QualiA – Chapter 10: Oya? Trouble has arrived ③

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In this dance hall that can be described with that one word, the dressed up ladies and gentlemen were listening to the music that the orchestra was playing while passing an enjoyable time.

Glancing at these people that have a fake smile plastered on their face and are naturally spouting obvious flattery, I fill my plate with the food that’s releasing a scent that stimulates my appetite.

“Oh, this looks delicious.” (Makoto)

I take 3 pieces of something that looks like roasted chicken and add them to my plate.

There’s other delicious-looking food, but this should be good enough for now. Even if I get greedy, I won’t be able to eat it all, so let’s become a wallflower over here.

I am currently erasing my presence as much as possible, so I am not gathering attention from my surroundings.

Just being exposed to the gazes of the two-faced nobles would be a pain, so I should just quickly fill my stomach and scram.

“Makoto-sama, how about a drink?”

Maybe she caught onto what I was thinking, Niva-san approached me with incredible timing with tray in hand.

“Then, water.” (Makoto)

“Champagne, is it.” (Niva)

“No, I said water.” (Makoto)

“I don’t have non-alcoholic drinks.” (Niva)

Sighing at Niva-san who handed me a champagne glass with a nonchalant face, I receive the glass that was making bubbles.

“Are you having fun?” (Niva)

“Does it look like I am?” (Makoto)

“You look totally annoyed.” (Niva)


“Ohi-sama said that it is okay to leave once you have met the Princess-sama, so please endure for a bit more.” (Niva)

“Hah… Greetings with nobles are a pain.” (Makoto)

“It can’t be helped. Probing is the etiquette of nobles after all.” (Niva)

“That’s definitely wrong.” (Makoto)

Returning the bitter words of Niva-san with a smile, I take a sip of the champagne.

I am twenty years old, so I can smoke and drink, but I don’t smoke, and I don’t drink alcoholic drinks because I wish to. But as an adult that can read the mood, I won’t say those things.

“Now that I think about it, what about Dorui-san?” (Makoto)

“Dorui-sama is shut in his room continuing the making of a new medicine.” (Niva)

“He should rest at least for today.” (Makoto)

“I did tell him that, but he was pumped up in trying out the method that Makoto-sama taught him. It is impossible to stop him now.” (Niva)

So he is a research junkie. Also, don’t just nonchalantly complain by saying ‘I mistook the day to have you meet him’.

I told the brother of the queen, Dorui-san, the correct disease and condition of the king.

At first, he didn’t believe me, and it was hard to calm down the outraged Dorui-san.

It is true that if a man of unknown origins were to suddenly come out and say that you have misdiagnosed, there’s no doctor who would just accept it.

After that, Niva-san tried to convince him by lining up the symptoms of both diseases, and we somehow managed to have him believe us. Even so, he was still half in doubt, but I think that’s better than instantly believing me.

Then, I explained to Dorui-san what he can currently do. Something that increases the effect of the supplement he is currently using by several times, and also a Mega Detox that can counteract a variety of poisons.

When I taught these two to him, he made a difficult to explain face, but when I told him the effects and way of making them, his face became that of a child as he began the production of it.

In my mind, I thought ‘this person gives me the vibes of a mad scientist’.

I personally don’t think those items are that big of a deal, but from what Dorui-san said, both could be considered legendary creations in this world’s alchemy.

The Mega Detox can steadily expel the toxins in the body, but it can’t completely recover someone. Honestly speaking, it is a questionable medicine. In exchange of having effect on a wide array of poisons, it is weak in eradicating the poison. If I were to increase the effect of it even more, it would instead affect the body negatively, and there’s the chance that the current king can’t take any powerful medicine.

If possible, I would like to try my hand in creating a medicine that can resurrect the dead, but I have never seen the recipe for it. Thinking about the laws of the worlds I have been in until now, I would say that it most likely doesn’t exist.

“At any rate, Makoto-sama really does know a lot of things.” (Niva)

“Well, kinda. When things are wrapped up, I will tell you.” (Makoto)

“I see. But, judging by the way you said it, it feels as if there’s more to it.” (Niva)

“Even if you try to bait me, I won’t bite.” (Makoto)

‘Too bad’, is what Niva-san said with a smile.

“The ‘aforementioned thing’ has already been found by the search party.” (Niva)

She inches her face closer and whispers to me.

“That was pretty fast.” (Makoto)

“That’s how serious that personage is.” (Niva)

Her face showed slight sadness, and then, she said ‘well then, I will be taking my leave’, and with a bow, she left.

While looking at that back figure of hers, I think ‘isn’t this the first time I see her doing maid work?’.

   ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆  

The banquet to celebrate the successful subjugation of the thief group was continuing on without any incidents.

The queen was showing a face that was different from her usual fluff maniac face, and the men and women were praising the achievement of her daughter which the queen seemed to be receiving with pride and it made me see the face of a mother there.

Probably around one hour had passed since those kind of greetings were being made.

There were still many nobles surrounding the princess, and they were mostly young men, and while lining up flowery words and elegant phrases, they were praising the princess, and that scene looked comedical.

“I want to leave…” (Makoto)

It was a dire wish of mine.


“Oh?” (Makoto)

With these stumped feelings of mine, I was munching on the roast chicken look-alike when someone spoke to me.

“…*Gulp*. What’s up?” (Makoto)

“I just saw you alone and was wondering what was the matter, that’s all.”

The one who spoke to me was Yuichi.

“Well, Erin is working busily, and Toto is sleeping, so…” (Makoto)

“Toto?” (Yuichi)

“The moruru that’s always on top of my head.” (Makoto)

“Ah, that little one.” (Yuichi)

As expected of a handsome boy. The pure white suit fits him way too well. As proof of that, the noble ladies are looking over this way and whispering.

Sorry that there’s an ordinary-looking man by his side. Even if I were to wear the same suit, it is more like the suit is wearing me instead. I won’t forget when Niva-san who came to dress me had said ‘it looks good on you’ as she giggled. Makoto will remember this.

“What about your childhood friend-chan and the others?” (Makoto)

“Miki and the others said they will be eating some sweets.” (Yuichi)

In the place Yuichi pointed at, there’s three girls holding plates and grabbing sweets haphazardly.

Ooh, how brave. As expected of heroes.

“I don’t really like sweet things that much.” (Yuichi)

“I see. But…aren’t they eating too much? They are going to get fat.” (Makoto)

“It is only for one day, so shouldn’t it be fine? Let’s just call it a reward for their everyday hard work.” (Yuichi)

True. I know that the heroes have been doing their best in this last week.

“How is it going?” (Makoto)

“I am now level 2.” (Yuichi)

“Ooh, you leveled up.” (Makoto)

“Yeah. I was just running and swinging my sword though.” (Yuichi)

“That’s good-to-word experience. As you accumulate experience…in this occasion, should I call it skill? Your skill will increase as your level goes up. Isn’t that common knowledge even in games?” (Makoto)

Yuichi laughs while scratching his cheek, but it doesn’t look like he is stressed.

“I have finally gotten used to the weight of the sword.” (Yuichi)

“I see.” (Makoto)

Even if you get used to the weight of the sword, don’t forget the weight of a life. I wanted to tell him this, but I am not sure if I should.

“But…I am scared.” (Yuichi)

The brows of Yuichi lowered and he made a pitiful face.

When I saw this, I was relieved. He is alright now.

It is better to be a bit timid. Be careful to the point of being cowardly. Because a person that can’t treasure himself and his friends cannot defeat the Demon Lord or save the world.

“It is a tool for battle, after all. It is natural to be scared.” (Makoto)

“Natural to be scared…” (Yuichi)

“That’s right. In this world, swords and magic are the norm and you get used to it, but it is not as if they belittle this fact. It is because they understand plenty enough the fearsomeness of a sword that they learn thoroughly the way to utilize it.” (Makoto)

I may be called a monster by monsters, but at first, I was scared of using a sword.

‘If I use a sword, I can defeat enemies’.

It is simple to put in words, but once you are in front of an enemy, you simply can’t maintain your usual composure. Fear will make your legs cower, and your body will stiffen, making you unable to move as you want.

The smell, the air; everything is different from training. A rawness you can only find in the battlefield.

I can still remember my first campaign that was smeared with blood, sweat, tears, and excretion. That day, I cried loudly at the relief of returning alive.

That day I learned of my own weakness, and desired to become stronger.

“That’s why, isn’t it fine to just learn about the sword first?” (Makoto)

“And what should I do for that?” (Yuichi)

“Who knows. Not me.” (Makoto)

Laughing at Yuichi who opened his mouth in disbelief, I continue.

“Don’t ask an ordinary person like me. In the first place, for these kind of things, methods vary between individuals… Like in games and mangas.” (Makoto)

Since he might retort if I were to say too many things, I said something I came up with on the moment, but Yuichi was clearly pulled back by this. Isn’t it fine? Don’t underestimate otaku knowledge.

In a fantasy world of swords and magic, there are times when that knowledge is actually useful, you know?

“Well, you see—” (Makoto)


I was about to say some random stuff to leave this place, but a number of people approached us along with a voice that called Yuichi.

“Prim-oujosama.” (Yuichi)

“I told you to call me Prim, though.” (Prim)

“Ah, uhm…Prim…-sama.” (Yuichi)

Oi, don’t go increasing your harem in a short period of time.

“Why are you in this place…Oh, who is the one here?” (Prim)

Narrowing her slightly slanted eyes, she looks my way -the princess that is the spotlight of today’s celebration, Prim Dilba Motoyasu.

It would have been fine if we were the ones who went to her, but her coming to us gathers a different amount of attention. And currently, I, who was doing my best to erase my presence and turn into a wallflower, have been exposed.

If a royal flower mixes in, I will stand out greatly. Damn it.

Well, she is so much of a royal flower that no one is able to get close which serves as good insect repellent, but…ah, now that I think about it, does this world have mosquito sticks? Wait, that’s of no importance right now.

“Kamiuchi Makoto, an ordinary citizen that was dragged in the hero summoning. Nice to meet you.” (Makoto)

I introduce myself like I always do, and an air of unrest spreads as always. Especially the two female knights at the back of the princess. I could feel slight hostility leaking out from them. The silver haired girl came with a glare as an extra.

“So you were Makoto-dono. I have heard of you from mother, so it is fine to maintain your speech as it currently is.” (Prim)

“Is that so. Then, I will take you up on that offer.” (Makoto)

I felt like the brows of the Princess moved for a second, but her face still had a smile and she stood elegantly.

As expected of a princess. Her education isn’t one that would make her mess up in a place like this.

“And so, didn’t you have business with Yuichi?” (Makoto)

“No. I was going to ask Yuichi-sama about who of the people here is Makoto-dono, but it looks like you have saved me the trouble.” (Prim)

I have no intentions of provoking her, but people that don’t have resistance will normally snap with what’s coming.

“That’s…I should have been the one going to greet you, and yet, I have caused Your Royal Highness the trouble. I am truly sorry for this.” (Makoto)

“D-Don’t mind it…” (Prim)

“And, regarding this time’s thief group subjugation, I send you my deepest of praises.” (Makoto)

I can at least speak in a way that sounds like formal speech, but for some reason, it doesn’t have good reception.

My formal speech apparently sounds rude and pisses people off.

“Thank you very much.” (Prim)

The Princess smiles, but her eyes were not showing any happiness at all. Rather, it was as if she was regretting something.

“Didn’t you go subjugate them while knowing everything?” (Makoto)

“—!! Why do you know that…?” (Prim)

“I did investigate a bit.” (Makoto)

Her eyes go round in surprise, and that goes the same for the two female knights accompanying her.

Looks like they knew who they were subjugating. I could tell there was slight regret in their eyes.

“So, when are you going to introduce me those two?” (Makoto)

“Ah…sorry.” (Prim)

The Princess didn’t reprimand me for my sudden topic change, and gestures the two at the back.

“Captain of the personal knight division of princess Prim -the Blue Wings knight division-, name’s Miyuna Roadwood. Pleasure to meet you.”

The silver haired woman with sharp eyes saluted.

“Lieutenant of the Blue Wings knight division, Filmina Kotorm. Nice to meet you, Makoto-kun.”

The light blue haired woman showed a gentle smile and salutes, and then, makes a smile again.

These two are the tops of the personal knight division of the princess, huh.

It is a newly formed division made especially in the coming of age of the princess that is composed solely of women. They may be a personal knight division of the princess, but that doesn’t mean they are decoration. There’s only around a hundred, but it is a gathering of quality rather than quantity, is what Niva-san said.

The skill of these two certainly does look high.

There’s apparently the hidden intention of raising the achievements of this knight division that has only been established for close to a year by having them subjugate a thief group. But it bothers me that the one who ordered this was Erac though.

Just what is that bald geezer scheming?

“Personal knight division of Your Royal Highness, huh.” (Makoto)

“Yeah. It is a knight division that has competent combatants gathered and competes for first or second strongest in this country.” (Prim)

The Princess puffs her chest out in pride, but how modest. Are you really the daughter of that queen? That small size of yours makes me doubt it.

No, it is not as if the Princess’s are small.

If I were to compare them to the sizes in my original world, it would easily be a D. But reality is sad. The Queen has close to twice that size, and the two at her back are also incredible. Especially Captain Miyuna. She could compete with the Queen in size. They are currently wearing the ceremonial dress of the knight division, but the presence of her chest is crazy. And the lieutenant Filmina isn’t falling behind.

Is this a country of big boobs?! -is what I want to shout out.

But I am more of an ass man than a boobs one. 


Is there a person with beautiful buttocks?! If it is now, I can give ya a nice spanking! —literally.

“Indeed.” (Makoto)

“Makoto-dono, were you thinking something rude?” (Prim)

“Eh, no…not really.” (Makoto)

A straight stare is not in the reward kind of kink, so I just laugh it off.

“…So, did you have some business with me?” (Makoto)

And there, I throw a straight ball to the main topic.

The hero Yuichi being treated like air is getting serious by the moment, but wait for a bit more. Your turn will definitely come, so don’t look around with the face of an abandoned puppy. What happened to the energy from when you had just been summoned, Hero-kun?

“…Fufu.” (Prim)

It is not as if the Princess had laughed at that sight of Yuichi, but she hid her mouth with her hand and deepens her smile.

“You are truly just like what mother had described.” (Prim)

“I would like to question her for around an hour about what she said.” (Makoto)

“Fufu…at that time, I will accompany you.” (Prim)

The Princess laughed as if having fun, but she suddenly threw me a straight gaze towards me.

“Makoto-dono, can I…have a bit of your time tomorrow?” (Prim)

Those straight eyes of hers seemed to have resolve in them as if she had prepared herself for something.

“I am free, so whenever you want.” (Makoto)

“…Ah, thank you.” (Prim)

“Nah, don’t mind it. So, morning? Afternoon?” (Makoto)

That’s why, as a man, one has to accept the resolve of a cute girl directly. Well, that’s what a flirting bastard told me in the past. His flirting has been met with consecutive defeats, but he is a weird guy that had logic in what he said.

“Then, after breakfast, I will have someone come pick you up. Let’s meet tomorrow.” (Prim)

“Kay kay~.” (Makoto)

With the talk finished, I send the roast chicken look-alike to my mouth. Mhm, even when it is cold, it is still delish.

“Well then, Makoto-dono, Yuichi-sama, I will be taking my leave.” (Prim)

The Princess makes an elegant bow and lightly waves her hand as she leaves.

I myself send the remaining food into my mouth.

“Makoto-san, you are really fearless…for a lack of a better term…” (Yuichi)

“Really? It is always like that. Then, I will return to my room, so you go enjoy yourself as much as you want.” (Makoto)

“Ah, okay.” (Yuichi)

I gulp down the champagne, and begin to walk off while waving my hand to Yuichi.

“You bastard…don’t mess around!”

But that voice stopped me, and with a slight feeling that trouble has come, I direct my eyes to where it came from.

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