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ZAP – Chapter 108: Eugene fights the Bird of Death

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A gust of wind rose. 

Raum spread its 8 wings wide. 

The light of the sun was blocked and it felt for an instant as if it turned into night. 

(Big…) (Eugene)

The first time I saw Raum, I thought it was a small Great Demonic Beast compared to Haagenti. But that was a misunderstanding. 

Raum has gigantified to a degree where its wings can cover the Mountain of Death. 

Also, the curse feathers are endlessly coming down from those 8 black wings. 

Touching those feathers would be bad.

“…Barrier Magic: [Sanctuary].” (Eugene)

I activate the highest ranked barrier I can use.

The mana consumption hurts, but I judged that I wouldn’t be able to block this with any other barrier.

It is only now that I understand the power of Raum. 

(A curse zone…created from the Curse of Death.) (Eugene)

It reminds me of the Poison World that the Hydra that appeared in the Zenith Tower used. 

It most likely isn’t attacking proactively, but letting the foolish prey that entered the curse zone to weaken, to devour them. 

The curse zone itself is weaker than that of the Hydra. 


(The special trait of curse and barrier magic…is that the closer the user is, the stronger it becomes…) (Eugene)

It is commonly known that the mages that use curse magic and barrier magic are better the more effective their spells are to a wider area and the further away they are. 

I am the opposite. The effect of my barrier magic only reaches till the extent of my hands. 

That’s why I was poorly evaluated in the Empire. 

Anyways, barriers and curses are more effective the closer you are. 

And we are currently ‘inside the spread wings’ of the Darkness Bird… It is where the curse zone has the most effect.

The surroundings were hazy because of the miasma. It wouldn’t be possible to breathe properly without a barrier. 

This place is currently a dimension that surpasses even the 7th Seal Prison. 

(It is using its own wings as the outer walls of the curse to envelop its target, huh…) (Eugene)

It is different from all the demonic beasts I have met. 

What’s clear here is…

“Captain Jacqueline, Lily! Let’s move away from here!!” (Eugene)

I spoke to the two from my team and…

“…Get a grip of yourself, Lily!” (Jacqueline)


The captain was unsteady on her feet, but maintained her consciousness, and my classmate had completely lost consciousness. 

The captain is lending her shoulder to the languid Lily. 

“I will carry her!” (Eugene)

I ran to the two to help out the captain, but…

“…No, I will try to run away from here by my own power. Eugene-kun, if possible…can you please save him?” (Jacqueline)

“Eh?” (Eugene)

I looked at where the captain pointed at, and there was the wyvern and Miguel collapsed.

“Isn’t he…already dead?” (Eugene)

“No, the wyvern is dead, but he must have curse resistance as a devilkin. He is still alive according to my Appraisal. He will die from exhaustion in a few minutes though.” (Jacqueline)

“You are the captain of this team. I will follow your orders.” (Eugene)

I steel myself and draw the white katana on my waist. 

“P-Please wait! This is not an order! I wouldn’t be able to look Sara in the face if you were to push yourself and something happened. It is just if it is possible…” (Jacqueline)

“Right…” (Eugene)

I look up at the black sky. 

The Darkness Bird is only spreading its wings wide and raining down Curse of Death Feathers. 

But those 3 creepy red eyes are staring intently at us. 

It is solely waiting for its prey to weaken.


“I think there’s no issue. I will bring him out of Raum’s zone.” (Eugene)

“I am sorry. I would like to help out if possible, but…” (Jacqueline)

The captain sounded like she was in pain.

This is unexpected.

Miguel is from the Snake Church and a Demon Lord believer.

He shouldn’t be a target of rescue for Captain Jacqueline who is affiliated to the Goddess Church. 

“I thought you would be colder to other religions.” (Eugene)

I advance slowly, slowly so as to not stimulate the Darkness Bird. 

The captain is on the opposite side to me. She is carrying my classmate to the outside of the Darkness Birds wings. 

“There are people like that, but…the teaching of the Goddess Church is that you should educate the wrong religions with ‘interactions’.” (Jacqueline)

I see. 

The Goddess Church’s stance is to correct the mistake that is the Demon Lord religion. 

“I think changing people’s way of thinking is a tough job, but…they have to be alive first, huh. I’m off.” (Eugene)

“Eugene-kun, try to not push yourself…” (Jacqueline)

My vision was being blocked by the dense miasma and the cursed feathers, so I couldn’t see Captain Jacqueline anymore. 

I hope they escaped properly. 

(Now then…) (Eugene)

I am the one in the most danger. I am currently approaching the Darkness Bird. 

Miguel is collapsed by the feet of the Darkness Bird. 

I ready my white katana, but approach slowly while doing my best to not direct hostility towards it. 

Step…by step. 

I can feel an uncomfortable sensation from the sole of my feet every time I take a step.

This grainy sensation like that of sand is the same as the Mountain of Death. 

This place was lush with trees just a few moments ago, but everything has died out because of the curse of the Darkness Bird. 

(My body is heavy…) (Eugene)

My legs get heavier every time I take a step forward.

It feels as if I am walking a bottomless swamp. 

I am simply walking a few meters, and yet, the exhaustion is like that of having crossed a mountain. 

I finally managed to reach the collapsed Miguel. 

The Great Demonic Beast is right near me, but I ignore it for now and carry the young man. 

His eyes are wide open and I can’t hear his breathing, but his body is still warm. 

“[Super Heal].” (Eugene)

I cast healing magic on the boy. 

If this is not enough, I will have to use the Saint Rank Magic: Resurrection.

But if I use it, I will empty my mana, so I can’t use it here. 

(Please work…) (Eugene)

My wish must have worked…


Color fortunately returned to the face of the boy, and I can hear faint breathing. 

Alright, life came back to the face of the boy with healing magic. 

Next is to get out of the curse zone.

—Chills ran down my spine. 

I jumped to the side while carrying the boy before I could think of anything. 


The place I was standing at shook just now. The sharp claws of the Darkness Bird were stabbed there. 

(It attacked…) (Eugene)

The Great Demonic Beast didn’t react at all even when I was so close to it, but now it showed clear hostile intent. 

I hold the boy with my left hand and my white katana with my right hand. 


The Darkness Bird didn’t do its next attack immediately, and slowly folded its 8 wings with me and the boy as the center, closing it in. 

The power of the curse is slowly getting stronger. 

(This is bad… I would die the moment the Sanctuary spell is undone.) (Eugene)

Leaving me aside, Miguel, who can’t even breathe properly, would die instantly. 

That’s why I can’t undo this costly barrier. 

I have to activate Mana Blade in order to get out of this place.

But I don’t have enough mana. 

I would be able to borrow mana from Sumire and Sara if they were here. 

My remaining card is…

(Come on, come on, hurry, Eugene☆.) 

What suddenly rang in my mind was the amused voice of Eri. 

(It has been a while, Eri. You weren’t talking to me this whole time, so I thought you couldn’t use thought transmission.) (Eugene)

(It would obviously be tough to send the voice of a Demon Lord to Arshaam where the influence of the Goddesses is strong. But you are currently away from the holy capital, right? So, you have something to say to me, right?) (Eri)

I can’t hide anything from Eri.

(I want your help.) (Eugene)

(Fufu, you owe me one.) (Eri)

(…Got it.) (Eugene)

I have to go to Eri’s place when I get back to the academy. 

I sheathe the white katana, and ready the black katana that was crafted with the fang of Cerberus. 

The wings of the Darkness Bird slowly envelop us even while I was doing this. 

We were surrounded by the black wings from all 360 degrees, and the only thing I can see are the 3 red eyes of the Great Demonic Beast. 

“I will exercise the contract of the Demon Lord Erinyes.” (Eugene)

I muttered this in a low voice. 

(Fine… Use my mana, my cute Eugene.) (Eri)

My whole body gets hot. 

The mana of the Demon Lord that’s far away is being sent to me through the contract. 

The black katana began to shine. 

I could feel my stamina being sapped away in one go.

Such a violent mana as always. 

“Mana Blade: [Dark Blade].” (Eugene)

I activate Mana Blade with the mana of the Demon Lord. 

“Twin Heavenly Resonance Style…” (Eugene)

I lower my stance with one sword in hand. 

I am aiming for…the opposite direction of where the 3 eyes of the Great Demonic Beast are. 

One of the black wings that are slowly closing in order to weaken us. 

“Fire Form: [Beheading Slash]!!” (Eugene)

I slash one of those wings. 

The light of the sun peeked in from where I cut open. 

I jumped out from there with the boy in my arm.

The outside of the curse zone from the black wings was bright. I narrowed my eyes at the difference in the brightness from just now.

But the Great Demonic Beast is still right behind me. 

(…Twin Heavenly Resonance Style: [Void Step].) (Eugene)

Anyways, I get out of that place with all I had before I get caught in the curse zone again. 

I glanced behind me while I moved.

(Hm?) (Eugene)

The Darkness Bird didn’t chase after us. It grabbed the corpse of the wyvern with its legs and went up. 

It went to the Mountain of Death just like that.

“We are…safe?” (Eugene)

I should regroup with the captain and my classmate then. 

But the exhaustion in my body is extreme because I haven’t used the mana of a Demon Lord in a while.

I honestly want to lie down right now. 

But I can’t just do that. 

Where did the captain go? I looked around and…


Something grabbed my hand.

Miguel regained consciousness. 

“You are up, huh. If you can walk, walk with your own—hm?” (Eugene)

I thought for sure he was dizzy because he just regained consciousness, but his eyes were wide open. 

Not only that, his eyes were sparkling as if he found treasure. 

“What’s the ma—” (Eugene)

“Y-You have formed a contract with the Demon Lord Erinyes-sama, right?!!” (Miguel)

He said this straight to my face.

(This is bad…) (Eugene)

A believer of the Demon Lords has discovered my contract with a Demon Lord.

■Comment Response: 

>The manga was great! 


>Eugene and Lily are so in sync, lol.

>So she really is the local waifu?!

-I can’t just thoughtlessly increase the heroines! 

I had a tough job with the previous story because of it! 

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