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ZAP – Chapter 111: Eugene reunites

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Reigokai: Two chapters today! Make sure you didn’t miss the previous one~.


“You were okay, Claude?!” (Eugene)

I looked at my classmate who is wearing an unfamiliar blue light plate armor, Claude Percival, and said this.

It is most likely the common armor of the Blue Waters Federation.

There’s a yellow shield crest on his chest.

“Okay?” (Claude)

Claude was making a dumbfounded face.

“I heard the Great Demonic Beast subjugation raid was wiped out.” (Eugene)

“Aah, about that. I will explain in order. By the way, are you the only one who came?” (Claude)

“No, Sumire and Sara came too. I think they will return soon.” (Eugene)

“I see, so those two came as well.” (Claude)

He seemed a bit happy about it.

“Hm? It is Claude-kun! Yahoo~.” (Sumire)

“What, you look totally fine. We were worried, you know.” (Sara)

“Sorry, sorry, Sumire-chan, Sara-chan.” (Claude)

Sumire and Sara came soon after, so we were guided to the inn that the raid team is using as a base.

The Golden Country was bustling with energy.

It is not only inside the Federation. This island also serves as a center for the commerce of the Empire and the Holy Union.

There seem to be a lot of foreigners here as well, so their attire is pretty varied.

The townscape is different from both the Empire and the Holy Union.

If I had to make a comparison, it would be closest to that of the Dungeon City.

The many stalls and shops in the main street were calling for customers.

We walked in that crowd while we listened to the explanation of the situation from Claude.

“Then, the raid team that was wiped out in the Great Demonic Beast subjugation was the 1st party?” (Eugene)

“Yeah. Looks like that has been exaggerated in other countries.” (Claude)

The Federation apparently formed 3 parties in total for the Great Demonic Beast.

Claude was in the 3rd party formed by the elites of the Golden Country and Dragon Country.

Also, the 1st party that was wiped out was apparently formed mainly of 3rd world countries in the Federation.

So they were the bait party to check the state of the Great Demonic Beast.

“No way… Baits…” (Sumire)

“It goes against the teachings of the Goddess Church that all people are equal.” (Sara)

Sumire’s face clouded and Sara’s eyes narrowed.

“It is true that this doesn’t feel good, but…it is not like we are forcing them. All the people in the party volunteered, and the families will be paid accordingly…” (Claude)

The face of Claude was telling us that he by no means agrees with everything about this.

“And so, did you learn something after going as far as using a bait party?” (Eugene)

I asked this and got an unexpected answer.

“Yeah, the Black Mermaid Vepar that is using the Black Sea as their turf is a colony, and it was said that there was no ‘Ruler’ that commands the horde as one, but…we learned that’s not the case.” (Claude)

“There’s a ruler?” (Eugene)

“That’s right. We have found one that is ordering the school. We are calling her Queen. The objective of this time’s subjugation is to defeat the queen of the Black Mermaids.” (Claude)

“I see. I was wondering what to do if you were to say you needed to wipe out the Black Mermaids, but that does sound possible.” (Eugene)

I don’t know the exact number of Black Mermaids.

Some theorize it is over the thousands.

“Hey, hey, Claude-kun, have you seen the black mermaids? Are the mermaids cute?” (Sumire)

Sumire asked an innocent question.

I also haven’t seen a black mermaid.

I heard that a lot of mermaids are beautiful.

“Well, you could say they look cute, but…their main food is humans.” (Claude)

“…Hieeeee!!” (Sumire)

Sumire grew pale at the words of Claude.

“Have you seen a black mermaid before, Sara?” (Eugene)

“I have gotten a glance of the school from afar when I passed near the Black Sea. I haven’t seen them up-close.” (Sara)

So it seems.

We were having that chat and eventually got to the inn… So I say, but we arrived at a way too big building.

The gatekeepers showed caution for a second, but they saw the face of Claude and bowed lightly.

Looks like they know each other.

“This is the biggest inn in the Golden Country, and is being managed by the Crystal Company that is a sponsor of the Great Demonic Beast subjugation. The commander of the subjugation raid won’t be returning until night, but the vice-commander is present, so let’s go greet them. Also, I think the people of the Legendary Hero Department have gone out to the town, so let’s show your faces later. That’s fine?” (Claude)

“Ye~s.” (Sumire)

“No issues.” (Eugene)

“I don’t mind.” (Sara)

We nod at the words of Claude.

He guided us first to a big meeting room on the 1st floor.

Claude knocked on the door and opened it.

“It is Claude of the Dragon Country. Excuse the intrusion.” (Claude)

“Yeah, what’s the matter? If I remember correctly, you said you would be going to pick up acquaintances of yours from the Lykeion Magic Academy… I see, so it is you people.”

There’s a big long desk at the center of the meeting room, and there were a lot of maps and memos written on top of that and on boards.

There were a lot of things written on the illustration that looked like the Black Mermaid.

The one who welcomed us was a lanky man around 40 years old.

He looks like a non-combatant at a glance, but the way he walks is that of someone who has been trained.

“I am Eugene Santafield. I have come from the Legendary Hero Department of the Lykeion Magic Academy.” (Eugene)

“From the same class as Eugene-kun, Sashiogi Sumire!” (Sumire)

“The student council president of the Lykeion Magic Academy. My name is Sara.” (Sara)

Sumire and Sara introduced themselves after me.

“Welcome from a distant land to our Great Demonic Beast raid team. I am the vice-commander here. I have heard rumors about you all. I am looking forward to your contributions. Please take your time and rest your bodies for today.”

Our meeting ended pretty quickly.

The vice-commander returned to his meeting soon after.

— “How are we going to find the Queen?”

— “Let’s set a trap. We will prepare a bait.”

— “It won’t go so easily.”

— “They are way more coordinated than before. They are learning.”

— “Are you saying the Great Demonic Beast has intelligence?”

— “They are a bundle of instinct. That assumption is stupid.”

— “The 1st party was wiped out because of this. Don’t lower your guard.”

I heard that conversation.

I was bothered by the topic, but I couldn’t just eavesdrop the whole time.

I followed after Claude who exited the room.

“I will guide you to the room you will be staying in next.” (Claude)

Claude went up the stairs.

We arrived at the rooms on the 3rd floor.

“What about our stay fee?” (Eugene)

“The Crystal Company has already paid in advance, so there’s no need to worry. But there won’t be any meals, so please solve that by yourselves.” (Claude)

“Got it.” (Eugene)

Claude said this and faced Sara and Sumire.

“There aren’t that many free rooms, so is it okay for Sumire-chan and Sara-chan to share a room?” (Claude)

“That’s okay~. Right, Sara-chan?” (Sumire)

“I don’t mind. We sleep in the same tent when exploring a dungeon anyways.” (Sara)

“Then, here’s the key. I have spares, so I will give one to each of you.” (Claude)

“Okay~. Thanks, Claude-kun.” (Sumire)

“Thanks, Claude.” (Sara)

Sumire and Sara take the keys.

“Hey, what about Eugy-kun’s room?” (Sumire)

“Right next to your room. Eugene, are you fine with sharing a room with me?” (Claude)

“Yeah, there’s not enough rooms, right? I don’t mind.” (Eugene)

I would have been a bit more reserved about it if it were with a stranger, but I don’t need to mind much if it is with Claude.

I received a key from Claude.

“Sumire, Sara, let’s take some free time until we are called.” (Eugene)

“Got it, Eugy-kun.” (Sumire)

“See you later, Eugene.” (Sara)

Sumire and Sara entered the same room.

“Hey, Sara-chan, let’s check the stores one more time later~.” (Sumire)

“Okay. We were in the middle of shopping before, after all.” (Sara)

“Sara-chan, you were choosing lewd underwear~.” (Sumire)

“I-Isn’t that fine?! There’s no cute underwear in the Holy Union!” (Sara)

“Maybe I should buy new ones too~.” (Sumire)

“You have a whole lot of cute ones already -like the red ones you are wearing right now.” (Sara)

“I am talking about clothes! Or more like, how do you know the color of my underwear?!” (Sumire)

I could hear the conversation of Sumire and Sara.

Both of them are so energetic.

I entered my own room too and left my luggage.

The lodging room is bigger than I imagined.

My body feels sluggish because of the few days I spent on the Flying Ship.

I wanted to move my body for a bit and…

“Eugene, do you have any plans?” (Claude)

“I want to train my sword. Is there any good place?” (Eugene)

“I figured you would say that. I will guide you.” (Claude)

Claude grins and beckons me to come with him.


“This is…?” (Eugene)

Claude brought me to a spacious park that is a little away from the inn.

The entrance had written [Only personnel allowed], but Claude ignored that warning and entered.

“The company has reserved this park to be used as a training ground for the raid team.” (Claude)

“And yet, there’s no one.” (Eugene)

“…You could say that.” (Claude)

Claude warped his lips as if in self-derision.

After that, I sparred with Claude using a training wooden sword and Claude with a wooden spear.


“Twin-headed dragon thrust!” (Claude)

The fast thrust of Claude’s spear looked as if it split in two and approached me as if it were the maw of a dragon.


I couldn’t avoid it completely and the tip of the spear grazed my cheek.

“Wind Form: [Kamaitachi]!” (Eugene)

“Woah there.” (Claude)

Claude easily took distance from the consecutive slashes I unleashed.

I…lost there.

We fought for around 50 battles, and got 24 wins, 25 losses, and 1 draw.

“Let’s take a break.” (Eugene)

I take a deep breath.

“Your movements are worse compared to the time when we were in the academy, Eugene.” (Claude)

“So it seems. Looks like it will take a bit more time to get back the feeling.” (Eugene)

Or maybe it is because it is not actual combat.

If this were the Dungeon City, I would have as many actual combat scenarios as I want if I were to climb the Zenith Tower of Babel.

Now that I think about it, I was in a blessed environment.

— “…The explorers now are lukewarm.”

I remember the words of the Dungeon Master, Anemoi Babel.

“Hey, Eugene.” (Claude)

I was thinking about the Zenith Tower and Claude looked at me with a serious expression.

“What, Claude?” (Eugene)

“The matter of subjugating Vepar, I told you I am in the 3rd party, right?” (Claude)

“Yeah, you did.” (Eugene)

“The Legendary Hero Department members are normally placed in the 3rd party. This is considering our strength as well. That’s why I think you, me, Sumire-chan, and Sara-chan will end up in the same party.” (Claude)

“I see.” (Eugene)

That’s great to hear, but I didn’t say it out loud.

I was seeing the expression of Claude after all.

“The 2nd party will be dispatched later. I don’t think it will end up with a horrible result like the 1st party, but it is assumed that the subjugation of the Black Mermaid Queen will be difficult. The objective of the 2nd party is to find the Queen and mark her. And then, the 3rd party will be subjugating her, but…the 2nd party will surely end up in a state close to being wiped out.” (Claude)

“That’s… The soldiers are volunteering while aware of this, right?” (Eugene)

They are putting their lives on the line for the sake of their country.

This is something I was taught in military school too.

“That’s right.” (Claude)

Claude looked down.

I took away the role of Airi to become the bait of the Great Demonic Beast.

You can understand the logic, but accepting it is another matter.

“Do you have some other plan?” (Eugene)

I asked this and he answered with something different from my question.

“There’s someone who looked after me in the past. Already an old soldier without the same power as before, but they were the first to volunteer when recruitment for the Great Demonic Beast subjugation was announced. They are in the 2nd party.” (Claude)

“What about withdrawing their participation…?” (Eugene)

“They wouldn’t listen to me even if I were to ask them. Most of all, that person said ‘If I am going to die, it is gotta be brilliantly on the battlefield!’. They are a soldier to the core.” (Claude)

“That’s…quite the stout spirited person.” (Eugene)

You can sometimes find people like that.

I have seen that type in the imperial army too.

And such people are popular.

“Hey, Eugene, I didn’t say this before because Sara-chan and Sumire-chan were present, but…” (Claude)

“Claude… Could it be…?” (Eugene)

I could tell what he wanted to say.


(You…are going to be a future Hero of the Blue Waters Federation though…?) (Eugene)

“I am thinking of volunteering for the 2nd party.” (Claude)

It was the declaration of my friend to head to his death.

■Comment Response:

>The heroine in this story, Sumire, is a classmate of Makoto and the others in the previous story, but will other classmates show up in this one?

-I have said this a number of times before, but characters from the previous story won’t appear in this one.

Their names might be mentioned though.

I am thinking of doing a crossover when the main story is over.

>Lily-chan is cute.

-The allure to turn her into a heroine…

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