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ZAP – Chapter 110: Eugene heads to a new land

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The Great Demonic Beast living in the Tarsis Mountain Range —chance meeting with the Darkness Bird Raum.

1 week after that, we headed from Arsham to the Blue Waters Federation on a Flying Ship.

Our objective is to regroup with our Legendary Hero Department classmate in the Blue Waters Federation.

By the way, the plan for now regarding the Darkness Bird Raum is: Watch and wait for now.

The one who decided this was the Destiny Oracle, Orianne-sama.

The reason was: ‘Putting a hand on a demonic beast who is protecting their child is the most foolish of actions. There’s no telling what calamities will befall this’.

Well, there’s almost no one who can endure the Curse of Death to begin with, so if we were to go all in, there would be more than a thousand deaths coming out of it.

Makes sense.

“I feel bad when you go out of your way to come. But it wouldn’t have been possible to investigate this smoothly without the help of Eugene-kun. I express my thanks in the stead of the Holy Knight Order.” (Jacqueline)

Captain Jacqueline gave me a formal thanks.

“I didn’t really do much…” (Eugene)

“Eugene immediately gets humble. That’s a bad habit.” (Sara)

Sara pointed this out.

My evaluation this time was the highest rank: S.

This will apparently reflect in this semester’s grades as feedback from the Holy Union to the Lykeion Magic Academy.

(I see… So the grades you have are not decided by tests in the Legendary Hero Department.) (Eugene)

The Normal Department has written tests and practical skill tests.

The grading system is pretty different.

The students in the Legendary Hero Department are often stronger than the teachers, so it ended up with this kind of system.

Anyways, this is how our job assisting the Holy Union in the subjugation of the Great Demonic Beast.

Then, why are we heading to the Blue Waters Federation instead of returning to the Lykeion Magic Academy…?

“Hey, Eugy-kun, are Claude-kun and the others okay?” (Sumire)

“I am sure they are. He is the best dragon rider in the academy after all… Right, Eugene?” (Sara)

“Also, I doubt he has died… It bothers me that the Great Demonic Beast subjugation raid was wiped out.” (Eugene)

“I am anxious… Leona-chan is surely worried.” (Sumire)

“Right. Teresia-san must be hurting right now.” (Sara)

Sumire and Sara were talking about the next destination together in the Flying Ship.

The subjugation of the Darkness Bird ended faster than expected…or more like, the investigation of it, so we ended up having to regroup with the Great Demonic Beast subjugation raid of the Blue Waters Federation.

The only ones who will be grouping up with them are me, Sara, and Sumire.

My other comrades in the Legendary Hero Department will be staying in the Holy Union and then return to the academy.

I told Lily Whitewind that I would be heading to the Blue Waters Federation and she was pretty surprised by that.

“Eh?! You are kidding, right? What are you thinking?!” (Lily)

“I am worried about Claude.” (Eugene)

“What happened to our duel, Eugene Santafield?!” (Lily)

“That can wait until we get back to the academy, right?” (Eugene)

“Even if you say that, what if you were to…get injured gravely or were to die?! You have already gotten the highest grade from the Holy Union! Why are you going out of your way to head into danger?” (Lily)

“Is it that dangerous?” (Eugene)

“Kuh…! What an annoying man! Fine, I will wait for your return in the academy, so have a match with me when you get back!” (Lily)

“Yeah, I am looking forward to it.” (Eugene)

My memories of our conversation came back.

Even though she didn’t listen to me properly before.

(I am glad I will be able to get along with her even in the Legendary Hero Department.) (Eugene)

“Hey, Eugy-kun~.” (Sumire)

“Eugene, who are you thinking of?” (Sara)

I was looking at the scenery outside the Flying Ship, and Sumire and Sara peeked at my face.

“N-No, I am not thinking of anything.” (Eugene)

“Rea.lly~? You seemed to be getting along well with Lily-san in the Holy Union.” (Sumire)

“That person isn’t good with strangers and is really hostile towards people from the Empire, and yet, you seemed to be getting along awfully well with her.” (Sara)

How did they immediately notice that I was remembering Lily?

Is it a woman’s intuition…?

“Sumire, Sara, it seems like it will take a few days before we arrive at the Blue Waters Federation, so it is about time we rest in our rooms.” (Eugene)

“Aah, changing the topic.” (Sumire)

“Did something happen with Lily?” (Sara)

“Nothing!” (Eugene)

False charges.

In the end, Sumire and Sara followed me all the way to my room and I couldn’t rest much.

◇A few days later◇

A blue ocean spread before our eyes when we got through the Tarsis Mountain Range.

“Uwaah, the ocean is so pretty~!” (Sumire)

Sumire was really excited here.

“It has been a while since I have come here.” (Sara)

It seems like Sara has been here before.

As for me, it is my first time here just like Sumire.

I am acting calm, but I could feel myself getting giddy just like Sumire.

A blue ocean and sky that spreads out endlessly.

I could also see a lot of islands.

Our Flying Ship is going above them.

— [Announcing to our guests: The Flying Ship will be arriving at the Golden Country in around 1 hour. Please prepare for the landing.]

The voice of the guide echoed with voice amplification magic.

The Golden Country is the 3rd biggest country out of close to a thousand countries, and the country with the most assets.

The origin of the country comes from the giant mine that is in the center of the island.

You can apparently get not only gold, but also mithril and mana metals. It is a country plentiful with natural resources.

I heard that the Great Demonic Beast subjugation this time around was an idea of the Golden Country in the Federation Congress.

— [That said, the Black Mermaid Vepar has become active, so the total number of ships has been limited.]

That announcement was made.

“The Great Demonic Beast here has also grown active, huh.” (Eugene)

“I don’t want to encounter it.” (Sara)

“Hey, Eugy-kun, Sara-chan.” (Sumire)

“What is it?” (Eugene)

“The Black Mermaid is in the ocean, right? Then, isn’t it okay for everyone to just travel in Flying Ships?” (Sumire)

The question of Sumire makes sense.

But there’s a reason why that can’t be done.

“Sumire-chan, tickets to ride a Flying Ships are extremely expensive. Also, small islands can’t make landing points for Flying Ships. They don’t have the assets.” (Sara)

“I have heard about that. There’s less than 100 countries in the Federation from the close to 1,000 that you can travel with a Flying Ship.” (Eugene)

“O-Only that much?!” (Sumire)

Sumire’s eyes opened wide.

There’s a high qualitative difference between the countries of the Federation after all…

There’s apparently even countries that are on the level of a village, with less than a 1,000 people in population.

The ones in the academy coming from countries of the Federation are normally wealthy.

Sara and I explained this to Sumire.

But it is not like I know much about this either.

It normally would be better to just ask a resident of the Blue Waters Federation, but there’s none right now.

We came here to confirm their safety to begin with.

I hope they are fine…

A big island with giant buildings that stand out began to come into sight.

That’s apparently the Golden Country.

The Flying Ship slowly landed.

We didn’t have much luggage, so we gave them the tickets and got down first.

We were inspected, but we were allowed inside pretty smoothly after showing them the student notebook from the academy and telling them our objective.

The scent of salt was mixed with the wind.

It was the same in the Flying Ship, but getting on land really does make me feel like I am closer to the sea now.

“Hey, Eugy-kun, where are we headed now?” (Sumire)

“There should be someone to get us.” (Eugene)

That said, I was told they will be telling us the details after we arrive.

We killed time on the bench that’s in the Flying Ship terminal.

The wind is strong.

A blue cloth flag with a yellow shield was waving heavily with the wind.

“No one’s coming.” (Sara)

“Hey, Sara-chan, how about checking out the place?” (Sumire)

“Good idea, Sumire-chan. Is that okay, Eugene?” (Sara)

“Yeah, be careful.” (Eugene)

The two head to the area with stalls.

The Golden Country seems to have good security.

There should be no issues with just the two of them.

I wanted to do practice swings, but I would obviously attract attention if I were to swing my sword in a Flying Ship terminal, so I just kept in place.

(I am bored…) (Eugene)

I stared at the sky and noticed footsteps approaching me.

They are finally here, huh -is what I thought and…

“Hm? Are you Eugene?”

A familiar voice called my name.

I turned there and there was the familiar playboy with a frivolous atmosphere.

“Claude?” (Eugene)

“It really is Eugene! So you came!” (Claude)

He smacked my shoulder with a smile.

My friend, who I came here to check the safety of, was standing there all healthy.

■Comment Response:

>It made me laugh that Lily-chan was seduced to a degree where it made me wonder if she would become a heroine.

>She gives off tsundere vibes. Really cute.

-Tsunderes are nice, right?

■Author’s Comment:

Manga introduction, part 3.

The 2nd chapter has been published.

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