Chapter 217: A clandestine meeting with just the two

Below the starry sky that had the strong presence of the moon and the stars, Zef and I had met alone.

‘Let’s meet with just the two of us’, was the proposition of Zef.

Thinking about the contents of what I wanted to ask this time, I felt like there was no problem, so I accepted the proposal.

“How many years has it been since this one has been alone with an outsider -no, how many decades has it been? It feels like this one has returned to my long past self, how nostalgic, and also fresh. What a mysterious feeling.” (Zef)

“I would have been fine with going to the capital though.” (Makoto)

“Sorry about that. When inviting someone to our place, there’s a lot of matters involved. Raidou-dono is an important guest of ours, and you are also a benefactor of ours. There’s no way we wouldn’t meet you. It took us to our limit just rearranging so this one could meet you as soon as possible.” (Zef)

Zef laughs with his usual smile that I can’t see through.

But his atmosphere is slightly different from when I met him because of the matters of the demon race.

We are outside after all.

“…And so, you had something to ask of this one, right? What do you want to hear? The secret weapon of the demon race? Or maybe, the time of our next invasion? Is it an objective like that?” (Zef)

“I have no interest in things like that. Please don’t make fun of me.” (Makoto)


In the first place, there’s no way there’s a person who would ask the Demon Lord himself about that.

Saying such a joke with a face as obvious as that, seriously, what a troublesome person.

“Hahaha! No interest huh. If you were to obtain a bit of information, you would be able to use it for trades you know, being a merchant and all. There should be a good amount of people that would believe it if it were to come out from the mouth of Raidou-dono, right? It is not like the hyumans are filled with only idiots after all.” (Zef)

“Please spare me already. I am not going to undertake complicated business like selling information.” (Makoto)

“So you won’t ride on it huh. What a shame. This one was going to mix truth and lies to throw them off though.” (Zef)

Zef laughs with a ‘Kukuku’.

Please don’t use me to sell your poisonous apples…

“If I were to do that, I would totally turn into the enemy of hyumans. It is not like I am in the side of the hyumans, but I am not in the side of the demon race either. Neither me nor the Kuzunoha Company.” (Makoto)

“This one knows. This one was just trying to see if you would yield a bit to our side, that’s all. Forgive me. By the way Raidou-dono, how’s Sari?” (Zef)

“Fuh~, Sari huh. Well, it seems like she is getting somewhat used to it now.” (Makoto)

“Hoh, so you are already in a relationship where you call her without honorifics. This one’s relieved… Have you done it?” (Zef)

“What do you mean by ‘done’?” (Makoto)

“Umu, is she pregnant already?” (Zef)

“Buh!” (Makoto)

“What’s wrong?” (Zef)

“What are you saying? You are the father of Sari, right?!” (Makoto)

“Yeah, and Raidou-dono is the master of Sari. This one thinks it is a natural question.” (Zef)

The face of Zef was frankly saying ‘what are you getting all flustered about?’.

Why is it that when it comes to slaves, there’s so many people that think in that way?

There’s also slaves that simply work.

“She is not pregnant. There’s no reason for her to be in the first place.” (Makoto)

“This one didn’t think she was a girl that would be against it just because it is her first time though.” (Zef)

“I’m saying this just in case but, I haven’t sought for her.” (Makoto)

“What? Raidou-dono, as a young man, holding back your sexual desires won’t bring anything good, you know?” (Zef)

“That’s truly not your business.” (Makoto)

Why does the Demon Lord have to worry about that?

Moreover, the person he is telling me to put my hands on is his very daughter.

What a troublesome king.

“Even though this one was secretly expecting a grandchild around summer. Wouldn’t it just end up as this one jumping to conclusions?” (Zef)

“That’s the case.” (Makoto)

Zef looks as if he is really disappointed about it.

If he is just acting, then that sad sigh is in an incredible level.

“Anyways, Sari is doing fine.” (Makoto)

“Understood. Then…” (Zef)

“I have not placed a single hand on her, and I haven’t kissed her either!” (Makoto)

“No, I was just going to ask you what business you had today. Also, if she presses you, at least grant her a kiss.” (Zef)

“…Ah, geez.” (Makoto)

Why is it that I feel his face on the latter half had become even more serious.

“You went through the trouble of making an appointment with a Lord, so a part of me is looking forward to what kind of conversation you had in mind.” (Zef)

“Well then, there’s two things I want to ask you. The first is related to Kaleneon, and the other, how to say it…let’s just say it is related to the demon race.” (Makoto)

“It seems like it would be best to begin with the talk about Kaleneon.” (Zef)

“Right now, the town creation is progressing in the aforementioned land.” (Makoto)

“Umu.” (Zef)

“But the current state is that the people are not used to the climate and it is not progressing as expected. And so, I have come to ask of a demon that has survived through the harsh cold about the management of the land, development of it, and about the maintenance.” (Makoto)

“I see. But, Kaleneon huh. It is a land that has half-baked cold and snow if I remember correctly. I don’t think it would serve as much of a reference you know.” (Zef)

“But even in an ice field like this, the demon race was able to build a metropolis like that. Won’t you guys have some sort of knowledge about it? I am fine with only a bit, can you tell me about a solution?” (Makoto)

“Fufufu. Raidou-dono, even if we were to tell you the method itself and learn of the result it has brought, it doesn’t mean that you would be able to apply it in a sufficient manner. If you don’t know of its roots as well, you will end up in a dead end.” (Zef)

“I see…” (Makoto)

I want to do something about the strong blizzards that will be coming in the near future, so even if we can’t put it to practical use, it is fine for now.

“From what I know, Kaleneon is in a region we don’t have much experience in managing either. If it were in a harsher environment, we would cover it with a dome-shaped barrier, and would live in a lifestyle centered on hunting. But just as I said, that place is half-baked. The difference between summer and winter is so extreme that it actually makes it hard for us to live in.” (Zef)

It is certainly true that in Kaleneon, in the place where the town is located, the snow is gone by the time it is summer.

It is true that it is half-baked, but even so, as long as there’s land where cultivation is possible, I feel like there would be significance for the demon race in having people live in it.

If it were Limia, there would be a lot of land to talk about; why is it that they are expressly staying in a harsh land?


“In Kaleneon there was a fortress of the demon race and an army. Then wouldn’t you also know about the way they lived?” (Makoto)

“If it’s only on the level of gathering and hunting, yeah. If you are in need of that information, I will present it to you. But if you have taken a look around, I think you should already know; in Kaleneon, aside from the fortress, there were no proper towns, right? Also, in terms of inhabitants and common people, the numbers should have been quite low.” (Zef)

“Yeah. I heard that there were mostly people related to the army. Also, there was nothing resembling a town, and what was given maintenance was mostly the main road.” (Makoto)

“That’s right. This one felt like the Kaleneon fortress would one day be necessary as a relay location, so this one had people stationed there, but this one didn’t have any intentions of having a settlement in the impending future. It was mostly goods and troops using it as a teleportation spot to mobilize. It is sad that it can’t be used again though.” (Zef)


I am the one who seized the place, so I know that I am not in a standing where I can complain.

I feel like he had gotten me there.

…Just like how Zef said, the only place that seemed to be useable as a town in Kaleneon was the fortress.

There were a number of remains from villages and towns, but they were all from hyumans. They were destroyed pretty thoroughly, and it didn’t feel like it could be used in that state.

And the remains of the fortress are being used as the capital city of Kaleneon because of our own circumstances regarding the climate of Asora, so it is in the middle of being remade as a town.

The reason why the demon race was not treating Kaleneon as a country was probably because of what Zef said.

“…I see. So that place didn’t have enough appeal to go through the trouble of creating a dome barrier.” (Makoto)

I have seen it in the demon race towns. Those things require quite the amount of magic power.

It is not realistic to do it in Kaleneon as well.

If I don’t find some sort of closing countermeasure for the people living in that town, there’s no point.

“Sadly to say, that’s exactly right. With its location and climate, we didn’t find the worth of fighting again to reclaim it. The snow is a troublesome thing you see. If ignored, it will bury the paths, and crush the houses. Even so, just going by the simple method of melting it with heat will instead freeze it and become a new hindrance. If we are to go through the trouble of doing such maintenance, there’s the need of a merit that’s equally worth its demerits.” (Zef)

“Understood.” (Makoto)

“The decision this one arrived to was to leave a few facilities there and leave it is it is.” (Zef)

“I see. Just in case, can I receive the information about the gathering and hunting?” (Makoto)

“Okay. It is already unneeded for us after all. Right, it would make this one happy if you were to put some flavor and hasten the time you commence the peddling in our towns.” (Zef)

“I will arrange for that.” (Makoto)

I don’t think there will be a problem in hastening the process.

To begin with, I have already hastened the preparations, so there’s no need for me to arrange anything anyways.

No, that’s not it.

They are already in a haste, so I simply don’t need to worry about it.

“Then let’s hear the other thing you had to talk about. It seems like that’s your real motive after all.” (Zef)


“You had the time for it. You should already have the contents of your topic arranged, right?” (Zef)

“…Let me ask your Majesty. If the reason for the demon race to fight the hyumans disappears, will the demon race stop doing war?” (Makoto)


“Can I have an answer?” (Makoto)

“…Of course, we would stop it. But Raidou-dono, that question is boundlessly pointless.” (Zef)

Zef who had broken the silence, let out a voice that was low and heavy.  

He affirmed my question, but he also said it was pointless.

“What do you mean?” (Makoto)

“It is certainly true that if the reason the demon race does war against the hyumans disappears, the war will be stopped. But for that reason to disappear, it would also mean that the battle between hyumans and demons has reached some sort of conclusion. That’s why this one said it is pointless.” (Zef)

The reason disappearing…is equal to reaching a conclusion?

The demon race is oppressed by the Goddess and is being oppressed by the hyumans too, and because of that, they were driven to the poor lands of the north.

The rebellion that came from that should be because the demon race wanted to topple over the situation the Goddess had driven them into.

In that case, if the demon race obtains a wealthy land, the reason of the war should disappear.

Isn’t that right?

For example; a place in Kaleneon that has been improved, the demon race territory that is progressing with the domestic affairs, and also…maybe Asora.

It is not because I want to do this for the sake of the Goddess, but if those kind of things can stop the war, cooperating would be okay.

Honestly speaking, the current Hibiki is dangerous.

If the war continues, I think Senpai will probably lose her life at some point in time.

Then, I thought that it would be fine to give a part of Asora to the demon race.

Also, the moment the demon race enters Asora, they would have to agree and be involved with us no matter what.

Putting it badly, we can isolate them.

“I heard that the demon race began the war because they sought for a wealthy land. A rebellion because of the position they were in. Then, couldn’t it be said that the demon race has obtained a land with plenty enough wealth? In the current state, I think you can have a truce with the hyumans. The demon race has been able to proceed the war in an advantageous position after all.” (Makoto)

If needed, I can help in encouraging them to accept it.

The negotiation will be hard with the heroes of Limia and Gritonia fighting in the frontlines, but if it’s with the good-for-nothing country Aion that only has spies and Lorel Union which is an eccentric country that accepts Wise, I feel like the negotiations might be possible.

If there’s a country that nods even if a bit, I think there can be ways to tackle the situation.

“Regarding the land, it is just as Raidou-dono says. We were able to obtain a wealthy land. But…the Goddess and the hyumans still have power left. If we were to enter negotiations in the current state, it would be like asking them to gather up their strength and counterattack.” (Zef)

“Even so, the demon race has plenty enough power, right?” (Makoto)

“If you are saying that by looking at the current progress of the war, that’s a big mistake, Raidou-dono. Listen well, even if you stand in an advantageous position in tactics and technique at the beginning, even if not all, a part of it will flow into the opponent as the battle progresses. Right now when they are obtaining proper divine protection from the Goddess, the hyumans who surpass us in numbers will absorb the advantage. Our positions would take a reversal.” (Zef)

“No way.” (Makoto)

“The power of a God and the overwhelming difference in numbers; those two are not components that are as light as Raidou-dono thinks. Our current situation can be said to be its summit. Restraining the power of the Goddess and seeing through them to a certain limit, we do war with the hyumans. Doing this in the same way as we have until now is just…” (Zef)

The latter half of his words were as if he were squeezing them out. Zef’s eyes were giving off a sad light.

“You are saying that’s why you won’t stop the war?”(Makoto)

“We thought about killing our hateful sibling while the parent wasn’t present, but in the end, we didn’t make it in time, and the parent came out.” (Zef)


“That’s why we have no choice but to be cautious about the eyes of the parent as we have a moderated sibling fight. Now then, Raidou-dono, what do you think we should do in order to somehow kill that sibling?” (Zef)

“Ehm…In the first place, should you kill each other in a sibling fight? I just can’t imagine it.” (Makoto)

“That’s right. It is a sibling fight where the siblings hate each other to the point of killing. By the way, the parent is the ally of the other side.” (Zef)

“Sorry, I can’t bring myself to imagine it.” (Makoto)

“I see. Even if we were to kill the other side in an ingenious manner, that’s a death that the parent didn’t wish for; and even if we both were to shake hands with fake smiles plastered on our faces, the hatred between those two siblings won’t disappear. Well, in the end, no matter how many reasons we look for to do war, the main point would be that, is what this one thinks. And in reality, it has become a big reason of why us demon race continue to do war. The reason regarding the environment was simply the last push, but the thoughts in the depths of our hearts probably hasn’t changed at all since the beginning.” (Zef)

The Goddess is the parent, and the hyumans and demons are the siblings.

“Hate huh. As I thought, the Goddess is the root of it all.” (Makoto)

“That’s true, but no matter what the Goddess does this late in the game, the gap that has formed between the hyumans and the demons won’t disappear. For the demons, and for the hyumans as well; and of course, this one who told Raidou-dono about the disadvantages of the truce, is the same as well. Because this one thinks that that gap can only be filled with the blood of our opponents.” (Zef)

“…Are you saying you haven’t killed enough?” (Makoto)

“That’s right. Of course, there’s also the transition of the war’s state just like this one explained, but stating it in an extreme manner, that’s simply a front. We have already pushed aside the restraints of our parent the Goddess and swung our fists, so until we have spat out all our hate and flooded the ground with the blood of the hyumans, the demon race won’t stop.” (Zef)

“As a ruler, the thought of Raidou-dono can be considered as one choice. There’s probably rulers who would choose it. If it’s a kind ruler, they would definitely. But there’s also rulers that won’t choose that…rulers who can’t choose to do that. Just like this one…this one’s current self…if many of my people wish for it, this one won’t stop the war.” (Zef)

“…What do you think…I was thinking?” (Makoto)

Even though it was calm, the light inside the eyes of Zef felt like they could see through me.

There’s no way he would be able to know.

Because no one knows about the existence of Asora.

“Raidou-dono can prepare a new land for us demons, right? Maybe in the extremities of the wasteland, or it might be a place we don’t know of that is located somewhere at the other side of the north or west sea. This one doesn’t know that far, but you plan on having the demon race migrate from this continent, and you were wondering if it can end the war in this way, isn’t that what you were thinking?” (Zef)


You gotta be kidding, right?

Even to the point of readying a land, how?

I did think he would be able to guess till the point of helping out in the negotiations of the truce, but…

“Bull’s-eye huh. How scary. The Raidou-dono that said he didn’t have any interest in the war, seemed to have investigated about the reason of the war in detail after all, so this one just intended to probe a bit. Good grief, the eyes of Sari are impressive. A self-sufficient company huh. I see. If it’s only that, it can’t be called a country just yet, but…it can be said that it is already an organization that has surpassed the boundary of a company.” (Zef)

A self-sufficient company?

No, right now the important point is why he can’t accept the migration.

“…Why…wouldn’t you choose that?” (Makoto)

“Just as you said before, hate. Even if we were to receive that proposal, only a few would accept. Ah, there’s no doubt that the bunch who were involved in that incident will be mixed in the group. If Raidou-dono wants to propose it no matter what, this one can notify the people. Having our people chipped off will result in a pretty big disadvantage in the war, but when this one thinks of turning Kuzunoha Company into our enemy, this is for the best.” (Zef)

That incident…the one where Root did a mess?

In that case, he must be talking about the people that wholeheartedly believe in the Goddess even in that environment and situation.

That’s honestly rough.

Frankly speaking, I feel like their train of thoughts is different in a fundamental level.

“The believers of the Goddess, is it. How to say it, they are people with quite the assertion for peace huh. The type of people that think the opponent won’t attack as long as they hold their hands up high in surrender. It was also strange that they were so zealously trying to make the demon race -they are a part of- into the bad guys.” (Makoto)

“If the hyumans were like that, it would be easier to win though. Even this one doesn’t understand how their brain works. Do they even know what would happen if we were to declare ourselves as slaves to the hyumans that have been treating the demi-humans as a lower class for thousands of years and consider it common sense?” (Zef)

Ah, in that part, I am completely of the same opinion.

“Right. Well, regarding the land, it is not all advantages, so if it handicaps the demon race because of it, please just forget about it. I didn’t have those intentions.” (Makoto)

“Hahaha, that scare about them being mixed in there was just a joke. Of course, there are people within the demon race that are purely against the war. It is true that they are low in numbers, but it is people that have been tired out by this air of war that has lasted for decades. People that have grown tired of fighting, people that have grown tired of losing any more, people that have grown tired of taking away lives…many types of people.” (Zef)

“I see.” (Makoto)

Well, there’s obviously people like that.

It is certainly true that being within a group where the majority agree to the war, it would just be suffocating for people like that.

“Not believers of the Goddess, simply tired of the war and wishing for peace. This one doesn’t want to just cast them away. If it won’t be a source of evil in the system of the demon race, this one doesn’t mind having them saved at this one’s discretion. Currently, there are around 10 or so people that have a decent amount of authority, how about it?” (Zef)

“Even if you ask me that…what do you mean by having authority?” (Makoto)

“Giving the demon race land. In other words, Sari has been of decent help, so this time, you want to directly take in people to the company; that’s the real motive of Raidou-dono, right? Something like that, even this one is able to guess it. There’s no need to hide it. This one is genuinely happy about having the abilities of my race approved. The part about authority, it refers to the people that this one has to deal with in a near future. Well, it simply means that if you are thinking about saving them, it is best to hurry.” (Zef)

A few moments ago I thought he was incredibly keen, but now he has gone and done a wild pitch.

I am not really looking for the demon race’s techniques and knowledge, you know?

I did understand the point about authority though.

‘Their voices are big and conspicuous, so they have to be dealt with’, is probably what he meant. People that in the surface are obedient, but hold opposing feelings. If it is people that don’t have the ability to oppose the methods of the Demon Lord, there’s no need to hurry and deal with them, is what I think he means.

“No. I wouldn’t mind having more hands to work with, but…I simply thought that if this was enough to end the war, it wouldn’t be so bad.” (Makoto)

“…Half of it was just a front, right?” (Zef)

“Uhm, those were my whole real intentions.” (Makoto)


“Your Majesty?” (Makoto)

Zef turned silent.

“…You got me there. It seems like Raidou-dono has a thought pattern that this one can’t grasp. This one is ashamed. Placing everything under the basis of advantages and disadvantages as well as calculations, might be considered the influence of these times.” (Zef)

It felt like he was having a monologue. He muttered in a weak and grazed voice.

“Ahahaha, I am often told that I do things in ways that lack common sense. Especially lately.” (Makoto)

“There’s no need to be ashamed of lacking common sense. We are basically fighting the hyumans because of that. But this one understands now. Then, if that’s the case…won’t you please take those guys in?” (Zef)

“The 10 or so demons?” (Makoto)

If it’s only around that much, I don’t really mind. Moreover, if they are not believers of the Goddess and are simply tired of war, I feel like it is okay.

“Umu. From this one’s point of view, it is like this one is having you take care of the trouble for me, so it hurts a bit to ask you of this though. If the precedent of Raidou-dono and Sari didn’t exist, it wouldn’t have been a choice to begin with after all. If there’s work over there, you can have them work as colleagues of Sari, or if you want, you can have them in house arrest or confine them, this one doesn’t mind. If you wish to, this one can also limit it to only women.” (Zef)

“Please stop taking all subjects to that tangent.” (Makoto)

“So as long as they can work, the gender doesn’t matter huh. This was a verbal slip then.” (Zef)

“Regarding that matter, I will go back and discuss about it. Just that…even if I am to accept them all, I will have them go through the same contract as Sari.” (Makoto)

I obviously don’t think that because they are demons I can trust them.

“They are technically being exiled, so this one doesn’t mind. If they stay within the demons, their future would be even worse after all. But to go through that contract, we will require a part of Raidou-dono’s body. Is it okay if we are to receive cooperation in that?” (Zef)

“…The master won’t be me. If it is demons, I will have Sari take care of them, so it is fine if she is the master. Of course, it still hasn’t been decided yet.” (Makoto)

“…Raidou-dono, you are truly someone this one can’t grasp the depth of.” (Zef)

“Reading too deeply into things, reading my mind, and while at it, using the Kuzunoha Company to deal with troublesome people; I think that the depth of your Majesty is the one that is hard to grasp. Seriously.” (Makoto)

“…In the first place, Raidou-dono and this one can’t be compared. My depth is limited after all.” (Zef)


“No, nothing. This one is expecting a good response. But to act as a Lord with someone that is leagues higher and whimsical, my nerves can’t take it, seriously.” (Zef)

“Your Majesty?” (Makoto)

The only thing I could hear was ‘No, nothing’, but it seems like Zef found something funny and was laughing.

“Then Raidou-dono, this one will be waiting for your call in a near future. It is okay to call whenever you feel like it.” (Zef)

“Ah, yes. Thanks for going through the trouble of coming all the way here.” (Makoto)

“Please give my regards to Sari.” (Zef)

Zef was enveloped in a sphere he created with magic, and just like that, he floated up and flew away.

When I checked the surroundings, I could see that there’s a large mamono in standby not too far from here, so he will probably be flying until that point.

From there, he will mount the mamono and move to where the teleport formation is, and in that way, he will return.

Even so, Asora wasn’t exposed, but the offer of land was exposed huh.

Are rulers the kind of people that can tell those kind of things?

I didn’t feel that way in Limia, so maybe it doesn’t apply to all.

I don’t know what it is, but I feel like Zef is different.

“A war where they kill and are killed is not going to end that easily. Senpai said this as well, but Zef thinks in the same manner huh. If one were to endure or forget about it without killing, the chain of hatred would end. Migrating and ending the war in that way; a part of me probably wanted that to happen. Saying it with my own mouth right now makes it feel unrealistic. I am glad I didn’t tell Zef. I was about to amaze him by doing that.” (Makoto)

In the time when I heard the talk of the Neptunes, even I thought that if we were to kill all the Neptunes that were on the brother’s side, the hatred wouldn’t remain, and Serwhale-san wouldn’t have to worry about it in Asora. That’s how I thought.

To have an outsider telling him about a different way of calming down the hatred aside from killing, moreover, asking their very Lord to persuade them, that would be stupid.

‘Here, take this new land, now let’s stop war’, there’s no way it would go so smoothly.

As expected, it is not good to try thinking about stopping the war with such light thoughts.

For now, I will do our activities as the Kuzunoha Company, and drag down the Goddess at a point in time. It is fine to only think about that for now.

Even in my life as a merchant, I have now become able to safely participate in the meetings of the Guild in Tsige and Rotsgard.

Not only between customers, I have begun to understand the importance of having connections between merchants as well. Not by pushing them away when offered money, or when offered something and making implicit promises.

Lately, I have been learning how to deal with the nobles with this foreign country visits.

I am far away from being competent enough, but if I just continue working steadily, I can gather experience no matter the case.

My essentials are bad, and the wider I open my arms, the amount of choices I have to decide will increase in proportion, so I just can’t move forward the way I want.

That’s why it can’t be helped that I go by it slowly.

I will simply go forward in my own pace.

It may be this late in the game, but that’s how I thought.

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      4. ….Say, something’s occurred to me. Is the reason the demons lack good land because the goddess only showers her blessings on the hyumans?

        What I’m getting at is…if Makoto were to temporarily take the demons into Asora and let hyumans take over, could the former demon territory suddenly become prosperous?

        It sounds like an interesting enough tactic to me for the demons to hide out in more prosperous lands for a while, then suddenly appear and strike back at the hyumans after effectively conning some blessings out of the goddess.

        Depending on how long they’re willing to wait, a stronger peace movement could swing into motion-at the very least, the hyumans could get complacent again (also those internal wars brewing) while the demons safely multiply in numbers and polish their strength.

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      5. I think that if the demons desappear and leave their bad lands, the hymans won’t claim them, first conditions to live there are way to harsh, and then I think that they have more than enough space in the lands they own. The Goddes didn-t made a fair distribution when she did her creation in that world, she used all the confortable and fertyl land for hyumans and the rest she leaved it to other species.

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      6. No, that’s what I’m saying-or rather, asking.

        Are the lands fertile, “so” the hyumans get to live there, or is it fertile due to blessings from the goddess because hyumans live there?

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      7. The lands are fertile “so” hyumans guet to live there, demons, demi-hyumans and mamonos guet to live on others land that are harder to live that the fertile ones.


      8. I see. I don’t remember where that was mentioned, but I can take your word for it.

        In that case, will the hyumans even be able to deal with that sort of environment during the late stages of the war?


      9. Actually it hasn’t been mentioned but one can assume given, the Goddes dialogues and the description of the world, since hyumans are her favorite I assume that she decided to spoil them. I really don’t think that hyumans now are ready to advance a campaing in the demons lands, I don’t believe they have any General with expierence in such a harsh envioroment and thats not including the mamonos that they may find in there. Those expedition seem doom to fail, even Napoleon couldnt handle such a rash change in the climate when he invaded Russia.

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      10. Wait, what?

        What I was saying was “since the goddess spoils hyumans, isn’t it possible that letting hyumans occupy the land will make her turn it fertile?”. What’s the inference that it won’t work like that?

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      1. Is that really a problem for Makoto? He compared getting involved with the war as choosing a foot to kick a pebble with. If the world sees him as an enemy, that’s just kicking two or three pebbles instead of one.

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      2. First of all that guy is a smooth bastard, that style to stop the figth was just wonderfull. Well is true for Makoto it doesn’t affect him mutch but thats one way ticket to the Armaggedon endindg, since with his streng he can-t force both sides to stop trying to kill each other the only other venue will be to anylhate one or both sides, I don’t think Makoto would like to do that.

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    2. I had thought about that too. He already nuked Fort Stellar. That is effectively slowing any progress for frontal assault from both side. ฺBut that is a inferior offer compared to offer a land, and they will definitely against it. Hyuman want ‘their’ land and pride back and teach a lesson to anyone try to oppose them. They ABSOLUTELY cannot let demons go unscathed because that will lead other slave race to revolve. Demon want to revenge and ensure their future. They know hyuman will not forgive them and hyuman still pose superior power, with more room to grow. Even without development of tactic and weapon, time is not on demon side as with given time, hyuman will increase in number and with their more advantages, demon tactics will yield under brute force. So the day Kazunoha company fell, demon will fell too. Thus they will bet on end this war ASAP. These aren’t include the main culprit yet, Hatred.

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      1. but it will still work better than a lelouch I think.
        I can’t see them forgetting their grudge for a common enemy, once that enemy will dissaper, they will go back to their previous situation. nakama pôwer won’t work that easily


      2. Lelouch’s method has NO chance of success, as you can see from hyuman side right now. Or may be demon is not terrifying enough?
        Personally I think Lelouch method work because they was used in war for independence, not racist war for survival like this. Both side believe that each other can not understand their side.

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    3. Actually a zero requiem option is probably needed: focus the hatred of the whole world onto his shoulders and then “die”. Lol. Or not.


  2. Thanks for the chapter^^
    as i thought, Zef is a pretty reasonable cool guy burdened with the responsibility of an oppressed race. he’s even willing to let go the ones that don’t want to fight anymore. kinda like dejima island and the emprah in death march. why is it so common that the tyrant of a demon king is a far better and responsible ruler than the inept kings/emperors who either abuse their power themselves or let people that do so keep loitering around? if only he’d stop shipping Sari…or anyone really. it seems makoto would be more willing to talk if he’s not being pushed into a specific partner.
    and i liked how makoto finally brought up bringing in the demon race so the messed up hyumans can go fuck themselves over. i want them to go for peace but so far most of the hyumans and hyuman leaders don’t really deserve it. i don’t really like some of the demon’s methods but i’m hoping with Sari that without the oppression or risk of extinction, they can live in Asora peacefully. but as expected, without some event like in rotsgard that would drastically change how the people think(except this time, about war and not just kuzonoha company), the demon race’s hatred wouldn’t just be forgotten.
    i wonder if the main reason Zef won’t just leave that messed up ‘family’ even with Makoto’s offer is because he doesn’t know how isolated Asora is. He’s probably expecting that contact would be inevitable with the hyumans or bug hunting them down anyway. In the end, the bug has to go down for anything to proceed nicely huh.

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    1. Well dude if you want think on this matter i recommend you think from different perspective. In first place what you doing is discriminate hyumans, second each ruler care about his land and where you saw that kingdom give freely land, or they prosperity, all creatures in world care about themself and doesn’t matter race, gender or other traits, rulers in first place think about their country. No demons don’t will migrate even if it safe place do you know any war which end up half way? Both sides cannot accept it and they want retribution on opposite side. Demons will continue war to finish it or people start feel bad because they lose a lot people and don’t gain anything or not lose then ask what was meaning such number of deaths? Zen and Sari said demons need bloody revenge.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. gah i get quite heated up and always end up with wall of texts for discussions on this novel XD sorry that it’s quite long…
        First off, i do think from different perspectives and find it relatively easy to do. That doesn’t mean i can’t find their choices or actions badly made. That doesn’t mean i can’t shun it for being bloody, unproductive, or downright self destructive. being empathetic and disagreeing with someone are not mutually exclusive. emotionally feels good=/=logically good result. think addicts, be it drugs, murder, revenge, or gambling, you can think from their perspective and how it fills them with euphoria and sense of purpose…but can you actually say it’s good for them or those around them? especially when there is a perfect alternative being offered? demons continuing the war will not end well for them due to multiple disadvantages and even if they miraculously win, the goddess will be furious. although i’m not sure how much she can actually do or stop providing(like stop making the world fertile and making it harsh everywhere), it’s still not a bright idea to continue making a divine enemy when there’s paradise being offered for just leaving behind all the bad shit you went through.

        Secondly, i’m not being pointlessly optimistic, i know there needs to be a long sincere effort from both sides for this war to stop in peace, but that’s not happening with the hyuman side as we saw from the ‘heroes'(lol) and leaders. so we can only work with the demon side like makoto. but there needs to be an event or some ‘cue’ to serve as a trigger for them. one of those possibilities is where sari comes in, if makoto can convince her and those peace demons to move past their grudges and live in peace, they in turn, might be able to properly convey to zef how trustworthy makoto’s offer is and they can all move in. i feel like he thinks the offer is so ridiculous he probably can’t properly consider it yet or at least tell it to the public. but after that, what happens to the hyumans would no longer be any of their business. if they destroy themselves, that’s their fault.

        Thirdly, i’m not sure if you missed my point or misunderstanding the meaning of discrimination. discrimination is basically making UNFAIR ASSUMPTIONS and taking actions with those in mind. treating a black guy with contempt assuming he is a thief when he has no criminal record is discrimination, being wary of a black guy with numerous cases of thievery, is not. even if he has turned into a new leaf, there needs to be a lot of evidence for that good future to make up for the lots of evidence of his bad past. i am not unfairly guessing that the humans will be destroying themselves in a war between each other after the demons are gone, it’s outright stated by leaders of both parties that they are planning to do just that. what’s worse, goddess sponsored wars between humans are usually ended by which side she favors and no blood is spilt but not this time. bug will almost undoubtedly pick hibiki, but with guns and nukes, tomoki and lily will continue nevertheless. i am not unfairly guessing that the suffering will continue with the hyuman’s attitude, our world has no demons or other sentient races to the level of war, but look how many conflicts with each other we have, how many are still suffering and how social order is quite warped in a lot of places already.

        Fourth, where did i discriminate?
        is it that the hyumans dont deserve peace? other than the obvious reasons, i said they don’t deserve peace as a whole, doesn’t mean i don’t want them to get it for the sake of the few that are ‘innocent’ or at least not that bad. maybe it would be better if i rephrased that into they don’t deserve victory or that i want peace ‘although’ they don’t deserve it instead of ‘but’.
        Is it that the bug should go down? again, other than the obvious reasons, if you’re worried about the aftermath, if the demons(and those affiliated with them) are taken to asora, what exactly is going to threaten the hyuman’s existence? mamono’s are powerful, but they mind their own business at the edges of the world, just train more if you want to go farther.
        Is it that i’m not saying to take the hyumans into asora? that’s millions to billions under the goddess’s watch and protection, they don’t even have any reason to migrate. and how exactly will a race that generally oppresses and conquers going to fit in peacefully in asora? makoto is hardly discriminating himself because he saw with his own eyes and experiences how dangerous they are. a select few would be possible like his student’s and rembrant’s family soon enough. he already has hyuman tourists going in from time to time via the ‘mist village’ cover story. but migrate as a race? just no.
        Is it that i’m fine with them destroying themselves or numerous dying? no i’m not really fine with that. i’m offering alternatives precisely because i don’t want genocide end for any side……….but at some point, the level and numbers of stupid decisions and lack of remorse or good change surpasses the feeling of pity, and goes into “you know what? let me get some popcorn and just watch how you blow yourself up magnificently”

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      2. Actually, that’s an interesting point you raised.

        Has it been confirmed that the goddess would support Limia’s side if the hyumans win and the heroes start another war? What are the chances she’d pick Tomoki’s side?

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      3. No, goddess will crush Bichiki before she can put Limia in civil war. Bichiki told that Goddess is docile, but it was big fat lie.
        Our tsundere-bug is one of the most proactive gods ever, she manualy takes part in every conflict in the world and she love hyumans like her own children, obviously she would be kind to “her children” while bringing genocide to “not her children” and Bichiki is human.
        So, some filthy human is trying to kill millions of hyumans in civil war to change world order while declaring that it is for the sake of reducing of discrimination of the filthy demihumans.
        How long will remain “docile” our tsundere? I guess from several hours to several weeks.
        p.s. big part of it will be a miscalculation of Bichiki, who is brainwashing young nobles instead of young nobles and young priests.

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    2. I repeat demons need bloody revenge and I ask you again do you know any conflict which end on half way? Demons already too long war and most of them want revenge who they lost and if it not end by win like Zef said then demons will shout about war and doesn’t matter where are they. Siri cannot connvince Zef she lost status and Zef will do what demon race wish.


  3. Why do people want Makoto to become something like a god of destruction?

    It’s like you are reading the story without actually learning anything…. or do you just want Makoto to be like other MC’s from other WN so badly?

    If Makoto were to become an enemy of that world or act like a god of destruction, Shiva won’t just sit back and watch.

    Do you remember what he told Makoto after he saved Sari? He said that Makoto did the right thing and that he should stay HUMAN.

    The only reason the gods are supporting Makoto is because of his personality and morals. The same reason some of you hate Makoto for.

    I think that some forget that Makoto stands in a position of neutrality.

    The more comments I read, the more I see people thinking of ways for Makoto to end the war or influence it somehow. Some even become frustrated because Makoto hasn’t done anything yet, but Makoto’s goal was never to end the war of participate in it. That was all Hibiki’s ideas that she revealed during their discussion and somehow people think that Makoto is the one trying to find a way to end the war, when it is clear that he doesn’t really care about it.

    Makoto just want to get back at the goddess.

    Now he is thinking about the aftermath his actions will bring and is thinking of a way to deal with it, but he still isn’t going to participate or try to end the war.

    He did propose migration to Zef, though, but he’s still not going out of his way to find a way to end the war.

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    1. Finally someone who gets it.Makoto is not the usual MC, he will never act like a Messiah or a hero trying to save everyone, he wants to sell his products and is largely uninterested in hyumans and demons.That might change if one of his friends is attacked.
      I think Tsige is going to drift away from Limia and that would turn into a reason for Makoto to attack hyumans.


  4. I think it’s possible to end the war just by proposing new lands to the demons, just by making better phrasing the idea, something like:

    ” I can give you lands which no hyumans nor Goddess may ever touch, allowing you to develop and live at your pace. How about it? “

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    1. Zef understood that already.. But as he said.. That would not quell the anger and hate welling inside their hearts.. Unless they spill hyuman blood.. They wouldn’t feel satisfied.. Yeah.. He’s kinda twisted..


    2. Zef clearly stated to makoto what the problem would be with that, as a race, the demons have been oppresed and treated as a lower and inferior race, that put the hatred circle pretty deep down, and in a state of war and near extintion, for simply giving them a better place to live, he would be giving them a favour but not one that erases the hate, zef clearly states, in such case, it would only work because the war reached a conclusion favorably for the demon side


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    it’s kinda mysterious…….

    also maybe because i can’t help but understand where you guy’s are coming from in you comments.

    also the character development of the mc might be a little fast but since it’s splendidly well done that i kinda can’t notice it if i don’t think it thoroughly, i might’ve missed it.
    but that just makes the overall impact to be great.

    and can someone tell me the total time that makoto has been in that world till this chapter?
    i can kinda guess but just to be sure pls.

    also thanks for the chapter reigokai-san.

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    1. And most of all, his thick Japanese smell is bothering me. It is already been two years since coming to this world. Even Tomoki who has created a harem, has changed quite a lot compared to his time in Japan, and even I am remembering my past and trying to bring out that old self. And yet, his natural state smells like that of a Japanese, at least on the outside. What’s going on? He is way too involved in this world to be evading reality. Just what kind of lifestyle did he live in order to turn out like this?) (Hibiki)

      Chapter 207


      1. Yes it have very toxic community with Hibiki haters which call her b*tch for any word she says, guys who want Makoto become a god, guys who want demons conquer humanity because they good guys, people who want extermination of hyumanity and a lot of people who discriminate hyumans.


      2. Most of us have already agreed that there is no ‘good’ side in this war. So you tell us, who do you think should win? The hyumans who have been using divine favor as an excuse to treat the Demi-humans as the trash of the world (at best), or the demons who are trying to change the world (whether or not what they will do once they win is better is something we can’t be certain of). Which of these options is the better one, oh Wise One? Personally, I think that at this point, any change is better than keeping the status que. But if you have a better opinion, I’d love to hear it.

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      3. coatl45 well i speak about persons who shouts that are “demons go fight hyumans and destroy them” but did they think what will happen if demons will win? For first i can say they for sure will kill rulers and nobility of each country for make sure hyumans will not organise and don’t attack which will lead to collapse all nations. Second for threat hyumans which beloeve in goddess they start genocide hyumanity and probably kill between 60-90 percent if entire populace and demons don’t fight with unfair, they fight for better future of their race and will willingly sit on hyumans bones and make them third sort race


      4. Yes, the nobility and the clergy will be eliminated if the demons win. As will the majority of the hyuman population. The vice versa is true as well, should the hyumans win over the demons. Whichever side wins, the surviving population of the losers will be facing slavery. This is what wars of conquest and survival are. Like I said, there’s no good side in this war. But I’m legitimately curious about who you support in this conflict, now. And yes, some of our community can be overzealous when it comes to voicing their opinions, but as long as they state their reasoning, I don’t think there’s a reason to call them overly toxic.

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      5. Dsahgf you know, calculating girl is not even close to backstabing bitch. And calling someone toxic for calling backstabing bitch – Bichiki is plain awfull…

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    Honestly if the author ended this with a small paragraph of welp mokato thought long and hard but couldn’t find any answers so he decided to round all the people he cared for put them all in asora and then sealed the gates to never be opened again the end ty for reading….At this point that ending would fit almost completely with his past actions an current mind set


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    ….I really miss old days where comments are so constructive and fun to discuss, without the pains of skimming through sea of eccentric opinions. Never thought this day will come.


  10. It’s always fun to see the disconnect between makoto and zef. If makoto focuses on a single , simple thing, zef considers a hundred difficult ones. So makoto’s intentions don’t even fall into zefs thought range, or perhaps it does but zef sees it as,’no way that can be true’… Anyway, I don’t know why, but I always imagine zef with a sweet, thin voice, though I know he’s a muscular ossan~ ty for the chapter!

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  11. So the Demons living in a land where they can grow and prosper without taking any losses, become stronger as a people won’t work? Makoto isn’t explaining the situation thoroughly enough. All the races in Asora are strong and the demons would become stronger too. Not up to Tomoe, Mio or Shiki’s level. But, with a million or two, with Asora’s power and training would be devastating to the Hyumans.


  12. Thanks for the chapter. After reading this I can only think that Zef and the other demons who want to continue the fighting will fight to the end. After they are gone then the Empire will invade the Kingdom. Things have become really complicated.


  13. Thank you Reigokai for the speedy translations. Although this chapter is not one that will be considered epic or remembered all time, this time we get to see Makoto learning and growing a little. Which is actually good character development.

    Also, “Good news, everyone.” (Read with Futurama’s Prof. Farnsworth voice).

    ** SPOILER**

    Truck-kun will be out of town for a week or so. Good news for you cause there’ll be no Truck to run over or hit you. Spoil as much as you want. If you want. I don’t care. I can’t.

    Actually, I’ll be thrown to the middle of the sea, at a place near the national sea border, so no Internet or modern life for a while. No, I’m dead serious here. I’ll be out of phone reach and no way to access Internet, what more to visit this site. I’ll be missing Reigokai’s translation and you guy’s toxic rants. For a while. Sniff…

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    Looks like it’s just me and you now, Mr. Wilson Volleyball…
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  14. Questioning the practicality and morality of common sense while measuring its worth in future terms is how modern civilization prospered(Too bad many took advantage of it and rode the waves).

    That aside I can see too many Loopholes on Sari becoming the 10 migrating demons’ master, It should at least be Ema or Komoe-chan.

    It is a good thing Makoto is a bad negotiator. Had he convinced Zef to have the ALL demons to migrate, sooner or later they will probably want more(ask Makoto to go to war) and take try advantage of him(which will get them extinct due to a certain spider).


    I do not like the possibility of a ‘Lelouch vi Britannia’ route ,it is so not Makoto (unless of course Season 3 proves that Lulu(Sunrise) is the biggest troll in anime history).


  15. I see.. Hate.. So its a grudge after all

    Hyuman didn’t consider if makoto on the demon side, that means they will go extinct! And bitchbiki only think about her battle without consider other feeling, just forcing her own ideal because she is hero, because she is the chosen one lol, forget about useless empire, he can’t event think with brain.

    Indeed, the war will end if the whole demon race move to asora, what left is war beetwen hyuman (that when bitchbiki realized how fool she is). With or without maoko on their side after war end there is only one race left, and the stupid bitchbiki will forcing to help the oppressed side in the end.


  16. Confession time: I don’t get why people bitch about Hibiki. She’s an A-type overachiever, She uses social-fu to make friends, and her power increases the more people see her as a hero (so, literally a popularity power).

    The worst thing about her is that she hates the demons, because she’s seen them kill people, and they’ve killed some of her friends. She even acknowledges this bias, much more cleanly than Makoto his own anti-hyuman bias.

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    1. People more so rip on Hibiki due to various reasons. For 1 obvious reason to get it out of the way that makes me and probably others throw her into trash category is that she believe the goddess is beneficial to that world when really that bug is not. The goddess is the main root of many problems in that world and more so stagnates it and everyone rather than provide them or the world anything good outside. The only good thing the goddess could be doing is that she is probably maintaining the world’s vitality to a degree but a crappy degree none the less.

      A huge reason was in previous chapters in which various people discussed her incredibly idealistic and dumbass view of the demons and the world and on to fix it. Firstly she believed the demons in order to survive and get up in life was to be enslaved and work their way up in hyuman society. There are various kinds of stupid in that statement and let me blunt that was a VERY STUPID IDEA. The demons were kicking Hyuman ass and the heroes were nearly killed on several occasions and then were saved by Makato. The idea the demons needed to bend the knee to the Hyumans is quite damn stupid if it were believed the Hyumans were in a superior position to do so. The only good thing the Hyumans have are numbers and the heroes and they still got their asses handed. Also anyone can see that if the demons were to be enslaved their numbers would be wiped out anyway sooner or later and their chances to get up in life were non existent so long as the goddess existed. Yet Hibiki proposed that stupid plan of hers and just went off saying that if they didn’t finish their equality plan MAYBE some saint Hyuman will later on. That is probably a big reason why she gets flak. She be an incredibly self righteous bitch.

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    2. I think the main reason she rubs me the wrong way is the combination of her attitude and actions.

      Specifically, she lacks a lot of perspective. There’s the bias towards demons you mentioned, but there’s also that “winner’s view” she has. Being an overachiever is one thing, but she essentially has no concept of “being unable to accomplish”. Sure, she’ll work hard and overcome obstacles, but whether or not she can overcome something is never a question to her.

      All this blends together to make her actions incredibly unfavorable to the “underdogs” (since she thinks they can just get out of their situation with hard work), sacrificing them for what she thinks is the greater good. You say she acknowledges her bias, but she still doesn’t do anything about it after acknowledging it, making self-awareness practically meaningless.

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    3. I won’t reiterate what ShadArkos and Psychronia said, but regarding Hibiki acknowledging her bias, knowing that what you’re doing is wrong, and still continuing to do it, does not diminish the wrongness of that act. In fact it makes it worse.

      It is sort of like the difference between manslaughter and murder.

      Before, when Hibiki just got there, it was sort of understandable that she would fight against the Demons. She only had information from one side of the conflict, and hadn’t adjusted to her new situation yet. But now that she understands the Demons better, and their situation… well, you get the point.

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    4. Basically she is like an avatar of american liberal democracy.
      USA 1900-1990 – propaganda + posing as a hero + brainwashing + setting up wars/civil wars + genocide + propaganda + no principles or morals + backstabing

      USA 1993-2017 USSR is dead, USA has the most power in the world –
      brainwashing + setting up civil wars + genocide + no principles or morals + backstabing + crushing/enslaving smaller countries when there is a hint of smell of profit or possibility of resisting their supremacy + almost no effort in propaganda or posing as a hero

      Bichiki now – propaganda + posing as hero + brainwashing + setting up civil wars + genocide + propaganda + no principles or morals + backstabing + plans of enslaving weaker ones + plans of backstabing on those who has possibility of resisting her supremacy

      p.s. this is the main reason of hating bichiki
      p.p.s. she uses magically enhanced charisma to make fanatical slaves and leeching money/influence from them instead of using social-fu to make friends.


  17. Aah ! I’m a bit late !

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAH ! What a romantic title !

    That Ikemou is as interesting as ever ! Too bad he still doesn’t have a POV. Well, he sure saiid fun things.

    And I wonder how Asora will react to these peaceful demons ? Though, I don’t think we’ll have much of informations about it.

    Well, thanks for your work !


  18. I wonder if makoto sees one of his aid die in front of him because of the war, would he still want to stop the war? He is so naive, loved one were already killed and hatred is already born, he cant understand that cause he haven’t experience it…


    1. You forgot that he lost Tomoe first clone (child) to Hyumans, and one of the high orcs as well wich he cares about as part of his kin. Even so he hasn’t joined the Demon’s side of the war and is sending aid to both hyumans and demon’s. So he migth still hold some preconcepted ideas but he is doesn’t have his head on the clouds and out of reality.


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