Chapter 43: Guild Registration Again

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“Okay, with this the Kuzunoha Company has been officially registered. The representative will be Raidou-sama, as members of this company we have Tomoe-sama and Mio-sama registered. Now, if you want to change the entry information please have Raidou-sama report to the guild. On the occasion of hiring personnel you don’t have to notify us, but in the case that regular personnel is increased, it will be required for you to notify us. And for other things that are necessary for you to take into account is, when you need something and to read this book about license grade carefully”

Issuing the blue metallic guild card along with my two followers, I was able to successfully create my own company.

The book that was given to me was thin, but the letters were written way too closely. Just because paper is valuable doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take in mind the understanding of the contents.

When I was asked what direction I wanted my company to head to, I answered with an ‘I don’t know yet’ and that I would come again to report when I officially begin my operations.

I have already decided on handling medicines, but everything else was still vague.

That I have to report to the guild frequently is actually a saving, because I am able to ask for information while I am there. Well, that is obvious.

Also, I should go to Rembrandt-san and consult him.

Finishing a light lunch, we search for the inn that Toa-san uses as a base and gave her a message that we would be heading to the adventurer guild.

Somewhere inside of me was nervous because we had pummeled their ranker, but nothing special happened.

Even though Rembrandt-san killed the curse disease user, the request was not withdrawn. I have taken the request after all.

I think that the information network of the guild is terrifying, so it’s impossible that they didn’t know.

That I don’t understand their delineation is one of the reasons that stirred my uneasiness. I should check out the guide-like book about adventurers.

The impression that I get when I look at Lime-kun was that of a super villain. Even though I had evaluated him as your typical hoodlum, it seems that he didn’t tell his friends and comrades any made up story.

There wasn’t any especially weird behavior, and we were able to safely arrive to the reception counter.

I receive the extraordinary reward (though when I think about it, it wasn’t that extraordinary) from the guild, and it was now time for the main event that everyone, except me, was waiting for excitedly.

I feel like the attention I got when I received the reward will soon be a thing of the past.

It’s the registration of Tomoe and Mio.

I was a bit concerned about Tomoe smirking. No, I will be honest here. I was extremely concerned about that.

I checked my level first and, as expected, it was still 1. I was already thinking that this was a curse of the Goddess or something like that.

Tomoe held back Mio and wanted to be registered first, well, I don’t mind which one is first, so I let Tomoe do it.

It was a good that there weren’t that many people, but give it a few days and we will surely become famous.

Suddenly requesting a paper that could measure until level 1600, the staff member was caught off guard. The surroundings grew boisterous. That is the obvious reaction~.

“Tomoe-sama, level, 1340”


I was the one that shouted. I didn’t have any plan of shouting, but I did.

Why the hell did it go up? And why is it that you are having a shocked and dissatisfied expression?

Don’t tell me that in the middle of her independent movement, she secretly spend her time hunting. The talk about warrior training was only a pretext you know?

The commotion was crazy. In an instant, people made a circle with us as the center.

“T-T-T-There is no way this is happening! I cut up that much-ja zo! I should be over 1500 right?!” (Tomoe)

“Uhm, well, please don’t shake me?!”

Tomoe shakes the body of the Onee-san back and forth. The number 1500… I see, Mio huh.

[Tomoe, stop it]

“Ah! I unintentionally lost myself… I am sorry Waka” (Tomoe)

Uah~, the face of Onee-san is dead pale. She must have thought that she could die depending on the extend of the strength. You could still see the remains of her fear.

[Mio, go finish it quickly]

“Yes~ ♪” (Mio)

“Unununununu” (Tomoe)

Maybe it was because she understood the reason of Tomoe’s smirk, Mio gave a positive response to my words and send a slight glance to Tomoe. Tomoe, even if you lift up your trembling fist, the result will not change.

The same 1600 paper was dyed in red.

“Mi-Mio-sama, level 1500-de…su”

The Onee-san read it fast and fainted. How pitiful. You have done well.

As expected, it seems that Mio has not increased her level. More like, even though I had her fight that much in the wasteland, it didn’t even raise her level by 1. Then, what did Tomoe do to level up 20 levels?

Did she leave a mountain of corpses in the wasteland? Should I go there and get the materials? No, they should already be in the stomach of other mamonos.

The bones and fangs may still remain so, I will have her spill the location at a later time, and ask the lizard-san and the orc-san to check the place. There is no need for me to go. It’s not because if I go I will lose the little sanity I have left, okay?

Making another staff member continue the remaining work, the weakest and strongest level adventurers were born once again.

Toa-san and the others quickly came and exchanged the contact information of the newly issued adventurer cards, and were happily receiving the envious looks of the people around.

It is probably the same feeling as registering a super famous player in an MMO as your friend.

… They are actually betting their life here. Well maybe not really. They have probably gotten a thick lifeline right now.

“Now that I think about it, Waka-sama, is it okay for us to not register at the merchant guild?” (Mio)

It’s Mio. It is not really necessary for everyone in the company to register to the guild but.

[In the future maybe, but right now there is no need for it]

It seems that our conversation surprised Toa-san and the others even more.

“Ra-Raidou-san, could it be… that you finished the ‘re-issuing’ exam in one day?” (Toa)

Ah, that’s right. I told them that I had lost it. Having Toa-san tell me, I remembered. That was close. I will have to get their mouths shut about this.

[Yeah, it was troublesome so, I did the exam again and I finished it yesterday. See here]

I show them the blue card.

“Hoh~, so you finished that harsh exam in the same day! As usual, what a display of superhuman ability”

The priest warrior dwarf-san looks at me as if she were looking at an abnormality.

[A ha ha ha, I am planning on using this town as a base to begin my company so, I am looking forward to your patronage]

“I will use it as much as I can”

“Will it have sweets~?” (Rinon)

The elf nodded vigorously for some reason. And Rinon seems to be imagining a completely different store. For now I won’t be dealing with daily articles and miscellaneous stuff. It will be Asora’s articles and medicines. It would be good if I can add the articles of the dwarfs later but, they are eccentric craftsmen and, on top of that, they are a bunch of people that were secluded in a remote place, so I am scared that if I carelessly try to convince them it will have a reverse effect.

“Uhm, Raidou-san. What will Mio-sama and Tomoe-sama do from now on?” (Toa)

It’s Toa. From now on?

Ah, she must be talking about taking requests or forming a party. I have a pile of things I want them to do aside from raising their current rank after all.

[The two of them are registered as members of the company as well so, things like looking for a place that can become our office, greeting the others, anyways, there are a lot of things to do]

For now it would be better to obtain a lot. This world has no net sells so. For things like gathering information and greeting others, having more numbers is better.

“Wa?! Ha-Having these two do lot searching and greetings?!”

[Yeah, no matter their level, they are still my followers. It’s a small company that doesn’t even have staff yet, so it’s obvious]

“N-No no no! Raidou-san, I think it is more important to have both of them do requests and increase their popularity so…” (Toa)

Toa-san is saying things like, it will become good publicity or something like that.

At this rate, I think they want to use them conveniently. Or were they planning on being their disciples?

Well, some day in the future I will be asking them to teach us the manners of an adventurer though.

First, I will clear up all the things that come to mind one by one, and then draw out the normal questions I have and resolve them!

[A ha ha, there is no need to do something like that. I don’t have any intentions of having them move as adventurers at all] *smile*

‘N-No way!’ or ‘Impossible!’ is what they said while facing me and the people around me were also normally saying abusive words to me.

But with a single angry face of Tomoe and Mio, they turned silent. How easy.

[Now, Tomoe, Mio, let’s go. Make a business card, look for an office and do our greetings around. We will get busy]

“With pleasure!” (Tomoe)

“Yes♪” (Mio)

“Onii-chan looks like he is having fun~” (Rinon)

Wait for me people of this world, using the sign of Kuzunoha, I will be providing you a healthy lifestyle with my medicines!

I should think about a logo as well!

Just like Rinon said.

Right now, I am having fun!!

Those last words were totally not foreshadowing anything.

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