Chapter 85: First Class

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“Did you hear? Seems the new practical skill teacher can’t speak”

“What with that? Then how is he going to do his lectures? Don’t tell me he will be teaching his students through their body”

“It seems he uses written communication. I don’t care as long as I get stronger. That’s why I don’t like incompetent ones”

“It’s Brait-sensei’s instructions, so I will at least attend once but… it seems he is a demi-human you know?”

“Demi-human?! Why did the academy accept such a thing as a teacher?”

“… Who cares if he is a demi-human. We see elves quite a lot, so it isn’t good to have prejudice”

“Rotsgard specialty. I hope it doesn’t become an empty class”

“If it isn’t good, it will soon become that way. There are a hell lot of choice classes after all”

“Yeah. I at least hope he is a cool person”



How to say this… are they serious?

These are the students I will be teaching for my first class.

Pressured by my uneasiness, I use Sakai to feel the presence of the people heading here and instinctively strain my ears, which I regret doing now.

Their impression of me is bad even before we meet?!

Shiki and I finally arrived at the field and were waiting while sitting on a bench there.

This is obvious but, what I am going to do is a practical skill class, so there won’t be that many times where I will be indoors. If we are doing muscle training, indoors is also a choice, but… it will become a plain class, so it will be okay to do so when the students decide to follow me.

The people in the staff room gave me a few textbooks and a number of booklets related to teachers for reference. When I finished reading it today, I understood a little about what’s special about this academy and about magic.

Being able to finally touch on the topic I have come to Academy Town for, today, I finally feel like I have moved a step forward.

First, it’s about what makes the Academy special.

In this Rotsgard Academy, there are obligatory classes one has to attend, and the rest it is free for one to decide if one wants to take it. It’s a system that lets a certain amount of freedom.

Leaving aside the fixed classes and the subjects that are necessary for your related technical skill, the position of the people teaching the optional classes is weak. It would be one thing if you were not able to change them for half a year or all year around once you choose it, but since one can change it anytime they want, the position of the students is a lot higher.

Avoiding the hours of popular classes and holding a course in a different lot of time, making tests easier and I heard there are even teachers who buy students in order to get attendance. That there aren’t many teachers thinking of improving the contents of their own class to get students, makes me feels like it is already too late.

In short, one’s position can be that of a part-time teacher, but the possibility of being looked down by your students is abnormally high. On top of that, I just learned that I already have a bad impression.

Magic. I have to put this in my mind, but the common knowledge I have earned until now, I feel like it is better to not put it out.

The arias are memorized and magic is something that one has to activate by chanting the aria in a sonorous voice, is what seems to be the standard.

To do an aria without letting your voice out is called voiceless aria and it seems it will reduce the original power of the magic.

… From the very start I have been doing things that deviate from the standard, and I just learned this after coming here.

Well, if I want to have originality in my class, I thought that it would be fine to just teach the students things around this particular area. Saying random things like “In real combat…”

“Raidou-sama, looks like they will be coming soon” (Shiki)

“Yeah, I know. Shiki, it is okay for the class objective to be as we discussed right?” (Makoto)

“I think there won’t be any problems. Show your true strength and teach combat aria to the students that remain. There may be low amounts of students who use physical combat that remain, but in that case, I will be teaching them anti-magician battle techniques. It’s a course the other teachers don’t have, so I think we should be able to choose students” (Shiki)

“Teaching knowledge and power to strange individuals will not bring anything good, so it will be more comforting to teach a chosen minority of elites” (Makoto)

“Yes. However, for Raidou-sama to be the one getting angry and me being the kind one, aren’t the roles reversed? In the first place, I don’t think there is a need to divide the roles” (Shiki)

“… Well, it seems that in optional classes 2 persons is unusual, so there is a part of me that wants to try if this will really work out. I feel like me playing the bad guy will have better results. If it turns into something weird, I will stop, so accompany me for a bit in this” (Makoto)

“Okay…” (Shiki)

Shiki seems like he is still not convinced. But this is something I have wanted to try once if I had the chance. Like the ones in detective dramas. A combi of one being the angry and the other the soothing one, they manipulate the impression of the person.

In this case I will be the scary one and since us two will be doing the lectures, I think people will gather if one of us holds a favorable impression.

… If I am already not being treated as a human being, then let’s just have them hate me… is not how I deal with my despair okay?

I am not thinking about being an ass and then be a bit gentle to  see if I can increase affection points, okay?

I feel the gazes of a number of people.

Fuh~ so they have come.

“Uhm~, is this Raidou-sensei’s practical skill class?”

The female student who called me demi-human not too long ago, knits her eyebrows but still uses formal language to talk to us.

I nod lightly, not at the girl, but at Shiki. Now then, let’s try doing the scary teacher.

“Yeah, that’s right. Everyone here are students that came because of Brait-sensei’s referral right? I am this lecture’s assistant, my name is Shiki. And this person here is…” (Shiki)

[Shiki’s master and was a merchant at the border of the world, Raidou. Because of circumstances I can’t speak, but in this way I am able to communicate. This will be a harsh class that will be centered on magic, but I hope you guys follow me]

My personal history is a lie and I tried making my attitude like that of a slightly strict instructor. When my appearance is a minus, instead of smiling friendlily, I feel like it is better to be someone who is kind every now and then to create a gap.

I actually wanted to go with a shouting type, but since that would be hard with written communication, I decided to go with being strict.

“We are planning on opening a slightly unusual store, so if you have the chance, please check it out” (Shiki)

Shiki advertises.

If we don’t say the store’s name, they shouldn’t nag much about it. And I had Shiki smile gently from beginning to end. Try your best in being the kind and gentle Shiki-sensei. I will also try my best in being the scary Raidou-sensei.

[Since it’s the first class, let’s begin with a self-introduction]

I have the 10 people that came to my class introduce themselves.

Name, age, what year they are currently in, and after that, their objective and the element they are the strongest in.

It ended safely, but a question still remained. About the element.

[You, you said you were best at water right? How well can you use other elements?]

“The others? Uhm… A bit of earth and fire”

[Can you have a spirit lend you its power?]

“No way! There’s no way I can do that!”

Doesn’t that mean you practically can only use water? Moreover, this one doesn’t have that much magic power and the balance is bad.

Wait. Could it be…?

[You, you said you were best at fire right? Others?]

I ask another one, the student that said she doesn’t care if I was a demi-human as long as my face was good. Maybe she felt discomfort that I asked her, she frowns.

“… I can use a bit of wind as well. I can’t use spirit magic”

After that, I asked the others, but it seems that the highest is three.

(Shiki, what is this? Are hyumans limited in the elements they can use?) (Makoto)

(No. It’s just that they are so accustomed to use the element they are fit in that they neglect the training of their other elements. They consider the ability to use other elements as a type of talent) (Shiki)

(So everyone can do it right?) (Makoto)

(Of course. It’s just that they will use more magic power than when using the element they are most fit in) (Shiki)

(I see. Understood) (Makoto)

No matter if it is their specialty, it is not like they are beginners who just began to learn, so I think it is a bit weird to only get better at their forte element. It is actually convenient to be able to use the others after all.

Even that superior dragon kid was surprised by it. So yeah, it would be interesting to train and see how it goes.

[I have understood the abilities of everyone. Sadly, I can only call you guys unskilled]

“Unskilled?! Us?!”

It’s the one who said I can’t use my mouth. He has vigor, or more like his appearance does too but, you, aren’t you a warrior?

[That’s right. I want to be appointed by the country, I want to spread my name as an adventurer, I want to stay in this academy as a researcher. I have heard the objectives of everyone here. In the present condition it is possible to make this true, but you will always stay as second-rate]

“… Aren’t you going a bit far with your words? Even though you are just a mere part-time teacher”

It’s the girl that said “don’t be a teacher if you are a demi-human”. She is angry. Today we will show off our strength and have the gentle Shiki-sensei leave an impression. This part is important, so I am sorry about provoking you.

[That’s the truth. Well yeah, then, let me ask you something. You said you were a magician right? Then, what is it that a magician should fear the most in a battle?]

“… Being isolated, to get the enemy close to you, to panic, to have one’s magic power dry up”

An answer right out from the book. Well, I think that’s not wrong though.

[Splendid. Then, what’s the proper form we try to achieve in a battle?]

“To adapt ourselves. No matter if we are isolated, approached, in an unexpected situation or run out of magic power; we have to be magicians that can choose the best choices in the right moment. That is the ideal form that we have to aim for”

[That’s exactly right. Excellent. Then, if the girl beside you that said her forte is water, encounters an opponent who is weak against only wind magic so she can’t effectively damage it, what would you do to “adapt”?]

“In that case I will prepare a wind element attack at the vanguard or a different attack…”

[There’s only her there]

“… Then, before it reaches, prepare a wind element attack method. There’s no other choice but to use magic items to prepare”

[Yeah. If you are unable to do anything about it, it’s the right choice to depend on tools. For that sake, it is a good idea to save a tool of another element, but there’s nothing wrong with being able to use it yourself. 3 at most, is not right. You should at least be able to freely control 3 elements or in real combat there’s no doubt you will feel like something is lacking]

“… In the academy and in the country, it is common sense to first learn the one element you are most fit in”

So this time it’s the male student who said this would become an empty class huh. It’s not just “first”, the problem is that you are only doing that. You guys are considered elite after all. I understand their faces of displeasure. It isn’t fun to have someone deny the way they have been doing things after all.

[You guys are elite right? Is it okay for you guys to be like the other ones? Having your element seen through, be countered and ripped through like paper?]

“T-That is, we should believe in the swordsman and knights at the front…”

[Believe huh. That’s a nice word, but it’s not good to use that word as an escape route and not do anything. To create counter-plans from a high point of view, isn’t that how an elite should really be? Of course, even if it is a way to protect your body, to give up on it just because it is not your forte element that’s just no good. It would be one thing if it were impossible, but if it is a possible, you should try and reach out]


“Then, does that mean Raidou-sensei is able to maintain a high point-of-view and succeed when being isolated and approached by an enemy?”

This one is… Oh yeah, the boy that said he didn’t want an incompetent teacher. Did he get interested a little bit?

[In my case, for the sake of surviving, the point-of-view method is a bit different. Let’s see, then let’s today let’s show a mock battle between me and Shiki. Because it’s better to know the skills of the people that you will be learning from]

When I look at Shiki, he nods and takes out a staff that is wrapped in lustrous cloth. The staff that was humbly made by the Eldwas was showing its bare presence. The beautiful cloth that resembled silk, I don’t know how it was made, but it seems it has the ability to hide the status of an equipment.

“Me and my master, Raidou-sama, will be showing a bit of our abilities, so please do attend. It would be good if you are able to get used to one of the forms you should be aiming for” (Shiki)

I don’t know if Shiki’s words were reaching them or not. The students’ gazes were gathering at his staff. Their looks were filled with shock.

“Oi, that staff…”

“What is… that?”

“What crazy magic power. Also, the elements are jumbled together”

“Incredible. Not even in the academy’s displayed items have I seen something like this”

As expected, that staff is quite the creation. My clothes should be even more, but it doesn’t have the nature of leaking its power outside, so its looks are that of normal clothes.

We begin to move to a place a bit away from them.

Shiki had his hair tied up at his back and wearing a serious expression. Even if it was an order, he is a diligent one so he won’t cut corners.

[If it’s at this distance, it is enough to call it “having an enemy approach” right?]

In the midst of the glances that gathered on Shiki’s staff, I confirm with the boy who was the trigger of this mock battle. He nods with a meek face.

[Shiki, let’s begin]

“Then Raidou-sama, here I go!” (Shiki)

The mock battle to show our abilities and make the future easier to handle, had begun.

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        And there is no edit so if you say something stupid you cant take it back/hide it/correct it for when you get called out for it. 😛

    3. It might “make sense to run away” but that’s not always an option. In which case it’s “opps you’re dead”.

      And like he said this isn’t about “normal students” but about the “elites”. Do you really think that teaching geniuses to use more than one element is impossible? I think it could be a good strategy. Trying to attract highly talented students with by providing difficult but very practical combat training.

      Also, what’s this about elementary school? Do they even teach magic at that stage? Has this been mentioned in the story? I might have forgotten it.

      1. His bow exercises wasn’t just boosting his mana, it was breaking his body down as a whole and rebuilding it with more power and capacity. Its a unique skill/talent exclusive to him that he seemed to have gotten accidently from the other god, not something he can teach or pass on to students.

        besides, so far. right now he (ok this is something im not sure on, its kinda confusing) … hes not suppose to be training any students, just teaching them theoretical tactics. Thou he said hes doing a practical class? I believe he is just advising them on the best way they can improve themselves and do better in battle since he himself doesn’t know many spells. just the basic element attacks and barrier.

        1. Alright, I will agree with you. I just started reading this series about a two weeks ago. And what you said makes sense. I was original thinking he would be using training from anime and manga example. Teaching them theoretical tactics would be much simply then trying to train them into powering them up. The only way I can see them powering up would be take quest and level up by defeating monsters, from the way this story is being told.

    4. “You know, the whole polivalent thing, so killing the commanding officer/s doesn’t cripple the whole army?”

      Except killing the commanding officers will still cripple the whole army even today which was why during the Vietnam War, some American soldiers were willing to toss grenades in their commanding officers’ tents so they wouldn’t be forced to fight anymore since no one would be around to command them anymore.

      Look up the history of the term “Fragging”. It ain’t pretty but you must be delusional if you think a modern army is as simple as the Roman army that can have anyone immediately replacing whoever died.

      Most modern warfare aims to cripples armies by killing the most highest ranking first and those higher ranking are always near major communication networks which is why those places are the ones always prioritized to be bombed or targeted first.

      If you kill all the heads of the army, the war is pretty much over.

      And ironically enough, most of the ancient Roman army’s defeats occurred because those Roman officers you claim are so easily replaceable died during battle. So much for the Roman army being able to properly function even in the face of their officer’s deaths. They ended up losing and their battle result engraved in history.

      1. killing an officer/general/head of the army is a big deal alright but if you’re commander die someone must step up to calm all the other and lead the army. I have not read Rome war journal but in tactical view it’s best if someone able to become a temporary leader that will organize the whole group back, since without a leader they will move individually and thus risk of friendly fire and so on. having someone who can adapt toward a situation is the best choice.if there’s none the whole army will risk total annihilation.

        If you kill all the heads of the army, the war is pretty much over.

        yes pretty much but the question is whether they all died or just a little who survive and a lot. if there is someone competent who can take over they will move/escape as a group and have better chance to survive. they will still considered as a lose yet they will have a better chance to counter attack.
        overspecialization will cripple you. they have to sacrifice some time to study other element yet they will have a better choice to adapt to situation. like what ricco7 said they don’t need to study too deep. they only need it in emergency state so it’s only to the point of capable to use practically and not just able to do it but it is not they don’t need to neglect their main element and just reducing it. if you are given a choice to become a fire magician who can use ultimate magic and a wizard that can heal and cast all element yet no ultimate magic. which will you choose if you are an adventurer or the commander of an army. if it me I would pick the wizard since he is the most versatile and can be used in any situation rather than the magician who can only use fire so he can’t be useful inside a forest, sea or against enemy who is resistance/nullify fire based attack.

      2. You’r focusing way too much on the military analogy, you have yet to make a real argument saying why a mage should only have a single arrow in his quiver rather then be polyvalent, specially in a live or death situation, when facing uknown enemies or having to adapt on the fly.

        Like you said in another post, this isn’t an MMO, they only have one life to live, it would make more sense for them to branch out then overspecialize.

        There’s also something you seem to ignore, the author’s intent.

        Makoto is the MC, his view point will likely be validated and from what little we have seeing of this world the hyumans (thanks in no small part to the Bug) have the upper hand and are top of the food chain, they have had no need to develop beyond what they know works because they have her blessing and all that intells.

        Their strategies are flawed to a fault, no real education system other then the master/apprentice system (as shown in the academy and merchant guild) and consider themselves supperior to other races by virtue of being the chosen of the Bug.

        I have no doubt Makoto’s progressive thinking will be the correct one, he’s the MC and this world is in dire need of better thinking.

    5. Your assuming this is like an RPG where if they don’t have a cheat they are somehow limited in how many stat points(or something like that) they can spend. If you work hard you can maximize all your potential for all categories. And since we have been pretty much only following the adventure of our God-like cheat MC, we don’t really have many details yet on how normal mages learn/train.

      For all we know, (and most likely) the students here are not training properly since they are only learning how to train from corrupt greedy teachers who are mostly failures themselves since they couldn’t cut it as adventures and had to teach and don’t want to shake things up and only teach what has been thought as “successful” so they can maintain their class numbers and not lose their job.

    6. Your assuming too much.

      We don’t know enough about this world to understand the best way for a mage to train. Besides, no one has “unlimited time”

      We don’t even know when or if they even “graduate” (unless I glossed over that part, I honestly read to many novels to remember details like that, but if im wrong feel free to speak up) Graduation for them could just be when they reach a certain point and not by how many years/sessions/semesters they have had.

      Your also not thinking enough about a situation, What if they cant run? what if there only choice is to fight because the monster can fly or run really fast. If there party has only one mage who lets say can only use fire magic, but the monster is immune to fire magic, wouldn’t it have been nice if he knew some Ice magic too even if it took x2 mana to use?

      We don’t know enough about party configurations to assume that there are parties with more than one mage. The only party I can recall atm is the Trio that tried to steal that plant from the Oni. And if a party of 3-6 is something normal in this world, more than likely there wont be many parties with 1 or even 2 mages. and if all mages only know one kind of magic, then there is a decent chance that one of those mages could be less than useful in a fight against certain enemies, meaning they are already fighting with one less unit if that unit cant do much.

      His way of thinking isn’t wrong, and hes not trying to turn all the students into one man armies, all he is doing is teaching them it id good to have more options to be able to deal with more situations.

      “a jack of all trades yet a master of none” doesn’t suit this situation. There is also a chance that none of these students may be able to become a master at all even if they focus on one element. This isn’t an RPG where everyone has the same potential and can focus all their “points” into one category and only learn one “ultimate” spell. They only train in the element they are most attune too cause its most efficient, who knows, maybe learning multiple elements improves ones mana capacity in this world.

    7. Well, just remember he is teaching “elites”. He isn’t expecting to be like him. And teaching them is different from taking them as his disciple so he doesn’t need to teach them to ” master”. And remember that their education system is unlike the real world which is divided by elementary,middle school, highschool, and college wherein.

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    The old “specialization” versus “polyvalence” debate.

    Is it better to be best at one thing or a jack of all trades masters of none, or so it would seem.

    In this case they can master their more fitting element then learn supplemental ones to compensate for weaknesses, get high level spells in their innate element and intermediate in 2 other elements would be the smarter choice.

    The other choice is just plain and simple “crippling overspecialization”, heck in every MMO you make a mage with more then just a single element trait line because you don’t want to be useless in some fights,…

    1. This isn’t a MMO. People only have one life. Some fights should better be avoided completely.

      You might as well demand master swordsmen to also be master archers and master spearmen all at once

      Are you going to claim master swordsmen as being crippled over specialists, then?

      1. Going on that note, while i agree with you, there’s also another angle to look at.
        Let’s say there’s a fire salamander you meet after getting seperated in a dungeon from your party.
        You, as a fire mage, cannot hurt this flaming lizard as it has fire immunity.
        Also, the creature is so fast that you’ll be killed as soon as your back is turned.
        Would it not be a good idea then, to learn the basics of water to weaken it, or earth magic to block its charge and safely run?
        This is the dilemma to think about when focusing on only one element, or ‘over-specializing.’

      2. Exactly my point!

        This isn’t an MMO, more reason to *not* overspecialize when your life is on the line and yes, I would say a master swordsman is a crippled over specialist if he can only fight with a sword in his hand. Hell, I would call him a moron.

        I have a decade of sword training under my belt, but seeing how I can’t carry a sword with me at all times I also learned some knife combat and boxing.

        I really, really, REALLY doubt people who gamble with their lives in every fight like the people of this fantasy world know only how to use *ONE* weapon, like the mages seems to do.

        Also I never said, they should be master of several weapons, but learning to use others at an intermediate level or even just learning basic use could be vital.

        In the same way focusing on one element alone is dumb, when you can also train secondary ones to add more arrows to your quiver so to speak.

      3. your analogy is flawed. He is not asking them to master all the elements they have talent in, just to not neglect them completely. Also there is a BIG difference in telling a swordsman to master the bow (a completely different set of skills) and a Mage to learn/practice a different branch of magic.

        Its more like… Asking a Swordsman to practice a different style

      4. It’s more like asking a gunner to learn how to use a crossbow, rather than a swordsman learning how to use the bow. A different yet similar skillset.

        Regardless, in the earlier chapters it was mentioned that people have different affinities for different elements, so learning a secondary element should’t be THAT hard. It’s not like the students will start from scratch when learning with a secondary element.

      5. And as you mentioned, this isn’t an MMO and they only have one life.

        In an MMO, especially for raiding, players have specific roles so it is actually better to specialize. If you fail a fight you can try again. You can try different tactics, and when all else fails, you can replace some of your group members with people whose gear and skills are better-suited for that specific fight.

        Unlike an MMO, the characters here often do not know what they will be facing, and only have one life. They will have a better chance of survival with a more varied skillset, as they have more available options for adapting to unexpected situations.

      1. I don’t know other peoples preferences…
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        Soley based on this novel… other series that you might like that are kinda similar… i.e. Transported to an different universe and is an OP cheat…
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        3) Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (Novel) <- the "feel" of this novel becomes similar there are a decent amount of chapters but releases dried up awhile ago. Someone has been making VERY occasional releases for this one recently so there is a chance it might start up again(hopefully) but it is a good read regardless.
        4) Kuro no Maou (Novel) <- MC isn't OP (yet) but he is stronger than average. *warning* this one is pretty dark and might cause you to rage.

        there are other good novels, but those 4 are probably the most similar to Tsuki ga Michibiku. The first 2 being the most similar are about OP MCs that try to make a life for themselves in their new world like makoto has done with his mist town. the second 2 just have a similar "feel" to me, kinda stirs similar feeling like when I read Tsuki ga Michibiku.

        honestly if you haven't read any of these, then 2 weeks are likely to come, go and you will have forgotten about this series then suddenly remember… oh yeah!

      2. I love Death March, the only LN I know where the fights against Demon Lords take a back seat to cooking or where the search for pickles lasts several chapters and yields more good for the world then what most legendary heroes do in a life time XD

        The meat has no sins!

      3. Those four series are great. But I agree about Kuro no Maou. That one regularly rips your heart out, stomps on it, and leaves you either curled in a ball sobbing, or raging enough to punch a hole through a wall. I’d read a few chapters, then read a feel good series like Death March to reduce the strain on the heart for a bit.

      4. Aha! Indeed, the novels you suggested are all good (I have read them, very good), though the similarities sometimes astonish me. You know, the ‘loosing one limb’ or ‘maou sama was not like what I expect’ cliche…
        Really, sometimes I wonder if the authors really got off with plagiarism under the pretense of ‘reference material’ and ‘inspired by them’.

        … or they just know each other, creates all these web novels and the stories and everything actually happened in the same universe/world.


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    1. Why would he have a curriculum? he is 16… Honestly I think the author wrote him to be more mature than he should be, but he doesn’t have any training as a teacher. He is likely relying heavily on Trap-sensei for guidance on training, and his “Theoretical Tactics” will likely be from games.

    2. Most of what you list is irrelevant to the classes he is going to teach. Each class he is going to be sent a set of 10 random students to try his class. Unless they find his class interesting most of them will not attend a second lesson. The teaching in that world is not the structured type like on Earth, it seems to be mostly a “come and see whats being taught today”. The required classes might be different, with tests, homework and so on, but the free classes (such as Makoto) are on a “Drop in and drop out at will” format.

      His lesson will probably focus on why its good to have an extra element or two available and how to use them in an interesting way to keep yourself alive. You can’t help in the battle if you are dead or wounded, and the one most responsible for your life is yourself. Having a tool to help with the elements you can’t use is fine, assuming that you don’t lose it in the chaos of battle, or have it broken or stolen. Such tools are probably also not cheap as well as being of limited utility.

      1. What you said and how the class system works in his classroom makes things more clear. I never thought of his classrooms as drop in and drop out thing. But you are right they did mention it working out that way in one the chapters.

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    I believe that the author wants to portray the “elite” students are too focus on their forte and assume that the vanguards will always protect them or there will always someone there. They can’t protect themselves without someone there or without tools. Makoto did not say that they are not good or anything, he just think that “elites” are people who are able to adapt any situation with or without people’s help. Personally, I don’t think that he wanted to make “jack of all trades, master of none” but to make he’s students to be able to adapt to their enironment with the skills and abilities they have or to acquire skills to survive the dire situation.
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    1. he only used enough magic power to finally notice a drop in his total mana pool. that ridiculous amount of power he used was just a small, barely noticeable fraction of power. and he still needs to shoot 3 or so more arrows to be on par with buggess.

      chances are, the amount he used might be close to what the demon lord or the heroes could pull off (if they actually learned to use their ridiculous mana pools).

    2. He took off his rings after Sofia and Lancer used their goddess-blocking ring to get rid of his “blessing”. Presumably the goddess couldn’t see anything he did. Considering people’s description of “The Devil”, and the low level of surviving goddess-friendly eye witnesses, she might not even realize he’s the person who made the new lake.

    3. we don’t know what moved him thou it coulda been a different god that transported him since he never saw who did it. The others only speculated it was the goddess that moved him because she is one of the few powers they KNOW of that has the capability to do so. But having not seen or heard her say anything, we as the reader can speculate there is another god-like entity interfering (probably the one that’s screwing with her world)

      1. When Makoto said he heard someone say “…found you!” during the kidnapping/transporting event, he also mention that the ‘voice’ saying it reminds him of something unpleasant.
        Most probably the Bug goddess.

      2. The only god that would do something like kidnap Makoto and throw him in battlefield would be the Bug.
        Other gods would not do that. They won’t intefere with other world, as stated in the god’s rules, thats why they hated the bug goddess (she broke several rules, and was also arrogant with other gods).
        Also, they actually sympathize with Makoto and give ….
        Wait, did I spoil something? Nevermind, forget what I said.

      3. Firstly… An apology. Sorry, though I don’t want to spoil the story, I might have made a little mistake last time and promised not to do it again, so I can’t comment on that issue (Goddess’s spy).
        I do like your idea. It’s possible. The Church/Temple community would definitely side with the Goddess, while the royalty/kingdom only wants her power at their benefit. They could have possibly made a society or network of intelligence in fending off demons or anyone they would deem as heretics for going against the Goddess’s “teachings” (more like anti non-human propaganda actually). No doubt that this network has their eyes on Makoto.
        Also, (this is a hint of future development, not spoiler) the Heroes themselves are the Goddess’s subjects, remember? Don’t you think the Heroes would interfere with Makoto, or in worst case fight him?

        1. I agree with you that one of the hero’s would be against. It would be that boy who is part of the empire, more than likely he will be a problem in the future. The girl on the other hand, it is most likely that she has a connection with Makoto. I might be at first that there will be problems when he meet up with her group. But, she is more likely at the end is going to allies with him.

  31. So what your saying is Mokoto used only small amount of his power. Then a second question/ Its said by Tomoe that Mokoto is leaking magic power and that distorts the view around him. Wouldn’t the Dragon and Dragon Slayer have noticed the distorted view around him or was it too dark for them to see?
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