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LS – Chapter 324: Thus, put me down

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There may have been cases when I would begrudge my own lack of strength, but I would accept it by saying there’s uses for this as well. 

I can only curse my own weakness at the fact that I have had this sensation etched in my mind.

I could have stabbed him with more momentum if I had a bit more strength. If I had more technique, I could have moved my attention away from the stab, and I wouldn’t have had the leeway to send unnecessary information to my brain.

The sensation of piercing the skin, gouging the flesh, tearing the muscles, and pushing through the bone. 

I can remember it as many times as I want if I try and, even when I try to not remember it, it would show up in my mind on its own. 

“…Damn it.” 

I curse as I get my body up. 

There’s unpleasant sweat sticking to my back, and I could tell from how cold the air I was inhaling that my breathing was in disarray. 

Judging from the outside of the window being dark and the state of my body, I can assume it is 2 or 3 a.m. 

I try to move my body in the morning as much as possible, and tried to tire my body to forcefully make myself sleep, but it seems like I have more stamina now. 

That’s great, but I can’t feel happy here.

“I am parched…” 

I silently exited my room to drink water and go down the stairs while trying to not make any noise. 

I would like to not make them conscious about how I am waking up from nightmares, but all of the people in this house are battle experts. 

Leaving aside Rakura, Ilias and Wolfe would notice.

That said, if I were to go back to sleep and leave my throat in this parched state, I would definitely resume my nightmares. 

This isn’t my first or second time doing this, so I should consider getting a canteen or something. 

“Maybe even alcohol… No, that wouldn’t be good.” 

I was also using sleeping drugs when I came back from Taizu, but my body got used to them pretty quickly, and the amount I needed began to increase, so I decided to refrain from utilizing them. 

I have to avoid making the valuable medicine unusable in important moments when I am someone who has no mana.

I am drinking alcohol every other day, but the amount is so little it instead worsens my sleep. It might even make it worse by combining both the memories of Murshto and the torture of Zuccho. 

I can sleep soundly if I increase the amount, but I would end up showing my ashen face the next day to the others from a hangover.

It is something you get used to just like medicine, so I need to grasp the sweet spot even if I am to rely on it. 

“Nguh… Fuuh…” 

I pour water from the kitchen, gulp it all down, and take a deep breath. 

I don’t care what the process is. What’s important is to make big moves to make a mental switch and be aware of it.

I am not a robot, so I can’t really switch perfectly, but what’s important is to tell myself this is that kind of routine. 

Now then, let’s return to my room. 

My eyes are wide open now despite the hour, but I will probably get sleepy if I have Kutou illuminate the place lightly for me and I read a book. 

I don’t know if I will be able to wake up tomorrow morning, but they have allowed a bit of oversleeping since there’s no need to wake up early. 

“Shishou, you can’t sleep?” 


Someone spoke to me behind me and I ended up letting out a weird voice. 

It was when I exhaled completely, so it was at least not loud. 

When I looked back, there was Wolfe making a worried face. 

It is not her usual casual clothes, but the baggy one piece pajamas that Saira made for her. 

Her mana must have recovered from having slept, her white hair was shining faintly. 

Would she be mistaken as a ghost if seen from afar? 

There have been no such victims until now, so I can’t really say though.

“If possible, I would like you to make sounds that would make even a rookie notice…” 

“Ilias would wake up if I did that. I think she already is though.” (Wolfe)

I was thinking I might as well just learn stealth from Ekdoik, but it would be more cost efficient to just buy a canteen, so I leave it at that.

Now then, I have to at least take responsibility for worrying them and waking them up like this. 

Trying to deceive them here wouldn’t work, so let’s make it so it is beneficial for both sides.

“I had a bad dream, you see. I don’t think I will be able to sleep immediately, so I will be going outside to breathe in some outside air. You will be coming as well, right, Wolfe?” 

“Y-Yes!” (Wolfe)

I grabbed a bath towel, left the house together with Wolfe, and locked the door. 

There’s nothing aside from the light of the moon because of how late in the night it is. It is silent to a creepy degree. 

It is fine to have a walk in the night, but I would like to avoid someone from witnessing Wolfe shining by my side. 

And so, I pointed at the roof, had Wolfe carry me, and jumped on top of the roof. 

I spread out the bath towel, and sat down together with Wofle to watch the cityscape of Taizu illuminated by the moonlight. 

It is a pretty tasteful scenery thanks to my eyes getting used to the dark. 

“I should have brought some snacks or something.” 

“You would be scolded by Ilias.” (Wolfe)

“Haha, no doubt about it.” 

We are at a distance where our shoulders might touch.

We were both sleeping a moment ago, but my body has completely cooled down, and I could feel faint heat from Wolfe. 

Is it because Wolfe is a demi-human, or because my constitution has dropped now that I am old… Let’s say it is the former. 

The warmth of the mana I felt from the shining hair of Wolfe made me feel a bit grateful for how low the temperature of my body is. 

“Shishou…you are worried about my arms, aren’t you?” (Wolfe)

“Of course. Filled with guilt. I am thinking about how to negotiate with the Green Demon Lord to heal you. I am willing to face a somewhat unreasonable request without any qualms.” 

“…So you won’t hide it.” (Wolfe)

“I would if there was a point to. But don’t worry. I at least won’t negotiate with the Green Demon Lord unless you are willing to. He asked me about this the other day, but I refrained from negotiating with him then.” 

I haven’t seen her face, but I could feel like Wolfe was a bit relieved while watching the scenery by my side.

I mostly suffer from the mental side of things. 

I will end up relying on Ilias, Ekdoik, and the others, so I don’t want Wolfe to be reserved. 

But she saw my weakened state to a degree where she would be reserved.

I ended up making her regret it from having pushed myself -to the point where she would rather have her benefactor regain peace in his heart over getting both of her arms back.

“—I am sure I won’t wish for it in a lifetime.” (Wolfe)

“Good determination. Then, it will be a competition.” 

“…Competition?” (Wolfe)

“My objective for the foreseeable future is to make you say you want me to heal your arms and to please push myself for your sake.” 

I need to bring peace of heart to Wolfe for the sake of this. I just have to show her my healthy self to the point where her desire to not want me to push myself is overcome by her desire to not want me to be tormented by guilt. 

I still don’t know how to accomplish that, but it is not like it is an impossible task.

“It won’t be easy.” (Wolfe)

“Maybe. But I don’t think it is a bad objective.” 

I wrap my arm around Wolfe’s shoulders and hug her gently. I pat her head lightly.

Wolfe has been refraining from skinship with me after she had devils as artificial arms.

Gold came to our place yesterday, had fun together with Rakura, and let me brush her tail.

Wolfe would normally get competitive, but she only watched her in envy at that time.

Even if she can freely move her artificial arms, she can’t feel the sensations from both hands. She probably didn’t want to be made aware of that when I touched her. 

This is an unfair action towards the resolve of Wolfe. 

It shakes her heart, makes her waver, and will make her suffer… But this is a necessary action for the sake of creating the best end result for the both of us. 

“…That’s sly.” (Wolfe)

“Don’t think you will be winning easily… It should be about time we go to sleep.” 

It is also a pretty embarrassing thing. 

I get chills just from thinking about the possibility of other people seeing this scene. 

Aah, but the devils that serve as the artificial arms of Wolfe might report to Purple. 

Can I win them over somehow…?

“I want to…stay awake for a bit longer.” (Wolfe)

“Okay… Next time, let’s make some snacks before going up.” 

“As I said, we would get scolded.” (Wolfe)

“Isn’t that fine? Let’s get scolded together.” 

“…Okay.” (Wolfe)

Well, I plan on getting Rakura dragged into it too and making things hazy though.

I can manipulate Rakura easily after all.


My friend came to the castle with the Gold Demon Lord in tow. 

She apparently came here to take a break because Gahne has calmed down, so she brought him here while at it. 

“I wouldn’t want to entertain you even while doing something else though.” (Marito)

“Kaah, even your attitude is similar to Green. You really can’t fight blood.” (Gold)

“I have already come to terms with the Green Demon Lord a long time ago though.” (Marito)

“What.” (Gold)

She is eating the pastries made by the wife of someone else without reservation, so she is worse in nature compared to the Green Demon Lord in that sense. 

No, it is fine if it is my friend. 

In the first place, it is because my friend taught Ruko the recipe that my break time has become an even more enjoyable one. 

“And so, the fact that you came here without even Lady Ratzel and Wolfe-chan means that there’s a worrying matter?” (Marito)

“Kinda. I had to show you something. Gold, can you use your Ruling?” 

“Wait a moment. You are planning on bringing me to the simulated world created by that Demon Lord?” (Marito)

It is not like I am not interested at all, but it is not like he doesn’t understand the dangers of being taken into the world of a Demon Lord. 

The reality is that she managed to completely dominate a Great Devil that was far stronger than her by using her power as a Demon Lord. 

“I don’t really want to, but this is a request from Ser…” (Gold)

“Don’t worry. If Gold does something suspicious, Haiya will cut off her head.” 

“I am the one that’s worried to a degree where the hairs of my tail would fall though.” (Gold)

“…Haiya, will you save me if anything happens?” (Marito)

I observe the Gold Demon Lord who is hurriedly preparing as I talk to Haiya who is behind me, and he undoes his invisibility magic and shows himself. 

That appearance of his that’s like an older Yugura really gives off a strange pressure. 

“I have never done that before, so I can’t guarantee it though. As such, allow me to confirm it a bit… Fumu fumu… Aah, I see. This is how it works. Yes, I can save you without issues.” (Haiya)

“Don’t just analyze this one’s power like nothing. Well, it is most likely not that difficult for ya as a substitute for Yugura. He did manage to teach it to a village girl after all.” (Gold)

“I understand it, but it is a bit difficult to replicate. This power has some sort of core embedded into the person. It is most likely a support device to help out in the weaving of the spell.” (Haiya)

I see.

This has cleared up one question of mine. 

The Demon Lords were original residents of this world to begin with, so no matter how much tutelage they had under Yugura, I found it hard to accept that they could obtain transcendent power…

“No, wait. If we utilize this theory, we might be able to understand the concept of the spell itself…” (Marito)

“Just to answer you beforehand, that’s most likely not possible. It is a measure that utilizes the special mana of Demon Lords, so I don’t think it can be used by normal people.” (Haiya)

“I see. That’s great to hear.” (Marito)

If that was possible, it is clear that all nations would want the power of Ruling. 

That in itself is on the lighter side. But it wouldn’t be good for the world if they were to obtain the means to get inhumane powers like Enticement and Annihilation. 

The Prosperity of the Green Demon Lord is enticing, but it would be best for humans to live as humans. 

“Are ya done with yer chatting? Come on, prepare.” (Gold)

“You say prepare, but is there the need to do something?” (Marito)

“Yer consciousness flies away the moment ya touch this one. If ya want yer face to get smashed onto the table just like that, I can allow that though.” (Gold)


I silently take a cushion from the sofa and place it on the table to prepare so that I can fall at any moment. 

After confirming this, my consciousness flew away for an instant the moment the Gold Demon Lord touched my arm. 

I got back to my senses and looked around. 

I was not in my office but a spacious room. My friend is also in front of me. 

“…This is the Gahne Castle, huh.” (Marito)

“Umu, this is the center after all.” (Gahne)

There’s a small Gold Demon Lord floating right by my side. 

I try to grab her head for now. 

Hooh, I heard about it before, but it is pretty well made.

“Nuwaah! Let gooo!” (Gold)

“Marito, your face is looking like something that couldn’t be shown to Ruko.” 

“Oops. Someone hateful suddenly showed up in a weakened state after all.” (Marito)

“I don’t know about being shown the sight of you trying to twist them as if checking the strength of a doll’s neck…By the way, if you try to break it, it will just be judged as an attack and you will just phase through.” 

“So you tried.” (Marito)

“Kinda. When I had free time.” 

Well, this is the world of the Gold Demon Lord. 

It would be better to assume we can’t make the Gold Demon Lord suffer here. 

I let go of the miniature Gold Demon Lord and she floated her way to my friend to escape. 

She is a bit teary, but my friend told me that body doesn’t have any substance. 

“I-I lowered my guard…” (Gold)

“Ah, so you are inside.” 

“I wouldn’t have anything to do in the real world anyways, so I moved my mind to the clone! To think ya would try to break my neck without hesitation. Are there only barbarians in Taizu?!” (Gold)

What a terrible accusation, but Lady Ratzel apparently slashed at her, and Mix and Wolfe-chan tried to punch her. 

It is painful that I can’t deny it. 

My friend opened the book that the Gold Demon Lord brought out and is tracing its surface. 

“Let’s move then. Can you link my operations with Marito’s?” 

“Umu. I have.” (Gold)

“Well then, let’s go a bit below the clouds.” 

“Eh, wai—” 

My view changed before I could ask. 

I would have definitely panicked if this had been the first time I saw this sight. 

This sight is almost the same as the drawing of Kayle when he was flying together with my friend before, so that means we are far above the Gahne Castle. 

I don’t know at all what’s the logic behind us floating, but it seems like we are floating in the sky right now. 

“Yer far less surprised than I thought.” (Gold)

“We moved through Gahne when we were heading to the Taizu Nether when taking a detour to the Black Demon Lord Killer Mountain. Kayle must have drawn the scenery of that time.” 

“Yeah. Being shown the real deal makes me want to treat Kayle to something.” (Marito)

“I feel like he would be on the verge of crying just for being treated like your little brother, so keep it moderate, okay?” 

Ruko is one thing, but the standing of Kayle has also become a pretty complicated one. 

The king he has pledged his loyalty to is the husband of his sister after all. 

I have told Lord Leano to not give him special treatment with his will in mind, but it is true that he has begun to stand out. 

He may look weak, but his strength of will doesn’t lose to that of Ruko. 

It is to the point where I have even begun to think that I might as well just entrust him to Barastos to solve this issue. 

“And so, what do ya want to do by moving so high up? Ya can’t even operate the internal affairs satisfactorily from all the way here, ya know?” (Gold)

“A bit higher up.” 

My vision moved higher and higher. We are now so far up that it is hard to see Gahne. 

I can even see the forest of Taizu if I look a bit to the west. 

It is not like I am bad with heights, but I would be a goner if I were to fall from this high. 

There’s some strange unease because my head understands this.

“Just how far—” (Marito)

We finished moving before I could finish these words. 

Somewhere far beyond the clouds. I already can’t even discern the shape of the Gahne Castle. 

The only thing I can see are the 6 major countries and their adjacent Nethers. 

“It seems like the position where you can see the whole picture of this continent is the limit, you see. I thought it would be faster to explain if I were to show this.” 

“Yeah, I do think it is an incredible sight. Am I not the first human resident of this world to see this sight?” (Marito)

“This one saw it before though.” (Gold)

“You are a Demon Lord. And so, what is it you wanted to talk about?” (Marito)

“You can see the ocean, right?” 

My friend told me this and I looked at the direction where the ocean is.

The edges of the continent are all ocean. 

But there’s nothing that really bothers me here though.

“I can see it…” (Marito)

“Can you see what’s ahead?” 

“No, I can only see the ocean. Is there something?” (Marito)

“No. Nothing at all. Not even an end to the ocean.” 

The end of the ocean? 

What is my friend saying…? No, that’s not it. The weird one is me. 

Why didn’t I think of this before? 

This sight is way too unnatural. 

If nothing exists ahead of the ocean, just what’s the shape of this world? 

Calm down. Isn’t it just that the range of influence of this Ruling is limited to this continent? 

The reality is that ahead of this ocean—my thoughts are all scrambled. 

This is clearly not my usual self. 

I have had this feeling before. 

This is…

“—The words of your own country. It resembles the time when I tried to learn Japanese. The simple symbols didn’t enter my head for some reason, and I couldn’t recognize them. When I try to think of what’s ahead of the ocean, I feel like I am under the same influence… Could it be…?” (Marito)

“Exactly. The residents of this world are being influenced in some manner and have become unable to show interest in what’s on the other side of the ocean.” 

The other side of the ocean. 

My thoughts grew hazy when I tried to think about this. 

This is certainly weird. 

I was actually shown the sight of the ocean and noticed this question, and yet… No, I am barely registering this abnormality.

“You… What did you do in Serende?” (Marito)

“About that—” 

— [Warning. You have exceeded the amount of information a resident of this world should know. Warning, You have exceeded the amount of information a resident of this world should know. End the connection at once and eliminate the pertaining memories.]

A female voice resonates in my mind directly. 

I don’t remember having heard this voice before, but I know what this voice is. 

This is apparently the voice I heard when we were trying to call the Colorless Demon Lord…

“Give me a break. It is already a troublesome situation as it is. Don’t increase my wo—uo?! S-Scary!” 

Ah, he is here. 

This Colorless Demon Lord is scared of heights, huh.

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