Chapter 67: The two’s journey begins in a downpour

The two of them noticed the abnormality.

That big abnormality which made someone feel a sense of loss suddenly appeared.

It’s on the third day he departed to Academy Town.

Their connection with Makoto suddenly got broken.

But there were no changes in their bodies. The pact was still in effect. Even so, there is no doubt that this is an incredibly abnormal situation.

“What is going on-ja?!”


Tomoe and Mio look at each other and confirm if these sensation was shared by both of them. It seems that both of them are in the same state, is what they could tell.

In a relatively thin highway a few ways from Tsige. There was a group that was aiming straight in the sea’s direction and casually travelling. They just departed so they were still not that far away from town.

At the same time that they measure the distance to the port city, they create as many mist relay points as possible. Walking along the paths, gathering information on the villages and the geographical information, they create an accurate map of the vicinity. They have an objective of sorts, but these two have a tendency to sightsee.

However, for the forest ogres, who were dispersed in various directions around the girls, this is a serious mission. They purposely walk in an area without a road and while concentrating in gathering all the information they can on the surroundings, they follow Tomoe and Mio from behind and head onto the place where they plan to lodge in.

“Mio, you also felt that?!” (Tomoe)

“Yeah, I can’t feel Waka-sama’s presence at all!” (Mio)

Makoto wasn’t explained this but the people that form a pact can actually tell their approximate location. For Tomoe and Mio, putting aside the times Makoto comes to Asora, they try their best not to bother him in his journey. They already knew their master’s approximate location.

They have also received a direct report today from Shiki that they would be arriving at a place that would move them to Academy Town. With those two points, the two of them, or more like Mio, could cope with the absence of Makoto.

(Tomoe-dono, Mio-dono, can you hear me?! Rai- no, Makoto-sama has disappeared!)

Right at that timing, they receive a thought transmission from the newbie follower that was accompanying Makoto, Shiki. The thought transmission of both Tomoe and Mio to Makoto didn’t show any response. They could tell that it couldn’t even reach him. Because of this fact, they were grateful at the report from Shiki.

(Disappeared? What do you mean by that-ja? Shiki, calm down. Talk in a clear way so we can understand) (Tomoe)

(Shiki, Shiki! What about Waka-sama?! Waka-sama!) (Mio)

(Ei Mio, shut up for a bit. I am asking that right now. You being noisy won’t take us anywhere!) (Tomoe)

Seeing a new source of information, Mio lunges in with the question she wanted to ask the most. But Tomoe who felt that the other side was also not in a calm state, held back her own emotions and rebukes Mio.

(Shiki, you said he disappeared right? First of all, where are you right now-ja?) (Tomoe)

(I am in the second transfer point for Academy Town, a town called Felika. The moment I arrived here, Makoto-sama was gone. Even when I asked the guard that was in the transfer area, he told me that he didn’t see him, and then, suddenly the presence of Makoto or more like, the connection between us was broken, and well…!) (Shiki)

It is unusual for Shiki to be in a state of panic. He was a researcher in the past and had a tendency to look at situations in a relatively calm manner. Even when he is like that, he still entered a state of panic when he saw that his master, who was supposed to be with him, disappear suddenly.

(You entered together with him at the previous transfer encampment right?) (Tomoe)

(Yes, without doubt) (Shiki)

(Un, I see. We have lost the connection we had with Waka as well, but we haven’t returned to our previous forms. That means Waka is still alive. I may be asking the impossible, but even so, please calm down. For us this is literally out of nowhere. We don’t know anything and can’t think up any possibilities. We are counting on you) (Tomoe)

Tomoe tries to slowly calm down Shiki first and ask for his explanation. To forcefully restrain an impatient heart and try to act normally is something hard to endure even for Tomoe.

(U-Understood) (Shiki)

(Okay? The disappearance may certainly be sudden. But even with that, there is still something that happened before it. First of all, is that official not lying?) (Tomoe)

(Definitely. I was in a panicked state so I casted a strong hypnotic spell on him. After-effects may appear on him, but I can say with certainty that the information obtained was no lie) (Shiki)

Shiki’s words were few, but one could notice he was slightly calmer than before. One could tell he was quite desperate from the fact that he used a strong hypnotic spell on a hyuman without holding back.

(I see. Then, did something happen at the previous transfer encampment?) (Tomoe)

Tomoe didn’t pry deeper at the mention of “after effects” from the hypnosis. If there were no points of doubt in the place they arrived to, the problem must have occurred before that.

(Previous. Even if you ask me about the previous one, there was nothing planted on the transfer formation. We entered just like always and were enveloped by light…) (Shiki)

(Shiki! Just go find Waka-sama! Right this instant! Isn’t he anywhere in that village?!) (Mio)

Mio, who was somehow able to stay silent until now, couldn’t endure it any longer and calls out. While Tomoe was talking with Shiki, Mio was tapping the ground impatiently and biting the nails on her right hand. It was clear to the eye that she was under heavy amounts of stress because she didn’t know the whereabouts of Makoto.

(Mio! This will take just a bit longer so keep quiet! How is it-ja? Nothing coming to your mind?) (Tomoe)

(Light, we were enveloped by light and… Now that I think about it!!) (Shiki)

(Umu! What happened?) (Tomoe)

(It was slight, but I feel like the light changed into a golden color. Then after that, it was just for a bit, but I think I heard something like a noise. Waka-sama lifted his head, so I think he must have felt the same abnormality. And so, when I arrived at Felika, Makoto-sama was nowhere in sight. I was able to safely arrive so it isn’t a transfer accident. After that, I shamefully forgot my self-control) (Shiki)


The existences that possess this color, Tomoe only knows of two possibilities. One of them is a superior dragon just like her. And the other one… is the Goddess. Golden is a type of special magic. It is normally impossible for magic to possess this color.

(Hmph, golden huh. Did you feel a power when that color change happened?) (Tomoki)

(No, not really. Also, it occurred in practically a second after all) (Shiki)

Even if the transfer formation was created by hyumans, it is still quite the product. Tomoe checked the transfer formation’s pattern and construction before Makoto used it, so she could tell.

If we consider that “someone” cut into the activation in an instant and kidnapped one of the two persons that were being transported, that “someone” must possess quite the ability. Having a vast amount of magic power and must also possess a deep understanding in magic.

(Shiki, do you think you are able to go to that magic formation right now and check for the remnants of magic power?) (Tomoe)

(No, that will be hard. The reception preparations for the next transfer are already being done after all) (Shiki)

(I see. Then it will be difficult to pinpoint huh. Shiki, you head to the Academy as it is. You should be the one who has Waka’s application documents right? Send those first. After that, if you are in the Academy, Waka should be able to fly there. It would breed suspicion if he transited again from Tsige) (Tomoe)

(Eh… But Tomoe-dono, to go ahead when we don’t even know if Makoto-sama is safe…) (Shiki)

(That’s right Tomoe-san! Shiki was the person closest to Waka-sama you know?! What are you thinking desu?!) (Mio)

Mio’s objection is understandable. She thought that Tomoe didn’t understand the gravity of the situation from the instructions she gave.

(Mio, we should think that Waka-sama has been abducted-ja. The ones responsible can probably be reduced to two) (Tomoe)

(?! What?!) (Shiki)

Shiki answers Tomoe’s words with surprise.

(Of course, this is if we follow the logic that the golden light and that noise-like something is related to this situation-ja ga. We don’t have any more material to create other deductions, and we can’t just stand doing nothing) (Tomoe)

(That is obvious!) (Mio)

Mio approves of Tomoe’s words with a strong tone. There is no way Mio would be able to stand and look when this is happening.

(Judging that our pact with Waka is still in effect, it is safe to think that the place where he has been taken, there is some sort obstruction that blocks the magic power from the outside-ja. From the color gold I can associate two. The first one is the superior dragon they call “Myriad Colors”, Root. The other one is… the Goddess-ja) (Tomoe)

Tomoe would normally hypothesize numerous cases and after deliberate thought, she would filter the possibilities. That is how much her vision is being narrowed right now.

(A superior dragon and… God huh. Certainly, if we talk about golden magic power, I can only think about God. But I don’t think the Goddess would go out of her way to do such a…) (Shiki)

Shiki’s image of God was, at least, not one who would force such reckless actions. The change into golden was just an instant and he had no thoughts of doubting God.

(I will contact Root from my side. But if it really is the work of the Goddess, I am afraid to say that there isn’t much we can do in our present state) (Tomoe)

Tomoe said these words with a mortifying face, as if wanting to grind her teeth.

(No way!) (Mio)

(That’s why, Shiki, you go to the Academy. The only thing we can do is to prepare everything so that master can return as soon as possible to Asora. Even though it’s irritating) (Tomoe)

(Gumuuu. But can’t he search the vicinities?! It is still not certain that the Goddess is the one who did this!!) (Mio)

(That is… No, you are right-ja. It is no good to go along with just reason. Understood, search the vicinities of Felika. When finished, search the surroundings of the Academy as well) (Tomoe)

(Understood!) (Shiki)

Seems like Shiki cut the thought transmission and began acting. Tomoe and Mio soon felt that the thought connection between them was cut.

“Mio, it is as you heard-ja. I will hurry to where Root is. That’s why I want you to be in Asora” (Tomoe)

“I will be going with Tomoe-san as well-desu wa! If this is the act of that dragon, I have to show him how foolish of a move he made with my own hands!” (Mio)

“You can’t-ja” (Tomoe)

“I don’t want to-desu! Why?!” (Mio)

“If… If this was done by the Goddess, it is mortifying but there is not much we can do. Being blocked and not knowing where he is, we are not even able to assist him. Honestly, in that case, the only thing we can do is pray for Waka to calls us on his own or to escape from that place by himself. We could have done something if matters were more apparent, but now that is has already occurred, there is nothing we can do” (Tomoe)

But well, the three followers understood that it is impossible for Makoto to call them by himself. Because he would have already done so if he were able to.

“To escape from God by himself?” (Mio)

Mio looks at Tomoe with a grim expression.

“If Waka is able to escape by himself, his first direction will be Asora. It may be necessary to nurse Waka if he is injured somewhere. If Shiki were here it would be best but, from what we heard, he is quite far away. You are better at healing than me, so please” (Tomoe)

“Tomoe-san…” (Mio)

‘Please’, saying so, Tomoe grasped her hands so strongly that it caused pain. Mio was able to see that and called her name weakly. Tomoe is also Makoto’s follower, there is no way her heart is calm in this situation.

“Honestly, a mysterious feeling is going rampant inside of me and it’s making me want to shout. In truth, even if it takes three days, I want to call back Shiki and have him prepare in case there is a need to heal. But there is also a part of me that is hoping everything was wrong and he is somewhere around Felika’s vicinity” (Tomoe)


“I am scared, like I have never been before. The fear of losing Makoto-sama. And if it is like this, there is no way I will be able to accept it. If Root is the true culprit of Makoto-sama’s abduction, I will not ask for the reasons, turn it into a bloodbath and return with Waka. Like I care if he is one of the highest existences” (Tomoe)

Tomoe calls Makoto with –sama when she rarely does so.

“Understood. I will wait for Waka-sama at Asora. If he returns, at that time…” (Mio)

“Yeah, tell me as soon as that happens. I will return instantly. Fufu, to have Mio say something nice makes me happy but that would make Shiki’s wait in vain” (Tomoe)

“Even though he is a newcomer he went and accompanied Waka-sama after all. I will have him wait-desu wa” (Mio)

It was a bit forced, but even so, both Tomoe and Mio laughed. To believe in your master and wait, that is an incredibly painful thing to do. To believe and wait sounds nice, but it means to wait for the situation to unfold without being able to do anything. That’s why, in order to drown out their anxiety, they both showed a smile.

When Mio passed through the mist gate Tomoe created, the anguished face Mio made as if praying, eloquently told about the situation they were in.

“Waka, please be safe”

Tomoe, who was more worried about her master than facing a dragon in the top seats, blended into the mist and disappeared.

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