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ZAP – Chapter 95: Eugene fights the Divine Beast (3rd part)

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—The Divine Beast, Hydra, was sealed in the bottom of Hell, Tartaros, after going against the Holy Gods.

The domain with loud colors was slowly spreading in the surroundings…corroding it.

You probably wouldn’t be able to maintain your sanity if you were to touch that without barrier magic.

“By the way, Dungeon Master-dono.” (Uther)

“W-What?!” (Anemoi)

Principal Uther spoke to Anemoi Babel.

The troublesome person that caused this situation.

“Just looking at the Divine Precincts Magic – Another World is enough to contaminate your mind. You could become a cripple if you accidentally enter. Can you evacuate the explorers here to a safe location?” (Uther)

“W-Why should I do something like that…?” (Anemoi)

“Whose fault do you think this is?” (Uther)

“Kuh…!” (Anemoi)

— “Ah, I can do that~☆. We have a manual for emergencies after all~. I will move the people outside the Zenith Tower aside from the Divine Beast-chan and the people who will be fighting.” (Rita)

She said this and the people were being sent away with Teleport one after the other, beginning with the people that fainted from the pressure and mana the Hydra was emitting.

The Principal showed relief for an instant after seeing that.

“Next is…” (Uther)

Principal Uther looks at the Dungeon Master again.

“If the Zenith Tower is on the verge of collapsing from the Divine Precincts Magic of the Hydra, you will prevent it, I hope.” (Uther)

“O-Of course! Maintaining this dungeon is my duty.” (Anemoi)

“Then, it looks like it will be fine to go all out in destroying it.” (Uther)

“……Eh?” (Anemoi)

The Dungeon Master opened her mouth wide.

“W-What do you plan on doing?!” (Anemoi)

“Now then, let’s go, Clair-kun, Eugene.” (Uther)

“W-Wait a moment! What do you plan on doing? Hey, wait there!” (Anemoi)

“O-Okay, King Uther.” (Clair)

“Is that okay? Anemoi-san is saying something.” (Eugene)

“Hahahaha!” (Uther)

Looks like it is okay to ignore her.

“The Hydra is looking over here…” (Clair)

The 9 pair of eyes of the Hydra were certainly looking at us just like Clair-sama said.

“Looks like it is waiting for us.” (Uther)

We 3 slowly walked our way there.

The other explorers were being sent outside one by one with the Teleport of the Angel-san.

At that moment…


Someone hugged me from behind.

“S-Sara…” (Eugene)

She fainted, but it looks like she has regained consciousness.

I can see Sumire nursing Airi over there.

Those two are enveloped in light and disappear with Teleport.

“Take mine too!!” (Sara)

She sends me mana with a Mana Link kiss.

The golden mana of Sara is being poured into me.

The mana of the experienced Goddess Church sister, Sara, is very compatible with my body that has angel blood flowing in it.

My back is burning.

A single wing of light slowly grew out from there.

“Thanks, Sara.” (Eugene)

“Eugene, you must not di—!” (Sara)

Sara was sent outside with Teleport.

The 1st Floor of the Zenith Tower now only has the 3 challengers and the Dungeon Master.

It is silent.

Principal Uther speaks as if to drive away that atmosphere.

“To think you would have passionate kisses with your loved ones in the face of battle. You have become a playboy magic swordsman, Eugene. You are like a completely different person compared to the time when you just enrolled in the academy. It is a good thing.” (Uther)

The Principal said this with a grin.

“Did he change that much, King Uther?” (Clair)

The 1st Knight-sama reacts to this as someone who is barely acquainted with me.

Why are we talking about this right now?

“No, uhm…that was in order for Sumire and Sara to send mana to me…” (Eugene)

“Hooh. So you are only after their body (mana)?” (Uther)

“No, that’s not it…” (Eugene)

“Eugene-kun, that’s not good.” (Clair)

Clair-sama pointed this out seriously.

The tension lessened a bit.

I get back into the spirit and glare at my front.

The Hydra is standing there.

The Divine Precincts Magic has not spread after a certain degree.

Looks like it is properly going to hold back.

— “Are you ready now?” (Hydra)

One of the heads of the Hydra asks.

So it was waiting for us.

What a gentleman.

“Then, let’s throw a small jab.” (Uther)

Principal Uther said this and snapped his fingers.

He activated a spell.



A squall blew.

It is wind strong enough to break mine and Clair-sama’s posture.

I notice this is mana wind.

“Saint Rank Magic – [Water Dominion].” (Uther)

Snow danced in the dungeon.

The snow slowly took a human shape and an angel showed up.

“Why is Saint Rank Magic the greeting spell…?” (Anemoi)

I agree with what the Dungeon Master-san said.

Saint Rank magic should be the peak humans can reach.

“[Raining Holy Ice Arrows].”

The water angel casts magic.

Thousands of white shining arrows rained down on the Hydra, but…

(Hmm, a bit too weak.) (Eri)

It is as Eri said.

All of the spell was being swallowed by the domain around the Hydra.

It does seem like it is shaving away the surroundings of the domain bit by bit though…

“Then, I will go full power.” (Clair)

The 1st Knight-sama readied her sword and spoke.



A language I haven’t heard before.

The intonation is weird for it to be the language of another nation.

And then, light slowly gathered around Clair-sama as if in concert with her words.

(Hoh… There were still humans who could control fairies.) (Eri)

“Fairy language?” (Eugene)

I made that question after hearing Eri, and got a reaction from Clair-sama.

“Do you know fairy language?” (Clair)

“N-No, this is my first time hearing it.” (Eugene)

“I am impressed that you could tell. I heard about the term fairy language for the first time from King Uther.” (Clair)

I didn’t know either.

I don’t think it is in the curriculum of the Lykeion Magic Academy either.

A mana whirlwind happened around the 1st Knight-sama.

It turned into a sparkling light whirlwind and light overflowed in the dungeon.

(No…this is…) (Eugene)

It is not light but small people.

Small palm sized people of light were flying around.

These are fairies…?

— Kya! Kya!

— Kusukusukusu…

— Waaai!

I can hear the laughing of the fairies.

The fairies are gathering the most around Clair-sama.

The sword and armor of the 1st Knight-sama began to shine white.

“Thanks, little ones… Will you come with me?” (Clair)

Clair-sama normally has a brave expression on her, but right now it is gentle.

There’s a choking amount of mana gathering in contrast to that gentle face.

The mana gathered in the sword of Clair Lancelot-sama and…

“[Mystic Dance of the Fairies].” (Clair)

Clair-sama swings her sword heavily.

A swirl of light pierced the domain of the Hydra like a giant spear.

It scraped one of the 9 heads and tore its skin.

A hole opened in the skin of the Hydra and muddy blood flowed out from it.

“Ooh, not bad, Clair-kun.” (Uther)

“I am honored by the praise, but I was thinking about dropping a head there. The power of the sword magic dropped sharply the moment it entered the domain of the Hydra. It looks like it will be hard to drop a head with my Fairy Blade.” (Clair)


One of the heads of the Hydra stretches this way.

But we should still be out of its range…

(Wait, the neck is lengthening?!) (Eugene)

— “Mana Blade: [Ifrit].” (Eugene)

I imbue the mana of Sumire into the God Katana that was made with the fang of Cerberus.

The head of the Hydra opening its mouth wide was right in front of me.

“Guh!” (Eugene)

I don’t even have the leeway to unleash any techniques.


I forcefully deflect the bite of the Hydra with my flaming katana.

“Ooh, not bad, Eugene.” (Uther)

“Hooh, you can take that on? It looks like you could join the 12 Knights already.” (Clair)

“Haah… Haah… Haah…” (Eugene)

Principal Uther and the 1st Knight-sama praised me, but I don’t even have the breath to respond to them.

It was around as fast as the sword of Pops despite that size, you know…

I was getting flustered here, but King Uther spoke as if it were a lecture.

“Alright, this is the plan:

1) I will shave away the domain of the Hydra with magic.

2) Clair-kun will attack the Hydra with her Fairy Blade.

3) Eugene will take the role of a shield and deflect the attacks. It will be rough by yourself, so let’s rotate that role with me.

How’s that?” (Uther)

“Yeah, I don’t mind that.” (Clair)

The 1st Knight-sama answered without hesitation.

“…I will try.” (Eugene)

That sounds rough, but there’s no other way.

I am using borrowed mana, so my mana for the Mana Blade will run out pretty quickly if I attack aggressively.

The problem is whether the Hydra will target me who is the weakest in this group…

“Your Mana Blade is a hybrid technique that has the mana of the Ifrit Sumire-kun whose origins are from the Ancient Gods, and the mana of the Holy Maiden Sara-kun that originates from the Holy Gods who sealed them. You will definitely be targeted first.” (Clair)

“I see…” (Eugene)

There was no need to worry.

“Let’s go then, Eugene-kun.” (Clair)

The light of fairies gathers around the 1st Knight-sama.

(Principal Uther is dangerous, but this person is also on a level of her own…) (Eugene)

She is gathering mana on the same scale as Sumire totally unfazed.

“Then, next is…” (Uther)

A green angel-sama was summoned by the side of King Uther.

The Water Dominion that he summoned before is still present.

Of course, both are apparently fake angels created by magic, but…the pressure they exude is abnormal.

Will I be able to keep up with these people?

(Water Dominion and Wind Virtue… Uwa, I am impressed he can create two of those with magic. Isn’t he a Demon Lord…?) (Eri)

The Demon Lord Eri was baffled.

“Let’s go, Clair-kun, Eugene.” (Uther)

“Yes, King Uther!” (Clair)

The strongest mage in the South Continent leading two intermediate rank magic angels: King Uther Mercurius Pendragon.

The Sword of the King that has countless light fairies clad on her: 1st Knight Clair Lancelot.

I ready my red shining God Katana to not fall behind these two.


It has been around an hour since the battle began.

Principal Uther scraped away the domain with his magic.

Clair-sama was slicing the Hydra with her Fairy Blade.

I was using the mana of an Ifrit and the mana of a Holy Maiden to take on the attacks of the 9 heads assailing us, and would unleash attacks myself every now and then, but…

— We are in a stalemate.

“Hmm, this is troubling…” (Uther)

“Yeah…” (Clair)

“Sorry, the mana I borrowed ran out…” (Eugene)

We were attacking the Hydra without end, but it wasn’t turning into a decisive blow.

“I also only have around half of my mana left. Do you want to retreat, Eugene?” (Uther)

“The fairies are beginning to get bored. The power of the Fairy Blade is lowering…” (Clair)

“No, I will borrow mana from somewhere else.” (Eugene)

(Counting on you…Eri.) (Eugene)

(Kay~.) (Eri)

I clad myself faintly with the mana of Eri, and activated the Mana Blade: Dark Blade.

…I have no choice but to pull every trick in my pocket.

Or more like, the Hydra is staying for way too long!!

The 1st Floor of the Zenith Tower is in shambles.

The ground is gouged, the trees have been blown away, and there’s giant fissures on the ground.

It is as if the heaven and earth were flipped over.

The only thing that’s fine here is the dungeon elevator in the middle.


The Dungeon Master-san is doing her best to block the domain and poison of the Hydra, the magic of King Uther, and the shockwave of Clair-sama’s Fairy Blade.

That seems rough in its own way.

Might as well just help us.

The Dungeon Eyes have been flying around the 1st Floor for a while now, what’s happening in this battle is most likely being broadcasted outside the dungeon and to other countries.

King Uther, Clair-sama, and I are speaking less.

Can’t it end already?

I think we have already shown our power enough though.

“E-Excuse me, Hydra-san…? Could you tell us the result of the trial already?” (Anemoi)

The Dungeon Master-san must be tired already, she interjected.


I want to leave already.

— “Umu, it was a pretty good battle. It reminds me of when I fought the Legendary Hero Hercules. He fought for 99 days, but it makes sense that wouldn’t fly here. I shall judge this as you clearing the trial if you endure for 9 days!” (Hydra)

The tone of the Hydra was casual.

It casually threw out an unbelievable condition.

“9 days?!” (Anemoi)

Even the unreasonable Anemoi-san raised her voice.

Principal Uther placed a finger on his forehead with a conflicted face and Clair-sama looked pale.

I…honestly don’t think I will be able to last another 1 hour.

The 9 heads of the Hydra looked in wonder after seeing our reactions.

You can make a loveable face like that, huh.

— “Is something the matter? 9 days is less than a nap though.” (Hydra)

(That only applies to you unreasonable beings that have existed since the mythological era…) (Eri)

Even Eri spoke in a baffled tone.

Looks like the sense of time of the Hydra-san is broken.

“Dungeon Master-dono.” (Uther)

“W-What?! Are you saying I am the one at fault?!” (Anemoi)

The Dungeon Master got flustered when Principal Uther spoke to her.

Yeah, I think you are at fault as the one who undid the seal of the Hydra.

Clair-sama and I were making the same faces.

“Do you think the barrier of the Zenith Tower will hold on if the Hydra-dono stays in the Zenith Tower for 9 days?” (Uther)


Not only the Dungeon Master, the 1st Knight-sama and I also react to the words of King Uther.

At that moment…

*Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble*

I heard the sound of something crumbling from afar.

“The Hydra-dono seems to be holding back the output, but what’s around it is the Eroding Poison World. Basically, a Divine Precincts spell that excels in destroying barriers. The barrier of the Zenith Tower wouldn’t endure that for 9 days, and the 1st Floor would be polluted into a hellish poisonous floor. There’s no doubt the dungeon itself won’t be of use for a good while.” (Uther)

“T-That would be troubling!!” (Anemoi)

“Then, please do something, Anemoi-san.” (Eugene)

I said this with a slightly rude tone out of exhaustion.

“Uuh… Then, with the special order of the Dungeon Master… That won’t work. By force… Won’t work either. All that’s left would be to ask the Goddess through the angels… But that would take time…” (Anemoi)

The Dungeon Master mumbled.

So unreliable…


I heard a loud sigh.

It was from King Uther.

“Well, it can’t be helped… Have no choice but to use this… [Sacred Treasure Summoning].” (Uther)

A golden magic circle showed up by the side of King Uther.

A strange magic tool showed up from inside…

—I could feel shivers running down my whole body.

I jumped back really far faster than I could feel anything.

Clair-sama also took distance from King Uther in this fashion.

My body can’t stop trembling.

That strange magic item was warped here and there, and had strange patterns and gems scattered around, but now that I have a better look, it is an oil lamp.

There’s no doubt it is a magic tool, judging from the mana it emits, so I think it is a magic lamp, but…I can’t stop getting chills just from looking at it.

…What’s that fearsome miasma?

“Y-You…what in the world…is that…?” (Anemoi)

The voice of the Dungeon Master-san is trembling.

Clair-sama is still speechless.

Even the Hydra is staring intently at that lamp.

Seriously, what is that?

(…A Genie Lamp. This old man even had something like that?) (Eri)

(Eri, what’s that?) (Eugene)

(It would be better for you to not know.) (Eri)

Looks like the Demon Lord knows.

She is not telling me though.

“…I didn’t want to use this one.” (Uther)

King Uther was saying this despite his excited face, and with the hand he was not holding the lamp with, he slowly…

(Eugene, stop him.) (Eri)

I moved before Eri told me.

I must not let King Uther use that.

I was certain of this.

I grabbed the hand of King Uther right before he touched the lamp.

“What’s the matter, Eugene?” (Uther)

“I have a plan.” (Eugene)

“…Fumu, let’s hear it.” (Uther)

Looks like he is interested.

That’s a relief.

King Uther stored the magic lamp inside the magic circle again.

“So, what’s the plan?” (Uther)

“You see…” (Eugene)

(I will lend you my mana.) (Eri)

“But the black mana and purple mana of Erinyes-dono won’t work on the Hydra, right?” (Uther)

“Eh? Principal Uther, you can hear the voice of Eri?” (Eugene)

“Yeah, you grabbed my arm, so I Synchronized with you.” (Uther)

“Synchronized…?” (Eugene)

“A type of Mana Link. Don’t worry about it too much. More importantly, I would like to hear what you have to say.” (Uther)

(My mana is: the Black of Power, Purple of Death, and Indigo of Curse. You know that, right? But I actually have one more… I don’t mention it often though.) (Eri)

“Hoh! I didn’t know that.” (Uther)

Principal Uther’s eyes shone.

“Speaking of which, you said something like that when you made a contract with me?” (Eugene)

“Muh, I heard nothing about that, Eugene.” (Uther)

“…I was scared of telling others about the contract in detail.” (Eugene)

“Oi oi, don’t be so distant, Eugene. You know I have tight lips, right?” (Uther)

“I do.” (Eugene)

(You people, listen when someone is speaking.) (Eri)


Principal Uther and I nod obediently.

(I actually didn’t want Eugene to use this power, but…the 4th mana of a Fallen Angel is…) (Eri)

The Demon Lord paused for a moment…and told us about that fearsome detail.


“King Uther! Eugene-kun! Why are you taking your sweet time there?!” (Clair)

The 1st Knight-sama came in a hurry while we were getting explained by the Demon Lord.

We just finished hearing the explanation.

“Clair-kun.” (Uther)

“Y-Yes!” (Clair)

“Eugene and I will be attacking the Hydra. Please match us.” (Uther)

Principal Uther said this with a grin.

“…What’s the plan?” (Clair)

“The ears of the Divine Beast are good. It would be troubling if it were to hear us.” (Uther)

“Understood.” (Clair)

Clair-sama answered concisely.

“Eugene, make sure you can activate the aforementioned Mana Blade whenever.” (Uther)

“…Yes.” (Eugene)

I ready my God Katana.

I will be moving with the Teleport of Principal Uther.

“Now then, Clair-kun.” (Uther)

“Yes… XXXXXXXXX.” (Clair)

Clair-sama said something in fairy language and the biggest swirl of mana of today filled up the dungeon.

My vision turned pure white.

But the density of mana isn’t that high.

She probably isn’t keeping the fairies in one place and purposely letting them move freely.

Fairies are a mass of mana.

Having countless fairies flying around freely is like having countless mages and…

(I am feeling dizzy.) (Eugene)

They have this much coordination despite not having said anything.

The Principal then used Teleport to move right above the Hydra.

It should be a complete blindspot, but…

(It noticed us…!!) (Eugene)

The 9 heads of the Hydra face us instantly at what was supposed to be its blindspot.

“The eyes of the Divine Beasts see the future… You have to shift space-time in order to block this.” (Uther)

I could hear Principal Uther, but I couldn’t understand him.

I just kept ready to unleash my attack at any moment.

“I will send Eugene a few seconds in the past… Can you let me, Destiny Goddess-sama? …Saint Rank Destiny Magic: [Time Jump].” (Uther)

A slimy something enveloped my whole body in an instant.


Principal Uther and I were a bit further away from me the next moment.

The me over there has not noticed me.

But Principal Uther looked over here and grinned.

(Now… I am borrowing the 4th mana of the Demon Lord -the Ultra Violet mana.) (Eugene)

I remember what Eri told me.

Erinyes, who was an Archangel Chief in the Divine Realm, went against the heavens and was dropped.

The black wings are proof of her rebellion against the Gods.

The abominable color she obtained at that time was… outside the 7 colors of mana that people could use… Ultra Violet.

Ultra Violet is a God Killer element.

The power of the Fallen Angels to enact vengeance against the Gods for exiling them from the Divine Realm.

I clad my God Katana in that ultra violet mana.

(Guh…!!!) (Eugene)

I felt like my whole body was lead despite using barrier magic at full output.

My head hurts as if it had been smashed by a wooden hammer.

“…Divine Precincts Magic: [Small World].” (Eugene)

I maintain my consciousness with the spell that I learned just now.

One of the heads of the Hydra came at me while confused.

I can only do one swing.

I have to bet everything on this.

(…Twin Heavenly Sword Style – Lightning Form: [Kirin].) (Eugene)

I jump in the air and swing the God Katana that’s clad in the God Killer mana.

I felt no resistance.


One head of the Hydra fell at the corner of my vision…I think.

Before I could confirm that…

I lost consciousness.

■Comment Response:

>The scent of an airhead is suddenly permeating the Dungeon Master.

-I wanted to make her a scary character at first, but…she ended up turning into an airhead.

>It seriously is a saving grace that Eri is present.

-Rita-chan is a capable angel.

■Author’s Comment:

The 4th mana of Eri is finally revealed.

The next chapter is the epilogue.

Finally over.

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