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I arrived at the destination and looked around. 

Grassy plains that spread as far as the eye can see and has greens that reach to the knees. 

…Is it really accurate to call it grassy…plains? 

This place isn’t dangerous for me or my followers, but it has traumatized a decent amount of races…

You could call it a famous spot.

Especially for residents like the Forest Onis, Highland Orcs, and Mist Lizards that have been in Asora since the early days. This is a place that leaves a strong impression to the point that people like that would get tense just from hearing the name.

The name I gave it is a straight one: Vegetable Garden. 

There’s a whole lot of vegetables just as the name states, and a number of races living here use it for training and trials. 

The appearance is not that of a plantation at all though.

An abandoned plantation…no, an unused farm…not that either. 

I would say it is more of a wasted agricultural land like the wasteland. 

Depending on the place, there’s a lot of grass that easily goes over the height of a person. 

Ah, that over there is corn. 

If I remember correctly, it was within the harvesting list of today. 

I was thinking of using Sakai to move around efficiently, but that’s the place that came into my sight, so that place should be fine. 

“Corn, pumpkins, eggplants…” (Makoto)

Soybeans and adzuki beans? 

Chinese cabbages and also cabbages? 

I was thinking about going to the outside world today and broadening my horizons, but I have come here to obtain the items that a certain grizzly wanted. 

Is a bear more herbivorous? 

Or is it that the airheaded tamer is only letting him eat meat? 

It is true that the moon grizzly has an appearance and atmosphere that’s full-on carnivorous. 

But even I know that a bear is omnivorous. 

The list is filled up with things that are not meat to a refreshing degree though. 

“You must have it rough, Red Hell-kun.” (Makoto)

No, he had his name changed since then again, right? 

I think I heard it was Rose-something. 

Yeah, I at least hope they were considerate enough to make it something that can be spoken out loud. 


There’s more at the back of the list. 


Coffee fruits? 

The back area has a lot of stuff the Vegetable Garden doesn’t have. 

I will have to check the Tree Garden too, later. 

I pushed my way through some sort of grass as I arrived at where the corn was growing en masse. 

Geh. There’s kudzu vines spreading at the bottom. 

They really have strong vitality. 

At least it is better than having them hanging from above I guess. 

“Where’s the sweet ones…? Oh, okay okay, around here, right? Thanks.” (Makoto)

All the corn fields shook and told me where the ones that are ready for harvest are. 

Appreciate the help. 

I got around 10 of them and moved away, and this time around, I find pumpkins floating around the right as if saying the cannon ball throw preparations are done. 

Over there, huh. 

This is obvious, but normal cultivations are found in Asora as well, and they can be harvested normally after raising them for a few weeks. 

It is crazy in itself that you can harvest them in a few weeks, but let’s ignore that part. 

There’s the option of just getting them there and finishing it up like that, but I have come all the way to the Vegetable Garden in order to congratulate him for his daily hard work by giving him the best I can find. 

This place is where the pure breeds were gathered before the fields were moved and they got calmer, and thus, it is called the Vegetable Garden. 

The pure breed ones are around one degree higher in tastiness compared to the ones of the fields, but at the same time, they have individual traits and strong personalities, not allowing them to be readily harvested. 

They have astounding vitality, survivability, attack power, and defense. 

They are stubbornly against being eaten by people weaker than them, and would instead attack you as if they are the ones who will make you their food. 

The kudzu vines of just before have power like that of capable fighters, and if it manages to wrap around you, the vegetable instant death combo would begin. 

You will be tied up, minced, and punched. 

Even the warriors that are at the top of the rankings in Asora…who knows how many times a bloodbath happened. 

I moved by the side of the pumpkin while the wind pressure of the pumpkin was hitting my face. 

This one here is the biggest out of them all while having sentience, turning into the Jack Lantern used for halloween, becoming the leader, controlling the others as if they were its limbs, smashing you by taking advantage of the centrifugal force.

It is feared as a deadly move that easily has the power to break bones. 

It has already yielded to me completely, so there’s no unnecessary strife. 

I then took two pumpkins that gently floated onto my hand.

I can tell that there’s a lot inside from how heavy they are. 

“The eggplants are over there, huh…” (Makoto)

An eggplant thorn was shot overhead, telling me of the location.

Stuff like eggplants and cucumbers have some nasty thorns, you know. 

The eggplants in the Vegetable Garden are not only anti-aircrafts, they also snipe you normally with their peculiar purple thorns. 

They are famously known as the snipers of the Vegetable Garden. 

They are long thorns that have quite the power. 

The Mist Lizards say that they are especially bad at dealing with them, most likely because they don’t like their taste that much either. 

And yet, they like the cucumbers that are practically brothers of the eggplants and attack from everywhere, so it is pretty weird. 

I think the likes and dislikes in food and what you are good at dealing with in battle are two different things though. 

I have completed the harvest of the eggplants that dropped the unnecessary thorns on their own. 

The Orcs, Lizardmen, and Forest Onis would come here a number of times every month, and one of their trials is: stay in the Vegetable Garden for 3 days and 2 nights.

I remember them telling me that they can climb to the next stage into becoming top class after safely overcoming this. 

However, this apparently becomes a hellscape every time. 

At first, they were completely beaten up by the vegetables that have all long, mid, and short range attacks and are full of vitality, and their hearts were broken. 

The vines that have especially high endurance and speed coupled with stealth are detested, so there’s some that can’t eat kudzu starch cake or bracken-starch dumplings for a while after the trial. 

By the way, the corn is called a shotgun or a point-blank bomb. 

Eggplants are called poison rifles. 

The pumpkins are called deadly blunts. 

The adzuki beans are called machine gun roulette. 

It makes you think. 

I spoke with Mio about this before, and we wholeheartedly agreed with each other that your likes in food and your advantages and disadvantages in hunting are two different things. 

In the first place, in my opinion, the most problematic one is the time when there’s small white flowers blooming from the buckwheats. 

Now then, I harvested the other necessary ingredients as well.

I have to go to the Tree Garden too, so I can’t just take my sweet time. 

It may be easier for me to obtain tasty vegetables from here than on the fields, but it is still a danger zone in a way. 

“I thought for sure they would demand salmon or something. It unexpectedly ended up in a harvest festival.” (Makoto)

This is currently an important time for Tsige. 

There’s the need to have them understand the shallowness of their understanding for the misfortunate Jobs like Tamer to increase the variation of adventurers and their survivability or it would be dangerous. 

He’s gotta do his best as the first tamed one of Asora.

I am willing to go to the sea, the mountains or rivers. 

The fruits of the Vegetable Garden are placed compactly and it is around the size of 2 Tokyo Domes, so it is not heavy labor to the point of being indebted for it. 

Especially when my case is different from the trials. I get a free pass around here. 

I would feel bad to have others get indebted to me because of this. 

“Heave ho.” (Makoto)

I had the adzuki beans fill up the bag to around 60% and then carry all the harvested goods. 

Adzuki beans, huh.

I wonder how he plans to eat this? 

Making it into red bean paste or cooking, I can’t think of any other way than boiling it. 

Is he going to eat it raw like an almond? 

…Would it be tasty? 

While having that pointless question in my mind, I safely exited the Vegetable Garden without getting hit in the back.

“The next one is the Tree Garden, huh. It is troubling that today of all days is the day no one could tag along. I may be going to the Tree Garden, but what do I do about the salmon?” (Makoto)

The Tree Garden is a tree paradise where many trees exclusive to Asora reside in. 

It is a place where, even in my eyes, a pretty shocking sight spreads, and it is also feared as a land of trials.

It is at the same time also a place venerated by the Forest Onis, and even Eris, who wears her laziness like clothes, comes often to train.

After Mondo, who serves as the leader, brought her here a number of times, her provocative attitude calmed down compared to the first time and was changing to that of a serious one. 

It is apparently a place Forest Onis can feel something from especially as the ancestors of elves living in forests. 

None are with me today though!! 


Maybe I should find an appropriate time to get salmon. 

I don’t think they would go as far as to hate me. 

It is a rare day where I have managed to secure a day for me to take it easy. 

I decided to use the half day I secured to get the presents for the Moon Grizzly in order to check a number of the popular spots in Asora. 

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