Chapter 65: Gossip – Gritonia’s Hero 2


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Level 389 hero.

By the time Limia’s hero party had met face to face and stood in the battlefield, the unchanging world of silver, the empire, had already begun the defense line fight against the demon race.

And its leading actor was, without saying, the hero that had a prominent level in the empire. Iwahashi Tomoki.

The empire currently has the strongest hyuman who is level 920, but instead of worrying about the war with the demon race, she was preparing for another threat. The one who did the most in war was Tomoki.

The empire straightforwardly sent him to the numerous battlefields, and Tomoki did as requested and fought in battle. And so, his skills were polished in battle.

He registered in the Adventurer Guild at his second night in coming to this world. His measured level was 98.

… He leveled up in an abnormal pace.

At first, as a hero, Tomoki was told that his objective should be Sofia. That girl, who is called the dragon killer, is level 920.

There is probably people outside stronger than her. Tomoki willfully went into battle, and the empire, no, the second princess Lily acted as his guardian and provided good support to him, accelerating his progress.

The empire concealed the hero and viewed the hero practically only for war.

Sometimes he would do a triumphal return crossing the streets, but since he had full body armor and an exaggerated helmet, most don’t actually know how he looks like.

His daily life is mostly spend in the castle. Well, it is more accurate to call the battlefield his daily life though.

“Limia’s hero is level 138 huh. Will she be able to help me out with that?”

Tomoki asked the princess who told him about the other hero, Hibiki, without any intentions of making a fool of her, but honestly asking. She is only one third of his level after all. Also, he was a bit uneasy about fighting alongside her.

“It hasn’t been that long since she was summoned. We don’t know what will happen in the future Tomoki-sama”

The princess calls Tomoki with the honorific –sama, and responds with a smile.  In the beginning Tomoki had an impression of being a proper and cold girl, but as time passed that impression became milder, and if he were to describe her now it would be a kind nobility princess.

That’s the type Tomoki yearns for, and while thinking that this is also the effect of his demon eyes, he was happy.

At the first day he appeared in that world, Tomoki was guided to a lot of places and in that time, he was being secretly investigated. There was no way the demonic eyes she already knew about would take effect on her. Because she made counter-measures so that the nobility would not be affected by it.

Tomoki, who didn’t think that he had been investigated, still believes that they don’t know about his demonic eyes and didn’t even hold any doubts at all.

Tomoki hasn’t told anyone about his demonic eyes, nor his special immortality characteristic. Because he didn’t feel like telling anyone about his abilities that might show negative impressions on others or could become his trump card. His immortality has not been discovered by anyone yet.

“Hmph, you are right. I was 98 in the beginning too so, she will climb up fast” (Tomoki)

Currently it is only a step in the plans, but the empire is right now discussing about how to conquer one of the demon race’s base. It’s just that, in that plan they have to ask for the help of Limia no matter what, a big scale plan. They are waiting for the hero of Limia to get to a point that can be useful.

That’s why in regards of Limia’s hero, Otonashi Hibiki, they have already obtained the latest information from a spy in the kingdom of Limia. Accurate information is being sent from that faraway place.

There was no surprise that Tomoki, who knew of this plan when inside the castle, would want to know the information of Limia’s hero.

“But Tomoki-sama, why do you want to hear about Limia’s hero so suddenly? Could it be… you know her?” (Lily)

“That’s not it. I heard her name, but it’s someone I don’t know. Her age is 18, right? I don’t know someone that is 3 years older than me” (Tomoki)

“Then why? Is it because she seems to be on the good-looking side? Did you begin to crave for her?” (Lily)

“What, are you jealous? It’s fine. Because I am plenty happy with Lily and everyone else” (Tomoki)

“… Really? If you want someone just say the word, okay? For the superior to want women is something natural. I won’t blame you for that” (Lily)

A sweet voice is whispered in his ears.

Tomoki nods looking satisfied.

“Yeah, at that time I will say it without reservation” (Tomoki)

“Okay” (Lily)

“About the fights…” (Tomoki)

“Let’s see, it seems that a part of the northwest line has been invaded so, if we are going to set out, it would be there probably” (Lily)

“I see. What should we do?” (Tomoki)

“First, let’s have lunch. I came here to call you, you know?” (Lily)

“So it seems. Understood. Then let’s go to the round table” (Tomoki)

“Yes, Tomoki-sama” (Lily)

The two of them, accompanied by a number of maids, left the room.

Tomoki’s room is just beside the second princess’s room. A measure so that no unprecedented things happen.

In a floor where it was originally allowed only for nobility, a hero that has no blood relation to anyone is there, so this disorder is understandable.

“I, Lily Furont Gritonia, have decided to work for the hero Tomoki-sama and devote myself to him. That’s why I am thinking about having Tomoki-sama live beside me, and set it up perfectly so I can support him” (Lily)

The sudden proposition of the second princess confused the imperial family at first. But the next words made them tranquil instantly.

“That’s why I will be resigning the inheritance of the imperial throne. I want to leave the government affairs to the others. So could you please view the hero-sama in a favorable way?” (Lily)

Most of the people that were against her proposal were the factions that were fighting for the imperial throne, Lily’s brother and sister’s groups. And that political opponent is saying that she will be stepping down from the stage herself. There is no happiest thing than this.

It’s just that, there were the rights princess Lily owned. She is from the imperial familial and has been participating in the intense political strife for the throne of emperor, so she has a lot of rights. What would happen from now on is something that took the attention of them.

The nobles and siblings who understood that, soon turned silent and waited for the princess’s continuation.

“Regarding the numerous businesses and government affairs that I am in charge of, I am thinking of dividing almost all of them and give it to everyone here. I just want you to leave in my care the small part that could become the hero’s strength. Concretely speaking it would be in the military affairs part, but since the skills that the empire possess as a whole are open to the public and possess joint-ownership, I can’t have the military strength concentrate on me. Excepting that, everything else I plan on proceeding with the assignments” (Lily)

Cheers and commotion rise. Princess Lily, with her shrewdness, has raised a lot of enterprises. Even without the military part, to receive the transfer on everything else was plenty enough.

With this, the nobles and siblings shut their mouths. It’s just as she planned.

Next in the list would be her father. The man who is the emperor.

Obviously, he asked the princess her reason for the sudden resignation of the imperial throne. Even if the hero has come, it is more realistic to use your power properly and have your political strength increase massively. Moreover, taking into account the past history of the princess, this is the natural conclusion. And in reality, the second princess Lily is certainly the closest one to the hero. She didn’t need to retire from the throne strife to provide support to the hero.

“The emperor is someone that succeeds the will of father. I feel like I want to succeed the will of mom. Mother was a devout follower of the Goddess-sama. She continued to belief in the Goddess-sama until the very end. I am truly sorry father, but I will inherit the will of mother and stay at the side of the hero that was send by the Goddess-sama” (Lily)

In the place where the highest will in the country is at, the reverberation of the bomb-like words were slowly settling. Her siblings, father, as well as the high nobles already knew that Princess Lily loved her mother deeply, and there were some that were moved to tears by her words.

“… Please forgive my selfishness. I will surely destroy the demon race along with the hero-sama and show you that we can revive that beautiful land of Elision” (Lily)

Leaving the needed amount of enterprises she thought would be necessary for the hero’s support…

At that day, Lily left the political strife stage. There were a lot who thought this was some kind of conspiracy, but after that, she supported the hero with dedication and blew away the doubts they had with her actions.

And so, now…

Tomoki and Lily were at the round table, in the place where they were called to.

In a garden where even in this precarious times still holds lush vegetation that healed the eyes of anyone that gazed upon it. At its center one could see numerous people and a literal round table.

It’s the garden that princess Lily’s mother loved. That place is where Lily had the hero use as a place to rest. In the past it was a place where no one was allowed in. When this place was liberalized, it surprised the nobles but it ended up in raising the valuation of the people that use the hero as lining.

There were some that were haughty and arrogant, but politics are warriors with no prospects. That is Tomoki’s assessment. It was in part because of their prejudice and coagulated sense of value, but since they are devote to the princess, they don’t have any ideas of rebellion and she doesn’t have an ounce of suspicion of them betraying.

“Tomoki-sama! The preparations are all ready. P-Please come this way”

“Onii-chan you are late!”

“I sacrificed time for research to come here you know. Don’t make me wait so long…… I know that you are busy though”

The three people that welcomed Tomoki and Lily were his companions. If they are to imitate the round table, then they would be Tomoki’s Knights of the Round Table.

The first one that called out nervously while inviting him to her side is Ginebia. Considered the strongest knight in the empire that protects the nobles, one of the royal guards. She was originally a person under Lily and also a close friend, but she is now limited to guarding both Tomoki and princess alike.

Though she has the body of a girl, she has trained to perfection the art of protection and the role of wall. The type of sorcery tool that was given to her is also one that is specialized in defense and her job possesses the name of a superior dragon that is famous for its defense, Grount. Royal Guard Grount is her unique job’s name.

Grount lives in the widest desert of the world and is the dragon that is said to possess the strongest defense. He is also known with the nickname of Sand Wave.

The next one is the young sounding voice that called Tomoki as brother, her name is Mora. Just like her voice tells, she is a young girl who is 12 years old. She is called the dragon spiritualist and is able to use a special summoning technique, a dragon summoner. She was originally raised in a local village at a family linage of shrine maidens, but because of the demon race’s invasion it was destroyed. Lily took care of her and ended up as her accompanying Tomoki.

The girl who uses dragons doesn’t have a unique job like Ginebia, but it is a rare job that only a few in the world possess.

The last one that callerd out complaining is Yukinatsu. Her origins were from Lorel Confederation, but looking for a place where she could do research more freely, she ended up working under Lily. Hearing the numerous unique ideas of the hero, she decided to accompany them. The fusion of armor and magic, the giant power that the ritual implements possess and the replicas of the so called sacred treasures; having an abnormal interest in the creation of these, she is a research type of person. Especially in the armor and magic area, she took a totally different approach from the dwarfs and because of those dangerous views she had, she was driven out of the confederation. Her job is Force Player. It is a rare job that only a few in the area of alchemy possess.

Currently, these three are Tomoki’s companions. Since the princess doesn’t participate in battle, she has the role of support in the rear.

With Tomoki’s suggestion of having a meal together, everyone was looking forward to the time when they would gather at the round table in the garden. The times when they can be together with him aside from battle are limited, so these times were precious for the girls that wanted to be with him even if for a little more.

Lily secretly took measures against the demonic eyes for the nobility, but there was nothing done to anyone else.

For Ginebia, Mora or Yukinatsu. Being basked by the demonic eyes so long, their good will came naturally and emotions were born inside of them, is what they believe.

“Lily-sama, Albert-sama said that he wanted you to confirm the documents of the meeting”

“Ara, for Ani-sama <Brother> to tell me this in the middle of a meal, what bad timing. I’m sorry, Tomoki-sama. I will be going for a bit. When you go to the battlefield I will definitely be there to see you off, so don’t leave without telling me okay?” (Lily)

Truly in the moment when the princess was about to join the round table, a chamberlain came and spoke to her.

“Oh, I see. If it’s the call of Albert-sama, there is no helping it. After finishing the meal with everyone I will be resting so it is okay. If it ends up in me going to battle, I will definitely tell you” (Tomoki)

Tomoki knows of Lily’s brother and he won’t blame her for that. Things like this happen from time to time so he is used to it. Right now she is putting her all in supporting him, but he knows that in the past the princess managed a lot of works. He understands that she is busy.

“Got it. Then, Ginebia, I am counting on you” (Lily)

“Leave it to me” (Ginebia)

Ginebia complies with the princess’s words. Her loyalty for the princess has most likely remained unchanged.

Lily nods looking satisfied and followed lead, leaving the garden.

– Lily’s side –

“What is the progress’s state?”

“Right now it is going smoothly. The adapting ability of the hero can only be called as a miracle. To be able to freely wave around that god spear without riding a horse really overwhelmed me”

It is natural for him to do something of that extent.

Iwahashi Tomoki was compatible with all the sorcery tools. That’s why the empire let him choose anything from the treasure warehouse that contained extremely superior weapons and armor.

The first thing that he chose was not a weapon or armor, but a ring that worked as a warehouse, storing any items inside it.

After that, he had serious eyes while selecting a number of weapons and after testing them, he stored 12 weapons in his ring which filled the capacity of it. Next he selected the armor and in the training area it was adjusted.

He chose a rubber suit that fit his body and metallic type protectors that covered several parts on his body and are enhanced with defense magic. In the empire, these were protectors that possessed quite the power, but there was no one that could handle them. The use of these were soon authorized.

There is no way he could pass his daily life wearing a suit that fit his body, so regarding that suit is something that is prepared only when there is a need to use it in battle.

After that, Iwahashi Tomoki was given a number of magic items that create a barrier with high efficiency against black magic and physical attacks to be equipped on him for his daily life. It is good to have a sense to protect yourself. Masterpieces that were tested in the border wastelands, the Clay Aegis and many others.

This was going well.

The effects of the silver boots that were given by the Goddess were also outstanding. Even if he trains several times the amount of a normal person, or stands in the battlefield continuously, his fatigue will be healed at a rapid pace.

“What about his body? What is the difference in effects between administering the dosage to him and that of other hyumans?”

“There is also no problems in that. It is originally something that only reduces the lifespan of someone anyways. The other ones are also proceeding smoothly”

“I see. Then that’s good”

In his food there are elixirs mixed that accelerate his growth rate and enhance his magic power and body. I wanted to know the difference in effects between him and other people, so I had the food of all the members, aside from mine, mixed in with that elixir. I haven’t gotten their approval to do so though.

But for it to be going smoothly is good. There is the possibility that secondary effects appear immediately and make them unable to participate in battle. If that happened, it would be putting the cart before the horse.

I abandoned my rights to the imperial throne. Because of that, the problems that were annoying all flowed to my siblings. I will just do what I have to do and concentrate my all in it. There is no better happiness than this.

That’s right, I don’t need the imperial throne.

In the end…

The empire will…

Be usurped by Iwahashi Tomoki.

I have been whispering him the will of a supreme ruler, the reign component and the logic of a violent king.

It appears that that boy obtained power as he entered this world and before that he was a misfortunate person. I also heard stories about him being bullied by girls in his surroundings.

In short… he is being festive about the massive power he suddenly obtained.

How convenient. What a mistake.

That’s why I act as the type of girl he likes and bewitch him. It is okay to say that I am already half done.

When I invited him at the evening party, he didn’t reject me. <TN: probably in a sexual meaning>

On the contrary, it seems to have given him self-confidence and he began calling himself with “ore”*. It also seems that he has put his hand on Ginebia, Mora and Yukinatsu. <TN: “ore” is a more informal way of saying “I” in Japanese><… WAIT, Isn’t Mora FRIKIN 12?!>

I don’t care.

In the future he can go creating a harem or whatever he wants. More like, I will assist him in doing so.

It is better to have more things to tie him into the throne and political power.

If I push in a sweet poison inside that weak heart who has been affected by bullying, he won’t think about opposing me. There is no doubt that he is thinking he himself ended up wanting to become a king and obtain the empire.

Of course, that will be when our victory against the demon race has been settled. It can’t happen if that doesn’t occur first.

When that time comes, I “who has become his loyal slave” will support him in whatever he wants.

The other countries are also worth my attention.

The hero, who was send by the goddess, that young egg of a tyrant told me a truly delightful idea.

This should be a good time for the experimentations to enter the real stage. For the sake of the day that is to come.

The experiment of the elixir should be enough now. This middle-aged alchemist male has truly served me well.

“Then, what should we develop now? I know, how about a… for the he… ro… eh?”

“It’s already enough. Thanks for your hard work” (Lily)

The sleeve of my white clothes began to dye itself in dark red.

It is more convenient to have people that don’t have the knowledge and tell them only the production process in order to make an assembly line.

I am a person devoted to Iwahashi Tomoki, so I don’t need evidence of me creating something that harmed his body. I also don’t need anyone that knows.

Creating a team with me, who is at the top, and a number of skilled researchers, we obtained good enough results. Now I will finish them off orderly just like this. Perfectly.

‘Why?’ the middle-aged man that made such a face, fell down and stopped all functions.

I hand over the dagger I had in my hands to the chamberlain that was waiting at the entrance. Her eyes didn’t have any light of a will.

“Take care of that and burn the house. Make sure that everything in this room becomes ashes. And you will burn along with your important person that is over there. Okay?” (Lily)

I whispered detailed instructions slowly at her ears, and have her hold the dagger.

This is good.

When I confirm the chamberlain has gathered all the documents, I take off my clothes and turned them to ashes.

My upper half is now underwear, but I didn’t mind. I will be teleporting to my room at the castle anyways, so no one will see.

I have to return to Tomoki’s place soon. Today is the battle in the northwest area.

But before that…

“Now, next will the development of the delightful weapon hero-sama told me about” (Lily)

After returning to my room, I changed my clothes and confirm the documents of the plan that have been done reasonably well.

That is… a weapon that provides the same power to kids with no power, to old people who have lost their power, people that have nothing. The amount of magic power is no problem at all.

It’s a truly a delightful and “impartial” weapon. A weapon that just by having, you will get power.

By the time the other countries begin the production of inferior products and throw them to the battlefield, the war will be over already.

The demon race, the Goddess, and her religion…

I will destroy them all.

“Guns. That is the kind of name it had. I have to hurry I make them” (Lily)

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