Chapter 63: Curse Nightmare Party

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Chapter 63: 1st Nightmare Heat – 3


“Fumu fumu.” 

I confirm my surroundings after going up a tree. 

As I have said before, the map for the preliminary matches have varied terrains in mosaic shapes. 

The proof of this being that the place I am currently at is a plain with tall grass, but the terrain changes after 300 meters in every direction.

North is a desert, east is a wasteland, south is a forest, and west is a lake. 

Ahead of that there’s a wetland, and there’s even a place that has what looks like a pylon, a plain covered with short grass, and also what looks like a cliff.

There’s cases like a wetland being at the side of a desert, so there’s no logic in this at all. 

“Now then, how should I advance…” 

I go down the tree and think about it a bit. 

The current map has a curse concentration of 5, so me being clad in curse concentration 10 mist looks really clear for a number of players. 

Once the curse concentration goes to 6 after 2 hours, the situation will change in one go. 

The Deformity 5 players that can see the mist around me from afar have no need for pledges when creating their avatar, so there’s a good number of them out there, but Deformity 6 players do need one when creating their avatar, so the number of them drops in one go.

The difference is big. 

“Right. Let’s head to the place that looks like a pylon.” 


There’s currently 500 people remaining. 

Looks like battles are happening sporadically in the whole map. 

But the pace will most likely drop once it hits 100 people. 

The reason why it is lowering aggressively is because the players are burning with motivation, and there’s players that know that they will be at a disadvantage the more time it passes, but the size of the map, the numbers, and the difficulty of searching for enemies will balance out, and the progress should slow down.

“I have to secure as much of an advantageous position as possible.” 

I have to use that time to get that advantage.

My Demonic Eye ability is affected by the curse concentration around the opponent. 

Just now I grappled the enemy and brought the enemy inside the effective range of the curse wrap bandage clothes to forcefully increase the curse density and hit him with the enhanced Poison Demonic Eye – 1 Taruwiveno, but that’s close to an emergency measure technique, and it is not my original battle style. 

The ideal would be to hide until the curse density of the whole map has increased to a certain degree, and take the style of finishing the surviving enemies at super long range with poison like a sniper. 

It will be difficult to retrieve the drop items, but that’s the safest and most certain method. 

“No enemies. No sounds of battle. Zarichu.” 


“No scents either.” 

Then, what’s an advantageous position for me? 

Well, if we go by the basic tactics, one would be that there aren’t many obstructions in the surroundings. 

That’s because I can hide depending on the situation, and I can find the ones approaching my hiding place and snipe them one breath faster.

The other one is high altitude.

This is simply because I will have a wider vision, but in this current state where I am limited in my long range attacks, it also links to securing my safety. 

Considering all this…it really would be the pylon-looking place that can be seen from afar.

It looks like it would be around 40 to 50 meters tall after all.

“I obviously can’t see the inside of the lake…” 

After arranging my information once again, my current situation is…

I am in the middle of moving through the boundary between the lake and the forest. 

The forest and the lake are peaceful, but there’s no knowing where enemies are hiding, so I advance carefully. 

Looks like I will have to move through the volcano zone and the heavily uneven rocky zone to reach the place where the pylon is.

“Fumu fumu…I can see man-made constructions every now and then.” 

By using a combination of floating in the air and insect wings, I am moving carefully without making a sound, but my movement speed is terribly slow in exchange. 

There’s fallen or wrecked buildings.

I hear the sounds of battle from afar every now and then. 

The remaining players are not as many as when it began, but they are still decreasing at a good pace.

There’s around 1km to reach the pylon, but at this rate, I will most likely reach after the 1st zone reduction happens. 

“Well, I can fly through the volcano zone and the cliffs, so it is nice that I can take it easy.” 

There were now 400 players by the time I noticed.

And then, in the zone where the pylon is…there are several thin clear streams that even a normal person can jump over, and between them, there’s tall grass and bare rocks laid about. 

I don’t see anyone.

Alright, looks like I can get through.



The moment I thought that…

Zarichu raised its voice to warn me. 

Looks like something happened.

I stopped completely and grew vigilant of my surroundings.

“Chu if it is yes, Chuu if it is no. Got it?” 


“Is there a scent?” 






The 1st zone reduction happened.

The black field denoting the Danger Zone that is faraway is approaching. 

At the same time as this happened, the position of the red aurora changed, and the location of the next boundary is shown.

Looks like…the pylon won’t have any issues yet.



“Running away?” 


“I see. I got the general picture.” 

Now then, as for the enemy in question…

It seems like they are approaching this place. 

And they are either waiting for me to show an opening, or moving to my back. 

It is not a fish type that moves inside the water, and there’s no sound of grass shifting, so it must be quite a skilled one. 

I check my surroundings without lowering my guard and take a battle stance with the flail that only looks like a staff.


And then, the moment the grass shook, I jumped onto that location while waving my staff. 

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