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LS – Chapter 320: As such, breaking

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I finish the emergency treatment of Wolfe and return to My Lord. 

My Lord was watching the scared humans in the evacuation point with a calm face. 

“How’s Wolfe?” (Purple)

“The injuries in her body are extreme. She won’t be waking up for a while, but we have escaped the difficult part.” (Dyuvuleori)

“I see? Good job.” (Purple)

“There’s no need for pra—” (Dyuvuleori)

“I got him in my debt now, so it is without doubt an achievement, you know? I did end up in a slightly dangerous position from sending you after all?” (Purple)

An army of undead rushed here not long after I left this place.

But they are in the end lesser monsters created with necromancy. They didn’t break through the Butler Army and the added forces. 

“There were some weird beast undead as well, but it doesn’t seem like there were any issues.” (Dyuvuleori)

“They were intermediate rank at most. There’s no way Daruagestia and the Butler Army would lose, you know?” (Purple)


“Oh my, are you worried about your master? Blue contacted me just recently, so she is okay, you know?” (Purple)


Daruagestia; the skeleton dragon of the Blue Demon Lord. 

It is restricted in terms of the locations it can fight because of its huge size, but it is far better at wiping out enemies than me. 

What I am more curious about than how high is its power, is how it is attached to not only its own master but My Lord as well. 

I thought Daruagestia would be wary of My Lord since My Lord doesn’t normally get along with others though…

“You did a good job as well, you know, Belard?” (Purple)

“I was barely of any use.” (Belard)

The one who brought Daruagestia was the devil Belard who is currently the subordinate of the Blue Demon Lord. 

She was originally a monster of My Lord, so I don’t really have much to think about that respectful attitude of hers. 

“Oh my, you brought Daruagestia to assist Blue, and yet, you rushed to help us out when you noticed that we were being attacked though?” (Purple)

“…That’s simply something I did after judging that my current lord would have instructed me to do so.” (Belard)

“It hasn’t been that long since you have been serving under her though. Your way of thinking has completely become human-like, hasn’t it? Dyuvuleori, can you go back to the capital of Serende together with Belard?” (Purple)

“I don’t mind that, but…” (Dyuvuleori)

This hard to reach village is the place the citizens chose as their evacuation point. 

The mastermind that sent their forces so accurately to such a place is someone that can’t be underestimated. 

There’s even an Illegitimate that can defeat Wolfe within their subordinates. 

I have to consider the possibility that they have some other plan as well. 

Leaving the side of My Lord is…

“It is going to be okay, you know? If things look bad, I can just abandon the humans and escape on the back of Daruagestia, right?” (Purple)

“…I see. That’s a relief then.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Shouldn’t you be the one that should be careful? To think that Murshto…could defeat even Wolfe…” (Purple)

“That man was already on the verge of death. He probably won’t be welcoming tomorrow.” (Dyuvuleori)

The scent of death was already lingering on him. 

He was dealt injuries that he can’t be saved from, and he had accepted his eventual death already. 

He must be burning his last fumes on that human. 

It might have been the better option to keep him in place rather than saving Wolfe if I were to think about My Lord. 

But if I did that, I would have lost. 

Murshto would have been a bit more injured, but he would have appeared in front of that human all the same, albeit a bit later. 

“—He must have been a pretty big deal to scare you, huh?” (Purple)

“I am not scared. I was simply…a bit jealous.” (Dyuvuleori)

If I had the same power as Murshto to push my will, I wouldn’t have lost to Ilias in Taizu. No, My Lord might not have been killed by Yugura in the Mejis Nether to begin with.

The talent to prove your strength of will. 

I felt like that’s more outstanding than any specialty. 

That’s why this trembling stems from the anger of something I don’t have. Jealousy towards Murshto.

“I see. Isn’t that something to be happy about? Being greedy means you can still grow.” (Purple)

“…If that’s your wish, My Lord.” (Dyuvuleori)

That human must be facing the monstrosity of determination right now. 

You would normally feel uneasy facing a monstrosity of that degree, but…I for some mysterious reason am sure that human will be able to do it. 

It is most likely because of the expression the human had before we separated. 

I feel like that human had accepted the fate of Murshto since pretty far back. 


I arrived at the side watchtower while out of breath. 

The outer door has already been broken through, and the surroundings are already wafting with the scent of rotting flesh peculiar to undead. 

No, this wasn’t the conclusion I wished for. 

This must not happen. 

Right, there’s no need to lose my cool here. 

I set undead inside the side watchtower as well. 

They were different from the ones that I disciplined to react to smells and attack; they were humanoids that would simply attack people.

Them having the stink bag means that it is true that that man and his comrades invaded this place. 

But that’s all. 

It doesn’t mean Onii-sama has been exposed to danger. 

“That’s right… There’s no way that would be possible…! Cause you know, there’s not a single undead I stationed here…!” (Hilmera)

Someone came here after the magic seal stone was destroyed.

There’s no doubt Mix Taizu infiltrated this place and cleaned the undead. 

Then, why has the door been broken? 

Not destroying the lock, but destroying the door so thoroughly…it is as if as if a giant beast got in…?

“! No, no, no!” (Hilmera)

I shake my head intensely and try not to think about it. 

Those people can’t do something that would harm Onii-sama.

I am sure they either saved him or left him in that room. 

That’s right. Beyond this room…beyond this room…no matter if Onii-sama is there or not…

“Onii—” (Hilmera)

The door has been destroyed. 

There are shadows moving deep in. 

I could tell from how big they are that they are my little ones. 

They entered the room and were devouring something. 

“No, no, move, move, move!” (Hilmera)

I took out the wooden whistle and blew it to give them the order to leave this place, but my fingers and mouth were trembling so much I couldn’t blow it properly. 

I could only make weird out of tune sounds like an infant who was given a musical instrument for the first time. 

Aah, no, no, no no nonono! 

Please, stop! 

He might still be alive! 

I bite a finger and stop the trembling by force. The taste of blood in my mouth calmed my trembling to a certain degree. 

I take a deep breath and blow the whistle in one go.

They then exited the room while ignoring me, and left somewhere. 


There was something there.

Something red and soft; something white and hard. There’s torn fabric mixed in there as if to bring color to it. 

That’s a relief. There’s no one here. 

Then, what’s this? Who is it from? 

No, no, there’s no way that’s Onii-sama. 

I am saying the thing that’s lying there with a matching ring to mine is not him! 

Cause, cause, cause that’s not him! NOT HIM! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!


I strike Princess Hilmera who had fallen on her butt and was losing it, and knock her out. 

“I…am not qualified to say that he thinks cruel stuff.” 

I carry Princess Hilmera and leave the watchtower. 

I knocked on the shed where the staff store their tools in, and had them unlock it from the inside. 


“She is not dead. She simply saw something a bit shocking…so I don’t think she will be waking up anytime soon.” 

Washekt-dono jumped out from inside and took Princess Hilmera away from my arms. He looked at her with a face as if feeling guilty. 

The order of Mister Friend was to make it look as if Washekt-dono had died. 

The first thing I did was retrieve the stink bag from this watchtower, and rescue Washekt-dono. 

I had Washekt-dono wash his body in the facilities inside the watchtower, and had him change into staff clothes that had the scent of the stink bag.

After that, I had Washekt-dono evacuated to this storage, and gave the stink bag to Mister Friend. 

After that, I had a male undead in the watchtower wear the clothes of Washekt-dono and his accessories, and restrained him just like Washekt-dono was.

Magic could already be used at this point, so I did things like opening the door and spreading the scent of Washekt-dono’s perfume outside with wind magic. It saved a lot of extra trouble. 

I had the beast undead invade the watchtower, had them enter the room of Washekt-dono, and after confirming they rampaged there, I immediately regrouped with Mister Friend. 

We led Princess Hilmera to the watchtower by acting as if I was there from the very beginning. 

Mister Friend said to leave Princess Hilmera be until she confirms the authenticity of the corpse, so I was watching how Princess Hilmera was losing it the whole time.

Even if it was a lie, I couldn’t bear seeing such a cruel sight like utilizing the bonds of siblings any further, so I knocked her out. 

This tragedy will happen over and over as long as we don’t break the heart of Princess Hilmera. 

Mister Friend said there’s no choice but to do this if we are to stop this in a way that’s not killing her. 

He said that she must experience being the cause for losing the most important person for her or she won’t reflect no matter the sacrifices. 

“Sorry… Hilmera…” (Washekt)

I told this plan to Washekt-dono too. 

He at first was against it and said that he would make sure to persuade her, but after seeing the letter Mister Friend prepared on the occasion something like this happened, he had no choice but to accept. 

The contents of the letter were simple: [If you cooperate, I will make it so that Hilmera can live. If you don’t, I won’t help out at all in keeping her alive].

Washekt-dono most likely couldn’t think of a way to protect Princess Hilmera afterwards even if he did manage to persuade her. 

“Leave the sentimentalism for later-desu zo. Now that the magic seal stone has been destroyed and there’s more wiggle room to act, Nuphsa-dono will move immediately to wrap up this situation. (Mix)

“…Right. Sorry…for all the trouble caused.” (Washekt)

“No, no, it is not the first time Mister Friend has let a criminal go anyways.” (Mix)

I do have a lot of thoughts about it internally, but I have decided to walk the path that Mister Friend has chosen together with him. 

I will tag along with this degree of recklessness with glee. 

But what bothers me more is the safety of Mister Friend and Lady Ratzel. 

When I regrouped with them, Mister Friend sent me the signal ‘We are fine’ without a single hint of hesitation, but…considering the injuries of Lady Ratzel, I find it hard to believe they are okay. 

“—Even so, that person said he was fine and sent me off. He is seriously someone who makes my heart feel pain every time I have to believe in him… I would like him to fix that part of him… Haah.” (Mix)


I am sure I began feeling like feebleness was beautiful because I was tougher than normal. 

All living beings were frail, would break easily, and it felt like it was a miracle that they could maintain their shape. 

The reason why I didn’t end up admiring every single person was because of the people that treated me like a monster.

My parents saw me as creepy when I barely made a sound even when I tripped.

When they saw me getting up like nothing when I fell from a high place, they directed eyes of disgust. 

The moment they couldn’t bear it anymore and used a bladed weapon to stab me in the stomach and it broke, they threw me into the basement and treated me as if I didn’t exist. 

My parents abandoned the house around a month later and new people began to live there. 

The new people didn’t know the circumstances, so they misunderstood it as an orphan living there at his own convenience. 

It was fortunate that it was settled with just them chasing me away, since I was hungry at that time and was in a pretty bad mood. 

I didn’t break even when I got hungry, got injured, or shivered in the cold. 

I managed to have the leeway to observe the people more than anyone else thanks to this. 

I loved observing people. 

The more I saw complicated shapes mixed with beauty and ugliness, the better I could feel their depth. 

The more I compared people, the more my tastes took shape. 

I lost interest in the ones with similar shapes, and took a liking to watching people with strong hearts that had more individual traits.

Hilmera-sama is one benefactor of mine that made me decide on my way of living. 

I saw Hilmera-sama desiring to offer everything despite being so young, and began to feel admiration towards devotion. 

She was willing to offer everything for the sake of someone that had a frail and beautiful heart. 

Aah, is there anything better than this for a being like me that’s called a sturdy monster? 


“Haah… Haah… Haah…!” 

I stabbed my sword on the ground to support my body. 

The air that was being taken in by my rough breathing was applying pressure to the wounds inside my body. 

That pain was on the verge of taking away my consciousness, but I feel like my body will end up collapsing if I don’t fix my breathing. 

The last attack of Murshto was as fast as before, but his sword had already lost its weight. 

He only regained the strength in his steps, but he already didn’t have the strength to maintain his body. 

That’s why my sword reached him.

Murshto got hit by an attack that reached from the shoulder to the abdomen.

Light disappeared from his eyes, and he collapsed to the ground. 

He was strong. 

If that man hadn’t taken away the strength of Murshto’s will, I would have definitely lost.

That’s how strong Murshto was.

I have not felt as mortified by a difference of strength as now. 

I wasn’t allowed to lament my lack of strength. That’s how overwhelming Murshto’s strength of will was. 

His talent as an Illegitimate, his strength of will as a subordinate; even if he had those things, the strength of Murshto himself was the real deal. It was his own power.


I turned back to that voice and that man was running towards me. 

He continued believing in me even when I was fighting, and continued observing, but I end up feeling somewhat happy that he is directing that worried face at me. 

“I am okay… Not really, but I can hang on. I managed to win thanks to yo—” (Ilias)

“Behind you! It is not over yet!” 

My face was grabbed faster than I could look back, and was smashed on the ground just like that.

What I saw from the openings of the fingers grabbing onto my face was Murshto who should have died. 

There’s no presence of the living anymore. 

I can see life in the eyes that are looking down at me. 

It is as if an actual corpse is moving. 

I barely kept conscious, but my head was smashed in a moment when I completely relaxed. 

The functions of my body were totally numbed, and I couldn’t deal with it at all.

Murshto straddled me just like that and began to strangle me with both hands.

“Gah… Ah…!” 

“You let your guard down…is something I won’t say… I think I actually died a moment ago after all…” (Murshto)

I tried to tear off the arms of Murshto with my hands that were barely moving, but I felt like his strength was far stronger than it was just a few moments ago. 

No, if that were the case, my neck would have been broken easily. 

That’s how little strength I can put on my body right now. 


“You can…be happy… This is truly the end… Once I…you… I will be empty… Even if so, I—” (Murshto)

Warm blood spurt out from Murshto’s chest as if cutting him off. 

My sword had pierced through his body and appeared right in front of my eyes. 

His body collapsed on top of me and I saw that man standing there. 

There were tears flowing down from his eyes. 

He picked up the sword I dropped and stabbed Murshto with no hesitation. 

There were times when he would indirectly corner people into death, but he has now killed someone with his own hands. 

“Are you…Are you satisfied now, Murshto?! Seriously, don’t mess around! Aah, damn it!” 

He shouted at Murshto while crying. 

I can’t feel the pulse of Murshto who is on top of me. 

And yet…

“You thought…this world was a special world… That this world is different… They are the same… The world you were in…and this world…” (Murshto)


Murshto spoke. 

His lungs should have already been torn up and he shouldn’t even be able to breathe anymore. 

He is offering the remainder of his life to weave words. 

“I…I obviously already knew that a long time ago!” 

“That’s…a lie… The sensation left in your hands…is the real deal… I can’t see anymore, but…I can certainly feel…that the thing inside your heart…has broken… The only ones who can break you…are the people that you seriously love after all…” (Murshto)

I can tell that the words left by the one dying were encroaching on his heart. 

But I can’t stop it. 

I could tell that those words were true…that they came from the foundation of Murshto’s determination. 

“I…managed to break you… Your illusion… The dream you held of this world… Yeah… I am…satisfied… Ahaha… Sorry…” (Murshto)

I could feel something snapping inside of Murshto. 

I could feel the scent of blood from my mouth, and I could feel the warmth of what was once his lungs and heart leaking out from his wound through my armor. 

There’s no signs of him moving anymore. 

What’s on top of me right now is just a corpse. 

A human corpse that’s no different from any other. 

I couldn’t move my body until someone else came…most likely because that man was crying while trying to keep silent. 

I could only listen to his sobbing while feeling the corpse of Murshto grow colder. 

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