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LS – Chapter 323: Thus, punched

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“Nfufu! This one is back after a while! Made ya wait!” (Gold)

“We were not waiting for you one bit, and didn’t call you either, you know?” (Purple)

“Or more like, hasn’t she been banished?” (Blue)

“Aren’t ya being horrible?” (Gold)

Their distance that allows them to be able to hurl insults at each other is nice, but it is sad for the merry one to get hammered down.

I was invited by Purple to come to the villa to have a meal, so Gold showed up when I wandered around and went there.

Let’s not worry about whether this is the main body or a clone.

“Is Gahne fine already? Didn’t you say the internal affairs got pretty bad after you revealed to your people that you are a Demon Lord in the matter of Scarlet?” (Blue)

“Umu, the support lowered, the bunch that are aiming for the throne are coming in droves and harassing this one, and a whole ton of other annoyances. But this one has already safely wrapped it up for now.” (Gold)

“I see. The reason may lie in people like me and Purple, but the reputation of Demon Lords should be the worst.” (Blue)

“Right. To be blunt, this one is the saint of ya people. This one has done nothing.” (Gold)

“Even if you glare at us reproachfully now… But I am impressed you managed to solve it.” (Blue)

This world has had its story arranged by Yugura Nariya.

Putting a hand on the forbidden that is resurrection magic, turned the Demon Lords into the common enemy, and created peace by utilizing the grudge and hatred of it.

The reality is that no big war happened after Yugura Nariya created the 6 major countries.

There would often be small countries like Supine that separated internally from differences in opinions, and small conflicts would happen, but these 6 major countries would maintain the peace.

However, Gold is a Demon Lord; a being that is commonly hated by the world.

There will obviously be a lot of people who would try to move in the shadows to eliminate her after discovering her identity.

You would need a method to shut up that bunch while you continue being their king.

“This one was doing a whole lot of stuff while ya people were getting all heated up in Torin and Serende. I have covered the inside and outside.” (Gold)

“You had King Zenotta and the Tarma King help out, right?”

“Umu. Taizu also helped out a bit.” (Gold)

No matter the identity, Gold is still the king of Gahne.

You would need the appropriate amount of power to pull such a person out from the throne.

There’s a limit to brute force.

The Gahne Castle is basically like a Nether for her. There’s no powerhouse in Gahne that can kill her when she is in the Gahne Castle.

They are facing a Demon Lord to begin with. A being that has been feared in history.

There’s no idiot who would rely on the forces of Gahne that she has a complete grasp on.

They would need to pull in legendary figures like Lord Ragudo and Gradona, but those types of people are already under other countries.

Then, how will they get rid of her?

The answer is simple.

They just have to prove that Gold is unnecessary for Gahne.

No one acknowledges Gold as the king. If they manage to create a situation like that, a king won’t be able to continue ruling no matter how outstanding they are.

There’s nobles of Gahne that are trying to make that happen by guiding the flow of soldiers and citizens. The fact that they were trying to draw in the soldiers as well is a show of how much they underestimated Gold and thought that she wouldn’t be taking any drastic measures.

However, this also stemmed from the fact that the person herself was trying to settle things peacefully, so let’s not criticize this.

But the mistake they made was that this guiding of theirs went far worse than they anticipated.

Her title as Gold of Ruling is not just for show.

— “I don’t mind if ya don’t acknowledge this one as yer king. However, prepare a replacement for this one that can be acknowledged by the others. If ya can, I will happily give away the throne.” (Gold)

Her making this condition public already by the time she revealed her identity was a big deterrent for their actions.

Even if they have a justified reason like ‘She is a Demon Lord, so she isn’t fit to be our king’, they couldn’t prepare a replacement for her.

The opinions of the public were divided in half, and the instigators couldn’t lead the populace like they wanted.

They didn’t give up though.

That’s because they were certain that they would be able to increase their allies steadily.

If the opinion of the populace continues being split, the ones who are mentally exhausted will seek solace, and will end up swaying to one side.

That’s more beneficial for the attackers that are the nobles than the receiver.

That’s why Gold decided to place weight onto her own side before the opinions of the populace turned against her favor.

“I had the other major countries support the current government before the support of the populace lowered completely. If the countries acknowledge me by saying ‘She is the appropriate person to be the king of Gahne’, the nobles can’t just continue ignoring that opinion.” (Gold)

Even if they get rid of Gold and a new king rules, the major countries around won’t be happy by that result.

That reality must have been a big factor to destroy their momentum heavily.

Even merchants would make sour faces if their business partners that are involved greatly in the benefit of the nation were to show displeasure.

If the public learns that the other countries acknowledge her, they would have a new factor to take into consideration.

If they are made conscious of the practicality more than the tales of the past, it is natural that the justification that ‘she is a Demon Lord’ will weaken.

“It obviously wasn’t free though. I have made a deal with them to use this one’s Ruling when they are planning on implementing new political measures.” (Gold)

“A ticket for assured success is cheating after all.”

In the first place, who the king of a country is is of low priority for the king of other countries. What’s important is whether that person will be beneficial to their own country.

“Did you not negotiate with Mejis and Serende?” (Blue)

“It seems like there’s going to be a new king of Serende after all. I plan on negotiating with them eventually. As for Mejis… They are busy doing their own thing, so cutting off their escape route would just be…” (Gold)

Nuphsa prioritizes practicality over everything. He would have no qualms using whatever it is even if is a Demon Lord in order to bring Serende back to its feet.

But Mejis won’t be as simple.

The justification that ‘She is a Demon Lord’ is far stronger in Mejis whose center is the Yugura Church after all.

The reality is that they have been divided in two factions: the faction of Pope Euparo that has formed an armistice with the Demon Lords, and a part of the Archbishops who are insisting they must continue being antagonistic towards them.

No matter how beneficial it may be, if Pope Euparo was to support Gold, the opposition towards that inside the country might reach unmanageable levels that overturn the benefits of it.

Even if so, the authority of Pope Euparo wouldn’t be lost.

According to what I heard, the representative of the Anti-Euparo faction nominated Archbishop Ukka as the next pope.

I understand how they feel.

There’s no one who can match Pope Euparo within their ranks, so the only avenue they can attack from is connections.

When it comes to that, Archbishop Ukka who has gathered most of the assets in the Yugura Church and excels in interpersonal connections looks extremely appealing.

But the fatal point is that Archbishop Ukka is strongly on the Euparo faction.

Archbishop Ukka respects Pope Euparo as a person more than the teachings of the Yugura Church.

It is almost impossible for the Anti-Euparo faction to hold political power.

It might have been another case if Archbishop Seraes were alive though.

There’s one other reason why Gold didn’t bring Mejis into this.

The escape route for the people in Gahne that are strongly dependent on the Yugura Church.

Even if the major countries are supporting Gold one after the other, there will always be opposition.

It would be more beneficial for the future if they were to be allowed to run away to Mejis, rather than forcefully holding those people down.

“But the nobles must have been pretty persistent.”

“I filled up their outer moat, so they got docile after I had them experience the power of Ruling for a bit.” (Gold)

Aah, that certainly is unfair.

For them to take away the throne of Gold in a state where the outside is blockaded would be to fulfill the conditions that she proposed.

They would have a chance if they could prepare a human king even if that person is a bit inferior to her.

But the power of Ruling is a transcendent power that was prepared by Yugura Nariya.

The difference isn’t small.

They could only be at a loss if they were to witness that.

“You are really playing that Demon Lord card well.”

“Nfufu! I am a Demon Lord after all. I have to properly show them the wall they have to climb. How’s that? This one has nailed the strategies that ya might have thought of, Ser.”

“Yeah, nicely done, nicely done.”

She got on top of my lap, and I used the brush on the tail of Gold who is making a smug face.

I only praise someone who wants to be praised when they have truly worked hard, and this would be such a case.

“It seems like ya also worked hard, so you can enjoy this one’s tail as much as ya want!” (Gold)

“I will overlook this today, but I would like you to not scatter hair in my house, you know?” (Purple)

“You’ve had it rough, huh. I don’t know if it is the time for shedding, but a lot of it is falling…the hair on your tail.”

“W-…What did ya say…?” (Gold)

I show her the hair that’s stuck on the brush. Gold is making the most serious face she has had today.

My condolences.

“By the way, Gold said she nailed a plan like yours, but how would you have dealt with things?” (Purple)

“They are a bunch that want real power for their own self-interest, right? Then, just do something that would make them give up their self-interest for power.”

They are different from the bunch of the Anti-Euparo faction that want to get rid of the Demon Lords as enemies.

Breaking the heart of a mere bunch that drools at a justified cause wouldn’t require negotiation with the kings of other nations.

It wouldn’t be that difficult to calm down the citizens that are being swayed by the moment once the ones who were influencing them are gone.

“So it seems, Demon Lord-sama?” (Purple)

“…Looks like this one was more humane than I thought…” (Gold)

“Even though you are a Demon Lord.”


The battle in Serende is over, and I returned to the place of Bro Gestaf.

I wanted to say a farewell to Brother, but Brother suffered greatly because of that bastard Murshto, and he said that he is in the middle of recovering his heart, so it can’t be helped.

“Haakudoku, where do I carry these materials?”

“Those are tools, right? It is the shed over there. I will carry it, Smythos.” (Haaku)

“Don’t speak nonsense. There’s no way I would let a one armed man carry baggage even if I am a woman.” (Smythos)

I can’t move the right arm I got from Bro well because that damn Murshto blew up my right shoulder in that battle.

I have entrusted my right arm to the Purple Demon Lord, and it has been worked on so that it can be connected all the way to the shoulder.

Wolfe has lost both arms just like me, but she is apparently utilizing arms that don’t require a core like Bro.

You can’t make your own mana flow in it. It is almost unusable in battle, but that apparently makes it easier to do adjustments.

I have to make this country great together with Bro Gestaf.

Brother has a lot of enemies as an ally of the Demon Lords. I would like to have an arm that has high specs even if it is a bit more difficult to wield.

Well, there’s no way I would be careless with the hand of Bro though.

“Heave-ho. Is this place fine?” (Smythos)

“Yeh, thanks for the help. Speaking of which, where’s Komiha?” (Haaku)

“Komiha is looking after the children. She is doing all of the work so that she can slack off when Ekdoik comes.” (Smythos)

“—That’s a bit unexpected. You reunited with Ritial, so I thought for sure that you would go with them.” (Haaku)

“There’s no way I would abandon the children.” (Smythos)

“You should know they will be okay after spending time together with Bro, right?” (Haaku)

Bro Gestaf definitely wouldn’t do something like being rough with the children.

Smythos and the others should have been able to tell that clearly since they were working under Bro.

We have finished replenishing our numbers with understanding people to a certain degree.

There’s no need to worry about the Illegitimate even without those two.

If they are thinking purely about the future of the Illegitimate, there should be a lot more they can do if they return to the place of Ritial.

“About that, Gestaf-san is a good person even if it is not on the level of Ritial-sama. That’s why we thought about seriously helping out. This country is trying their best so that there won’t be discrimination. This will become a good country that will extend their hand not only to demi-humans but also Illegitimate. It is a good job in our eyes.” (Smythos)

“I agree with everything about Ritial aside from his opinion.” (Haaku)

“That’s the difference between the people that picked us up. I have no intention to argue about that. Well, my superior isn’t bad, so I have no grievances. Ah, I am talking about Ekdoik when referring to a superior.I am not talking about the sadist that likes to twist the knife on old wounds  with a smile on his face, okay?” (Smythos)

“O-Okay.” (Haaku)

If Smythos had more opportunities to interact with Brother, I feel like she could get attached to him to a certain degree though…

It is not like they are in a relationship that’s too connected anyways, so there’s no need for me to worry about it.

“More importantly, how about worrying about yourself rather than me?” (Smythos)

“Me? My right arm will come back as new eventually, you know?” (Haaku)

“No, I am talking about the two there.” (Smythos)

Masetta and Tsudwali were silently hanging the sheets of the residence in the direction where Smythos pointed with her chin.

That was originally my job, but I can’t hang them nicely with this arm, so Masetta ended up having to do it in my stead, but…even Tsudwali, who showed up for some reason, said she would do it as well.

“It is impressive. The air of that place alone is burning. Can’t they get along a bit better?” (Haaku)

“It is your fault.” (Smythos)

After I was defeated by Murshto in Serende, I carried Masetta and continued walking, and managed to encounter Ritial and his group.

I lowered my head and begged them to please save Masetta, and Ritial easily accepted that request of mine.

After that, Tsudwali brought me and Masetta to a safe place, and we were healed without issues so it didn’t reach a serious situation.

But for some reason, Tsudwali was strangely thorny towards Masetta, and their relationship ended up stormy as if Masetta reacted to this as well.

“Even if you tell me it is my fault… Masetta was on the verge of dying because I was weak, and I also feel bad because Tsudwali lost her opportunity to be of help to Ritial…” (Haaku)

“No, that’s not it. You… Do you not remember what you said in front of Tsudwali and Ritial-sama?” (Smythos)

“Wa? Did I say something weird? …‘I don’t care whatever happens to me. Please save her’ -is what I think I said.” (Haaku)

“…You also said: ‘She is more important than anything’!” (Smythos)

Aah, I think I said that but I am not sure. Well, it is not a lie.

Masetta tried to save me without caring about her own life.

If Masetta hadn’t stood up in front of Murshto, I would have died.

“I wouldn’t be able to hold my head up if Masetta had died. I was thinking about prioritizing her above everything to save her, but…was that bad?” (Haaku)

“…Alright. Forget about it. This is way too much of a hassle. I can already tell that you are also dense beyond salvation. I don’t have the time to be taking care of other people.” (Smythos)

“O-Okay…? Well, I just have to work hard, right? …Well then, I guess I will invite those two to drinks.” (Haaku)

“Alright, I will look after you. That’s why, please let me punch you once.” (Smythos)

“O-Oka—befuh?!” (Haaku)

I thought drinking at the same table would be great to get along better though.

Also, I felt as if the punch of Smythos not only had anger towards me but also a personal emotion mixed in it.


Author: This is an aside, but everyone except Haakudoku has noticed the feelings of Tsudwali after she went out of her way to come to the place of Haakudoku.

Masetta has also noticed it, so they are in a dicey atmosphere even when she saved their lives.

That said, Haakudoku himself has taken the words of Tsudwali seriously when she said: ‘If you don’t treat your life well, I will kill you’, so he is viewing her as a rival.

This guy is all about that bromance after all.

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