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LS – Chapter 322: Thus, redo

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I watch the string be washed by the river and get swallowed by the warmth of the sunlight.

I have fished a number of times in Japan, but the me of that time probably would have never thought of enjoying fishing by choice in this manner.

“Mister Friend, have you caught any?” (Mix)

“Mix, huh. Well, little by little. The rivers in this world are all clean aside from the ones close to volcanoes, so it is great that there are a lot of fishes.”

“Hohoh. These are certainly not bad catches. By the way, who in the world is that person on his knees there…?” (Mix)

Ilias, Rakura, and Ekdoik are on their knees behind me.

Mix would have wanted to ignore them if possible, but she probably couldn’t continue ignoring the gazes that were directed at her.

“The 3 of them began to do excessive fishing by utilizing swords, magic, and chains, instead of utilizing a fishing rod, you see. I am having them sit on their knees as punishment until the clothes that are hung up over there and ended up drenched for some ‘mysterious reason’ have dried up completely by natural means.”

“So that’s the reason you are wearing the coat of Ekdoik-dono, and Ekdoik-dono is wearing a chainmail he made himself, huh… Leaving aside Rakura-dono, just what are Lady Ratzel and Ekdoik-dono doing…” (Mix)

“My apologies. We were provoked by Rakura and ended up doing that…” (Ilias)

“Sorry. Rakura provoked us and we just…” (Ekdoik)

“Rakura-dono…” (Mix)

“They have already scolded my ears off, so please leave me be…” (Rakura)

Rakura has been living her life with her Eyes of Blindness sealed since the matter in Serende.

Her eyesight has lowered drastically because of it, and it is in a state where even stuff like glasses cannot correct it.

Her daily life would be affected negatively without someone always by her side, but it was a justified injury, so she is having a paid vacation by the Yugura Church.

The person herself is enjoying it to a decent degree since she can get pampered by someone, and she is getting ahead of herself more than normal.

I normally wouldn’t be able to come out strongly because I was part of the reason, but she seems to want to get scolded, so I am being merciless on that front too.

I understand this is Rakura’s way of being considerate, but I don’t know about causing trouble for that.

By the way, Masetta-san has also been given a vacation.

She has already recovered from her injuries, so she is currently helping out in the work of Gestaf in the Kuama Nether together with Haakudoku.

They are leaving the mission of keeping surveillance on us to Melia alone, but Maya-san is also present when we are taking a break in Taizu anyways.

“And so, it is not like you went out of your way to just check out our fishing, right?”

“It is mainly that I wanted to see you, Mister Friend. A message from Purple-dono: The Green Demon Lord will be coming to Taizu soon.” (Mix)

“I see. Then, we have to go to the Taizu Castle, huh. Ekdoik, please dry my clothes.”

The Green Demon Lord told us to show ourselves as soon as we returned to Taizu, but it seems like one of the Demon Lords told him that we want to take a break.

And so, it ended up with ‘I will go to you the next time I wake up’.

He is most likely not someone the others would like to meet. But I do have things I would like to tell him.

“I have dried them, Comrade. By the way, Mix, why did the Purple Demon Lord leave the message to you?” (Ekdoik)

“Purple-dono is helping out in the research of Nora-dono. I was designated for this job since I have nothing to do. Is something bothering you?” (Mix)

“Blue is also there, so I thought Belard would have been a faster choice since she can fly.” (Ekdoik)

“Belard-dono showed firm determination to help out Ruko-dono in baking pastries-desu zo.” (Mix)

“Gugugeguderstaf also liked them. Could it be that all devils are unexpectedly gourmets?” (Ekdoik)

The reason why Dyuvuleori doesn’t fuzz much about food despite having a specialized tongue is…probably because he doesn’t want to give his opinion about the cooking of Purple that he ate before.

Purple’s cooking is now at a pretty high level, so it would benefit him more to just be honest though.

We headed to the castle and showed up in the office of Marito, and there was Barastos clinging onto Marito and throwing a tantrum.

“Come on~! Give him to me~! I want Kayle~! That boy isn’t against the idea anyways, so isn’t it fine?!” (Barastos)

“I said to not ask me! Solve your problems with Kayle himself!” (Marito)

“But~! That boy has no intention of quitting this place! Come on, you just have to cut him off in a jiffy with a royal order!” (Barastos)

This really isn’t something that fits a Great Sage, but people who excel at something normally have strong personal traits in some way.

On the contrary, you could say that her being this honest to her own desires is a point that made her reach the realm of a Great Sage though.

“Oh, my friend. Can you say something to this woman too?” (Marito)

“Even if you ask me that… Hey, Barastos, is there really a need for Kayle to quit being a knight?”

“That boy has no talent in the sword anyways! If he has the time to swing his sword, I would rather he draw me~!” (Barastos)

She really just says what she wants to say.

I feel like Kayle would have let out a dry laugh if he were here.

But the reason why Barastos is relying on Marito instead of the person himself must be because she couldn’t persuade Kayle himself and raised the white flag.

The fact that she thought it would be easier to persuade the Wise King over him really makes me realize he is the little brother of Ruko.

“I think it is important for both parties to reach a consensus though. The path of a knight is an aspiration of Kayle after all.”

“Boo. Isn’t it fine? If he becomes mine, I will give him my everything anyways.” (Barastos)

“The sight of him working hard for his ambitions isn’t bad either, right?”

“That doesn’t matter when compared to the eyes he directs at me when drawing me!” (Barastos)

Alright, let’s give up.

If I step in any further, I will definitely get dragged into this.

Kayle will be choosing the path he wants and the one troubled would be Marito who is being pestered.

Let’s go with non-interference.

“My friend, I feel the strong desire to abandon me in that face of yours.” (Marito)

“I am glad we are so in sync. More importantly, the Green Demon Lord is coming, right? Have you finished your preparations in that matter?”

“I don’t feel like preparing a welcome for a guy like that.” (Marito)

That’s truly unlike a wise king, but with a guy that has the same face, same voice, and same likes, the narcissism of small differences must be pretty strong with him.

It is not like he hasn’t done anything. Ruko is baking pastries to welcome him, but it seems like that is instead fanning his jealousy.

Ruko also can’t be rude towards the Green Demon Lord who is the spitting image of Marito, moreover, an ancestor of the Taizu royalty. Also, it may be a negotiation, but she understands that the Green Demon Lord saved the life of a certain someone.

Basically, Ruko is acting more of an adult towards the Green Demon Lord than Marito himself.

“Eh, the Green Demon Lord is coming? I want to see him too!” (Barastos)

“You would just get on his nerves… Wait, that’s not a bad idea. I allow you to be present.” (Marito)

This man…is letting her participate just for the sake of annoying the Green Demon Lord.

He is sure the Green Demon Lord would get annoyed since he himself is also annoyed.

Is that fine with you, Wise King?

Depending on the situation, the current strongest Demon Lord will be our enemy, you know?

But my worries were ignored and Barastos went off to Kayle who coincidentally passed by.

She is truly a whimsical Great Sage.

And so, the Green Demon Lord appeared together with Niruryates while we were making preparations.

The Green Demon Lord with the face of a Marito that’s always in a bad mood, and Niruryates who seems to be over the moon.

A master and servant with such contrasting vibes is pretty…wait, it is similar to Gold and Ludfein-san, huh.

“Looks like you managed to rest a bit.” (Green)

“Thanks to you. You waited an awful lot for someone that told us to show our faces as soon as we come back.”

“Who do you think I am? Are you telling me there’s someone who knows the worth of rest more than me?” (Green)

It is strangely convincing when a Demon Lord that sleeps years on end says it. I do think he sleeps too much though.

“You sleep too much.” (Marito)


“When you get on my level, you can do your job in your sleep without moving a single limb. Don’t put me on the same level as primitive humans who still grab brushes and use parchments.” (Green)

“Uwah, I am a bit jealous of that. You know, I am often scolded for working until late at night.”

“My friend…” (Marito)

“You are a human, so work in a human way. I can at least tell you the method if you become a Demon Lord.” (Green)

“Can you not invite my friend to the path of the inhuman?” (Marito)

Listening to the conversation of these two alternatively feels as if I am watching a solo play, and it numbs my brain a bit.

Maybe I should make Marito wear a mask or something.

“—First, I shall thank you for the matter of Nektohal. I have certainly received the payment for healing you.” (Green)

“A dangerous individual still has a part of the resurrection magic’s research results though.”

“The man that leads the Illegitimate, Ritial Zentry, huh. It is this world’s duty to face the Illegitimate that continue being born in this world. It is not something to be shackled by.” (Green)

“It is not like I shouldn’t get involved in it, right?”

“Right. If you want to, I can at least give you leeway.” (Green)

The observer that exists to maintain this world inside the laws of it. That’s the duty the Green Demon Lord gave to himself.

This Demon Lord that has given up on humanity but can’t abandon them must trust this world in some part of his heart.

Now then, the deal we had is now over, so this is a good opportunity to open up a new deal, but…let’s not do that for now.

Wolfe and Rakura want to care for my mental state more than healing their own wounds, so I plan on acknowledging that desire of theirs.

“I see. Thanks.”

“…I have also heard about the battle this time around. The Illegitimate that you are managing has lost both of her arms. Why are you not negotiating with me about that?” (Green)

“It is not like you will do it for free, right?”

“Obviously. A negotiation can only be established when both sides can provide something of equal worth.” (Green)

“There will be people who will feel pain in their hearts more than me if I push myself to prepare that thing that’s of equal worth.”

“…I see. I am willing to stand present at least if you have a worthwhile trade. Do your best to recover.” (Green)

This conversation wasn’t such a good one for the Green Demon Lord either.

But I managed to reconfirm that he is similar to Marito, but is also a Demon Lord at core, so let’s be happy with just that.

“Yeah, I hope we will have a good negotiation at that time, Green Demon Lord.”

“You can just call me Green. I can get back at Gold and the others with that.” (Green)

“Okay. They will surely make sour expressions.”

Marito and Niruryates are already making incredible faces there, but let’s not touch on that.

“I will be changing the topic here, but about the mana of the Black Demon Lord that’s inside you… It seems like you are managing it well.” (Green)

“After I noticed the patterns, yeah. I don’t want to see the dreams of someone else, so I am dealing with them every now and then.”

The Black Demon Lord brought me to this isekai.

That mana of hers still exists inside of me, and she would influence my consciousness at times.

Those customary dreams are from the memories of the Black Demon Lord.

It feels so real it is as if I myself am experiencing them.

The feeling of the will of the Black Demon Lord rooting itself inside of me felt pretty disgusting.

“That’s fine. It is a remnant that doesn’t even have will, but it might be possible for the Black of Omnipotence to take over your body from that.” (Green)

“So it really is that kind of curse.”

The objective of the Black Demon Lord for summoning me into this world must have been to: summon a human with no mana, have them escape the Black Demon Lord Killer Mountain, take the will of the human afterwards, and recover her original body.

“That woman really has no luck. Even though she managed to drag someone from a parallel world that is compatible with her own mind to escape from the Mana Eater, who would have imagined she chose someone who would have a method to deal with her corrosion.” (Green)

It was a gamble with bad odds, but she won that gamble.

It was a weak human, but that human managed to escape the Black Demon Lord Killer Mountain, and was taken in by the nearby Taizu.

If the Black Demon Lord succeeded in taking over my body, that means she would have the opportunity to resurrect into the world again…

But, me, this man that she dragged from an isekai was fatally incompatible with her plan.

“I don’t want my body to be taken over after all. I will be careful.”

“Do that. I don’t want to meet Black ever again either… It should be about time. I am done with what I came here to do. Let’s go back, Niruryates.” (Green)

“…EH?! Y-Yes, understood!” (Niru)

Niruryates hurriedly stood up when Green suddenly stood up.

Since when was she spacing out?

Ruko entered the moment the two were about to exit.

The sweet scent of freshly baked pastries entered the room, and I felt like my stomach was going to rumble.

“M-My apologies. It took time to prepare…” (Ruko)

“I don’t mind. You have wrapped up some to take away, right? I will just take those.” (Green)

Could it be that this guy was waiting the whole time for when she finished baking them…? Yeah, it is most likely the case.

He did say it was about time.

Speaking of which, I wondered what Niruryates thought of Ruko and looked at her.

Niruryates was in Taizu for a period of time.

In that case, she should have seen Ruko a number of times.

She must have some thoughts in her mind even if Green is directing just faint attention to a familiar face of the past.

“…Hmm.” (Niru)

“Excuse me…?” (Ruko)

“…Ah, it is nothing! You were just a familiar face, I consciously stared.” (Niru)

“I-I see… Ah, this is your share…” (Ruko)

“Eh?! No, no! I can’t accept the same gift as My King—” (Niru)

“Take them as reference. You are the only one in my castle that can bake pastries now.” (Green)

“—! Y-Yes!” (Niru)

Niruryates took the bag of pastries from Ruko with a somewhat happy face.

I thought she would be looking at her with hostility like the time with Mix, but it seems like it ended with needless worry.

What I felt from Niruryates when she was staring at Ruko was grief mixed with affection, and a faint sense of superiority.


I have had countless regrets.

Giving you power and giving you an opportunity; having chosen a different price because I didn’t want you to stop calling my name; pushing you into despair after getting conceited about my own possibilities.

I wanted to provide you with everything, but I ended up only taking away from you.

I want to see your smile one more time.

I came here just for the sake of that, and yet, the world doesn’t allow it.

It is the world where you are in, it is the world I managed to meet you in; it is the world that I wanted to preserve for your sake, and yet…

Aah, why did I treasure something like this?

Why couldn’t I prioritize only you?

I don’t care about it anymore.

Everything has gone down the drain. What I can do doesn’t remain in this world anymore.

That’s why…


I notice my consciousness coming back from within the darkness. I am still sleepy, and yet, I still came back to reality. That must mean my body has rested enough.

I like enjoying this afterglow.

My heart can feel at peace without relying on alcohol and drugs.

The sensation of the blanket touching my skin feels like the finest of treasures at times like this.

“Oi, you are aware now, Yugura?”

“—That voice sounds like trash.” (Yugura)

“Alright, get your butt up. If you don’t, I will kick it!”

The blanket was torn off from me and the warmth wrapping my body dispersed to the outside.

That sense of loss reminded me of reality, and my consciousness steadily grew clearer.

“…Good morning, Tedoral.” (Yugura)

“Y-Yeah… It has been a while since I have been called by that name.”

“Aah, sorry, sorry. I saw a dream from a long time ago, you see. Thanks for looking after things while I was away, Colorless.” (Yugura)

“That attitude of yours is still annoying.” (Colorless)

“Ahaha.” (Yugura)

This exchange is also nostalgic.

But she really isn’t here.

There’s no way she would be.

I am the one who stole her place to be after all.

“…Hey, what you said when you returned… Was that serious?” (Colorless)

“Yeah. I can’t save this world or Black. That’s why I decided to redo everything with space-time magic.” (Yugura)


Author: It is finally the last arc (tentative).

We don’t see the POV of Niruryates often, so I will talk about it here as an extra.

Niruryates was originally a personal attendant of the Green Demon Lord.

She was in the same workplace as the ancestor of Ruko. It seems they got along.

The Green Demon Lord accepted and made the people that admired him into demons, but he told the ancestor of Ruko ‘there’s no need for a gardener’ and didn’t turn her into a demon.

Niruryates knew the feelings of the ancestor of Ruko towards the king, but she didn’t understand at that time why the king didn’t accept her.

After she saw Nektohal and the others break after becoming demons, she realized the reason why the Green Demon Lord rejected her.

Niruryates has seen Ruko a number of times when she was searching for Haiya in Taizu.

She heard that Ruko was engaged to Marito and thought ‘so it really ended up like that’.

She was a bit jealous after seeing the Green Demon Lord accepting the pastries of Ruko, but she understood the meaning of what the Green Demon Lord said, and was relieved.

‘He might have chosen her if he was a human king. However, My King has acknowledged me as the king of the demons’.

But the Green Demon Lord always hits her with attacks that narrowly kill her.

He should have already seen through her maiden heart though. So merciless.

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