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10/25/2021 is the publishing day of the 8th volume of Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess: The Light Hero and the Human-Demon War.

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And at the same time, the release of Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess 3.

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“This is the room where the Light Hero-sama is hospitalized.” 

“Thank you very much.” (Makoto)

We were guided to the room where Sakurai-kun is apparently hospitalized.

Princess Sofia and I gave our thanks to the guide and entered the room.

We got permission to enter.

When we went inside, there was…

“Takatsuki-kun! You came to visit Ryosuke!” 

“Sofia-san, Makoto-sama, thank you for taking the trouble of coming here.” 

The ones inside the room were Yokoyama Saki-san and Queen Noel. 

Sakurai-kun’s wives, and leaving aside Yokoyama-san who is an adjutant in the army, even the queen is here. That’s a bit surprising.

“Noel-sama?! You were here.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia is also surprised. 

“Yeah. The highest threat that was the Great Demon Lord has perished. The capital suffered losses, but the civilian casualties were kept to a minimum with the barrier.” (Noel)

Queen Noel smiles and I could feel she is slightly less tense than the last time I met her.

It seems like she has had it rough on a lot of fronts since becoming a ruler, so I would like her to have it easier from now on.

“Hey, Ryosuke, wake up. Takatsuki-kun has come.” (Saki)

“Uhm, Yokoyama-san, if he is sleeping, there’s no need to force him to wake up…” (Makoto)

“No, he told me to definitely wake him up if you were to come.” (Saki)

The person we had come to visit, Sakurai-kun, was sleeping on the bed.

“Hnn…good morning.” (Sakurai)

“Good morning, Sakurai-kun.” (Makoto)

“Takatsuki-kun?! …!…Ouch!” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun slowly turned here drowsily, and when he saw my face, he jumped up, and winced in pain right after.

“That’s not good. You were told that you can’t make any intense movements yet.” (Saki)

Yokoyama-san warned him.

“Are you okay, Sakurai-kun?” (Makoto)

From what I can see, he doesn’t have any big wounds, but his complexion isn’t good.

“Yeah… Looks like I was hit by the miasma of the Great Demon Lord… Even the best healer of the country and the high priest-sama couldn’t get me to perfect condition. I am resting for a while.” (Sakurai)

“I see…” (Makoto)

“I am relieved that you look well, Takatsuki-kun. I heard you had an intense battle against the Ancient Dragon King.” (Sakurai)

“It is not on the level of fighting the Great Demon Lord. Even 1,000 years ago, I couldn’t do anything, you know.” (Makoto)


While I was having a chat with Sakurai-kun, someone joined the conversation.

“Makoto-sama, your subjugation of the Ancient Dragon King was truly auspicious. I would like to offer you my thanks as the representative of the Sun Country.” (Noel)

It was Queen Noel.

“I didn’t do anything big…” (Makoto)

“No, many lives of the Sun Knights were lost because of that Demon Lord. I give you my heartfelt thanks.” (Noel)

Speaking of which, the Sun Country lost against the Ancient Dragon King once.

But the opponent that time wasn’t the true Ancient Dragon King but his son…

(Why don’t you tell them?) (Noah)

I can’t, Noah-sama! 

I am a man that can read the room.

“By the way, have you met Furiae already, Takatsuki-kun?” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun changed the topic.

That was a point I was interested in too.

“No, I will later. I heard she was in the battle against the Great Demon Lord though. She does some dangerous stuff.” (Makoto)

Furaie-san uses destiny magic, but she has almost nonexistent battle power.

“Really? It seems like she had a call from the Moon Goddess Naia-sama and came to help us, but we couldn’t properly fight at first because we got hit by the pressure, or how to say it…the curse-like attack of the Great Demon Lord. Furiae used a curse resistance spell on me and the Sun Knights. Only the Great Sage-sama didn’t take a single step back against the Great Demon Lord though. The Great Sage-sama really is impressive…” (Sakurai)

When Sakurai-kun said that…

“It is my second time seeing that guy after all.” 

I heard a voice from the window of the hospital room.

“““Great Sage-sama?!”””

Everyone aside from me raised their voice in surprise at the person there.

Looks like Momo came here with Teleport. 

She is sitting at the window frame.

“Momo, I heard you really did well out there.” (Makoto)

“Hehe~ I was pitiful 1,000 years ago after all! This time around, I redeemed myself! Please praise me, Makoto-sama!” (Momo)

“Good girl, good girl.” (Makoto)

I pat the head of the Great Sage-sama who came close to me like a cat. 


Queen Noel, Princess Sofia, Sakurai-kun, and Yokoyama-san looked at me with eyes as if they had seen something they shouldn’t have. 

“What…? Got a problem?” (Momo)

The Great Sage-sama glared at everyone.

“Stop it… Momo, was the appearance of the Great Demon Lord the same as 1,000 years ago?” (Makoto)

“Uhm… Honestly speaking, 1,000 years ago, I lost consciousness from the immense fear, so I couldn’t have a clear look of him after that, but…he certainly did have the same disgusting figure.” (Momo)

“Hmm…I see.” (Makoto)

I thought for sure that it would be the fused form with the Calamity Witch, but it looks like it was the monster version.

“The reason I could maintain my calm at that moment was because of my past experience. There’s no one who can stay normal seeing ‘that’ for the first time…aside from Makoto-sama.” (Momo)

“Takatsuki-kun, you were okay even after seeing the Great Demon Lord?” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun raised his voice in surprise at my conversation with Momo.

Hearing this, the Great Sage-sama grinned and directed her gaze at Sakurai-kun.

“It isn’t just on the level of being fine…Light Hero-kun. Makoto-sa—the Spirit User-kun was having a chat with the Great Demon Lord as if having fun.” (Momo)

“A chat with the Great Demon Lord?! What are you doing, Takatsuki-kun?!” (Saki)

Yokoyama-san raised her voice, truly baffled.

Looks like she was there and had seen the Great Demon Lord.

“No, saying it was as if I was having fun is exaggerating…” (Makoto)

“Don’t lie, Makoto-sama. You looked like you were having a lot of fun when you were told ‘I will give you half of the world’. I was really worried there that maybe you would accept their offer.” (Momo)

“Of course I would be. Who wouldn’t get giddy when being told that?” (Makoto)

“That’s not a natural response at all!” (Momo)

We were having that harmless talk, and then…

“Ah! Great Sage-sama! We’ve found you! Escaping your patient room again! Now, return and drink your blood pack please!” 

A nurse-looking woman suddenly showed up in the room, and grabbed the collar of the Great Sage-sama.

“T-That’s rude, you know! Unhand me!” (Momo)

“We have no choice but to do this with patients that escape!” 

“You! Who do you think I am?!” (Momo)

“Even if you are the number 1 mage of the continent, here, you are just a patient! See, you have that pale of a face!” 

“That’s because I am a vampire!” (Momo)

Momo and the nurse were arguing.

“Momo, you were hospitalized?” (Makoto)

“I can get better just by sleeping anyways, and yet, Noel forcefully had me hospitalized!” (Momo)

“You are the strongest fighting force of our country, Great Sage-sama… We can’t allow you to be alone in your room after the battle against the Great Demon Lord.” (Noel)

Queen Noel answered my question.

Well, she is right.

“Now! There’s 2 remaining blood packs. I will have you sleep on the bed for half a day after drinking that, okay?!” 

“I don’t wanna! Thawed refrigerated blood packs taste nasty!” (Momo)

“Don’t be so selfish!” 

“Makoto-sama~.” (Momo)

I put both of my hands in prayer and shook my head at Momo who was being dragged away. 

I personally would also be more at ease if she were to be taken care of in a hospital instead of her being cooped inside that house of hers all alone.

“At any rate…” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia, who was silent until now, pokes my back.

“Sofia?” (Makoto)

“That Great Sage-sama acts like a girl when in front of Hero Makoto, huh… I did hear about it, but seeing it personally…” (Sofia)

“Yeah. She is a really esteemed teacher for us, so…” (Noel)

“She wrung me out a hell ton with the Sun Knights…” (Saki)

Queen Noel and Yokoyama-san nodded heavily at the words of Princess Sofia.

At that moment…

“Visitors, the Light Hero-sama will soon be resting. Please take your leave for today.” 

A different nurse from the one that dragged the Great Sage-sama away came, and said this towards me and Princess Sofia.

“Then, Sakurai-kun, see you later.” (Makoto)

“Thanks, Takatsuki-kun. If you see Furiae, can you please give her my thanks? We managed to win against the Great Demon Lord thanks to her curse resistance magic after all.” (Saskurai)

“Got it. I will tell her.” (Makoto)

I promised. 

Looks like Queen Noel and Yokoyama-san will stay by Sakurai-kun’s side.

Are those two fine with their job? Is what I thought, but their lover must be more important. 

I won’t say anything tactless.

Princess Sofia and I left the hospital together.


“Then, let’s head to the place of Princess.” (Makoto)

“Right now?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia was slightly surprised by what I said.

“We can’t?” (Makoto)

“It is fine, but…you really are restless. Just like Lucy-san and Aya-san said.” (Sofia)

She sighed.

“I am worried that maybe she is bedridden because she got hit by the miasma from the Great Demon Lord like Sakurai-kun…” (Makoto)

“Yeah, you are right. Different from me and the other Oracles, Furiae alone was facing the Great Demon Lord directly after all. Let’s check how she is doing.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia’s expression turned serious with what I said. 

We got in the carriage and headed to the building in the 9th District where Furiae-san should be.


“Go ahead.” 

We came here without an appointment, but the assistant of Furiae-san, Havel, easily guided us in.

“It was a sudden visit, but is Queen Furiae fine with her schedule?” (Sofia)

“I have been told to let them in with the highest priority in the case it is Sofia-sama. If it is the Sun Country, we make them wait 2-3 days though.” (Havel)

Havel easily answered the question of Princess Sofia.

Laphroaig is showing respect to Rozes.

The ones that assisted the most in the revival of their country was the Water Country; Princess Sofia being at the center of it all.

“Is Princess okay? I heard that she was at the Great Demon Lord’s battle.” (Makoto)

“Please see with your own eyes.” (Havel)

He answered my question coldly.

But I don’t feel any ill intention.

He probably means that literally.

That we will understand once we see it ourselves.

From that answer, I could infer that Furiae-san must be fine. 

Not long after, we arrived in front of a big door. 

Is it the private quarters of Furiae-san?

I remembered the room with a whole ton of photos inside for a moment there, but I doubt we would be guided there.

It definitely must be a different place.

*Knock knock*

“Furiae-sama, it is Havel.” (Havel)

When Havel knocked, a voice rang from inside, saying ‘You can come in’.

‘Excuse the intrusion’, he says as he beckons to me and Princess Sofia.

The inside is a simple yet elegant big room.

It doesn’t give the feeling of a reception room.

There’s a whole lot of bookshelves, and there’s a giant office desk, so this must be a workspace. 

After checking the room lightly, I direct my gaze at the owner of the room.

“Furiae-sama, you have guests.” (Havel)

“Havel…I told you to refuse visits. My body feels dull because of the miasma of the Great Demon Lord…” (Furiae)

There was Furiae-san lying on a big and extravagant-looking sofa sluggishly.

In a jersey.


Princess Sofia and I look at each other.

Why are there jerseys in this world? -Is what I thought, but I saw the logo of the Fujiwara Company. 

So it was Fuji-yan, huh…

He has completely become a maker of everything.

By the way, Furiae-san still hasn’t noticed us.

“And so, who are these guests—” (Furiae)

Furiae-san faced this way at this moment, and her eyes made contact with ours.


An awkward air covered the place.

“W-W-W-Why?!” (Furiae)

Furiae-san stood up in one go (in a jersey) and then looked at Havel with a bright red face.

“Princess Sofia should be used to seeing you in that appearance already. Also, Takatsuki Makoto-dono has travelled together with you, so I judged that there would be no issues with having him come in while in your casual attire.” (Havel)

“There’s issues!” (Furiae)

Havel said with a composed expression, and Furiae-san shouted loudly. 

What I should do here is…

“Princess, you look good in those clothes.” (Makoto)

“Shut up! My Knight!” (Furiae)

She got angry at me.


“Hero Makoto…” (Sofia)

(You…) (Noah)

Princess Sofia’s cold gaze and Noah-sama’s voice mixed with a sigh resonated in my head.

“But that’s a relief. It seems like you are doing well contrary to Sakurai-kun.” (Makoto)

Furiae-san’s expression returned to a serious look after what I said.

“I see…so you met with Ryosuke too, huh. How was he?” (Furiae)

“He was sleeping at the hospital. I just spoke for a bit with him, but it seems like long visits are not allowed. Ah, he told me to thank you. He said that, if you weren’t there, they wouldn’t have been able to defeat the Great Demon Lord.” (Makoto)

“I simply lessened the Curse Miasma emitted by the Great Demon Lord. I didn’t do anything big… But it is great to hear that he has recovered.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san saying this with a smile is truly that of a holy maiden.

…If not for that jersey. 

My thoughts must have shown in my face.

“My Knight…I am normally in a more proper attire. Forget this. Or more like, I will use memory lapse magic to erase your memory—” (Furiae)

“I will forget! I will forget about it!” (Makoto)

I distanced myself from Furiae-san who said something fearsome.

“Furiae-sama, don’t get too agitated.” (Havel)

“It is your fault, Havel!” (Furiae)

“You are slightly affected by the curse from the battle, right? To the point that you would forgo changing clothes.” (Havel)

Those words made me furrow my brows.

“You have also been affected by the curse, Princess?” (Makoto)

“It isn’t anything big. I just have a bit of a headache.” (Furiae)

I turn to Havel.

“We had a healer and a doctor diagnose her. We also had a curse magic specialist check her too, but there’s no other more capable curse magic user than Furiae-sama, so there was no point. Everyone said there weren’t any abnormalities and to just take proper rest.” (Havel)

“I see.” (Makoto)

I was relieved by what Havel said.

“Why don’t you believe me when I say it? I told you it wasn’t anything big.” (Furiae)

“You are the type to push yourself after all.” (Makoto)

If it is her assistant Havel saying it, it should be true.

“What will you be doing from now on, Hero Makoto?” (Sofia)

“Let’s go back.” (Makoto)

Princess Sofia asked and I answered.

I managed to confirm that Furiae-san is okay. Looks like she isn’t at her best right now, so let’s excuse ourselves.

“Eh…? You are leaving already? You can take your time a bit more…” (Furiae)

I hesitated for a bit at the words of Furiae-san.

But I can meet her anytime.

It doesn’t have to be today.

“I was relieved to see you, Princess. I will come see you again at a later time.” (Makoto)

“Okay…got it. Come again.” (Furiae)

“With Lucy’s teleport, I can come at any time.” (Makoto)

Furiae-san’s expression changed with my words.

“Wait a moment! Lucy-san teleports with no reservation when I am changing or bathing, so please don’t use that! Seriously, don’t!” (Furiae)

She desperately stopped me.

That Lucy, her magic still being rough on the edges is the same as always…

After doing our farewells, we exited the room of Furiae-san.

After that, we didn’t have any business there, but we returned to the inn, and Lucy and Sa-san who had finished exploring the fallen Great Demon Lord Castle had returned.

“Aaah, I am so tired. Welcome back, Makoto. Managed to take a good break?” (Lucy)

“Welcome back~, Takatsuki-kun, Sofi-chan. We finished our exploration of the Great Demon Lord Castle.” (Aya)

The two were not in their usual adventuring clothes but their house clothes. 

“Good work, Lucy, Sa-san. Thanks to you all, I managed to take it easy.” (Makoto)

“Don’t lie, Hero Makoto. The Light Hero-sama, Noel-sama, the Great Sage-sama, the Moon Queen Furiae; you don’t call meeting all of them as ‘taking it easy’.” (Sofia)

“You haven’t rested at all then…” (Lucy)

“Geez, Takatsuki-kun… Even though you had Sofia-chan with you…” (Aya)

The two were baffled.

I think I have taken it easy today though.

After that, it ended up in a party that night as well.

Of course, the topic was the Great Demon Lord’s subjugation.

Also, I had to talk in detail about my adventures 1,000 years ago too.

At the party, I muttered ‘it should be about time I return to the water city’.

I would like to meet with Mary-san, Jean, and the others.


“You must not.” (Sofia)

“Don’t, Makoto.” (Lucy)

“You can’t, Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

Princess Sofia, Lucy, and Sa-san stopped me.

“There will be a conferral of honors from the 7 Nation Alliance Army. Please spare me from having the Legendary Hero that defeated the Ancient Dragon King disappearing somewhere.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia begged me.

Aah, another long event, huh.

That’s tiring, you know.

Well, that’s a peaceful pain though.

The Great Demon Lord has been defeated after all.

“Here, Makoto, drink~.” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun, your glass is empty~.” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san poured alcohol from both sides one after the other.

What do you plan on doing to me after making me drink this much?! -is the kind of stupid exchange we were having, and as a light drinker, I got tipsy real fast. 

I thought this as I slowly fell asleep. 

Looks like…the Great Demon Lord has really been defeated and the world is peaceful now…


When I woke up, I wasn’t in the room of the inn.

It was the space of the Goddess.

Before I searched if there was someone around…

“Takatsuki Makoto!” 

Someone jumped at me.

I was pushed down just like that.

Long hair and young appearance.

A beautiful girl releasing sublime light. 

The one welcoming me with a big wide smile was…the Destiny Goddess, Ira-sama.

■Comments Response:

There’s a lot of people voicing their doubts about the Great Demon Lord being easily defeated.

Also, there are many who are speculating about future developments, and I am all in for that, so go ahead and do them a lot.

However, I won’t be giving a right or wrong response, so just wait for future chapters.

■Author’s Comment: 

8th Volume’s illustrations of the characters.

General Yuwein. So manly.

Sakurai-kun’s wife, Yokoyama Saki-san. 

She is a prim and proper female knight. The type that would show up in doujins.


The Destiny Goddess, Ira-sama herself!!!

I was waiting for this illustration! 

I wrote the 8th volume for the sake of Ira-sama! 

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