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ZAP – Chapter 100: Eugene arrives at the holy capital

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The flying ship that departed from the Dungeon City went past the wasteland that serves as the borders of the Empire and the Blue Waters Federation.

This land is known to have been a battlefield between the armies of the Empire and the Blue Waters Federation.

It doesn’t rain much, and is a barren land of rocks and sand, so there’s barely any settlements. 

The only ones here are most likely monsters who like dry land and criminals in hiding. 

A dreary land that continues on endlessly. 

That scenery continued on in the flying ship for around a day. 

Once we got through that, we were suddenly greeted with a big lake and a mountain range that pierced through the clouds. 

The spring water that travels from the highest mountain in the South Continent, the Anna Peak, and goes from mountain range to mountain range, creating the Crescent Lake that is the biggest lake in the continent. 

I can’t see the peak of the Tharsis Mountain Range because it is hidden by the clouds. 

Caldia was built, surrounded by the mountain range.

The flying ship slowly flew in between the tall mountains as if weaving through them. 

There’s always dense mist in the Tharsis Mountain Range and is called a natural fortress.

The flying ship got through the pure white mist. 

Sumire and I came out to the deck of the flying ship to look at the scenery outside, but the only thing we could see was the pure white mist. 

“I can’t see anything…” (Eugene)

“Hey, Sara-chan, I am impressed that the captain of this flying ship can fly inside this mist.” (Sumire)

“Because you can’t become a captain of a flying ship of the Holy Union if you can’t do that, Sumire-chan. Also, it is better if you don’t approach the handrails too much. Monsters can get close within the mist and drag you down.” (Sara)

“Hieh!” (Sumire)

Sumire hurriedly moved away. 

“It is okay. There’s no monster nearby.” (Eugene)

I said this.

I can detect mana with the angel ability I inherited from Mother. 

I used it, but there was no presence of monsters around the flying ship. 

“Ah, I see. That’s a relief.” (Sumire)

“Oh my, that’s rare.” (Sara)

Sara tilted her head.

That’s true. There’s the presence of a lot of monsters in the surrounding mountains.

It seems like it is true that the Tharsis Mountain Range is lush in nature and has a lot of monsters inhabiting it. 

I also hear that the flying ships of the Holy Union get attacked often by monsters. 

But no monsters are getting close to this flying ship because…

“It is most likely because they are scared of the Ifrit mana of Sumire.” (Eugene)

“Eh?! Really, Eugy-kun?!” (Sumire)

Sumire gets surprised. 

“But Sumire-chan is holding back her mana quite a lot though.” (Sara)

“T-That’s right! I can control my mana with the magic robe that the Principal-san gave me.” (Sumire)

“He lent it to you, Sumire.” (Eugene)

“You are just borrowing it, Sumire-chan.” (Sara)

Sara and I retort at the same time. 

Sumire is wearing the Salamander Robe.

It doesn’t burn even with the massive fire mana of Sumire and also provides support for magic control. 

By the way, it is an artifact that would be worth as much as a small country. 

Fire Spirits approach you just by wearing it, so anyone wearing it aside from Sumire would apparently get burned in an instant. 

“Ah, right.” (Sumire)

Sumire went ‘teehee☆’ and stuck her tongue out. 

Looks like she completely thought it was hers. 

Well, no one else aside from Sumire can wear it though.

“Even the magic robe can’t hold back the mana of Sumire.” (Eugene)

“Hoh, that’s convenient. The surroundings of the flying ship have been cast a monster repelling spell, and a scent that monsters hate, but the issue was that the effects would thin out as the journey goes on. Looks like there’s no need to worry about monsters with Sumire-chan here.” (Sara)

“…Hmm, I see.” (Sumire)

Sumire made a questionable face. 

“Sumire-chan is basically a cursed ornament that repels monsters, I guess?” (Sara)

“Was there a need to put it in a bad way, Sara-chan?!” (Sumire)

“I-It was a joke! Extinguish the fireball in your hand!” (Sara)

“It is cold today, so let me hug you☆.” (Sumire)

Sumire and Sara are playing around as usual. 

“Let’s go back inside, Sumire and Sara.” (Eugene)

There’s no point watching a pure white scenery. 

“Okay~.” (Sumire)

“Right. This scenery will continue for a while longer.” (Sara)

We returned inside the flying ship and Sara taught us about the culture and history of the Holy Union. 

◇A few hours later◇

The pure white mist slowly cleared up. 

I can see a number of paths within the forest below.

I am beginning to see buildings from afar. Probably a settlement. 

“It is about time…” (Sara)

The flying ship slowly lowered its altitude as Sara said. 

Now that I look closely, there’s an open space ahead. 

There’s a number of flying ships with the crest of the Holy Union aside from the one we are on. 

Looks like it is a settlement that’s serving as a landing point. 

There were a number of buildings that looked like inns and private houses.

“We will be staying the night here today.” (Sara)

“Eh?” (Sumire)

“Really?” (Eugene)

Sumire and I question the statement of Sara. 

I thought for sure we would be heading straight to the holy capital of Caldia, Arshaam.

Looks like it wasn’t a direct flying ship. 

“So you don’t know how things work.” 

“This is why people of the Empire are just…” 

“He probably has no interest in anything outside of the Empire.” 

I heard belittling voices. 

The ones who said that are members of the Legendary Hero Department that came in the same ship as us. 

(This is my first time coming here…) (Eugene)

If I remember correctly, their names are…

The holy knight apprentices: Lily-san and Gares-kun, I guess? 

Also the priestess Arina-san.

It seems like they have also taken the request to subjugate the Bird of Darkness Raum for the sake of their country. 

“It is prohibited to fly the skies of the holy capital. That’s why we need to head there on land. There’s a lot of monsters at night, so we will be heading there tomorrow morning.” (Sara)

“Got it~.” (Sumire)

“I see.” (Eugene)

I get it with Sara’s explanation. 

We can fly directly to the Empire, but it looks like the culture is different in the holy capital. 

Sumire, Sara, and I got different rooms in the same inn. 

Sumire and Sara apparently decided to use the same room though. 

The two said they were tired from the flight, so they are resting in the room. 

I wanted to move my body a bit, so I went out and checked the small settlement. 

That said, the only things here were a small church in the center, inns, houses, and some stalls. 

Only other thing would be the big landing point of the flying ships. 

Deep forests and mountains spread far and wide around. 

(A sight you don’t see in the Empire…) (Eugene)

Of course, it is also different from the Dungeon City. 

“Are you an adventurer, young lad?” 

Someone from the settlement spoke to me while I was wandering around. 

Adventurers are people whose occupation is to explore dungeons from various locations, subjugating monsters, and finding treasure. 

I am not an adventurer though…

“Something like that. My party members are a student and a sister, so I am accompanying them.” (Eugene)

“I see, I see. Then, I don’t think there will be anything to worry about, but the fences around the settlement are the range of the barrier. Monsters show up outside the fence, so be careful.” 

“Got it. Thank you for the warning.” (Eugene)

They left after I thanked them. 

(Barrier magic of the Holy Union, huh…) (Eugene)

I am interested. 

I normally wouldn’t come here after all. 

Let’s go check the outside for a bit. 

I was vigilant of the surroundings while approaching the fence that is the edge of the barrier magic and…

“What are you doing, Eugene Santafield?” 

I was spoken to from behind by a thorny voice. 

Of course, I noticed they were there, but I didn’t expect them to speak to me. 

They most likely hate me after all. 

The one who spoke to me was Lily Whitewind, a holy knight apprentice of the Legendary Hero Department.

She had her long hair tied up in a bunch and is wearing silver armor like the holy knights.

“I was having a bit of a walk.” (Eugene)

“The outside of the barrier is a den of monsters, you know. You plan on calling monsters here?” (Lily)

“No, that wasn’t my intention…” (Eugene)

But it is true that monsters would come if I go out from the monster repelling barrier. 

It can’t be helped. 

Let’s give up on going out of the barrier. 

But I was on the flying ship the whole time, so my body is dull. 

“Don’t do anything unnecessary and just rest obediently.” (Lily)

My classmate said this and was going to leave.

I could tell she is pretty skilled with just that walking figure of hers.

“Hey, Lily Whitewind.” (Eugene)

I unconsciously spoke to her.

“…What?” (Lily)

She turned around warily. 

“Want to have a bout since there’s the opportunity?” (Eugene)

I put a hand on the white katana at my waist. 

I thought she would accept since she is confident in her skills, but…

“I have no interest.” (Lily)

It was a cold response. 

She left just like that.

It looks like she is staying in an inn different from ours. 

(Can’t be helped. Let’s rest at the inn for today.) (Eugene)

I returned to the inn. 

I finished eating, finished the maintenance of the black and white katana, checked my magic tools, and just when I was thinking about sleeping, Sumire and Sara showed up in my room, and I couldn’t sleep immediately after.

◇Next day◇

We can’t use a flying ship, so we will be going by foot. 

There are animals that can be ridden on the mountain road, but moving to the capital is considered training for the people of the Holy Union, so it is customary to go by foot. 

This is most likely a path that Sara has walked countless times, she looks unfazed.

I don’t have much experience walking on a mountain road, but I feel like it will be good training. 

It seems like Sumire is not used to inclinations, so I carried her luggage for her. 

“Sara-chan, when are we getting there?” (Sumire)

“Just a bit more… Do your best, Sumire-chan!” (Sara)

“You have been saying that the whole time for a while now.” (Sumire)

Sumire was following us without falling behind while grumbling. 

We got through a long slope and a big white gate came to sight. 

When we got through that…

“Waah… What a beautiful city.” (Sumire)

Sumire let out her voice in admiration. 

“…Yeah.” (Eugene)

I agree with that.

A huge basin surrounded by the mountain range.

There was a cityscape of only white spreading before our eyes. 

The height of the buildings and their design were uniform. The whole city is most likely working in tandem with the barrier surrounding it. 

There are giant stone statues that can be seen from all angles as if to contrast the buildings of the same height. 

These things that are bigger than a giant tree are statues of the 7 Goddesses. 

What’s at the very center of the city is a giant church that could be mistaken for a castle: the Saint Anna’s Grand Church.

The Grand Church is where the 8 Holy Maidens, who are the leaders of the Goddess Church, should be in. 

This is how we arrived at the Holy Capital of the Holy Union, Arshaam.

■Comment Response: 

>Weren’t there plans for Sumire and Sara to visit the 7th Seal Prison in prior chapters?

-They can if they want, but the two don’t seem to feel like it. 

■Author’s Comment: 

We have reached 100 chapters! 

I will do my best from here on, too.

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