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ZAP – Chapter 107: Eugene searchs for his classmate

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Author: The manga of Zero Attack Power began on March 15th.

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“Lily…Just where are you?” (Jacqueline)

Captain Jacqueline mutters in worry.

The entrance of the mountain road to Shishapangma. That was the meeting point, but my classmate Lily Whitewind was nowhere to be found.

“Did she return to the base first?” (Eugene)

“No, it hasn’t been that long since we separated. I find it hard to believe Lily would go against our promise. We should think there was an unexpected development.” (Jacqueline)

I don’t know much about Lily.

I just recently got into the Legendary Hero Department after all. But Captain Jacqueline is most likely right since she was also a former Holy Maiden Candidate.

“Let’s search for her then. Should we search separately?” (Eugene)

“No, there’s no need for that. I can use [Past Vision] after all.” (Jacqueline)

Captain Jacqueline said this, and began muttering a complicated chant while drawing a magic circle on the ground.

(That’s impressive. Past Vision is an advanced destiny spell that almost no one in the mages of the magic academy can use. Holy knights are not only proficient in swordsmanship, but also magic…?) (Eugene)

She must have noticed those thoughts of mine.

“Fufu… That’s not it. I can use Past Vision only because the other party is a former Holy Maiden Candidate. The Holy Maiden Candidates are tied by the Blood Contract. It is not like I can use it on anyone.” (Jacqueline)

“I see.” (Eugene)

I didn’t know that.

The Blood Contract is the heaviest contract, only below the Life Contract…

“I see it… Muh, it looks like she was arguing with someone… She moved over there.” (Jacqueline)

Captain Jacqueline said this and entered deep into the forest, deviating from the road.

I followed after her while being wary of the surroundings.

We advanced for a while…and heard something like an explosion from afar.

“I heard something.” (Eugene)

“Let’s hurry.” (Jacqueline)

Captain and I head to the direction of the sound with hurried steps.

That’s where…

“Water Magic: [Water Bullet]!!”

“Wood Magic: [Wind Bullet]!!”

There were 2 shadows. They are shooting offensive magic at each other.

That said, both are spells used to keep the enemy at a distance that doesn’t have much killing power.

One of them has a dark green robe that could blend in with the forest.

The other one has a white armor with the crest of Caldia. In other words, my classmate Lily Whitewind.

“Lily, what’s going on?!” (Jacqueline)

“Captain!” (Lily)

The captain runs towards Lily.

I regroup with her while observing the surroundings. It fortunately seems like the sound of the magic won’t be drawing monsters, but…I glanced at the back, and there was the gray Mountain of Death standing tall.

I am worried about the Darkness Bird coming here.

“Tch! You had allies, huh.”

I thought the green robed person was a woman because he had a high voice, but it looks like he was a man.

He is wearing the hood deeply to hide his face, but I could see red eyes shining deep in.

“A demon…?” (Eugene)

There’s no race with red eyes in the South Continent.

That’s the trait of demons that live in the North Continent.

“Wrong, I am human!”

The other party strongly denied my words.

I could see long fangs from his mouth when he shouted this, different from those of a human.

But calling himself a human means…

“Devilkin…? A mix between demon and human…” (Eugene)

“What about it?! Are you going to kill me just because I have the blood of a demon?! Do devilkin not even have the right to live?!”

Captain Jacqueline and I looked at each other when he said this.

“Is that the case in the Holy Union?” (Eugene)

“N-No! Eugene-kun, there’s no discrimination of races in the Holy Union. It is equality under Ilia-sama!” (Jacqueline)

“Right.” (Eugene)

I have heard about that from Sara.

By the way, it is the same in the Empire. It is more about your skills, so it is a country that doesn’t really mind the race that much.

There’s a lot of elves and devilkin in the mage units, and the captain of the Golden Knights is a dwarf swordsman.

If I remember correctly, the symbol of the magic research in the Empire is a devilkin.

“Lily, explain.” (Jacqueline)

“Y-Yes… I was waiting for you two and this devilkin boy appeared. I thought he was suspicious, so I tried to question him, but he escaped. And so, I chased after him.” (Lily)


The captain is making a troubled face.

“Isn’t questioning him too sudden?” (Eugene)

I said this and…

“But he is the embodiment of suspicious! At a dangerous place like this! Moreover, a devilkin!” (Lily)

Looks like Lily-san’s prejudice is a bit strong.

“Why did it end up in a clash of spells?” (Jacqueline)

Captain asked.

““This one shot first!!””

Lily and the boy pointed at each other.

This is… There won’t be an end to this.

“Captain Jacqueline, didn’t you see that with your Past Vision?” (Eugene)

“That uses a lot of mana… Also, it seems like there was an issue with how Lily was asking… Can you tell us your name? I am the captain of the 2nd Holy Knight Division, Jacqueline.” (Jacqueline)

I am glad the captain has common sense.

“Hoh, captain of the Holy Knight Order…”

The face of the boy stiffened at those words.

“I am…Miguel from the Greta Island of the Blue Waters Federation.”

“Greta Island… Do you know about it, Lily, Eugene-kun?” (Jacqueline)

“No. I do feel like I have heard about it before…” (Lily)

“This is my first time hearing about it.” (Eugene)

The Blue Waters Federation has more than a hundred island countries.

It must be one of them.

“It is a poor island without much going for it. There’s mostly devilkin living there.” (Miguel)

“Got it. Next question. The Tarsis Mountain Range is territory that’s managed by the Holy Union. Do you have an entry permit?” (Jacqueline)

“Yeah… Of course.” (Miguel)

The boy brought out a single piece of paper from his pocket and showed it to us.

“Fumu, looks legit. It would be pretty impressive if this is a fake that can deceive my Appraisal though.” (Jacqueline)

The captain has such a wide array of skills.

“Then, last question. What are you doing in a place like this? There’s a Great Demonic Beast nest nearby, so it is pretty dangerous. There’s no way you came here without a reason, right?” (Jacqueline)


Miguel went silent.

“He really is suspicious! We should bring him back to the base and inspect him strictly!” (LIly)

“Calm down, Lily.” (Jacqueline)

I listen to the conversation of the captain and my classmate as I observe the boy.

He is hiding his body with the dark green robe, but I can see what looks like tattoos from the little bit of skin visible.

Tattoos that have magic formulas embedded in it.

That format is…

“You are a summoner, huh.” (Eugene)

“Wa?! How did you…?!” (Miguel)

The eyes of Miguel open wide.

Looks like I was right.

By the way, summoning magic is magic that allows you to call monsters and mythical beasts to make a contract with them, so you can freely call them.

The steps to a contract are complicated, and there’s the need for complicated magic circles to call them, so it is pretty unpopular magic.

But you can get strong in one go if you can make a contract with a strong monster.

Speaking of which, the president of the animal club can use summoning magic as well?

But the person themself is monstrous.

“I am impressed you could tell, Eugene-kun.” (Jacqueline)

“How can you tell?! You are also suspicious.” (Lily)

“Don’t just go suspecting everything. Principal Uther once said ‘I want to try summoning something from a parallel world!’ and made me help out in drawing a magic circle. It is the summoning formula that’s on the tattoos on his body.” (Eugene)

He summoned a weird parallel world creature called a Shoggoth, and dealing with the aftermath was extremely troublesome.

That monster is currently in the 7th Seal Prison.


Miguel hurriedly hid his skin.

It is too late though.

“But why is a summoner from the Blue Waters Federation all the way here at the entrance of the Tarsis Mountain Range…? Could it be…” (Jacqueline)

I also noticed what the captain was trying to say here.

“To make a contract with Raum?” (Jacqueline)


The silence seems to be a yes.

“That’s impossible. You will die.” (Lily)

I agree with what Lily said.

That’s not something you can make a contract with.

That’s when I remember.

“But…if it is with its child.” (Eugene)

“So that’s how it is…” (Jacqueline)

“Eh?! The child of the Great Demonic Beast? Eh?! What’s that about?!” (Lily)

The captain and I nod lightly.

Lily is surprised.

The big egg that the Darkness Bird was warming up. It is possible you could make a contract with a chick that has just hatched.

“You know that the Darkness Bird is trying to hatch an egg, don’t you? Did you accept a request to make a contract with that chick? There’s no person in history who has been able to form a contract with a Great Demonic Beast. It would be impressive if you succeed, but…well, I am sure you would die.” (Eugene)

“Can’t know unless you try!” (Miguel)

“I don’t think you can get close to the Darkness Bird with its Curse of Death though.” (Eugene)

Miguel made a bold smile when I said this.

“Ha! I have the protection of the Demon Lord Erinyes! The Curse of Death is no issue at all!” (Miguel)

“…Hah?” (Eugene)

I was confused by the sudden mention of a Demon Lord.

“Aah, I remember now!! Captain, the Greta Island is a country that worships Demon Lords! I learned that in a geography test in the academy!” (Lily)

There was a question like that?

It is a class that I didn’t choose.

It was at that time…

…The air changed.

Powerful killing intent ruled over the surroundings.


It wasn’t only Miguel, even me and Lily fell silent.

“Not good. To think you would worship that whore of a Demon Lord of all things. Listen here, the Fallen Lord, Erinyes, is a depraved wretch that spit on the Goddess-sama and fell from the skies. You worship something like that? Looks like you need some discipline~☆.” (Jacqueline)

The calm demeanor of before was gone, and Captain Jacqueline was now releasing a dangerous atmosphere.

{Hey, Lily Whitewind.} (Eugene)

{What, Eugene Santafield.} (Lily)

{Does Captain Jacqueline get like that when you mention the name of a Demon Lord?} (Eugene)

{The ancestors of Captain were shamed by Erinyes in the long past… I don’t know the details, but speaking the name of the Demon Lord in front of Captain is taboo.} (Lily)

{I see…} (Eugene)

If she knew I had a contract with Eri…just thinking about it is scary.

That said, what in the world did Eri do?

Let’s try asking when I get back.

“Hiih…! [Wyvern Summoning]!!” (Miguel)

Miguel must have been swallowed by the pressure of Captain Jacqueline, he summoned a wyvern.

It activated fast.

He must be quite skilled.

“Fufufufu… I won’t let you escape. I will definitely discipline you… I will definitely…kill Demon Lord worshippers…” (Jacqueline)

Captain Jacqueline has lost her calm.

I suddenly had a bad feeling.

We are currently 4 people together with the summoned wyvern…and then there’s the Mountain of Death right behind us.

The Great Demonic Beast wants mana to provide nutrition for the egg.

—The sky darkened.

It is not because it is evening.

It is not the clouds either.

There’s no sound, but there’s a gust.

(…This is the worst.) (Eugene)

Countless feathers fell from the sky. All of those have the Curse of Death.

The trees around began to wither one after the other.

Their life is being sucked right out of them.

“Ah…… Ah……”

Miguel is standing in place.

I don’t know if it is because he is using a barrier or has resistance to curses, but he still hasn’t collapsed.

But he is trembling in complete fear.

I am impressed he wanted to make a summoning contract like that.

The wyvern already collapsed from the curse.

It might already be dead.

(If it just brings back the monster just like the time with the griffin…) (Eugene)

I was hoping for that.

But that didn’t happen.

It slowly…

Slowly spread its 8 big wings, filling up the sky.

The 3 creepy eyes of the Darkness Bird were looking down at us.

Eyes targeting prey.

The Great Demonic Beast is looking at us as food.

■Comment Response:

>The Holy Union is supposed to be a religious country, but the hostility they directed at the Great Demon Lord that should be their religious enemy was being directed at the Empire instead, making it feel warped.

-It depends on the person.

There’s people who hate the Empire more than the Demon Lords, and there’s also the opposite.

■Author’s Comment:

Eri from the 1st chapter of the manga.

So lewd. Good!

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