DCFM – Chapter 144-145: Ozawa Again or Arrival ※Celica’s POV

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“What what, what happened?” (Nanami)

“Nanami-neesan…it seems like this guy has been chosen.” (Celica)

“Eh?” (Nanami)

Nanami-neeesan looks closer at the tablet. 

Ozawa Yuichi, 15 years old. 

His cheeks are hollow, long slitted eyes with no light, and his unhealthy look are the characteristic traits of this boy. 

I don’t know if he is dyeing it himself, but his dirty brown hair is turning slightly like pudding color. 

The photo here that God prepared is most likely the current appearance of the person.

“This…is the guy that killed me.” (Nanami)

“That’s right. He should be in prison right now. No, he is probably still at the hospital. He hasn’t been prosecuted yet, but well, I am sure he will be given the death sentence. You may have come back to life, but the sin of killing 3 people is still there… But…” (Celica)

“But?” (Nanami)

“It is impossible to perform a death sentence in 20 days. Of course, it would also not be realistic to release him temporarily to assassinate him. There’s limits to getting the public on our side… I don’t think we will be able to stop him from going to the isekai.” (Celica)

{Celican…there’s a new warning added below. Even in the case when an isekai chosen dies on Earth, their right of transfer won’t disappear, and their body and memories will be restored before they are transferred…} (Karen)

Karen enters the conversation through the phone. 

I see. The first time was horrible after all. So they have dealt with it beforehand now, huh. There were 1,000 Chosen including Nanami-neesan in the first batch. 24 were killed. 

In other words, there were 24 that had to be selected again including Brother. 

They probably actually intended to send those 1,000 they first selected. They must have feared a repeat of before. 

What I get from this is that this God doesn’t really aim to use these isekai transfers to bring commotion. It means that it is truly for entertainment purposes. 

Whichever the case, it is impossible to eliminate Ozawa in 20 days, and he won’t be given the death sentence now. It has been settled that he will be able to escape to the parallel world. 

Then, the problem here would be whether he will be getting involved with Brother and Nanami-neesan. 

“…Asking just in case here, but would you try to get direct revenge against this guy?” (Celica)

“If I do meet him, I will settle the scores. But the world is big, right? I wouldn’t go out of my way to search for him. Reuniting with Hi-chan takes priority after all.” (Nanami)

“Settle the scores? Are you going to kill him?” (Celica)

“I don’t know. But he is the killer of my parents. I may have been a bad daughter, but I should at least do that for them.” (Nanami)

“…You are strong, Nee-san.” (Celica)

You normally would be scared towards the person that killed you. 

But I can’t feel signs of that from Nanami-neesan.

She said she will be doing it, so I am sure she will. 

There’s no need to worry, huh.

“Then, the problem would be Onii-chan, huh… Maybe he would try to go to where Onii-chan is to kill him in order to get back at him… Am I overthinking here? I have way too little information.” (Celica)

We have shown him videos of the isekai somewhat in order to get out information from him at the time when he was confined. He most likely knows that he himself got bounced off and the person he killed -Brother- had gone to the isekai instead. 

At the place where he is incarcerated, he can also read books, so he should be able to investigate the isekai to a decent degree. He can also meet with his lawyer, so he can ask about it at those times. 

(Having an unjustified grudge against him… He most likely does…) (Celica)

In terms of results only, Brother has become the most popular Japanese Chosen. 

In a dark dungeon, having adventures side to side with death, a romance with a beauty like Rifreya-san, days of swinging a sword and using Spirit Abilities in battle; for that man, that’s the place where he should be standing at.

In that case, he will try to take it back from him, and if that’s impossible, he might try to destroy it. 

…Honestly speaking, I don’t know. 

I don’t understand the feelings of humans that can’t make logical decisions. 

At any rate, the second group has an advantage here. 

The ‘right answer’ depends on the person, but the ‘incorrects’ in the character making have been cleared up to a certain degree, and the dangers of Random Transfer are widely known now. 

The chances are low that Ozawa would go through the trouble of heading to where Brother is to harass him in that vast world. 

Also, for Ozawa, Brother is someone he killed, and for Brother, he is the person that killed him, moreover, the person that killed his childhood friend. 

Thinking about the possibility of being taken revenge for that, he should instead take distance from him…that’s the logical conclusion.

He has finally been chosen to transfer to an isekai, so he can switch his mentality. 

That should be the way of thinking of a normal human. 

(…A normal human wouldn’t kill 4 people in a day…) (Celica)

People who have killed 4 people in one day outside of war, even when accounting for all of humanity in ancient and modern times, it is only a few. If we limit it to only modern times, you would say he is a rare mass murderer. 

In other words, there’s no way he is normal. He managed to go about a normal school life with a normal face, so a psychopath is a truly fearsome thing. 

“I really should have killed him… Why does everything end up turning on me…? Is God really intervening here…?” (Celica)

If we were to put it in numbers here, there’s no other way to take it but them intervening.

Sis being selected could be taken as a coincidence, but her being killed, my brother being chosen for some reason, and then the killer has been chosen now.

It is way too well made to be a coincidence. 

“It is okay, Celica-chan. Don’t make such a grave expression. Big sis here will kill him in your stead.” (Nanami)

“Nanami-neesan… Fufu, even though you are a weakling.” (Celica)

“With my little sister making a face like that, I will of course want to try and provide her peace of mind, right~?” (Nanami)

I am indeed uneasy, but it might just be me overthinking it. 

The world is big. On top of that, there’s a limit to transportation means. 

As long as there’s no way to choose where to transfer to, no matter where the plans of Ozawa are, the chances of him being transferred close to Brother are extremely low. 

Of course, there’s the possibility that one can choose where to transfer to this time around.

At worst, even if Brother were to be attacked, he is strong. 

Jeanne should be close to him for a good while. 

It is not like I don’t have regrets for not killing Ozawa for the sin of killing uncle and auntie and escaping to the parallel world, but there’s nothing I can do about it anymore. 

I have no choice but to think about what’s ahead. 


After finishing the long flight, we finally arrived at the airport. 

It is around 1 hour to the house by car. 

Karen is probably waiting impatiently there. 

But before that, there’s a bit of an event.

“I will be having you meet a governmental figure, Nee-san.” (Celica)

“Eeeeh, why?!” (Nanami)

“You don’t have a family register and you are coming to the country illegally, right? We have gotten you the documents as a special case, but there’s an interview with the one in charge. Well, you will be going to the parallel world, so all this procedure might not be important anymore though.” (Celica)

Speaking of it in the extreme, if it is 20 days, there’s no need for even a visa. Then, there’s no need to force her to come here, she could have lived in Japan. Well, her family register has been erased already, so there’s no point in saying that though…

God really likes to scratch away at every single plan I have. 

Or maybe I simply have way too low real luck?

Because of the appearance of a paranormal existence that is God, even things that I would just wash away as just ‘simply unlucky’, I end up considering every single time ‘is it God messing with me?’ which I dislike.

Thinking about it logically, there’s no need to choose me out of all the 7 billion people to pull off tricks around. 

We pack up our things, go down the ramp, and the one in charge wearing a suit was waiting for us there. 

After exchanging light greetings, we were led to a special room. 


After being led to a special room, we safely received the nationality for Nanami-neesan, and after finishing a short interview, we went our way back in the car they prepared. 

Nanami-neesan was lying completely exhausted by my side.

“Man, that was surprising. To think the president themself would be showing up.” (Celica)

“Celica-chan, I am surprised you could stay that normal there… I was so nervous I thought I would die there…” (Nanami)

“Of course I would put energy there. That’s one of the strongest cards in the connections one can get. I have gotten their business card too. I think it will be of use sometime. Being a child is advantageous at times like this. I don’t think it would go this well if I had been an adult.” (Celica)

“I really don’t get you in those areas, Celica-chan. It is a lie that you are a middle schooler, right?” (Nanami)

“That’s right! I am actually a reincarnator! As if. If I were a reincarnator, I would have attacked Onii-chan a long time ago.” (Celica)

“Yikes…” (Nanami)

About the president showing up, they had journalists there, it must have been to raise popularity. Nee-san has ended up being chosen, but she is the first one in human history to get revived by the hands of God. Even though she can only stay for 20 days here, it means there’s still ways to use her.

On the ‘request’ of the president, she will end up being pulled around a third of those 20 days around for events, but if it is only that, there should be no problems. It is not like she can train 24 hours a day anyways. I can just schedule it in a way that events will be treated as her resting times. 

It may just be lip service, but they said that they will be helping with the preparations of the isekai transfer too. 

According to God, even if you die in the preparation time, they will still be transferred without any issues, so no matter how the country and the religious organizations were to mediate, it is reassuring that they won’t be able to kill her. 

I will use anything I can use.

On top of that, I will even get connections. Anyways, there should eventually be a time when they will be of use. 

The condition to grant nationality was to tell them the 20 day schedule, so I gave them a simple one I made, but there wasn’t anything special about it since I was planning to have Nee-san to train for the whole 20 days. Train, eat, rest, train, eat, rest; a repeat of that. 

It is fine with pushing herself a bit. Her body will be refreshed at the time of the transfer anyways. 

  • Chapter 145: Skill Allocation Cautions or PMSC ※Celica’s POV

We returned to the house for now, and after the moving reunion of Karen and Nanami-neesan, we made preparations at once, and we headed to the private military company, PMSC. 

It is the company that an acquaintance of the SP Linda is working at. It is close to our house, so it is a great place for Nee-san to train in.

In terms of priority order, the first thing would be to get the minimum degree of physical strength, arm strength, and endurance; getting knowledge of the gun she will be bringing along with her and firing training; simple martial arts and anti-monster battle training. 

Of course, there’s the need to have her get knowledge regarding the isekai, but Karen and I will be in charge of that. 

It might be possible to raise the physical strength itself from points, but it is important to train her mental strength with harsh training too. 

Putting it bluntly, Nanami-neeesan is hopeless when it comes to exercising. Since she was young, she would only play games with us after all. Even now, she still continues playing to a decent degree. 

Honestly speaking, 20 days is way too short of a time to prepare. Everything will only serve to temper her blade a bit, but it is better than not doing anything. 

“Nee-san, these 20 days from here on will be quite the harsh schedule, so be prepared. Humans don’t get muscles quickly, but if it is waking up the sleeping muscles, 20 days should be enough… No, we will make it in time one way or another. For now, we will be waking up every single muscle fiber you have.” (Celica)

“I don’t really get it, but I leave it to you. I have no say in this matter, right?” (Nanami)

“As expected of Nee-san. You really get it. I will have you move completely in the schedule I have prepared for the whole 20 days.” (Celica)

“Kay kay, I will leave everything to Celica-chan~.” (Nanami)

It was slightly standoffish of her, but even Nee-san must be confused at what’s going on with everything suddenly getting like this. 

It is not like I myself know what’s going on.

I will simply do the best I can do. 

“I will send you the data later, but at least have a grasp of the cautionary points in the Skill Allocation. God said they would be changing the skills you can choose compared to the first time, but the basics are most likely going to stay the same.” (Celica)

By basics, I mean physical power and the resistance parts. 

If they are going to change something, there should be things aside from that. 

Honestly speaking, the 2nd group of Chosen are at an advantage. They have to get the most of this advantage for the point allocation. 

The hard part will be the high cost Gifts and the plus point type choices. If used well, she can increase her chances of survival greatly. 

It is just that I don’t want Nee-san to take a single high point cost.

She definitely should take the basic abilities only. 

This is just me speculating here, but I think the completely random transfer is going to disappear. 

Brother only survived because he had a lot of points. If not for that, he wouldn’t have been able to buy Barrier Stones, and he would have died the very first day. 

God is going through the trouble of replenishing 300, so I don’t think they are trying to pointlessly kill people. 

(24 people died before the transfer. Meaning that this is the minimum line for changes?) (Celica)

A lot of Chosen died because of the Random Transfer. 

There were Chosen who were fortunately transferred to a decently safe place and were later confirmed that it was from Random Transfer, but those are the minority among the minority. 

Most died from the Random Transfer. 

The point allocation of Chosen still hasn’t been published. 

That’s why we don’t know how the points of the dead Chosen were, but it is self-explanatory that the allocation of high point costs comes first from the Random Transfer. Taking high point cost abilities with the points that are given at the beginning isn’t that reliable. 

I don’t know what decision God will be making there. 

In other words, it is whether they died because they took high point cost abilities or because they got hit with the Random Transfer.

In terms of fate, the only possibility is that they died from the random transfer, but what will be the judgment of God? 

From the first 1,000 Chosen, the ones who chose Random Transfer were 75 including Brother. 

From those, only 7 survived. 

34 people took the Charm that costs 50 points. 

Many who took that died on the first day, but there were many Chosen who shouted ‘Charm!’ when using it, so it was easy to tell who were the people that took that ability. 

It is hard to use it, and if you use it in a half-baked manner, you are inviting yourself to a witch trial, prosecuted as a person that uses strange abilities. It also amplifies troubles related to people, so it is pretty hard to utilize. 

There’s only 4 alive from that group. 

Of those, 3 of them barely use Charm and live a plain lifestyle. In a sense, they are intelligent. It is only a trump card when you don’t show it. 

39 took the 50 point healing magic. 

For some reason there were many who took it at the same time as the Random Transfer, and 21 died on the first day. There were many Chosen who would shout ‘Heal!’ at the times when they were injured. 

From the remaining 18 people, 2 were prosecuted and died, and 12 died from doing impossible adventures relying on healing. 

4 people out of those are currently alive.

This ‘magic’ is apparently a forbidden ability that elves seek. The healing effectiveness is strong, but the Spirit Energy consumption is pretty big. Thus, the number of uses is low, and it is also an ability that is difficult to use. 

37 people took the Affection of Spirits that cost 30 points. 

From within that, 22 took Random Transfer and died.

The only one who took both Random Transfer and Affection of Spirits was Brother.

From the remaining 15 people, 8 people have been caught by the church as Loved Ones and 6 were devoured by Great Spirits. 

The only one that is living as a Loved One freely is Brother. 

(The remaining ones are Super Concentration and Communication, but…there aren’t many deaths from those two, so they can be left as they are I guess.) (Celica)

There’s a high chance of all people dying from taking high cost Gifts. 

Of course, there’s also the chance of everyone surviving, and the chance that the popular choices survive and the unpopular Gifts (like Super Concentration) will be dying instead.

(…Well, in the end, we are dancing on the palm of God’s hand, huh. There’s no knowing unless the lid is opened.) (Celica)

With the achievements of Jeanne-san, it is widely known that ‘in the end, the strongest path is to increase your level and punch them with raw physical force’. There will be  less people who will take the gamble of taking high cost abilities, so there’s no way they would take something like a Random Transfer. 

No one wants to go to the isekai to die after all.

“What was your recommendation, Celica-chan?” (Nanami)

“Physical Strength Up and Endurance Up are indispensable, but you can get both after the transfer, so it might not be necessary to take them immediately.” (Celica)

But it is also true that those are the most stable Gifts. 

Nee-san doesn’t have physical strength, so I want her to take both of them to Level 3.

Just that alone would require 20 points, but that’s how valuable they are. 

As for Spirit Energy Up, it would be better to make a contract with a Great Spirit in the area and check the amount of uses you have first before deciding. If you can use 2, you are average; 3 times, talented; more than 4 times, genius. 

“What’s important is to properly keep points left. You can use them after judging the situation after all. A high efficiency world map is super convenient, but you can get that later. If a new special power comes, you might have to take it depending on what it is, but that’s something we won’t know until we see it. Well, as long as there’s no big irregularities, just keep it to increasing your physical strength and endurance.” (Celica)

“I see. It is complicated.” (Nanami)

“It is not something that has a set answer after all… The priorities change depending on your lifestyle and your personality.” (Celica)

In the Gifts, there’s things that you can only choose in the beginning, and those you can choose later. 

For the items, you can obviously take them later. 

Age, special powers, transfer point, disadvantageous factors. 

Those 4, you can only put points on them at the beginning. That’s why it will be crucial how you deal with those 4.

…But that in itself is a big trap.

Special powers are strong if they fit well, but in the end, you tend to become a one-trick pony. 

Just like how you can tell from watching Jeanne-san, plainly dumping everything to physical strength and endurance is more certain and stable. Moreover, Spirit Abilities are truly ‘magic’ that is only suitable for those gifted with the talent for it. I do understand the idea of longing for it, but it would be better to just think of it as an extra. 

If it ends up just like with Alex-san where, in the end, you barely use it at all, it would be a waste of points. 

“Anyways, you should think of Physical Strength Up as your axis. Also, you will have to take stuff like items, so you should keep your first choices to a minimum as much as possible. Of course, there’s no knowing until we actually see it though. There’s also the chance that it has been changed into a system where you have to use all of your points… In the first place, we don’t know how many points you will be getting.” (Celica)

The points are normally assigned by age. 15 year olds are on the high side when getting points because of their youth.

You might have the leeway to get 1 special power of 20 points max.

…Well, I may have said a whole lot here, but there’s no way Nee-san will be following my instructions to a T.

The reason why she is obediently accepting the training is solely because she herself feels it is necessary. 

Even in the point allocation, if I continue telling her over and over, she might put at least 5 points each on physical strength and endurance. Of course, if there’s no other appealing thing, she probably will obediently put the points as instructed though. This is solely decided by the person herself. 

What I can do here is give advice. 

As vexing as it is. 

“Nee-san, the allocation of points is really important, okay? If you choose haphazardly—” (Celica)

“I get it already. I don’t want to die either. I will choose properly.” (Nanami)

“Please do. Ah, we will be arriving soon.” (Celica)

The car we were in entered the site of a relatively new pretty building that’s in the suburbs.

The private military company is still a new field, and the company of the acquaintance of Linda is earning a good degree, so it looks like a decent company at a glance.

“Then, Linda, I am counting on you with Nee-san.” (Celica)

“Eh?” (Nanami)

“Yes, Boss. I will finish her up as ordered.” (Linda)

“I will mail you the schedule once it is clear. Contact me if anything happens.” (Celica)

“Eh? Eh?” (Nanami)

Linda was originally a mercenary enrolled in this PMSC. 

It seems like they do training and exams for new recruits, so it should be okay to leave it to them.

Of course, I think she is going to be having pretty rough and painful days, but…she is just gonna have to do her best. 

Well, at least be grateful that your drill sergeant isn’t a burly giant man. 

“W-Wait, Celica-chan. What’s the meaning of this?” (Nanami)

“What’s the meaning of what? Didn’t I tell you that you will be training? It is okay. There’s also lodging facilities, and the meals are full of nutrition.” (Celica)

“What about you, Celica-chan…?” (Nanami)

“I have a mountain of work to do, so I will be acting separately. I will properly be accompanying you in the PR and work that’s country related, so don’t worry.” (Celica)

“B-But…” (Nanami)

“Yeah yeah, there’s no time, so train train! At the very least, to a degree where you can protect yourself!” (Celica)

Linda grabbed the collar of Nanami-neesan and dragged her.

Nee-san is the type with strong spirit, but she is in the end born and raised in Japan. Training in a bloodthirsty place like this will be hitting her pretty hard, but that’s why it is good. 

She is going to be thrown into a completely different world. It is better to not think softly about it. 

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