Not-a-chapter: A New Story!

Hey guys, Reigokai here!

It is finally that time. The time when we embark on a new journey.

This time around is a bit special since I found the story and want to notify everyone beforehand and have it not be taken, lol. Have had that happen before and it hurts.

I already translated a good number of chapters to get the feel of it as well to see whether I could actually be able to, haha.

And so, the story that I will be translating is…

[I have reincarnated in the versatile fodder minor villain, Lanpeach ~ The people around are probably playing the beta].

The official synopsis of this is:

[Lanpeach Kouza.

You should know by the name right? I am a minor villain. A villain from the open-world game called Powder of Elements.

I don’t know if I transmigrated, possessed him, or simply remembered the memories of my past life, but my life is full of death flags and fate is out to kill me.

And so, I will use the hidden mechanics of the game, the strongest builds, and knowledge of my cleared playthroughs to survive.

Well, I have the Minor Villain skill, so I will have to start by fixing my human relations first though.

—By the way, tell me why, protagonists. Why do you guys have stuff like Jobs? Why is it that you are leveling up easily by defeating monsters?

Isn’t my game system the only one that’s different?]

So there you have it. A brief idea of what the story is from the author.

Now here’s my take on the story.

This is pretty much a story about a guy that has been reincarnated as a villain in a game world he has already cleared.

The drawing point for me is that instead of being a sword and magic world, its setting is actually in an imaginary Japan where sword and magic exist, but also guns. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world, so modern technology exists. It is a blend of both sides.

However, it is also lying in a weird boundary of game and reality, so it messes up the perspective of the main character, creating some interesting and sometimes amusing developments.

That’s pretty much the gist of the story from my part.

As for my schedule plans. I plan on posting the first 5 chapters, one chapter a day. And then, I will finish Living Safely to enter in full with this story.

I have only read part of it and I liked what I read, so I wanted to bring you guys along with me on this journey.

Hope you accompany me on this ride to a new isekai!

By the way, the 1st chapter is already out by the time this is posted, so you can hop right in!

MV – Chapter 1: A Minor Villain you can find anywhere

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