name was Tomoe-san right. That weapon, seems to be quite the rare article. How about it, I will ready whatever price you ask, so could you please give it to us?” (Lily)

(That trade, it isn’t done by the hero but by the woman huh. Lily, I see, she is a princess right. So that means she is the wallet in this group. But to want a weapon you can’t even unsheathe, does he have no distinction or does he have some sort of plan? Well, I don’t have any intentions of giving it to him though)

“I thought I told you this is a katana only I can use-ja. Sorry, but I don’t have any intentions of trading it for money. If you want a katana no matter what, you can go to the remote land Tsige. If you do well, you can obtain one-jaro” (Tomoe)

“… I was thinking of keeping this a secret, but guess I have no choice. Tomoe-san, the person here, Tomoki-sama, is the hero that the Goddess-sama has send. I am the princess of Gritonia, Princess Lily” (Lily)

“Hoh~, you guys are the hero and princess! What a surprise!” (Tomoe)

Tomoe shows surprise at the identity that was finally revealed. But at the truth that she already knew, she internally smiled wryly at the shamelessness.

“I will plead you once more. For the sake of the hyumans, no, for the sake of this world’s future, could you please cooperate? I may be someone who has abandoned her position, but I am still a princess. I can even help Tomoe-sama open a store for the Kuzunoha Company in our country. No, I promise you” (Lily)

Tomoe narrows her eyes at Lily’s words.

“Oh, scary scary. The moment you take out your position as princess you change into threatening? Mentioning the name of my company makes me cower in fear~. Also, even if you are a royalty-sama, to use such intonation. Just how deliberate can you be” (Tomoe)

“No, in no way did I say this with such intentions. I am already not in a position where I can call myself royalty. To lower my head to a person who will provide assistance to hero-sama is a given” (Lily)

(Tomoe, huh. This is the first time I have heard of Kuzunoha Company, but seeing how the conversation goes, it is most likely a company that has just opened a store in Tsige. That place is located at the border of the world, so it isn’t a place I can’t ignore anyways, so maybe I should investigate. That weapon, from what I have seen, it is one with quite the depth, so if there is a craftsman that can create it, I might be able to capture him and have him work in the production of guns) (Lily)

“I see. I can’t help but feel like you are thinking about a lot of dangerous things though” (Tomoe)

“… Please don’t joke around” (Lily)

“Anyways, I have no intentions of giving it” (Tomoe)

“… Then, it is fine. I don’t need the katana” (Tomoki)


“Tomoki-sama, is that okay?!” (Lily)

“Hoh~ what pleasant words but, what do you really mean?” (Tomoe)

“Just like how Lily said before, I am a hero. I am fighting for the sake of this world. Defeat the demon lord and after that I will create a peaceful world. Tomoe-san, for that sake, please lend us your power” (Tomoki)

Looking straight at Tomoe’s eyes, he makes a serious face and confesses he is a hero, inviting her to be his companion. Tomoe admired his manner for a second. It was literally a second though.

(… Just by looking at his words, it is splendid-ja. But that impolite gaze that has been checking my body for a while now and that way of handling my katana. Also… the eyes he is currently using to look at me. When I thought he was at least able to talk while looking at one’s eyes… this is the enticing type huh. How stupid. Defeating the Demon Lord and after that peace, he says. I can already clearly see his attachment to power. If I want to, I would be able to see this idiot’s memories, but he is so transparent I don’t even need to. It’s making me feel sick) (Tomoe)

When she silently takes his gaze, the enticing power that Tomoki was emitting increased in strength instantly. It was a strengthening that one wouldn’t be able to see its effect, but even so, Tomoe took it refreshingly. Lily probably noticed what Tomoki was trying to do, she watched over the situation.

A space of silence.

Mora, who was behind Lily, looked like she decided something and took a step forward.

Tomoe shifts her gaze from Tomoki and looks at Mora who had showed movement with a refreshed appearance.

“What is it, girl?” (Tomoe)

“Y-You are a dragon right?!” (Mora)

“… Hoh~, why do you think that? No, wait. I see, you said your name was Mora right. You are a person who uses dragons huh. Now that I think about it, hyumans can be born with the power to use dragons, though it is pretty rare. It is said that it will never happen with demons but… I see, so you are like that” (Tomoe)


“So you smelled the scent of a dragon in me? But too bad-ja, just as how you see, I am not a dragon. And if I am dragon, what did you intend to do?” (Tomoe)

“Lies! It’s not only the scent of a dragon, I can clearly feel the power of a dragon in you. You are quite the strong dragon!” (Mora)

(Dragon?! Mora is a dragon tamer, obviously her ability to detect dragons is better than anyone else. Moreover, she said she was quite strong. In that case, the dragons around here would be the “waterfall” dragon. Is she somewhere around that kin? Then I can understand why that sword is like that. It looked like a water element one after all) (Lily)

“Ku… Ku kuku! Too bad-ja, but I’m not a waterfall dragon princess. It is nice to ponder, but it is better not to jump into weird conclusions” (Tomoe)

“Wa… eh?”

“No matter how strong you are, if you are a dragon, you should listen to what I say! Tomoe! Become my and Onii-chan’s strength! (Mora)

At some point in time, Mora held a transparent ball in both hands facing Tomoe and voiced out words with power.

On the other hand, Tomoe had been ignoring the words of Mora and urging her to continue, but when she said, Tomoe, without any honorifics, her eyebrows twitched.

“… The dragon that is attached to this girl must really adore lolis. There was practically no knowledge in enslavement there, and not only that, it doesn’t even look like you know what you are doing. You idiot” (Tomoe)

“Ah, eh? Tomoe, just called me…” (Mora)

“Fool! How long do you plan on throwing me your stupid thoughts you lass?! I will admit your petty talent. If you have good affinity, you would be able to make medium class dragons obey you practically with no conditions, but that’s how far your talent goes” (Tomoe)

With a thunderous voice, Tomoe erases the submission urging thoughts that were being transmitted from the transparent ball. That expression was the most severe one the three of them have seen until now, and was clearly looking down on their everything. Especially the girl who was exposed to Tomoe’s cold gaze, she was trembling in fear.

“W-Why?” (Mora)

Mora couldn’t understand what was happening. There’s no helping it. If it was a dragon, no matter if it’s a stray one, she would be able to tame it and hear the wishes of Mora. The being in front of her was emitting a pronounced dragon scent from her body and was clearly a being related to dragons.

And yet, not only did she not lower her head, there wasn’t even a sign of obeying.

“Looking at you, you are probably compatible with fire type dragons. They are idiots who have uselessly big wings and are only good for flying and I despise them, but it seems like the fellow who is serving you has quite the perverted inclination-ja na” (Tomoe)

“D-Don’t speak ill of Nagi!” (Mora)

“Don’t bawl!” (Tomoe)


“That so called Nagi isn’t showing any signs of helping her master in need though? You still don’t understand? The difference in strength between you and me. Rather, why don’t I show you right here?” (Tomoe)

(Kuh, damn it. In the course of events, I have ended up angered. As expected, if I want to put my hands on the hero, I would have to get permission of Waka first. But this group of idiots, just how hopeless are they?) (Tomoe)

After accidentally blurting out words driven by anger, Tomoe thinks about her master. Makoto is somewhat mindful about the heroes. Though even if it’s said like that, it doesn’t mean in a cooperative way, but more like just their circumstances and tendencies. In truth, Tomoe, Mio and Shiki who are the closest to Makoto, don’t even know his relationship between the heroes.

If it’s just because they are otherworldlers, then Tomoe and the others wouldn’t hold back, but for heroes that were transported to this world at the same time, they couldn’t help but hesitate asking.

In the time when Tomoe was pondering, Tomoki intruded in the space between her and Mora.

“If Mora did something, I apologize. But, could you please give me your answer to my invitation?” (Tomoki)

He once again gazes at her. For Tomoe, this enticing power is only annoying.

“It’s not to the level where hero has to apologize. Also, you who are facing me with those annoying eyes, is no different from her. Is it because the visitor from another world doesn’t have that much confidence in himself? It is slightly sickening, so can you stop. Of course, my answer is no-ja. I already have a master called Makoto who I have offered myself to” (Tomoe)

“You… You noticed the demon eyes?!” (Tomoki)

“Relax. No matter if you use that kind of power or not, my impression of you would not have changed. It’s just boring. Not only do I not want to fight along with you, I don’t even want to cross blades” (Tomoe)

“Lightning Lance!” (Tomoki)


Seeing Tomoki calling his loved weapon, the two girls stiffen their bodies. But Tomoe looks at him as if looking at a pebble on the roadside, she looked at Tomoki with an inorganic gaze.

“You look like a kid throwing a tantrum-ja na!” (Tomoe)

“Shut up!!” (Tomoki)

Tomoki’s lance penetrates Tomoe’s right shoulder.

But Tomoe doesn’t show any signs of pain, and blood doesn’t flow from the wound.

At another place from Tomoki’s dumbfounded expression, Tomoe’s contour blurred, becaming small grains and dispersing.

“You can’t even tell apart if the person you are talking to is an illusion. Truly, foolish. Princess Lily, our meeting here may have been sweet, but let’s make it as if it never happened. If you don’t even understand the true meaning of this and still begin foolish actions, have in mind that, not long, there will only be one hero remaining” (Tomoe)

Tomoe’s voice reverberates in their bodies.

A mist that enshrouds till the knees of an adult.

(When did this mist… It must be an illusion type. “If you don’t understand the true meaning” huh. She probably means to not make contact with Kuzunoha Company. No, as long as I don’t get the full picture of Tomoe, I should not put my hands on Tsige. Just what in the world is her? I have never heard of a dragon that can read the minds of people) (Lily)

Because of Tomoe’s spell, the forest becomes a mist labyrinth.

Tomoki and the others who were in the middle of it, could only absentmindedly stand there.

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