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LS – Chapter 300: As such, my turn

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TLN: Hey guys, Reigokai here! 

We are hitting that milestone of 300 chapters! It really went by in the blink of an eye. 

And so, we are soon reaching the end of the story which makes me really happy but at the same time sad. Around 82 chapters or so (counting the extras).

This also means I have to begin the search for a new story. If you are interested in recommending a new story, check out this link: 

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Regardless of all this, we have come really far, and I am looking forward to seeing the conclusion of this story with all of you guys. There’s something special about seeing familiar faces all the way here. 


“Hilmera-sama, I am back.” (Murshto)

“Welcome back. That’s blood from others?” (Hilmera)

Hilmera-sama often does eccentricities in her room. 

There would be times when she would laugh creepily while being surrounded by stone, and other days like today when she would draw while remembering Washekt-sama… Moreover, she sucks. 

“Yeah, wanna use it as paint?” (Murshto)

“There’s no way I would use impurities when drawing Onii-sama. Ah, but the idea isn’t bad… I can’t really ask Onii-sama to give me some of his blood though…” (Hilmera)

“You wouldn’t want my blood after all.” (Murshto)

“Your blood is also not impure. As for my blood, it would be barely within the permissible line.” (Hilmera)

Hilmera-sama looking at her own arm is a bit scary. 

The lack of hesitation when she has decided on something is incredible after all. 

It might be better to arrange for the maids to prepare a lot of bandages. 

“If you are going to do it, please do so after making preparations for blood loss.” (Murshto)

“Hmm, yeah, it really would be better not to. Cause you know, you use red for the foundation of the skin color. If my blood were to be mixed in that, it can’t be called Onii-sama’s, right?” (Hilmera)

“Even if you were to use the blood of the person himself, I don’t think what you draw could be called Washekt-sama with your skills.” (Murshto)

“You don’t understand art. Drawing is not just drawing what you see.” (Hilmera)

She said this and showed me a drawing of Washekt-sama(?).

But that doesn’t look like a person no matter how I see it. I would scream if I were to encounter something like this at night. 

There’s madness in the act of drawing, but I don’t feel madness in the painting itself. 

The appearance may be warped, but I can tell that’s kind of like the expression of Washekt-sama in Hilmera-sama’s heart. 

“What you are trying to convey is transmitted to me.” (Murshto)

“Right, right?” (Hilmera)

“But, Hilmera-sama, such abstract paintings are done by the ones who have drawn normal paintings to boredom, you know? I don’t think it is a path you run away to just because you don’t have the skills to draw them the exact same.” (Murshto)

“I will draw a normal painting of you right now. How about getting a human worth of blood from you?” (Hilmera)

“Waah, Hilmera-sama’s drawings are so wonderful~. I can tell from every pore of my being the emotions you feel towards Washekt-sama~.” (Murshto)

Hilmera-sama threw me the knife she uses to lengthen the colors without saying a word. 

I caught it, but my fingers are now covered in paint. 

I would like you to at least stop aiming for the face. 

“And so, you seem to be in a bit of a bad mood today.” (Hilmera)

“Ah, you can tell? Actually, he was on the verge of being killed, you see.” (Murshto)

I wrap up the report briefly. 

This is an event that shaved off the anbus of the other siblings, so it would be good news for Hilmera-sama, but it is a result that leaves a sour taste in my mouth. 

I may have acted with the assumption that he would be attacked, but the moment I actually saw the building collapse right in front of my eyes, I was on the verge of jumping in by reflex.

I now understand the disgust of Hilmera-sama towards the other siblings who are trying to utilize Washekt-sama.

“Do you think they were seriously trying to target him?” (Hilmera)

“It must have been just a show. Their aim was most likely to break his heart.” (Murshto)

As long as he has bodyguards who are acquainted with mana strengthening, there’s no way the target would be killed just from a civilian house collapsing. 

Their aim was to have him feel the reality of his life being targeted, and to kill the spy that was close to him right in front of his eyes. 

“Do you think they can break Envoy-sama’s heart?” (Hilmera)

“…It is certain it was hurt. But…it most likely didn’t reach the point of breaking.” (Murshto)

“Isn’t that just your desire?” (Hilmera)

“I would like you to not talk about desires.” (Murshto)

There’s no doubt his heart has been hurt with the death of Toppara. 

He must have been able to predict that Toppara would be hurt, so he was probably planning on taking distance at some point in time. 

But it was too late. 

He underestimated how unscrupulous the siblings would be about cutting off someone incompetent.

He didn’t properly understand these people who don’t find any point in respecting the life of others. 

“Then, is he finally getting serious?” (Hilmera)

“I am sure he will.” (Murshto)

He has been living like this until now -shaving away at his own heart. 

It was on the verge of burning out once, but this world brought back the ember that was smoking inside of him. He would heat up for the sake of someone else, and would move forward while burning his own body. 

That frailty is what drew my heart in and is the result I wish for. 

But my heart was in disarray despite this desirable result. I ended up interacting emotionally with Ilias of all people who constantly stays by his side. 

Those were my true feelings, so there’s no inconvenience at all about him learning of this. 

The issue is not there.

It is about the feelings that are beginning to bud inside of this chest of mine. 

The agitation when the thought of losing him crossed my mind… The me that didn’t mind just watching from the side…is slowly…

“By the way, are my drawings that bad?” (Hilmera)

“The sight of you drawing is picturesque at least.” (Murshto)

A drawing board flew at me this time around.


Shishou began summarizing the information gathered without looking agitated at all after Ilias came back. She hasn’t said a word since then. 

I could have consoled him if he was simply lamenting the death of Toppara-san. If he were blaming himself for that person’s death, I could have comforted him by saying it was not his fault. 

If I could have seen anger, if I could have seen agitation, I am sure someone would have said something to Shishou. 

But no one spoke.

I am sure that reason is the same I am feeling right now.

“…Ilias, did you get some sort of information?” 

“Y-Yeah. I smelled the scent of blood right after leaving that place. So…” (Ilias)

Ilias told Shishou about how she encountered Murshto after that. 

I would like to avoid topics of that person when Shishou is like this if possible…

Shishou confirmed the possessions of the anbus that Ilias gave him, and faced back at us. 

“Now then…about the attacks this time around, they weren’t seriously trying to kill me. They would have been able to judge that it wouldn’t be possible to kill me with just a house collapsing and an arson if they knew about the strength of Ilias and Wolfe. The specific aim was most likely to kill Toppara in front of me to put mental pressure on me.” 

“And how are you yourself doing after judging this?” (Purple)

Purple-san asked this and Shishou answered with a low tone without changing his face at all. 

“It worked. They masterfully stabbed at the half-baked softness I was showing and broke my posture right when I was thinking about getting serious.” 

“You seem fine despite all that said though?” (Purple)

“If things could be solved by just crying, I would cry on the spot.” 

A sentence that’s unlike Shishou with a face that doesn’t seem like that at all. 

But what bothers me the most is that Shishou is analyzing this as if this were about someone else. 

“…I see. So, what do you plan on doing after this?” (Purple)

“If we continue gathering information at this pace, the obstructions of the royal family will most likely not be targeted at only me but everyone. I would like to avoid that.” 

“Losing the leeway to choose the means? I am willing to use my power at any moment if you wish so, you know?” (Purple)

“…That doesn’t sound bad.” 

The one who showed the most surprised expression here was Purple-san herself. 

Shishou’s policy was to not use the power of the Demon Lords, so him saying he doesn’t mind bending this was clearly strange. 

“Oh my, you are honestly relying on me? I got a bit surprised there, you know?” (Purple)

“It is true that I wanted to deal with this matter within the bounds of a person since it is an issue between people. But I can’t just let casualties happen because of this ideal.” 

“Right, I agree there, you know?” (Purple)

“Purple, the royal family is wary of us, so we can’t Entice them all at the same time. We will have to conquer them one by one. But if we were to use violent means, there will be some within the remaining siblings who will think about running away. It is possible the helper of Raheight will be within those. There’s the need to set devils around the borders of Serende in order to have a grasp of their escape and make preparations for pursuit. How many days would it take in order to finish those preparations perfectly?” 

“…There’s the need to form several teams with the Butler Army members as the leaders, right? If we include both the division of duties and the grasping of the topography, 7 days would be enough, you know?” (Purple)

“Then, I am counting on you.” 

“W-Wait a moment please! Counselor-sama, are you seriously planning on using the power of the Demon Lords?!” (Rakura)

Everyone is thinking what Rakura is trying to say here. 

Shishou has explained countless times until now the danger of using the power of the Demon Lords. 

Their powers may be immense, but the effects it will create turn them into a double-edged sword. 

“I have judged that there’s a need for a time limit as long as I am shouldering the lives of everyone.” 

“Time limit?” (Rakura)

“It is not like I have given up on solving this with the strength of a person. But just being stubborn and not giving up might create a casualty again. That’s why I plan on settling things in these 7 days.” 

“Y-You can do that?” (Rakura)

Shishou closed his eyes for a bit as if showing he was thinking. And then, he slowly opened his eyes and said clearly…

“I can do it if I am prepared for it. Also, I have already resolved myself.” 

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