Chapter 47: Makoto’s World ~Tomoe~

~ Tomoe’s Side~

My master was sitting.

His presence was thin. It was one step to death.

However, I couldn’t smell death from master. How contradictory.

Master had left the party before it was over, feeling that his presence was getting thinner, I arrived at this place with Mio.

What in the world is this?

Mio wanted to jump out as soon as possible to confirm his safety, but I stopped her.

Waka’s state. It was as if he did this habitually.

I instructed Mio to stay and analyze the situation. There were no signs of Waka committing suicide. On the contrary, he said that he would be taking off his mask, that he would make a store inside a company, and we had the matter about becoming a member of the kingdom. It was more like, he was living his life plentifully.

He was also pretty happy about Mio finding that flower.

And in front of us, an insane ritual was occurring.

This was an event that didn’t bore me when I watched it, but right now it wasn’t the time for that.

One of the problems that we couldn’t solve even when we investigated it, the Asora expansion, happened at the exact moment when Waka’s consciousness returned!

At the same time, Waka’s presence become clear, and the paired up arrow was send flying to the far away target as if it was being sucked in. Its gesture was so beautiful that it would captivate anyone. It was as natural as breathing. Our eyes move from Waka to the arrow, and then to the far away target.

Such thinking like ‘it would not hit’, there wasn’t even a shred of it in our mind. By the moment Waka changed from seating to moving position, I was already certain it would hit.

And when I moved my gaze from the target to Waka, I felt like my mouth turned wide-open.

The magic power of Waka that was already enormous, had suddenly increased.

The maximum capacity of magic power is not something that would normally increase. Even when you put your whole life into it to train, by doubling that amount you would be called a demonic existence.

There is also the secret method of utilizing a pact, but the demerits of it are quite big. In a lot of meanings it’s an outside measure, a method that could even be called a forbidden technique-ja.

And that magic power’s maximum capacity has suddenly increase by double.

His presence grows thin once again. Mio’s face becomes grim. I am also very anxious.

And then, Asora began to distort, and, his magic power doubled.

Are you telling me that he has been repeating a dying and resurrection process?! Asora grew bigger a number of times as arrows were send flying, every time an arrow is released, the expansion occurs.

Are you telling me that this world of Asora is responding to Waka’s increase of magic power and expanding?

Then, is the Asora that I create and this one, different things? This… is a world that Waka created unconsciously after he made a pact with me?!

Something like the creation of a world, is an act that no one in this world would be able to accomplish you know?

It’s not something half-assed like the dimension that I am specialized in and am able to interfere in.

That’s right, it can’t compare to this. Even that Goddess is unable to.

The Goddess ‘descended’ to this lands, and after speaking to a number of previous residents that lived in it, created a world where it would be possible to live in. She made a contract with the people of this lands, and on top of that, gave birth to various species.

As such, I and the other superior dragons are some of those previous residents. By the way, Mio is, in a sense, a previous resident as well. In her case, she was a drifter, she ended up in this lands by coincidence.

That’s right, even the Goddess couldn’t freely create it. I know that she is not the strongest God race in existence, but she is one of the Gods that were left with the management. She must have some status herself.

Then, what in the world is our master? Are you telling me that he did something that surpassed that Goddess by several ranks, unconsciously?

With his own efforts? Or is it the power which was given to master by that God when he came to this world, the one responsible of this? From what I have seen in Waka’s memories, it felt like someone who wasn’t that significant, a venerable God.

No matter if he came from another world, he is still a human being. Even with effort or assistance, it’s not something I can think of possible.

Wait, in the case that my deduction about this world is correct, it may be possible that I can finish another case which was assigned to me.

The irregularity of Asora’s climate. A solution to that arises.

Well, at any rate.

What an interesting situation. A person that could reach a creation-deity class magic power after a few more shots of his archery. How bizarre. Moreover, that action he does to reach the level of a God is not an ordeal but something he does habitually.

I will never get tired. Makoto is an existence that will never bore me. It makes me question if he really will die in a hundred years. I can’t believe it.

If that is the case, it’s not an exaggeration to think that the Goddess will take attention to this. More like, it’s possible she would use a number of influential people and even the heroes in order to overwhelm him.

Surpassing a God.

Waka talks ill about the Goddess, but I couldn’t feel hostility or malice, and even if there is, it was a pure hatred that didn’t end in murder intent.

He may diss her and he may quarrel about her. There may not be favorable feelings for her. But, why is it? I can’t imagine the image of my master bathed in the blood of that Goddess and pushing her unto the path of destruction.

It may be that I just don’t want to imagine his figure drowned in madness and hatred. In a normal case, it would be a treatment that would incite anyone to want to kill her. Of all things she threw him into the wastelands, it even makes me question her sanity.

In time, surpassing God. The name of the act given to God killers surfaced in my mind.

Anyways, it’s a forbidden word. Looking at my master that was downhearted and laughing weakly, I couldn’t stop my lips from lifting up.

A clerk in the company or the role of examining Asora. Even using me as a convenient dictionary for this world’s items.

Use me for anything. If it’s for this splendid and dangerous master that I can’t see the limits of, I will do anything.

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        PS I just made this up.

      2. If he were to kill her, it wouldn’t be a matter of being just as bad as the bug. It would be a matter of being worse. Even if he were to squash the bug, the bug’s followers would resent him for all eternity. Not to mention that he is mortal regardless, so one day he too would eventually die.

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        While this story has death, it is the “one step removed” kind, clean and impersonal. Makoto going all blood and guts would throw the tone of the story off completely.

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    2. Hyumans are the altered form of the humans that were originally there before the Goddess arrived. So rather than hyumans being invaders, they were more of native species that got altered by a bug. Think of the goddess as the player of a sim game (rollercoaster tycoon, sim city) that uses cheats/godmode. to make her favorite sims have a good evnironment, and, and to pick up discontent or disagreeing customers and throw them in a pond in her park.

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    If belief plays a part here as well, then it is possible that Makoto can seriously wound the Bug/Goddess just by :

    a) spiriting away all the powerful creatures to Asora (since they are not her followers and probably provide stability to the world by their presence or magical power)


    b) having the most of the hyumans believe in him instead.

    I Can’t Wait!

    1. it all depends on how the author defines gods i dont think that definition is clear yet but than again this is not that kind of philosophical book

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    I’m not much for Makoto killing the bug as much as I am for him causing her pain. Dead men tell no tales, it’s the survivors that have that burden. The goddess doesn’t need death, just a defeat that will last her for all eternity.

    1. If that were to happen, he would have a fun time explaining to everyone why two beautiful women follow him around. To his parents, to his friends, to all the jealous guys out there.

  8. Well, it doesn’t surprise me that he has capabilities to create a new world, Tsukuyomi did give him the [Sakai] to protect himself, but at that time his power supply was almost depleted, so in order to give that ability he used the power he inherited for his father, Izanagi, the creator god of the earth in the Shintoism religion, so the true abilities of that power are yet to be revealed.

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