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LS – Chapter 347: Thus, surpassing

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My pet theory is that abnormal beings are born from their environment. 

The result of adapting to a long life in a warped environment is that it will only look like it is abnormal from a 3rd person’s perspective. 

The etched result will tie the way of being of that person for eternity, and it at times creates monsters that betray expectations. 

When I first saw Zahava, I thought she was a below average commoner that I didn’t feel any talent from. 

The person herself is aware of this. She was a coward in some fronts and couldn’t come out strongly to others. She was just a bashful girl. 

A world where wars happen on the daily must have only looked cruel in her eyes. 

Zahava had lost her parents by the time she was self-aware, and was raised by her father who was a soldier of a fallen country.

I don’t know how high of a standing her father had in the past and there’s no way of knowing, but I didn’t feel like knowing. What I remember is that she was pointlessly prideful though. 

It seems like that father of hers was beyond ashamed to have a shy daughter that was inferior to others, so she was often beaten up by her drunk father. 

She wasn’t given proper meals, and whenever there were any blunders, she would be locked up in the storage room. 

Even though he wouldn’t be able to get the confidence from her that he wanted by doing this. I snorted at this, thinking: ‘There’s stupid parents out there, huh’.

A turning point came to that Zahava. 

She was apparently bitten by a spider when she was locked up in a storage room. 

That wound worsened in such an unhygienic place, got a high fever, and was on the verge of dying. 

Zahava may not have been someone he could brag about, but she was still a convenient tool that had its uses. 

The father of Zahava had no choice but to entrust her to a doctor. 

That’s when Zahava met Black Sis. 

Black Sis was enraged when she saw that sight of Zahava. 

The father that should be protecting the future of his child was simply lamenting the capabilities of his child and not guiding her at all. Moreover, threatening her life. 

There’s no way this could be forgiven.

Black Sis put work in other areas and led the front to save Zahava. 

She established an orphanage for children without parents that would raise them with care, and tore Zahava away from her dad. 

She even knocked out the dad of Zahava that was enraged by this. It really is just like her. 

She showed a new possibility in this rotten world where nothing of worth could be created. 

Black Sis was truly a savior in the eyes of Zahava. 

Zahava was always hiding at the back of Black Sis after that. She was a pain, decreasing my time with Black Sis. And yet, she would sometimes direct spiteful gazes at me.

Black Sis was life itself for Zahava. She didn’t need anything as long as Black Sis was there. 

It is weird coming from me, but she was completely dependent on Black Sis. 

As for Black Sis herself, she knew that things might end up like this when she saved Zahava. 

Even if so, she would rather let that happen than have her be killed as a tool under that cruel dad of hers. And so, she saved Zahava with the intention of shouldering her life. 

I tried to take my time to fix her, but the shared opinion of me and Yugura was that it wouldn’t be possible. 

Zahava was still shy, but she obtained what could be her only life objective. It is to the point that Yugura acknowledged the determination of following through this. 

Zahava began to direct abnormal levels of animosity towards the ones who would threaten Black Sis by the time I noticed. 

And then, those people began to disappear one after the other. 

Dozens of people that were inconvenient for Black Sis had gone missing at the time when Zahava began to hide behind the back of Black Sis. 

The scent of blood wasn’t disappearing from Zahava since then, but there wasn’t anyone who would touch on that topic. 

Black Sis decided to shoulder this, and me and Yugura didn’t care as long as she didn’t become the enemy of Black Sis. 

“Well, she managed to awaken as a demon…most likely because Black Sis wasn’t there with her.” 

The 2nd wave began immediately after the monsters were respawned. 

As for me, I was preparing for the 3rd wave with a break in the middle. I also take a break to recover my mana in preparation for the raid. 

I had way too much time, so I was sorting out my stuff, and the files of the past of Zahava and the others showed up. 

I was thinking about using them in case Black Sis resurrected, so I kept these files, but…now that I think about it, it is not like I can control them. 

The reason to live for Zahava is to die as a part of Black Sis. If Black Sis desires destruction, she will also desire destruction. 

She is fine with perishing as long as it is in the path Black Sis is walking on, no matter what lies ahead. 

“If you want to die for the sake of love, just die. I welcome her as long as she is useful though.” 

I took the files of Lazarikata next. 

Lazarikata was within the new group of people that joined the village. Basically, residents of a newly fallen country. 

Lazarikata was the daughter of an influential person in that country. If that country hadn’t fallen, she apparently could have been a princess, and even a queen. Well, she doesn’t have what it takes though.

It was a village where people who lost their country held hands and helped each other out, but the family of Lazarikata brought a turbulent flow there. 

They wanted to rebuild their country somehow, and tried to use our village for that. 

There was actually a possibility. 

Our village existed under the cooperation of other countries, but the trust from the other villages was very heated, and if they were to rise to action with our village as the center, there might have been quite a lot of people who would come along. That’s how big the influence of Black Sis and our dad was. 

Lazarikata was antagonistic towards Black Sis from the very beginning. 

She was someone who she had to surpass in order to hold the leadership of the village after all. 

The people around were in a similar state, so the atmosphere of the village was terrible for a period of time. 

Black Sis and the others still accepted them, so the difference in their calibers was clear to the eye.

The result was that the family of Lazarikata failed. 

They couldn’t take away the influence of Black Sis and the others. On the contrary, they self-destructed with the schemes of their own people. 

Yugura and I made wry smiles, thinking ‘If you are going to challenge Black Sis, at least do so when you can actually act as a group’. That was a good memory. 

About Lazarikata, she was on the verge of being executed by the country supporting the village. She was made to shoulder a false crime by the scheme of her uncle.

Black Sis saved Lazarikata, demonstrated that the crime was hardened by lies, and succeeded in stopping the execution. 

In other words, Black Sis is also the savior of Lazarikata, but…she ended up hating Black Sis even more because of those actions of hers. 

Being given by the person she was supposed to take from was apparently an unbearable humiliation for that woman. 

She was about to go back and shoulder the crime again. The crime that Black Sis proved to be false. She is seriously crazy. 

Lazarikata continued to aim to steal the position of Black Sis even after that. 

Zahava apparently tried to kill her several times according to Yugura. Lazarikata is awfully tenacious from the fact that she came out alive. 

“She continued targeting the position of Black Sis despite having become her demon. Maybe it is a warped form of love…?” 

Lazarikata’s objective has been political power even now. Moreover, she is persistently aiming for the position that Black Sis has obtained. 

It seems like she directed her attention to the outside world when Black Sis was sealed by Yugura, but…that slimy animosity came back after Black Sis resurrected. 

“And so…this one.” 

Ofaro’s file is thicker compared to the others. 

It would be stupid to read this seriously, but..let’s just skim through it. 

Ofaro is a criminal. 

He committed many crimes before becoming a demon. He even killed a lot of people. 

He is different from the addicted woman that finishes her prey in an unpopulated place like a spider. Ofaro committed crimes while boldly leaving evidence behind. 

Ofaro was an orphan that drifted to the village, and was also a childhood friend of me and Black Sis. 

But he hated to get involved with others like me, and was far more gloomy than me. 

The turning point of that man was that day. 

The livestock ran away and were devoured by many beasts. Ofaro was punished as the one who caused this. 

Ofaro said at that time that he didn’t do it. 

But many pieces of evidence and testimonies pointed at Ofaro being the culprit, and not a single one of the adults believed in Ofaro. 

But those were forged evidence and fake testimonies, and Black Sis discovered he really was innocent in that incident alone after investigating it. 

Ofaro was tied up on top of a hill that had strong exposure to the sun as punishment for letting the livestock escape and the continued attempts to lie and not admit his sin. 

His head was affixed upwards with his eyes wide open by the sly adults that set this up.

—‘You are evil. Accept that’.

The adults spit out those words when Ofaro begged to be saved. 

Black Sis and dad objected to this, saying this was going too far, but the village at that time was separated in factions, and Black Sis and dad didn’t have enough influence. 

In the end, Ofaro was released only a few days later. After he admitted to a false crime with his body and heart shaved off, and tears dried out. 

Ofaro was treated as a criminal even after that.

The adults around were pointing and laughing, seeing Ofaro, whose eyesight had worsened and had to walk with a cane all day. 

The children learned the weight of lying. The orphan Ofaro served as a good physical example for their education. 

“He would have just been a pitiful guy if this were the end though.” 

Ofaro was docile for a while. 

He was harmless aside from directing a creepy gaze at you if you were to see him in the village. But by the time we changed from children to teenagers, he began to show his changed interior. 

The peaceful livestock suddenly began to rampage and attack their owners. The storage that was built not long ago crumbled the moment the owner entered. 

Strange incidents happened one after the other, and the village soon realized this was done by someone with malicious intent. 

No, it was set in a way so that they would think this from the very beginning. 

There were many deliberate points so that many people would witness it and understand it. 

The villagers gathered a lot of evidence, judged that it was done by Ofaro, and appeared in the hut where he lived. 

And then, when they saw what was there, they learned that this man was someone outside the boundaries of reason. 

What was there was a hill of corpses. The people that unnaturally stopped showing up when they had their attention directed at the small incidents in the village. 

All the corpses showed signs of them having been tortured in a variety of ways in the time they were alive. 

Not a single one of them died with a proper expression. 

I vomited the moment I saw that. 

I seriously couldn’t forgive him.

The villagers hurriedly tried to capture Ofaro, but he didn’t make it easy. 

He purposely left traces, invited them in, and attacked the villagers that chased after him. 

The villager that was purposely left alive apparently asked Ofaro ‘why are you doing this?’, and this is how he answered:

— “This is what you wished for, right? You wanted me to become evil.”

Ofaro continued his rampage even after that. 

There were many casualties from the neighboring villages and the country, and everyone feared him as a deranged murderer. 

He in the end was caught by Black Sis with the cooperation of Yugura, and went as far as being one step before giving him away to the country to be executed, but…the country betrayed us at that time. 

He was turned into a demon by Black Sis whose hatred towards humans burned deep, and he is now free as can be seen. 

I don’t know if it was out of pity towards the man she couldn’t save, or because she was disappointed in the world to the point that the sins of that man were trivial, but…I can’t understand the decision of Black Sis, and I don’t feel like asking her. 

“Dependent on someone else, obsessed with influence, the ideal of evil; there really are no decent people remaining.” 

They are abnormal. 

That’s why they managed to maintain their self even within the passing of time. 

They are defective as humans, but they have outstanding talents as demons. I am a bit jealous of that. 

I was calmer than them.

I knew from the very beginning that my heart would be shaved away by the infinite passing of days once I became a demon. 

That’s why I couldn’t get the courage to become a demon of Black Sis. 

I ended up becoming the subordinate of Yugura who could pull it off one way or another. 

I don’t think this choice is wrong. 

If I had become a demon of Black Sis, I would have been mixed in the horde of monsters together with those abnormal people. 

The power I got easily surpasses that of those abnormal people. If we are to only see the result, there’s no better result. 

There’s no need to fear those abnormal people just like the time when we were human, and I could kill them all by myself. 

“—The fact that it just doesn’t feel right is most likely because of that man.” 

A man that’s weaker and frailer than the past me. I feared a man like that. 

He can surpass powerhouses and lunatics depending on how he acts, no matter how weak he is. 

This guy that I would have wanted to show my past self is facing the hero that can destroy the world.

Yeah, it is vexing. 

Even when I have obtained this much power, I know that I can’t stop Black Sis and Yugura, and yet, there’s a weakling that is seriously trying to stop them. 

“Now then…I guess I will be leaving now after checking the state of Black Sis… Hm?” 

There’s a strange lag in the footage of Black Sis set around her. 

I immediately notice this is because of the interference of someone and investigate the surroundings. 

Black Sis can’t even use mana detection, so it wouldn’t be possible for her to interfere with my vision. 

If it were the doing of Yugura, I wouldn’t have even been able to notice it. 

Then, someone else is trying to deceive my eyes. 

I find the mana that was used to obstruct me and find out who is the owner… That damn serial killer! 

“…No, this is…” 

I was thinking about going there to kill him, no questions asked, but something seems strange. 

I found Ofaro lying down, but I don’t know where his soul is. 

I don’t see him inside Black Sis, or like, I can’t even feel the presence of that man… 

There’s no visible traces here. 

Then, the one who was involved in this was Yugura. 

Yugura not being in sight means that they are inside a simulated world created with Ruling? 

He can move his whole body there after all.

And so, I adjust the mana wavelength to the space that Yugura might create, and investigate. 

And then, I find the simulated world that was created just recently. 

The ones inside are…Yugura, Ofaro, and that man. 

Ofaro can’t cause any problems if Yugura is there, but something bothers me. And so, I try to invade immediately. 

There’s no doubt that this is a world that Yugura created, but the precision is super coarse. 

He must have created it in a rush, but couldn’t he have created it with a bit more care?

I establish the connection and teleport my mind to the simulated world. 

Those 3 are there. 

“Oh, Tedoral. Some urgent business?” (Yugura)

“In a sense! Yugura, what’s going on here?!” (Colorless)

“Ofaro was interested in that man. He went as far as entering Black to do whatever he wanted, so I simply made the place for him.” (Yugura)

“Wa…” (Colorless)

Just how much does this murderer want to stir things up? 

Not only Black Sis, but even the trump card here… Wait, what’s with this situation? 

From what I can see, Yugura is simply a spectator. 

It is clear that Ofaro was having some sort of exchange with that man there, but how did it lead to this sight?

Why is Ofaro the only one who is on his knees, all drained? 


Author: Even Yugura would laugh if there’s only these members. 

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