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ZAP – Chapter 97: Eugene and Sumire change classes

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“Hey, Eugy-kun, are there no classes exclusive for the Legendary Hero Department?”

The one who asked me this was Sumire who changed classes  with me. 

Her way of calling me has changed from Eugene-kun to Eugy-kun.

When I asked her why, she said: ‘nothing really, just felt like it’. 

I feel like there’s a reason though…

“Sumire-chan, the abilities of all the students in the Legendary Hero Department are completely different, so there’s no shared classes. The necessary technical skills are completely different between me, who is a Holy Maiden Candidate, and you, who is an Ifrit, right?” (Sara)

The one who answered in my stead was Sara. 

We are naturally also classmates of Sara who is in the Legendary Hero Department. 

“I see. Then, what classes should I be showing up to?” (Sumire)

“I think it is fine for you to do as you have until now. Attend lectures of the fundamentals of magic with fire magic as the focus. I will be taking advanced lectures for barrier techniques and healing techniques. I also plan on taking mana blade related classes when available.” (Eugene)

I answered. 

“Eeh, so there’s no change from how it was until now.” (Sumire)

“Yeah.” (Eugene)

Sumire and I look at each other. 

That’s right. We may have switched to the Legendary Hero Department, but there’s not a big change in our lifestyle. 

“Was there a need to change classes?” (Sumire)

I also had the same question as Sumire.

“That’s not good, Sumire-chan. If you two, who defeated both the Demon Lord Erinyes and the Divine Beast Hydra, were to stay in the Normal Department, they will think that the academy doesn’t know how to classify people. The people with special abilities should be categorized in the special category.” 

The one who said this with a bright tone is Claude Percival who is in the Legendary Hero Department, too.

Looks like he has recovered from the wounds he got in the martial arts tournament.

“I barely fought the Hydra though,Claude-kun.” (Sumire)

“The mana blade of Eugene needs your mana, right? That’s why you are a duo in the Legendary Hero Department. Right, Eugene?” (Claude)

“It is probably something like that.” (Eugene)

It is not like I asked Principal Uther directly, but that person just announced that we changed classes and left somewhere else.

He is most likely swamped with work regarding the Divine Beast incident. 

The 1st Floor of the Last Dungeon is currently contaminated with the poison and miasma of the Hydra, so civilians are still prohibited to enter. 

“I see~.” (Sumire)

Sumire nodded in understanding. 

“Wait, Eugene? The mana of a Holy Maiden was also necessary for you though?” (Sara)

“Y-Yeah, I know that.” (Eugene)

Sara poked my back with the handle of her Holy Sword. 


“I am looking forward to working with you from here on, Sara, Claude.” (Eugene)

“Same here, Claude-kun. Also, Sara-chan while at it.” (Sumire)

“Why am I an afterthought?!” (Sara)

“Is there even a need for such pleasantries? We meet every day.” (Sumire)

“True. It is not like I want to meet you though.” (Sara)

“Hmm~? Then, I guess it will just be me and Eugy-kun tonight…” (Sumire)

“Who said that?! Refrain every now and then!” (Sara)

“That’s you. You say you are busy every day, and yet, you don’t stop coming to see Eugy-kun.” (Sumire)

“Obviously. Who would let a thieving cat alone with Eugene?” (Sara)

“What did nya say?!” (Sumire)

The bickering of Sara and Sumire is noisy. 

In the middle of all that ruckus…

“Eugene-kun, I would like you to get along with us too.” 

“Yeah, yeah, we are from the Empire as well after all.” 


There were those who came to talk with me like that.

There’s one silent person though.

“Uhm, who are you…?” (Eugene)

This is my first time talking to them, but I know their faces. 

They are a group whose names are known in the Grandflare Empire after all.

A noble of the Empire and already has a seat as a high rank imperial court mage, Eren Thunderbird. 

A senior in military school and was rumored to be a genius tactician. She then dropped out of the school and transferred to the Lykeion Magic Academy, Alice Silvermoon.

The youngest Golden Knight in the history of the Empire, Aldol Frostwind. 

By the way, the one who is the youngest to become a Heaven Knight in the history of the Empire is my childhood friend Airi. 

…Airi is also pretty outrageous herself. 

I talk to them just as a greeting. 

They were apparently waiting for the opportunity to talk to me since before the class change. 

{You are popular, Eugy-kun.} (Sumire)

Sumire whispers stealthily to me. 

{Or more like, they are inviting me to their faction. Or maybe they didn’t like that I am getting along with Sara from the Holy Union and Claude from the Blue Waters Federation.} (Eugene)

{…That sounds like a pain.} (Sumire)

{Exactly.} (Eugene)

I wasn’t even in a corner of their mind when I enrolled in the Lykeion Magic Academy. 

They approach me when they can smell advantages.

They are prime examples of people from the Empire who go by practicality. 

Other ones who are directing harsh gazes over here are…

“Good grief. Why is Sara-sama together with those people…” 

“Ssh! They can hear you.” 

“It is fine if they do.” 

A conversation that doesn’t sound like they would want to get along with us. 

The holy knight apprentice, Lily Whitewind. 

The other holy knight apprentice, Gares Icesoul. 

The one who is said to be the next cardinal, Arina Starlight. 

They are compatriots of Sara from the Holy Union. 

They may be from a different division from the Enforcement Division of the Student Council that Sara was in, but they are from the Holy Union, so they apparently formed temporary teams often with Sara.

But they apparently got separated after Sara began to form parties with me again. 

They are most likely directing this hostility towards me because of this. 

Also because they simply hate the Empire, I guess.

Lastly, there’s the group of the Blue Waters Federation with Claude. 

That said, the Blue Waters Federation is a gathering of small countries, so they are not a monolith. 

There’s a lot of them, but I heard that their connection as a faction isn’t that strong.

The prince of the dwarf country, Gidegan Shadowblade. 

The beastkin and son of the Holy Fist, Soran Stormbreaker. 

The bow hero candidate of the next generation, Leonheart Arcfeather. 

The elf and sage apprentice, Felicia Brightspark. 

That’s all the names I know. 

I will most likely have a chance to talk with them in the future. 

“Hey, Eugene, let’s go train together.” (Claude)

“Right. I would like to move my body.” (Eugene)

I accepted Claude’s invitation when I had time. 

“I will be going to the next magic lesson~, Eugy-kun.” (Sumire)

“Yeah, see you later.” (Eugene)

“Hey, Sumire-chan, that’s the same class as Teresia-san, right? I will go too.” (Sara)

“Then, let’s go together~.” (Sumire)

Sara and Sumire, who were arguing just a few moments ago, left the room like the best of friends. 

I went to the training grounds with Claude. 


“It’s gotta be a wooden sword when it comes to training.” (Eugene)

I grab a weapon for training as usual. 

And then, I take a stance slowly, but…

“Aah, sorry, Eugene. I actually have a request.” (Claude)

Claude told me to wait.

“Request?” (Eugene)

“I want you to teach me barrier magic. Please!” (Claude)

He asked me this.

“Barrier magic? What’s the matter all of a sudden? There’s no need for that.” (Eugene)

Even though he had no interest in healing magic and support magic until now. 

Also, I thought there was no point in Claude going out of his way to learn barrier magic. 

Claude is the dragon knight and hero candidate of the Blue Waters Federation, so there’s almost no instance where he would act alone. 

There’s normally always someone who can use healing magic or barrier magic accompanying him.

“I want to be able to master the Dragon God Spear that I used the other day against you.” (Claude)

“Aah… The cursed one.” (Eugene)

I remember now. 

The artifact of the Dragon Country that’s his homeland. 

The Dragon God Spear that’s said to have destroyed one of the hearts of the strongest Great Demonic Beast, Glasya Labolas.

That spear is rumored to have been cursed by the blood of this dark dragon.

The power is still legendary, but it corrodes the body of the user. 

“I don’t really recommend using a cursed weapon too much though. Is there no way to undo the curse?” (Eugene)

“We are trying to. We have also consulted with King Uther, but there’s apparently a lot that’s unknown about the biology of Great Demonic Beasts and their curses, so it would be difficult.” (Claude)

“It really is difficult if even the Principal says so. Got it. I will teach you about barrier magic if you are okay with me.” (Eugene)

“You are a lifesaver!! Friends really are invaluable! I will thank you some other time!” (Claude)

Claude smacked my shoulder. 

I remember after seeing that carefree smile of his. 

At the time when I knew no one when I just enrolled, the only one who was friendly with me aside from Sara who was in the same team as me was Claude. 

He was an elite from the Legendary Hero Department, and yet, he partnered with me pretty often in the combat training.

(It should be me who has to repay you for all you have done for me until now.) (Eugene)

I will happily help out where I can.

“But most of my barrier magic was self-taught though. If you are going to learn properly about barrier magic, I think it would be better to learn from a barrier magic class. The level of the magic classes in the Lykeion Magic Academy are high after all.” (Eugene)

My barrier magic has peculiar traits because of my personal constitution (angel).

It should be easier to learn if he were taught by a teacher from the academy that excels at teaching people. 

“Aah, I thought that too and tried attending a barrier magic class, but…” (Claude)

“Was there an issue? I think they are all outstanding teachers.” (Eugene)

I am acquainted with the teachers that are specialized in barrier magic. They all do thorough and easy to understand classes.

“The classes were good, but the classmates were an issue…” (Claude)

“Were there any bad guys?” (Eugene)

I don’t think there would be anyone who would cause trouble to Claude from the Legendary Hero Department though.

“It is the opposite…” (Claude)

“Opposite?” (Eugene)

“There’s a lot of girls within the barrier magic users, right? I am being confessed to endlessly by the girls. I can’t take the class properly.” (Claude)

“So that’s your problem… What a first world problem.” (Eugene)

Must be tough being way too popular.

“I don’t want to be told that by you though. Well, Sara-chan and Sumire-chan are glaring them away anyways, so the other women would be too scared to get close.” (Claude)

“It is not like those two are scary…” (Eugene)

I say that, but then notice.

The Ifrit Sumire has been increasing the firepower of her fire magic lately and she has begun using Saint Rank firepower spells. 

Then there’s the upcoming Holy Maiden Sara who is skillfully utilizing the treasured sword of the Holy Union to tag along with mine and Sumire’s training. 

(They wouldn’t want to make them enemies…) (Eugene)

I understand what Claude is trying to say now. 

Claude finished chanting the incantation of the barrier magic while I was thinking this. 

“[Wind Barrier].” (Claude)

The barrier magic activated.

He already learned it? 

“Hey, Eugene, is elementary barrier magic fine like this?” (Claude)

There’s a blue barrier around Claude after he casted the spell.

I try knocking on that barrier.

The sturdiness is not bad. 

But it lacks the absorption of impact.

It would be pretty brittle against strong attacks. 

“For barriers, you should prioritize the tensibility and impact absorption rather than the hardness. It is more effective to create several layers of that. That can absorb the impact more.” (Eugene)

Claude stretched his hand towards my barrier.

“Ooh! It feels as if you are wearing invisible soft armor… Isn’t the consumption of mana intense with several barriers?” (Claude)

“It is an application we were taught in the intermediate barrier magic classes. Rather than increasing the hardness of one layer of barrier, it would be better to put up several layers of disposable barriers, and when it is about to break, you get rid of the outer layers and recast the inner layers. It is of course strong against physical attacks, but it can also deal with curses and miasma. It should match with your objective too, Claude.” (Eugene)

“I see… So that’s what the people who specialize in barrier magic do.” (Claude)

“Using multiple layers of barriers is a basic technique after all. I think you should start training from there.” (Eugene)

“Thanks. By the way, how many barriers do you use in a day?” (Claude)

“I am always using barriers.” (Eugene)

“…What about when you are sleeping?” (Claude)

“I am sleeping while maintaining my barrier.” (Eugene)

“Are you kidding?” (Claude)

“I am not.” (Eugene)

He didn’t believe me.

If I can’t do at least that, I would already be dead in the 7th Seal Prison where the Demon Lord Eri is in. 

“I will teach you how to next time.” (Eugene)

“By the way, how did you learn to do that?” (Claude)

“Self-taught.” (Eugene)

“Figures…” (Claude)

After that, I taught barrier magic to Claude while having him tag along with my sword training. 

We chat as usual while training.

“Eugene, did you know? The Holy Union is apparently making preparations to subjugate the Great Demonic Beast, the Bird of Darkness Raum.” (Claude)

“I know. Sara told me about it.” (Eugene)

It is not really classified information. 

They are apparently asking for the cooperation of the countries in the Holy Union. 

The thrust of Claude at the speed of sound came at me. 

I avoid it while doing a sweeping strike with my sword. 

“Thanks to this, some of the countries of the Blue Waters Federation are getting all worked up about subjugating the Mermaid Vepal… Give me a break.” (Claude)

Claude stops my sword with his spear. 

He retaliates without missing a breath. 

“What’s the matter with all these sudden operations to subjugate Great Demonic Beasts?” (Eugene)

I tried asking this as if ignorant.

The Great Demonic Beasts nested in the South Continent: Bird of Darkness Raum and the Mermaid Vepal.

Subjugating both would cause way too much damage, so they mainly just kept an eye on them. 

“You… You are saying that while already knowing!” (Claude)

The swift thrust of Claude brushed my hair. 

That was close! 

“Because the Empire defeated the Colossal Beast Haagenti.” (Eugene)

You did!!” (Claude)

The flurry of attacks continued. 

It is as Claude says. 

The reason why the Holy Union and the Blue Waters Federation suddenly are talking about subjugating the Great Demonic Beasts is because the Empire has defeated one of the three Great Demonic Beasts. 

But it wasn’t by my own power.

“It was the full force of the Empire! Twin Heavenly Sword Style: [Kamaitachi]!” (Eugene)

I endure the combo of Claude and fight back with my swordsmanship.

“Oi, that’s not fair.” (Claude)

“There was no rule that we can’t use techniques.” (Eugene)

I take distance and collect myself for a moment.

The chat returns.

“Hey, Eugene.” (Claude)

“What?” (Eugene)

“How are Sara-chan and Sumire-chan getting along so well?” (Claude)

“…Are they?” (Eugene)

They are always arguing.

“They are. They are normally at each other’s throats…like on my side.” (Claude)

“That…must be rough.” (Eugene)

Leona and Teresia-san are both of strong character. Claude is apparently being whipped around. 

…No, I can’t really say that about others. 

“Please tell me how you have tamed both Sara-chan and Sumire-chan next time, okay? With a few drinks in between.” (Claude)

“To think the day would come when Claude would ask me about how to deal with women.” (Eugene)

We clash wooden sword and wooden spear a few times in the training grounds while chatting and…


The alarm rang in the academy.

“What…?” (Claude)

“There should be an explanation afterwards.” (Eugene)

Claude and I stop our training and closed our mouths. 

— “Emergency broadcast! A Divine Beast has appeared in the 1st Floor of the Zenith Tower! The explorers nearby and the explorers that can fight, please gather at once! Repeating…” 

The voice of the dungeon staff was flustered. 

It was the announcement of a new Divine Beast. 

■Comment Response: 

>Eugene being able to deal with 3 heroines after battling against the Hydra is impressive.

-Eugene is tough, isn’t he? 

>Would it be bad for the existence of the God Killer Element to be made public? 

-It would be bad for the Holy Union.

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