DCFM – Chapter 171-172: White Room but Calm Down ※Nanami’s POV

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In terms of feeling, it is as if I was in a different room the moment I blinked. 

The time came, and when I closed my eyes because of the dazzling light that covered me, the next instant I opened my eyes, I had already been moved to a different location.

“So this is the so-called white room, huh.” (Nanami)

On top of the desk right in front of me, there’s a PC.

It is written [You have been chosen as an isekai transferee. Finish the allocation of your bonus points and let’s journey to the isekai] on the display. 

This should be worded the same as in the first time. Looks like there’s not that big of an adjustment.

There was the worst case scenario of the point system to be stopped in its entirety after all. Everything works on the whim of God, so Celica-chan said anything is possible.

“The time limit is…1 hour, huh. There’s plenty of time.” (Nanami)

With that much time, you can think for quite a bit. 

The point allocation is a once and done deal -no do-overs. 

It is natural to choose carefully, and it is also important to be daring too. 


・Name: Souma Nanami

・Age: 15 years old ▼

・Gender: Female

・Special Ability ▼

・Physical Ability ▼

・Resistance ▼

・Magic ▼

・Items ▼

・Transfer Point ▼

・Disadvantageous Factors ▼

Remaining Bonus Points: 43p


“So there’s no big changes here either, huh.” (Nanami)

Well, the first group has already transferred, so there were a lot of opinions saying there shouldn’t be that much big changes. The reality is that it hasn’t even been half a year but only 2 months, so they must have thought it is a bit too premature to make big changes. 

“The bonus points are on quite the low side.” (Nanami)

But within expectations. 

In the first transfer, Random Transfer was the default choice. 

It took 30p just to make the transfer location [Safe]. The default this time around is most likely [Safe]. There was quite a lot of criticism for the fact that it was [Random] as the default, so God must have taken that into account. 

“I should go ahead and tinker with the things I have already decided on.” (Nanami)

I touched the age entry, and increased my age by one year. From 15 to 16 years old. My points increased by 3 and I am now at a total of 46 points. 

Even when I increase it by 1, I am the same age as Rifreya-san. 1 year younger than Jeanne-san. 

There should be no problem considering I will take aging resistance. With that in mind, it should be fine to increase it by 1 more, but my mind is telling me ‘no’ really hard here, so I can’t do it. 

I may understand by logic just how big getting 3 points is at the beginning, but it seems it is human nature to not choose aging by yourself. 

Next, I open the [Transfer Point] entry. 

This entry should have changed quite a lot but…

“…Even so, it is this, huh. It certainly has shown consideration, but…” (Nanami)

I saw what had changed and groaned. 

This is one of the most important choices I have to make, but…


  • Transfer Point Choice

・Transfer somewhere safe at the front of a settlement: 0 Points (Default Choice)

A place where the dangerous wild animals are almost all exterminated. A settlement is right in front of you.

・Continent Specific ・Transfer in front of a safe settlement: 10 Points.

For the people who have a place they want to go to. Please choose the continent.

(Choices: East Roshesill・West Roshesill・Ringpill・Lanshimoza・North Alaura・South Alaura)

※Only the Alaura Continent is a 0 point transfer.

・Continent Specific Random Transfer +20 Points.

The choice when you have a place you want to transfer to, but accompanied with danger. Choose at your own discretion. Not recommended.

(Choices: East Roshesill・Western Roshesill・Ringpill・Lanshimoza・North Alaura・South Alaura)

※Only the Alaura Continent is a  +30 points transfer.

・Darts Transfer +5 Points

If you are confident in your dart skills, you might be able to transfer to the place you aim for. In the case the dart hits the ocean, you can redo it. The throw line until the map is 300 cm. The difficulty is on the high side, so recommended only for people with darts experience. 


“There’s no choice of which city to teleport to…huh.” (Nanami)

I came here after having decided on a few things prior, but one of them was ‘In the case I can directly transfer to Meltia, no matter how many points it requires, I would take it’.

If I can reunite with Hi-chan on the very first day, a lot of problems would be resolved at once. I opened this page with that intention in mind.

But it has at most the continent you want. Even if you say it is Ringpill, it is incredibly vast. It is practically the size of the whole European sphere. 

Anyways, with this, the chance of meeting him immediately has decreased by quite a lot. 

Even if I used 10 points to do the Continent Specific Safe Transfer, who knows how many settlements there are in Ringpill. It would be nice if I get lucky with a Meltia draw. But what if it is a completely different one? It would mean that I would have to travel until I reunited with him after using 10 points. 

I was suddenly pushed into a difficult decision but, even so, if I don’t make my choice here, I can’t even begin with the character making. 

“…Even so, this is completely an obvious choice.” (Nanami)

You obviously go for the darts transfer. 

Of course, it might have been difficult if I had zero experience in darts, but I have tagged along with Celica-chan who declared that she would become good in everything, and there was a time when we would play a crap ton of darts everyday in a manga cafe.

That’s why I can get my hit where I aim to a certain degree. It should at least be possible to land in the Ringpill Continent. It might be impossible to get a direct hit on Meltia though… But it should be better than the other choices. 

Most of all, it is big that I can get +5 points with that. 

I choose darts transfer and get 5 points.

With this, I have 51 points remaining. 

“I should check out the disadvantageous factors next.” (Nanami)

The disadvantageous factors can become beneficial in a sense. 

In exchange, you are thrown into an eternal disadvantageous state most of the time. It is better to not take it, but points are important. Depending on what’s there, it might be better to take them.


  • Disadvantageous Factors

・Memory Loss: +50 Points 

Lose your memories of your previous world.

・Glutton: +10 Points 

You will require 5 times the normal amount of calories than the average person.

・One you must protect: +0-30 Points 

You can bring the person you want to protect the most into the isekai. 

A boy or girl less than 12 years old, or an animal. 

The protected one cannot be enhanced with points (points 0).

The added points depend on how weak the person you must protect is or how much you love them. 

You can’t bring animals that are not weak. 


The No Talent in Spirit Abilities of the 1st group isn’t there. 

It must have been erased for balance adjustments because Jeanne-san was too strong. 

Within the protected one, there’s now an entry for the animals that can’t be brought. You couldn’t bring big dogs to begin with, so it is basically just to clarify. 

“Well, there’s no need to choose anything from here…” (Nanami)

I thought about the possibility of bringing Celica-chan or Karen-chan, but they unfortunately fall into the age restriction. Well, they wouldn’t wish for that though.

If I were to take something here, it would be Gluttony, but I feel like I would get checkmated at the time when I get high leveled.

I would need to eat the whole time. Leaving aside the times when you don’t get as hungry in the dungeon because of the dungeon being filled with Spirit Energy, it would be hindering on long journeys. 

I check the special powers next. 

  • Special Ability 

・Courage 20p

Gain the ability to face fears and difficulties, and advance forward. 

・Super Concentration 30p

You can concentrate and forget about sleeping and eating.

・Detect Spirit Energy 15p

Gain the ability to detect the presence of Spirits.

・Detect Presence 15p

Gain the ability to detect the presence of living things.

・Night Vision 15p

You can see even in places where there’s practically no light.

・Intuition 20p 

You can somewhat choose the option that will lead to advantageous situations for you.

・Short Rest 20p

Almost no need to sleep. (You can operate as normal with only 3 hours of sleep a day compared to the normal 8 hours.) 

・Breathless Activity

You can act at full potential without breathing for 2 minutes. 

With training, you can stay underwater for around 15 minutes.

・Wide Vision 10p

Have a wide vision impossible for a human to have.

・Communication 30p

You can communicate with animals. 

・EXP acquisition UP 30p

Makes it easier to raise the Tier.

・Appraisal 50p

You can use Item Appraisal and Monster Appraisal with no limitations.

・Parallel World Language 0p ▼

You will be able to speak and write the common language of the area you are teleported to.


“There’s even less changes than I expected, but…there really are some that are gone, huh.” (Nanami)

Charm and Affection of Spirits; these two special powers which were problematic in the 1st group are gone. 

Celica-chan predicted that Super Concentration would be gone since it was unpopular, but it is still there. It seems like it doesn’t have much to do with what’s popular or not. 

The amount of points you can get for not taking isekai language has decreased quite a lot.

The first time it was +20 points, but this time, even when I choose ‘None’, it only gives 10 Points. Well, this must be because the isekai translation has already progressed to a good degree after all. Celica-chan can even do everyday talk in Ringpill language. 

I don’t know if it is to compensate, but it seems like you can take Complete Isekai Translation. The isekai language doesn’t show much use in other regions, so it is a power that allows you to speak with anyone anywhere. So it is a power that allows anyone to become like Celica-chan, huh.

I don’t know how effective this will be in the isekai, but it might become a necessary power for the ones that love travelling.


・Parallel World Language 0p ▽

-None +10p

-Parallel World Complete Translation 30p


The complete translation is 30 points. It is pretty expensive, but if it can translate everything including the minor languages, it might be quite the important power. You can speak to people of a variety of nations on your own. In that case, you could say it could become a superpower that doesn’t exist anywhere in that world.

That said, I won’t be touching anything related to language.

“There’s new powers too.” (Nanami)

The ones added this time around are: [Detect Spirit Energy], [Short Rest], [EXP Acquisition Up], and [Appraisal]. Well, it doesn’t look like I need to take any of them, but I should at least keep them in mind. 

I think Detect Spirit Energy is pals with Detect Presence, but there’s obviously no Spirit Energy on Earth, so it is probably like a new sense getting sharper. 

It does sound great, but I don’t know what it is. However, the living beings of that world apparently all have Spirit Energy. There’s even the chance it is more useful than Detect Presence.

Even so, I don’t need that. 

Celica-chan and Karen-chan should be confirming that eventually. 

Next is Short Rest. 

This one is out of the question. 

I like sleeping, and in that world where there’s not even games, there’s currently nothing I would like to do that I would go as far as reducing my sleep time for it. 

Next, EXP acquisition UP. 

It needs a lot of points, but in a world where your monstrosification advances the more monsters you defeat and become a devil, this power might be cheat-like.

However, you will have to live a life of defeating a whole ton of monsters, or this will end up being a waste of a treasure. It is a power I am interested in, but it is most likely 1.2 times or 1.5 times at most. If it is just that much, it would be better to just get stronger and hunt the amount to compensate. 

The last one is Appraisal.

Being able to appraise everything is a classic in OP isekai protagonists, but Chosen can appraise with 1 Crystal to begin with. 50 points is 1,500 appraisals. As long as you are not in quite the special job, you wouldn’t be breaking even.

“…Now then, let’s have a look at everything.” (Nanami)

I close the Special Powers entry and open the Resistance one.

  • Chapter 172: Throwing away the compromise but For the sake of living in the isekai


  • Resistances

・Poison Resistance. Level 1~3. At Level 3, Poison Immunity. 3/7/10.

・Disease Resistance. Level 1~3. At Level 3, Disease Immunity. 1/3/5.

・Aging Resistance. Level 1~5.

At Level 5, Eternal Youth. Level 3, aging speed reduces by half. 3/5/7/10/15.

・Natural Recovery Up (Wounds).  Level 1~5. 3/5/7/10/15.

・Natural Recovery Up (Spirit Energy) Level 1~5. 3/5/7/10/15.


“No changes here.” (Nanami)

You could say it is great that there weren’t any strange entries added.

With increased choices, I end up worrying even more.

“Resistance… Resistance…huh. I actually have to think about it properly here too.” (Nanami)

I am getting my attention taken away by the aging resistance, but poison immunity is also quite the thing. 

That poison doesn’t work on you at all after 10 points is a cheat that wouldn’t be strange to find in the Special Powers section. 

I don’t know how many creatures there have poison, but it is pretty nice to be completely invincible against stuff like poisonous arrows and scorpions.

I like scorpions and snakes after all.

Even so, my points are limited. Let’s go with the proper steps first.

I take Disease Resistance Level 2 (3 points) and Aging Resistance Level 3 (7 points).

Total points used: 10. Remaining points: 41.

Even before the transfer, I thought these ones were of pretty high priority. There’s no need to hesitate here. 

By the way, if you take Natural Recovery Up (Wounds) to Level 3 or higher, it is useful, but I know that it only shows minimal effects at low levels. In order to become something similar to a zombie warrior, you would need level 4 or higher. 

Well, I am not going for a warrior build, so I don’t need it though.

For the Spirit Energy, the Spirit Energy differs between people…so it is basically a recovery depending on the aggregate amount of your MP kinda deal. It is already an established rule that you shouldn’t be taking this in this stage where I still don’t know if I have a high or low max MP.

I check out the remaining ones too.


  • Physical Ability

Increases physical ability regarding Spirit Energy. 

・Physical Strength Up. Level 1~5. 5/7/10/15/20.

・Vitality Up. Level 1~5. 5/7/10/15/20.

・Spirit Energy Up. Level 1~5. 5/7/10/15/20.

・Eyesight Up. Level 1~3. 3/7/10.

・Hearing Up. Level 1~3. 3/7/10.

・Smell Up. Level 1~3. 1/3/5.

・Taste Up. Level 1~3. 1/3/5.


There’s no big changes here.

The necessary points are also the same. 

As someone with bad eyesight, Eyesight Up is appealing, but it should be okay for now. If I can use it the moment I take it, it might be beneficial when I do the darts transfer, but I can only obtain them after the transfer. 

For now, I will ignore it. 


  • Spirit Ability

・Fire Spirit Ability: 10 Points.

・Water Spirit Ability: 10 Points.

・Earth Spirit Ability: 10 Points.

・Light Spirit Ability: 10 Points. 

・Dark Spirit Ability: 10 Points.

・Chaotic Spirit Ability: 150 Points.


“150p, it says…” (Nanami)

Healing magic is gone, and I don’t know if it is in exchange of that or whatever, but a Chaotic Spirit Ability grew out. 

But 150 points is crazy. If you force it, you could take it, but it is nothing but a choice you wish you could take. 

I learned from the teaching of Celica-chan that the world calls the chaotic element of the world as chaos. 

The Chaotic Spirit Abilities must refer to the Chaotic Abilities. 

If I remember correctly, the Demon Lord Hi-chan fought against used Chaotic Abilities. Does that mean you would be able to use that? Even so, 150 points is just…

It is possible to obtain it in the long run. There might be some challenger out there who would save up for several decades to get it. It is not like every single person lives by taking safe tiles. <A safe tile is a discarded tile in mahjong that normally offers security against that player.>

However, just like at the time with Healing Magic, there’s the factor of the necessary Spirit Energy, so if you were to take only that, it is clear that it would be a waste of a treasure too if you were to think about it for a bit.

This has nothing to do with me either.


  • Items

・Basic Item Assortment for the Chosen: 10 Points.

《Money (Medium)・Assorted Recovery Potions・Beginner’s “Ability” Scroll Pack([Fire Spear] ×1 [Wind Blade] ×1 [Earth Wall] ×1 [Water Healing] ×1 [Phantom Light] ×1 [Dark Fog] ×1 [Small Healing] ×3 [Medium Healing] ×2 [Large Healing] ×1 [Dispel] ×1 [Fear] ×1 [Short Teleportation] ×1)・First Aid Kit・Map of Surroundings・World Map・Compass・Adventurer’s equipment set(Shirt・Cloak・Pants・Belt・Underwear x3・Socks x3・Boots・Hat・Leather Gloves・Leather Chest Guard・Short Sword・Short Spear)・Note・Writing Set・3 days worth of food (boxed lunches/water bottle)・Long term food storage set・Tableware Set・Towel x5・Handkerchief x5 Pocket Tissue x10・Knife・Blanket・Lantern・Oil・Match・Hand Mirror・Portable Shovel・Rucksack・Belt Pouch・Nylon Rope・Wire・Cloth Tape・Sewing Kit・Hemp Bag x2・Every type of Spirit Stone x1》

There’s items you can’t obtain anywhere but in the Basic Pack, so be careful when not choosing it. 


The basic item assortment is a special set that has a worth of several points more than its cost, could maybe even be 20 points in total. But 10 points is still costly. 

Moreover, you can’t take this after the transfer, so taking it or not is actually pretty important… Well, I won’t be taking it though.

I scrolled down and there is a whole ton of equipment and tools one can purchase. 

Thinking about it, being able to get stuff anytime anywhere is quite the cheat in itself. It is like all Chosen have the Shopping skill.

Even if it depends on whether you have points, you should think of the advantages of this. 

Within the 1st group, there’s Jeanne-san who ‘makes sure to always have 6 points’. Can’t help but be impressed by her. 

“Hm? Is this an added item?” (Nanami)


・Scapegoat Ring: 1 Point.

A service item in celebration of the 2nd group transfer. A ring that shoulders the damage of a fatal hit once. Only possible to buy one.


“This God is strangely knowledgeable about games…” (Nanami)

It is the scapegoat item that you sometimes see in RPGs.

It must be the one that would break when you get hit by magic. 

I of course want it, but it should be okay to leave that for later. A Barrier Stone would have more priority for that same price.

There wasn’t much change in the other items from what I can see.

Whichever the case, you can get items later, so I won’t be taking them now.

“…Then, let’s begin. I am a bit hesitant here, but…I will trust in myself.” (Nanami)

Thinking about my remaining points, putting it all in my body capabilities should be the correct answer. However, I have no such intention.

(Sorry, Celica-chan.) (Nanami)

I apologize inside my head, open the special powers, and choose Communication. 

I feel like I can hear her shouting: ‘Even though I told you repeatedly, you are still like this, Nee-san!’. However, I am allocating points following my beliefs. Even if there’s a different ‘correct answer’, choosing it is a different story. 

I of course understand where Celica-chan is coming from.

‘A safe transfer location’, ‘together with the basic item pack’, ‘with the body strengths increased’.

That must be the greatest correct answer.

With that, you won’t be dying immediately. 

But, in the end, if I don’t increase my strong points, there’s no future for me. 

It is no exaggeration to say that my choice here will decide my whole life, so I can’t just simply choose based on ‘stability’.

There were other Chosen who put all their points in Physical Strength and Endurance, but the only one who got strong and popular was Jeanne-san.

It is true that their survivability is outstandingly high, but I am not transferring just to survive.

Honestly speaking, I am not that good with physical stuff, so I probably am terrible at fighting with a sword or a spear. Most of all, with his current members…Rifreya-san, Jeanne-san…if another close combat fighter were to be added to that, you know…

Aside from that, there’s also something I myself want to do.

“I would say Communication suits you, Nanamin-nii~. You do like animals.” -is what Karen-chan recommended to me stealthily in a peculiar intonation. If there were no big changes to the choices, and depending on the choices of transfer, I was thinking of taking that.

Well, regardless of that, Communication is apparently a good choice.

30 points is a lot. But there’s no doubt it has that much worth. 

There aren’t many Chosen who took Communication, but not only animals, you can even communicate with monsters. In the explanation, it is written as ‘animals’, but the reality is that you can communicate with monsters without any issues.

But well, monsters are antagonistic to humans in principle, so even if you can communicate with them, it is not like you can get along though…

The animals in that world are big and strong. Of course, they get stronger the more they fight, and in theory, they can be raised to the point of becoming monstrosities. 

Also, you can’t get special powers after the transfer. 

In that sense, I have to make my decision here. 

“With this, only 11 points remaining, huh…” (Nanami)

It is a questionable number to take something more. 

I intended to leave some points from the beginning, but what’s left is how to manage these remaining points. 

The transfer location can still be changed, but I am lacking points to make it ‘safe continent transfer’. Well, let’s bet on the darts here. 

With the choice being darts, the random element is involved too. Thinking about how it will be necessary to travel to the city, the High Efficiency World Map will be absolutely necessary, so that will be 3 points.

1 point for a Barrier Stone.

In the case I get transferred to a location with bad footing, there’s the chance I will need shoes. 

Anyways, leaving points in case of unexpected situations is basic in this time’s transfer.

In that case, I can only use 3 points at most here. 

No, if I am not going to be tinkering with anything I can only choose here, there’s no need to push myself to use it now. 

In that case, it is either increasing my age to 1 more, or adding a disadvantageous factor. 

It wouldn’t be bad to take Gluttony and Night Vision.

If I am going to be living together with him, it could become a power that will allow me to stay with him forever. 

But the demerit of Gluttony is too big. There’s also the simple fact that it would be embarrassing. 

“Hmm…” (Nanami)

Night Vision is 15 points.

If I push myself here, I can take it. I can, but having already taken Communication means that I have given up on being a frontline. I of course won’t be doing scouting either. 

Then, Night Vision is not necessary. If Hi-chan is going to be taking that role, it would be better for me to compensate in the areas he is lacking. 

There’s also enough pure vanguard warriors. 

In that case, I will command the creatures I have tamed, and become a Water Spirit User that can do both healing and support, or something along those lines.

I could also use a bow in the backlines. If I am doing that, Night Vision would be good, but I could take Eyesight Up for that too…

Thinking about it, a whole lot of possibilities came up.

But there’s no point in thinking too much about the future. First, I have to reunite with him.

I am already gambling big here by taking Communication. I feel like any more selfishness will doom me. 

The remaining points are like my amount of lives.

“…Let’s keep it at that. Worry about it after the transfer.” (Nanami)

Just like Celica-chan said, it is the most stable to put your all in Physical Strength and Endurance as well as transferring to a safe place. I don’t know how many years it would take, but it would be possible to reunite with Hi-chan.

If he can survive until then.

Because of me, he still thinks that he is being hated by everyone on Earth.

Thanks to Jeanne-san and the others, it seems like his mental condition has gotten better, but there’s no knowing if he will go crazy by some trigger.

No, there’s even the chance that he has already gone crazy to a point of no return, and it is just that it looks normal on the outside.

Also, there will be a lot of people who will be choosing Ringpill in the 2nd group and aiming for Meltia.

I don’t know if they will be telling him the truth.

Or maybe Hi-chan will try to push them away without hearing what they say.

That’s why it has to be me. I have to tell him the truth.

I am the only one who can save his heart.

I confirm my choices one last time.

30 points for Communication really is a lot. Choosing this means that I will be living as a tamer. 

According to the people in the 1st group that took Communication, you can understand what the animals are thinking to a decently clear degree. Your feelings are also transmitted properly too. 

Both hearts communicate with each other; something like telepathy. It also means that bad intentions and selfishness is all laid bare, but…well, there’s no problem with that.

After confirming everything, I pushed the finish button. 


・Name: Souma Nanami

・Age: 15 years old ▽

Added Years – 1 year + 3p

・Gender: Female

・Special Ability ▽

Communication: 30p

・Physical Ability ▼

・Resistance ▽

Disease Resistance: Level 2 -3p

Aging Resistance: Level 3 -7p

・Magic ▼

・Items ▼

・Transfer Point ▽

Darts Transfer: +5p

・Disadvantageous Factors ▼

Remaining Bonus Points: 11p


[You have chosen Darts Transfer. Throw the dart at the neighboring room, and set the transfer location.]

When that was shown and I looked at the wall by my side, a door appeared. 

There was no room there before. 

When I entered the room, there was a map on the wall, and there was one dart on a small table. 

“The map is pretty small… It is true that this is quite difficult.” (Nanami)

The research about the geography of that world has advanced to a decent degree. 

It is pretty similar to Earth as a whole, and the weather conditions resemble it too. 

Of course, I know where Meltia is on the world map. If not, there’s no way I would choose Darts Transfer. 

The throw line is shining red, but it is possible to get close and look at the map. 

Of course, if I try to cheat and throw it beyond the throw line, I can easily imagine that there will be a heavy penalty for it. 

The measurement of the map is: 50 cm horizontally, 40 cm vertically. 

In a sense, being able to see the map itself is already a big advantage, but all of the 2nd Group should have at least this much knowledge. Meaning that God has already taken that into account. Well, they are doing something as distasteful as real time broadcasts, so you could say this is natural. 

I thought that maybe the map would be spinning, but that would technically make it a Random Transfer, so I scratched that possibility. Even so, I am really glad it wasn’t spinning.

I don’t have the technique to get the location I want with a spinning map.

That said, the map is small.

At the very least, you need enough accuracy rate to hit the mainland of Japan in a world map. If not, it would require quite the amount of time to reunite with him.

“Now then, a darts game where I have to certainly hit the bullseye, huh.” (Nanami)

In terms of continents, Ringpill is pretty small.

Even more so if it is 3 meters apart.

However, right now, my eyesight has recovered.

Moreover, darts is for some reason one of the few special skills where I managed to compete well against Celica-chan.

“Women are about courage! Wait for me, Hi-chan.” (Nanami)

I stood behind the throw line, and threw the dart aiming at Meltia with no hesitation.

The dart drew a beautiful arc, and it stuck to the map with a nice sound.

[Your transfer point has been set].

[Now then, have a wonderful life. I pray for your good fortune].

I was covered in a dazzling light. 

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