Chapter 10: Human settlement is still far

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It has been 2 days since then. Anyhow, it has been so rich every day that I feel like puking. I realized that my high school life was filled with peace and calm.

The highland orcs seemed to be adapting to Asora. In my afternoon breaks and in my evening meals, at those two times, I -in the beginning- asked about the current state of affairs and the situation from Ema-san and a few others.

There were no problems in all daily necessities. They were absurdly grateful. I myself haven’t done anything though.

Shen seems to be seriously trying to create a TV.

She is trying to create a device that can project memories. When we are taking breaks in Asora, she is wrinkling her mind and thinking.

Things like recordings, HDDs, and DVDs; she unbelievably had some ideas about them and, in an immediate judgment, she went to get them. It was a transparent crystal that looked like it would have a name of its own. I could feel that it was clearly a high class item.

Her ability to act for some reason makes me have a bad premonition of the future.

By the way, are peoples’ memories something that can be converted to clear images? I asked Shen with that question in mind but…

Shen said that people just forget the place where they placed the thing called ‘memories’, the recorded memories itself don’t deteriorate.

So that means that only she can interfere in the area where memories have not been lost.

It’s possible for her to drag out the memories that even the person themself has forgotten. What an useful power she has.

I am the ruler of the one that controls this power, Shen. I have prevented her from peeking whenever she wants, so I should be happy about that.

In all of that, I thought of the volcano that we will soon be arriving at.

There seemed to be dwarfs there.

Finally humanoid types.

Shen is right now in humanoid form too though.

If they are how I imagine, they will have abundant beards and be blacksmiths. If that’s true, I feel that Shen would go ask them to make her a katana. I pity them.

Watching the highland orcs being ordered by her and trying their best to sew a kimono for her, I felt like wanting to cry.

I have already heard about Shen’s plan to increase the population.

If we continue like this, by the time we exit the edge of the world, I am anxious that we will end up with an army of edge of the world races.

This place isn’t only a famous area, it also covers a good ratio of the world. A wasteland that is called the ends.

The ones living in this coarse environment are brutal demonic beasts or demi-humans who have a peculiarity or two.

Every race in here is used to living here and their combat power is high to a certain extent. If we were to take them out, the power balance of the world would crumble.

“Well, taking into account that the dwarfs are using the volcanoes as their headquarters, I think there will probably be no problems. I should just ignore the battle flags the best I can.” (Makoto)

We have come up to this point and the dwarf people are not asking to be saved, and their living place is a volcano. Yeah, a fitting place. It should be alright, should be alright.

Shen might do something but, honestly, without a signal or anything like that, I am going to be feeling goosebumps in my body no matter what.

I just don’t have the energy to stop this girl that’s going all about a mirage city and old dramas, and the many other things that she wants to do.

Anyways, right now I am in a state of groping around. I don’t have a second objective after reaching a human settlement.

Even if I stay in Asora, all I basically do is train and confirm my power balance.

I am slumped, honestly speaking.

The power of using myself as the center and creating an area, I am continuing to inspect it in a positive manner.

As expected, the scope and power work in an inverse proportion. Also, when activating it, the magic power in the area remains unchanged. Even Shen can’t feel it when I activate it.

What a stealth, what a cheat. I will say it however many times as needed, but as expected of one of Tsukuyomi-sama, who took all of his energy and generously gave it to me.

In reality, I have called an orc that has been injured, created a small area that fit two people, and assigned a healing property to it. I could see the wound disappear before my eyes. The effectiveness was better than I thought.

When I made it so the area only covered me, I gave it an enhancement property and cut a tree with a knife. Without even finishing the swing properly, the trees and shrubs in the area were cut like butter.

Adding the enhancement using magic power, I managed to stop the sword of a highland orc warrior with my hands. The enhancement that utilized magic power had good affinity with my body. It felt really comfy to use it.

For the time being, I decided to call it ‘Sakai’ (TL: Field) when I use it.

Right now I can only deploy it to one part of my body. Meaning that there will be limitations to it when using it for a direct attack. 

I am like this, so I am fine without enhancements.

I have also obtained a weapon.

Even if I say that, it was just some hurriedly made bow and a ceremonial dagger though.

It seemed like orcs don’t use bows that much, so their village only had sorry excuses for bows.

It was better than nothing, so I gratefully took them. It was a bow that I could use if I held back when pulling it, so there were uses for it.

The brid that I used on Shen, I have practiced it even more, and if I had to use a weapon, then I would go for that. Maybe it’s because I have begun to understand the meaning behind the aria in the incantations, but I felt that the effects of the training have increased.

Could it be that the ‘comprehension’ that that Bug gave me is more useful than I thought?

When I tried asking the one who taught me magic, Ema, she told me that she just chants the preset words and that she didn’t understand the meaning of them. That I could understand it, there is a possibility that it’s because of the power that that goddess gave me: ‘comprehension’.

Rather, from the things I received from the orcs, more than the bow, it was the dagger that they asked me to please receive that I had the feeling of a high level item.

It was an object filled with ornaments that was clearly not made by orcs.

The dagger was not to the point of being see-through, but it was a blue dagger that was clearly made from a metal that had high transparency. It was beautiful when I held it onto the sunlight.

The handle and the blade were made from materials of quality. Despite being metal, it felt comfortable in my hands, and from the things I know, I haven’t seen a metal as beautiful as this. They were mysterious materials.

Looking at the design, ornaments and patterns that were carved on the dagger’s blade, the overall length of all of that combined would be 15cm.  It was from the front to back 30cm or so.

They told me it was for ceremonies or something like that, so it’s probably a ceremonial dagger. It must be the one they call an Athame knife.

Its cutting ability is also pretty good, so I decided to use it in close quarter combat. Though I am a bit hesitant to swing it with all my strength. With its patterns and designs, it was a beautiful piece of art after all.

The scabbard was transparent and seemed to be made of a white material. I could also see that there was delicate craftsmanship in it. I think it’s probably made of bone or something close to that.

It was really well made for a dagger of regular use. I may have called it a ceremonial dagger, but it had enough practical use. In moments of need, I could even turn it into money, so I should take good care of it.

“For now, I will just have to move while cooperating with Shen. The problem is what I will do after I meet the hyumans and look around the world.” (Makoto)

I spin around and around the index finger of my right hand. On the tip, there are balls with the colors: red, dark, blue, and yellow spinning with it.

I tried combining all sorts of elements on the brid to produce them.

Well, this really had a wide range of uses.

Brid was originally a fireball that you hit your opponent with, but I tried putting properties such as spreading out like a buckshot. When I rearranged the aria, it became a completely different skill.

Just by tampering with the effects of the brid and its process, I could change it into any interesting skill I wanted.

It could be the nature and formula in its foundation, or something like that.

I didn’t have anything to do for the past several days, so I was studying magic all the time, and there existed a common formula for both light and brid.

I thought this a while ago, but if the essence of brid’s aria is to summon fire then light summons light I suppose. Though, even if I changed the aria of ‘fire’ to ‘light’ it didn’t change to light. It must be that I still have more I need to comprehend.

The basics of the aria in healing magic has not been taught to me, so I haven’t tried it out yet, but I might be able to change healing into detoxification with this process.

I am certain that the magic aria was pre-established and was like the life of the spell, so I was a bit scared to try it, but this is a happy result.

To get an idea in the formula and to control it felt pleasant. In my previous world, I was no good with the subject of science, but one doesn’t know what will pique your interest in the future.

To see the fruits of your work with your own eyes is a fun thing to do. It would have been nice if I was like this at school.

Oops, the blue color was again the only one left and it disappeared soon after. Is the order yellow, red, and black?

I couldn’t create the green element of wind at all. It seems that my compatibility with it is the worst. But I also couldn’t control the element (or at least I think it is) of lightning well.

I am checking my compatibility in the elements and it seems the number one is blue: the water element; the next one is black: the dark element; then it’s fire; and lastly, lightning. In terms of lightning I feel like I could use it slightly, but there’s still a long way to go to use it practically.

There are also a few others, but there is no doubt that water is number one.

Memo memo. Even if my magic power is a cheat, it looks like my element compatibility is not a cheat.

I spent my days in the tent at Asora practicing my magic.

When I thought about helping the orcs, Shen would stop me, so now I have nothing else to do!

Tch…one of these days, I will find an excuse and become free!

I have been set up as a feudal lord, but I am not fit to be the type that overlooks the lower classes.

Moreover, the houses are still in construction and we are now living in tents. I can’t even look like I’m living stylishly.

The highland orcs have brought their whole village with them so, excluding those that had their houses damaged, everyone had a house of their own. Just Shen and I had to live in a tent.

In the tent I am in, for some reason, there were pictures of old drama series and projections all over the place. This is the doing of Shen.

“Hm?” (Makoto)

In those…

There were some images that had no relationship with period dramas.

“A picture of my family, huh.” (Makoto)

There was a picture of the whole Misumi family.

It was a picture that was taken at the entrance. I remember that dad would always cause trouble wanting to take one every year. We always ended up taking one.

In reality, they didn’t even let us go out with our friends on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s. It was an event that left us stumped. Well, mom could also be counted in this.

‘If you want to go out, then invite your friends to our house’ is what they even said. It was like that in January and at Christmas. Haha, so nostalgic.

We were lined up in order, from the left it was dad, Yukiko-neesan, in the center my little sister, me, and mom.

It’s the newest one. The picture that was taken this year.

“I see, this as well will not increase anymore. It’s the last picture, huh.” (Makoto)

This is bad. I thought I had already brought closure to this.

Even if I wasn’t the most sociable one… 

I could understand that humans don’t live alone.

Thinking about the people around me and the future to come, I could feel lingering feelings of regret welling up inside me.

My family -naturally-, my friends in school, my comrades in the club.

“Stop stop! This kind of thinking is no good.” (Makoto)

There’s no meaning in thinking about it. I will only depress myself.

No, wait a second.

I see. If I am able to obtain a picture of my family like this… 

“It would be interesting to use this picture to investigate what my family has done in this world.” (Makoto)

What I should do after exiting the ends of the world. For now, I will just ignore the words of the goddess. I have already decided to leave this wasteland.

Using this as a base, I will ask someone to make a drawing of them and walk the tracks of my parents. If I get a picture of them, it’s even better.

Oh, this is getting interesting.

I now know what I will do while travelling through the world. I shouldn’t get bored.

Okay, I have decided!

“Now that that has been decided…” (Makoto)

I should begin by finding a person that can draw well. First I will find an orc-san that can draw a sketch. If that is no good, then I will just find a hyuman to ask and request to draw it accurately.

I am deadly bad in my artistic talents, so the choice of me drawing was never there to begin with. The fine arts class was, in my middle school times, a subject of trouble.

Yup yup, I have found something to do.

“It’s a bit fast but let’s depart today♫” (Makoto)

When I leave the tent, I head to the exit gate that Shen had made. Even if I said gate, it wasn’t that incredible of a construction; it was just a glittery mist.

“Master~” (Shen)

It’s Shen. Ah, that’s right. I should give her a name soon.

She was so noisy that I suggested her to leave it as Shen, but she refused with all she had. I don’t think it’s a bad name though.

Then, taking into account her mirage connection, Phantom Illusion, twisting it a bit…Dream Mirage. Is what I suggested one after the other, but she refused them all in an even more fearsome way. 

What is up with this flying lizard? In short, you are telling me you want a Japanese styled name, right? You Japanese…no, Edo junkie.

If something that sounds similar is fine, then should I give her the name Kiyohime?

Then then…

“Oh~ what is it? Are you going to leave soon?” (Shen)

I look at the direction where the voice comes from.

Shen was there.

She is carrying something that’s clearly heavily injured and is densely covered in hair. A tall figured beauty was doing a princess carry to an old man that was covered densely in hair.

What a bizarre scene.

What a sight.

I instinctively turn my face away.

Ah~ I was pretty eager to depart, you know?

It is okay for the troubles to not come for a while, right?! I have passed a boss battle and now it should be resting time, right?!

“I think it’s better if you leave that for later.” (Shen)

“Is that person the reason?” (Makoto)

Deeply unpleasant. I thought it was rude but I pointed my finger at the old man. Cause, you know, it’s unpleasant!

“Yeah, that’s right. What a keen eyesight.” (Shen)

Shen seemed to not even be in a hurry.

“What is it this time?” (Makoto)

“An enemy raid.” (Shen)

She suddenly spouted nonsense.

Enemy raid…enemy raid…is what she said?!

“Wait, isn’t this your world? Who are you saying will come?” (Makoto)

This is Asora. Another world inside another world.

How did it come to an enemy raid, really, I want you to explain to me in a way I can understand, please. You, the former snake.

Apologize to your pheasant and snake parents! (I think that is the origin of Shen)

“Well, it’s a bit of a special one. A hungry appetite as always… Oh, it’s coming.” (Shen)

“What are you saying as if it’s nothing?!” (Makoto)

“Master.” (Shen)

You, answer my questions! Wait, master? Is she talking about me?

“There.” (Shen)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

Black impressive legs that looked like CG were cracking the space in the area and were piercing, trying to penetrate it.

When a number of the legs penetrated through, in the darkness inside the big crack, I could see fangs that seemed to belong to an ant or a wasp.

It plunged at me who was in a daze.

“Trying to eat me again! Just how delicious do I look?!” (Makoto)

I screamed at the situation that looked the same as Shen’s.

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