LS – Chapter 353: Thus, teamwork

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— “I won’t be taking you. That’s what I promised that man. That’s why I won’t accept you even if you were to offer yourself.”

The Green Demon Lord told me this before I could tell him what I would pay.

I have to heal these arms in order to save Shishou. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do anything otherwise.

I was prepared to pay anything for the sake of this. I was even prepared to become that Demon Lord’s demon and live for eternity as a tool.

I am not trying to be haughty here, but I do think that my talent has a decent amount of worth.

But the Green Demon Lord prioritized the promise he had with Shishou.

He decided to not use me for the sake of his own benefit. He told me clearly that I wouldn’t be able to bring worth with myself.

— “What can you offer? Will you be able to offer me something that I can acknowledge as worthy?” (Green)

I didn’t need anything as long as Shishou was with me. That’s why there’s a limit to the things I have.

I realized just how worthless of a person I was after thinking about it.

— “She can.”

The one who answered instead of me was Rakura.

She said without hesitation, without any doubts, with the same attitude she always has.

Even the Green Demon Lord looked a bit surprised by this.

— “It is something simple, Wolfe-chan. What would Counselor-sama do at a time like this?” (Rakura)

I thought of Shishou.

If Shishou were in my position, what would he pay? I thought of the answer pretty quickly.

Shishou is the same. He doesn’t have that much money, and doesn’t really have any treasure that anyone would want.

But Shishou would be able to create something that this Demon Lord would want.

I don’t have anything. Even if so, I can still create something. I can still leave some sort of result.

I barely know anything about this Demon Lord, but I still understand what this person wants right now at least.

— “…Victory. I will pay you with victory!” (Wolfe)

I feel like my arms could move better than before now. The sensation of the mana flowing through my arms, the density, I am able to use everything as I want.

I probably can concentrate on the sensation of my arms more than ever after losing them once.

I headed to the place of Troid-san and he had already prepared new gauntlets for me.

Shishou apparently ordered new gauntlets as soon as we got back from Serende.

Just how much did Shishou predict about me? I don’t know, but I am sure Shishou had hopes in me.

“…How long are you going to keep touching me?”


I made eye-contact with Zahava in the middle of the fall.

I felt danger, emitted mana in one go, and threw Zahava onto the floor.

Zahava was smashed onto the floor just like that, but it seems like she retaliated in that instant.

A few cut off strands of hair entered my vision.

My head would have been pierced by those spider legs if I had been a few seconds late in throwing Zahava.

She is someone who doesn’t fear wounds and death just like Murshto.

It is not only because she has a regenerating body. She is unconcerned about her own life or death from the very beginning.

“The amount of mana is incredible, but that’s all. You think you can hold me back with just this? Really being underestimated here.” (Zahava)

Zahava used the spider legs that grew from her shoulders and brought up her body.

I didn’t hold back at all in the first punch I gave her and the time when I smashed her onto the floor.

Her body is just sturdy and the quality of her mana strengthening is high.

It is not on the level of Murshto, but it is a body that heals in an instant from small wounds.

She would be an opponent I wouldn’t be able to win against at all if I were to fight her as I have been before.

“Don’t worry. Right now I am—”

Niruryates, who had fallen afterwards, was smashed onto the wall by the sweeping strike of a spider leg.

It seems like she was trying to land a surprise attack there, but the opponent had a wide field of view.

“I didn’t even consider you to begin with. You have been living as long as us, have maintained your heart, and yet, can’t awaken at all. You are a defective product. Aren’t you ashamed of being alive?” (Zahava)

“Unfortunately for you, I have been living the best life ever, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of.” (Niru)

Niruryates showed off the knife in her hand while regenerating her crushed head.

The same knife was stabbed on the spider leg that swept her away.

There’s mana imbued in that knife. But it is not the mana of Niruryates – it is the mana of Purple-san.

The mana imbued in it has already been poured inside the spider leg with the magic of Niruryates.


The spider leg explodes.

The Demon Lords and the demons don’t accept the mana of others. This shows an even stronger repulsive effect when it comes to the mana of other Demon Lords that have different properties.

The destructive power of this has been proved when Mix fought against the Scarlet Demon Lord.

The spider leg tried to regenerate, but it can’t regenerate well.

Zahava was showing anger in her face and severed the injured spider leg from the root.

It regenerated in an instant this time around, most likely because she got rid of the part that was being corroded by the mana of another Demon Lord.

It may not be a decisive move against a demon that excels in regenerating, but it still has the big benefit of stopping the instant regeneration.

We couldn’t prepare that many before, but this time it is different.

Purple-san prepared a good amount of demonic tools in anticipation for the Colorless Demon Lord becoming an enemy.

“Wow, that’s some good firepower. If I accidentally cut myself, my body would also burst, so I am a bit scared of using it.” (Niru)

“This is baffling. The method is intelligent, but to think you would borrow the mana of another Demon Lord. Didn’t you think about using your own mana even if the density of the Demon Lord mana is low?” (Zahava)

“Not one bit. The mana flowing in my body is the mana of My King, you know? There’s no way I would think about pouring that into some random woman.” (Niru)

“Right, I agree with that. Forget what I said just now.” (Zahava)

“I will.” (Niru)

The two of them are enemies trying to kill each other, and yet, they are talking as if they were long time friends.

It is a bit different from having leeway. The two of them are not putting on airs at all.

They have accepted that this killing is just a natural process to live.

There’s no need to be weirdly conscious about it. You must not have a heart that would waver from that.

I am here and am swinging my arms with an objective.

I pour mana into my right arm and dash towards Zahava.

The moment I entered the range of the spider legs, the eyes of Zahava were clearly locked onto me.

I will definitely be skewered if I continue my attack as it is.

I aim for that moment, and shoot out the mana of my right arm into the opposite direction.

I stopped my charge, lure the spider legs, and grab them.

A single knife went below the lifted spider legs and stabbed onto the shoulder of Zahava.

The knife that Niruryates had already thrown.

The spell to pour mana from the blade has already been activated.

“Something like this—” (Zahava)

“Not letting you!” (Wolfe)

Zahava was going to gouge out her body along with the knife by thrusting the remaining spider leg on herself.

I predicted that response, and kicked it to divert its trajectory.

The attack of the spider leg went astray, and the flesh near the stabbed knife exploded.

The area near the left shoulder of Zahava had bursted, and her posture was tilted.

Even if I wanted to take a step to do an attack there, her eyes had already locked on me.

I stop and take distance for now.

There’s no need to hurry.

Our victory is to keep Zahava here until the fight of the Green Demon Lord and the others ends.

I just have to think of this fight as: hopefully we can win before that.

This enemy will continue aiming for your openings no matter the situation like a spider that obeys its instincts and targets its prey.

I must not lower my concentration at all costs.

“You don’t have enough killing intent. You are basically shouting you want to stall. What a boring bunch.” (Zahava)

“Don’t worry. I will kill you if the opportunity presents itself. We have even prepared for that scenario.” (Wolfe)

“Ah, I see. I have absolutely no desire to save Tedoral, but I don’t want things to go the way you want, so I will be killing you at once. Don’t think too badly of it.” (Zahava)

The body of Zahava changed as it regenerated its wounds.

The awakened state transformation that was in the reports. From humanoid to a spider body; the only thing left of her being a human is her upper half.

The number of legs increased to 8 and the amount of moves will be increasing.

I don’t have enough technique to slip through those legs to punch her. That’s why…

“Don’t worry. We have no intention of choosing our means either.” (Wolfe)


The floor that I smashed Zahava onto is the place that we agreed on beforehand.

There’s a gravity magic circle prepared under the floor.

The floor that was cracked because of Zahava being smashed onto it crumbled completely with the activation of the magic circle.

The floor and walls in this room have two layers, and there’s a lot of traps set inside the walls.

The castle of the Green Demon Lord can transform freely; this is a trap room that utilizes this special trait to its maximum capacity.

Mix was the one who designed the layout.

What was hidden below the two layer floor was a highly viscous liquid. You can’t get it off easily once it gets on you, and it hardens when you mix a specific concoction.

And there’s a whole ton of that concoction on the walls and floor of this room.

The liquid sticking on the spider legs of Zahava touched the concoction lathered in the place and hardened.

Of course, this won’t be able to stop the inhuman strength of Zahava. But she can’t react immediately in a state where all her limbs are glued in place.

I strike with a mana imbued attack onto the chest of Zahava, and have the mana explode.

The power is low compared to the trump card of Haakudoku because of the difference in compression, but my mana resonates more easily compared to other manas, and the body of demons is made of mana.


This attack isn’t for the sake of destroying the body, but to make the attack travel through her whole body.

If that shockwave travels through every corner of her body, it will definitely reach the core that’s somewhere in there.

The destructive power is low compared to how high its mana cost is, so it is a technique that’s not practical for anyone aside from me.

But I have a huge pool of mana. I can pour mana to my heart’s content without having to worry about it.

“It is working! Follow up!”


It may not be possible to destroy the core directly, but it should have enough of an effect as hitting the heart directly.

You can’t harden the core no matter how much you strengthen your body.

If we continue attacking like this, we can continue sealing her movements, and we can create an opening to do attacks with the demonic tools that could destroy the core.

“—Don’t…get ahead of yourselves!” (Zahava)

Zahava hits the floor hard while breaking the hardened liquid by force. The force of this made her body jump in the air, and she rose to the center of the room in an instant.

When I strained my eyes, I saw that Zahava had placed strings in the surroundings and was maintaining her posture with this.

“Her physical specs are really outstanding. It will be pretty tough to hold that back-desu zo.”

“So there was one more hiding. Humans really only use underhanded methods. But you chose a bad location. A room this drafty with a high ceiling is like asking me to move freely.” (Zahava)

“We aren’t asking. Did you forget whose castle this is?” (Niru)


Zahava’s posture crumbled and she fell.

This is the castle of the Green Demon Lord. The one here is Niruryates, who has been left with the management of the castle.

If she can freely remodel the room, she can also destroy it easily.

Zahava will lose her support if we destroy the spots that her strings are stuck on.

“The reason for keeping an open ceiling is simple. It was in order to make you, a woman who fights by only instinct, have that surprised expression.” (Wolfe)

Zahava is calm and excels at making decisions on the spot. But Ilias and the others evaluated her as: Relying too much on instincts.

Her physical specs are way too outstanding, so her mind and body are aware that it is best to move on instinct.

In that case, if we lead her in a way so that we can predict her instinctive decisions, we can create as many openings as we want.

The legs aside from the ones she uses to lift her body still have the hardened liquid on them.

Moreover, her movements in midair have been taken away, so the teleport direction of her ring has been narrowed to straight lines.

Mix and Niruryates were using the ivies that are already on the walls to evacuate to a high position.

I also jump on the walls to get to a higher position than Zahava.

“Now now, Wolfe-chan, go hard!” (Mix)

Mix threw a single spear while Zahava was falling. A spear that has far more mana of Purple-san than the knives.

The back-end of the spear is big and was made flat.

I jump towards the spear and swing my fist onto the back of that spinning spear.

The back of the spear will break, but I place the full strength of my punch onto the spear.


The technique that I used together with Purple-san to defeat Seraes in the underground ruins of Serende.

I remembered the sensation of that spear’s power when I punched it, so I thought about putting it to use here.

I concentrate on my attack, which can blow up the head of a dragon, into a single point, and create a means to reach deep into the body of a sturdy demon’s body.

The spear got hit by my fist, accelerated, and pierced the spider body of Zahava as its body plummeted to the ground.


The mana of a Demon Lord that was overflowing from the spear was being poured deep into her body.

The mana of Zahava had become denser because of her transformation, making the repulsive force against the mana of Purple-san even more intense, and imploded the body of Zahava, scattering pieces of flesh


Author: Zahava can fight while thinking and even has high learning capabilities.

But because her basic specs are so high, her body learned that it would be faster to leave her body to instinct, which is a weak point of hers.

She ends up falling for one-time traps.

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