Chapter 56: Talking with the corpse –first part-


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“Well first, let’s take a sit. You are recovered to a certain extent right?” (Makoto)

The magic power recovers when you are resting after all. I only made the darkness eat his magic power. I haven’t obstructed his magic power regeneration.

For a full recovery, only the person itself would know, but if it’s to the level where one can stand and talk, even I can tell that from looking.

“… fumu, what will happen to me?” (Lich)

The skeleton obediently stands and talks. However, he hasn’t taken out his weapon, the cane. Is the weapon made out of magic power like his garment?

“I want to ask you a number of things and I want you to answer them. That’s all” (Makoto)

“After that there will be no need for me, is that what you are trying to say?” (Lich)

“Eh? No way. I won’t need anything else, but I won’t do what you think I will do. I will just have you return” (Makoto)

My words made Lich’s face turn disturbed. Well, even if I say “face” it’s actually a skull though. I am just guessing from the light of his eyes and his mouth that’s opening up.

“You are thinking of releasing me after bringing me to your main stronghold?!” (Lich)

“That’s right. Well, since we have guaranteed your safety, let’s begin with the talk” (Makoto)

I give a sidelong glance to the desk and table and urge Lich.

I lower my hips and invite him to take a sit. Tomoe and Mio are standing by my sides and staying in standby.

“First of all, let’s present ourselves. My name is Misumi Makoto. Here it would be said as Makoto Misumi. And then there is the blue haired one, Tomoe, the black one is Mio. The two of them are my followers. You can call them companions as well” (Makoto)

I explain while mixing a wry smile.

“What do you mean by ‘here it would be said’?” (Lich)

“Let’s leave that for later. Now it’s your turn” (Makoto)

I push aside his statement with my hands.

“As you can see, I’m a lich” (Lich)

The undead concisely reveals his own race. No, I already know that.

“Not that. I want you to tell me your real name” (Makoto)

“I don’t have a name. My name is Lich, that’s it. I have already forgotten my memories of when I was a person, and even if I had my memories, that name wouldn’t be fit to call me with” (Lich)

Is that how things work when you turn into a Lich? I don’t know anyone like that, so I don’t know at all.  Something like, “One of my friends has become a Lich~” is not that good anyways. Maybe he doesn’t want to call himself with his family name?

“I see, then Lich-san right? Sorry for the rudeness but, are you male? Female? You see, I can’t tell the gender by looking at the bones” (Makoto)

“No, just Lich is fine. There is no need to add –san. You are the winner, so there is no need to be thoughtful with me. And also, I am a man, didn’t you notice?” (Lich)

“Heh~, I was interested in which one you were. Then Lich, it may be sudden but…” (Makoto)

“You said your name was Makoto-dono right? I may not have the right to say anything but, is it fine to say one?” (Lich)

“?… Go ahead” (Makoto)

He probably meant that he is aware he is a prisoner. I wonder what he will say now.

“I don’t mind if you limit yourself to things you can say. Can you let me ask you one thing in exchange of answering your questions?” (Lich)

If it’s only the things I can say, then there is no need for me to refuse.

“Fine” (Makoto)

“I thank you” (Lich)

“Then, the first one. Why were you in the forest ogres’ village?” (Makoto)

“For the sake of my research. I, who wanted to transform from a person to Graunt, went to where I saw a chance, the forest ogres’ village, and dug up their long lost power. For the sake of that, I hid in the body of one of them” (Lich)

The forest ogres’ power to transform people. Then, he was the one that awakened that power from the perverted Shishou?

Tomoe narrowed her eyes and made a light “Hoh~” from admiration.

“What do you mean by Graunt?” (Makoto)

“It should be my turn to question, but okay. I was only permitted to question after all. Graunt refers to a higher race of the hyumans. It is written as an existence that surpasses hyumans in everything. I am looking for the path to become one” (Lich)

I see. I don’t really understand that well, but it seems that there is another existence in this world close to hyumans, I suppose? But the relation is totally that of ruling, if that isn’t the case, it would turn into a pretty severe war state.

In this world I have heard of demons fighting with the hyumans, but I haven’t heard of any fights with hyumans and Graunts.

“I want to ask your reasons for wanting to become a Graunt, but let’s hear what you have to say first” (Makoto)

Maybe I was affected by his behavior, I use natural and polite words to continue the conversation with him.

“Then, let me ask two things as well. Wasn’t your name Raidou? And also, you say you are a human being, but human beings are an ancient race from the hyumans. Why can you say so confidently that you are one?” (Lich)

Ah~, human being is a figure of speech. Strictly speaking, I am kind of a hyuman as well. But my body specs are enough for the Goddess to call me a human being after all. Wait, the Goddess should know about my parents and yet, why does she call me a human?

I notice the flickering of Lich’s eyes that were as if probing me, and I return my mind that had been drowned in thoughts back to reality.

“Raidou is the name I used when I registered in the Adventurer Guild, and it is my alias, something close to a lend name. Well, you can just take it as a fake name. The name Makoto Misumi that I said a while ago is my real name. About that human word… I can only tell you that that’s how the Goddess calls me. Even I don’t understand my own details” (Makoto)

“The Goddess called you that?! Is that even possible?” (Lich)

“I can only tell you that it is indeed true. Leaving aside if it would truly serve as evidence or not, I can’t speak the language called, common language. It seems that it is because I haven’t received the blessing. But in exchange, I received the ability to speak with inhuman beings. That’s the reason why I am able to talk with you without any problems” (Makoto)

“Now that you mention it, we were talking so naturally that I didn’t notice at all. Leaving aside if it works as evidence, I certainly received my answer. If you have any other questions, please continue” (Lich)

Hm, it seems that for now he intends to answer my question in good will. Maybe it’s only because the other side wants to ask more questions though.

Let’s ask about the reason for wanting to become a graunt.

No, before that, there is also that matter.

“Before entering battle with me, you murdered one of the forest ogres right? If I remember correctly, that man that called himself the son of one of the elders. I remember Lich saying something about “that woman” to him that was on the ground. Can I ask what the meaning of that was?” (Makoto)

That’s right, the only victim in that battle. That was the guy who Mio and I said had a bad complexion. <TN: wait, it wasn’t a woman?! He just MENTIONED the woman?! How misleading! PS: Japanese doesn’t use gender specific words like he or she, so it is incredibly confusing>

It was also a person that the AkuaEris combi were worried about. What was his name? Wanda? No, it was Adonou.

“That guy huh. To think that you remembered a single word that I said, it seems I was underestimating Makoto-dono completely. I don’t feel bad about using him as if pulling the hand of a baby. That guy was a spy you know?” (Lich)

“Spy?” (Makoto)

I unconsciously repeat the word.

For a spy to infiltrate the forest ogres’ village, just who and for what reason?

“That’s right, a spy, no wait, a maneuvering member might be more proper. That fellow was doing diplomacy in midst of the forest ogres, doing exchanges with other races. But at one point, he got the sympathy of one power and began moving in a way that the forest ogres would benefit them” (Lich)

If he was in a post where he could constantly negotiate with the races from outside, it is certainly easy to increase the number of times they meet. Were they guys that discovered the existence of the forest ogres and had an eye on their combat power?

The aspect of Adonou-kun may have served as a sign for them. It created doubts in AB.

“… When you said, “that woman”, were you referring to the power that was behind him?” (Makoto)

“That’s right. This may be a bundle of answers you were looking for. That woman refers to a demon race general. There is no need for me to say who is the power behind it, it’s the demon army” (Lich)

Wow. The demon race that is supposed to have their main base in the northern part of the continent, has even extended their hands to the border of the world. Isn’t this information pretty dangerous?

Ah, but the ones that were in Shen’s gate were also of the demon race. Those were probably not people that were traveling to train as warriors, but were most likely people related to the demon army.

“… She is a woman I can’t come to like. It seems that she send 5 soldiers at the depths of the wasteland and all communication with them was lost. They seem to be hurriedly gathering war potential. Because war seems to be coming soon after all” (Lich)

5? Maybe, can it be? Are they the ones?

“Is it okay? For you to be answering so much” (Makoto)

“I am not a member of the demon race, so I don’t mind. This is just a petty grudge I have. Didn’t I tell you? That that woman had a personality I didn’t like” (Lich)

“Thank you very much. Then, go ahead, your turn” (Makoto)

“Well, I have two questions I want to ask at the same time, so please go first” (Lich)

He is an unexpectedly faithful person. Maybe he was a scholar in his past life.

“Hm, even if you say that, what I would want to ask you about would be regarding the reason you want to become a Graunt. And after that, I also have a favor to ask of you” (Makoto)

Though I feel like he doesn’t want to answer.

“Hngh, that is… a question I can’t answer. I am sorry. Then, about that favor?” (Lich)

See? Well, this was only my personal interest after all. At any rate, to say “I can’t answer” in a situation where it wouldn’t be strange to be killed at any time.

“I take that you are a person with deep knowledge in magic. I will pay the price, so I want you to yield some of those magic books to me” (Makoto)

That’s how it is.

I am already feeling the limits of learning from Ema-san’s aria and spell list. If possible, I want to put my hands on other knowledge.

Also, the language that Lich used was a language I hadn’t heard before. He most likely has a lot of books. I don’t mind if they are basic stuff, I want some of them.

“… Are you making fun of me?” (Lich)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

“Makoto-dono was able to form such an abnormally efficient magic. It was an aria that surpassed mine by leaps and bounds in efficiency and in length of words. When you can even use such a thing, what is it that you want to know about my spells and knowledge?” (Lich)

Oh, he got in a pretty bad mood. The red light of his eyes were fluctuating less, how to say it, it felt like they were sitting.

Nonono. I didn’t have that intent at all okay? I only wanted new book you know?

Tomoe seemed to not be able to hold it in and made a “bufu” sound. What are you laughing for?!

Mio also seems to find it funny, her shoulders were trembling.

“N-No. I honestly just want to learn. My magic book is only a paper long after all” (Makoto)

“… Wa?” (Lich)

“Like I said. My magic book is only one paper! I just want some new ones!” (Makoto)

“… Then, what are you trying to tell me? Was that spell’s aria also written in the paper? Are you telling me that you obtained a piece of a forbidden spell book?” (Lich)

“No, it is something that I asked to be written for learning sake, it isn’t that big of a deal. If it’s fine with you, I can give you one of the same. That’s right, how about exchanging books?” (Makoto)

I just have to ask Ema-san to write one more. Isn’t that super profitable?

“I don’t mind, if you are fine with it, I will accept that negotiation. Though I think I would clearly be the one benefiting from it” (Lich)

Oh, it’s a done deal now.

“Then, now comes the questions I wanted to ask. The first one, you already answered half of it, but I want to ask again. What was that spell that you used to defeat me? Just what in the world did you do for my magic power to be eaten?” (Lich)

Ah, he must be talking about the thing that intelligent people wouldn’t understand huh.

“That spell is made purely out of darkness attribute magic. The original target was the spell’s wisp, then Lich, I just designated you” (Makoto)

“… I don’t understand what you are trying to say” (Lich)

“Didn’t you say the specialty of darkness magic a second ago?” (Makoto)

“Absorbtion… no. What I said? Eating magic, do you refer to that?” (Lich)

“Yeah, that’s right. That’s the answer” (Makoto)

“But isn’t it meaningless to use magic power on a spell that has already been activated? If you try to scatter a magic like that it would end up in excess use of magic power. Moreover, a magic power that is clad on a user, to use only darkness to erase it would make the effectiveness even lower” (Lich)

“You are right” (Makoto)

“At the very least, I estimate it would be from 10 times to 15 times more. It would only be a waste to do that” (Lich)

“Yeah, it was a waste” (Makoto)

“… Is Makoto-dono an idiot?” (Lich)

“What a wicked tongue (lol) you have. However, the reality is that you lost” (Makoto)

“Doing whatever you wanted, wasting magic power as if pouring water and were even able to eat the magic power that I had already composed” (Lich)

“Yep, that’s right” (Makoto)

A strange silence breaks out. This is the first strange atmosphere since this talk began.

But this is all true though.

“Fu… fu fufufu. Hahaahahahahahahaaha!!” (Lich)

He began laughing for some reason? His bones were going *karakara but I couldn’t retort because his laughing sounded as if he had broken.

What? Was his reasoning blown away? I think that just by being made out of pure bones makes him have a lack of it though.

Ah, he stopped.

“Don’t mess with meeee! Brat, are you stating that you are the incarnation of a spirit or something like that?!” (Lich)

“Shut up cranium. You dare call Waka brat?” (Tomoe)

“To put Waka-sama on the same level as a petty spirit, should I disseminate your whole body and use it as bait?” (Mio)

When I thought that Lich had stood up at the same time as he let out an angry voice, the next second, his movements had frozen over.

Leaving aside if that was actually a vital spot, Tomoe’s unsheathed sword was pointing at the neck of Lich.

Mio was already at his back and from his cervical vertebrae to his spine, she was holding her closed folding fan and creeping it.

How fast, isn’t their teamwork perfect? Since when did they train?

Their eyes were pretty scary, but they were not snapped yet. For now they were pulling their attacks.

… Maybe they are also repressing a lot of pent up things? Uh, chills are running down my back.

In any case, we can’t just leave the situation like this.

I urge both of them to separate.

“Well, I apologize for the rudeness of my followers” (Makoto)

After apologizing, I wanted to invite Lich to take sit once more, but before I could do that, his back fell down with a *su ton. Instead of calling it sitting, it was more like he fell down and the chair was coincidentally there.

“You!” (Mio)

It seems that Mio was angered once more by that action and was going to move. But, as expected, it wouldn’t be brushed out as a joke so I restraint her. I am truly happy that you think so much of me but…

If possible, I want you to point that anger at enemies or evil intent and not at this impoliteness. I would be happy if you could take a lot of things in a composed manner.

“Waka, may I?” (Tomoe)

“Tomoe huh. I want you to stay obedient for a bit though?” (Makoto)

“No, it has to do with the magic book matter” (Tomoe)

That huh. Isn’t the talk already over? I will have Ema-san write a copy and give it to him. And in exchange, I will have him lent me a number of magic books. What’s the problem in that?

“What is it?” (Makoto)

While holding a bit of my irritation, I ask for her to continue. Right now I want to calm down Lich though.

“I think that instead of asking just for a few of them, you could take them all. For someone like him” (Tome)

“? Hah?!” (Lich)

Don’t go saying things that could cause a reverse effect! Can’t you see that Lich is surprised?!

“What, I think that he would happily hand them over” (Tomoe)

“You, can’t you just keep silent-” (Makoto)

“No, Waka. I think that what he wants to know, I probably know it. I am sorry for the late words but if you can give this Tomoe full power, I will show you that I can grant Waka’s wish and more than that” (Tomoe)

“… Really, are you seriously saying it?” (Makoto)

This one has a lot of previous offences after all. And her anger a second ago also reminded me a bit of Mio.

At the time of the forest ogres you were pretty cold and yet… I seriously don’t know the point in which Tomoe gets angry.

At the time when she unsheated her sword as well.

When it is not related to history dramas she really becomes quick tempered. Even though they did a lot of worse things compared to Lich’s impoliteness…

Don’t tell me that they will be doing it like the Marine Corps where they use a sweet poison to train right? Well, there is no way that would happen. <まさかここから海兵隊の如くせんの、もとい鍛錬でもするための甘い毒ってことは無い筈だし。>

Generally speaking, even if someone is sweltering, I am somehow able to endure it, but if there is an evolution even worse than that pervert, I would die. AB are on the plain side. Especially the crazy one.

Is there a reason why she wants to recruit them so much? I thought that she only wanted to have ninjas, but could it be that she still has something in mind? After all, the person may be my follower, but she is still a dragon. The time she has spent alive is on a completely different level.

It is still too early for me to understand all of her thought patterns and have her obey me. Regarding her hobby, I amusingly understand her though.

“Of course. I am Waka’s follower. I wouldn’t step into betraying Koumon-sama, and even in a million years I wouldn’t kill master. I am a person that would follow her Shogun to the bitter end. So please” (Tomoe)

Tomoe lowers her head.

… If you go that far.

I nodded and entrust her the continuation. Tomoe may talk about something that I don’t know about. With that expectation in mind…

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